Share Your Burn With The World

cartoon camper caravanGoing to Burning Man? If so, we could use your help.

I’m taking a break this year from the Nevada burn. I’ve been going since 1998, and this would have been my 12th Burn. I’ve done the last 5 in a row, and I still have a few more left in me. We plan to do the deserts of both Africa and Nevada in 2015.

While Burning Man is happening, this site will keep going, and many Burners will be able to read Burners.Me on the Playa. We want to keep bringing you news as it trickles out. How’s the weather? How’s the shirt-cocking? How are the cops? Who has the coolest art? Which art car has the best music? How long did it take to get in or out?

This is where Burners come in. We would love for you to share your photos, impressions, stories of your experiences. Every Burner is unique, you don’t have to be an asshole or a celebrity to radically express yourself. A large part of participation is finding cool stuff, and telling other Burners about it.

Yes, yes, I know: smart phones are the new RV’s, as in “if you use a smart phone you’re ruining Burning Man”. Kind of like how those pesky automobiles ruined all the best horse trails, when they first came out. Don’t buy into everything the Burnier-Than-Thous tell you. There are tens of thousands of smart phones being used in Black Rock City every day. For pictures, for finding friends, for text messages, for apps. Regular cell service may be possible, and there is a full-time Internet backbone. Last year there were more than 150 wi-fi networks scattered around the city. There is usually free Wi-Fi in and around the Center Camp area.

So if you’re there, and you care to Gift something, please share with the rest of us. Follow us on Instagram burnersdotme . Tweet us @burnersdotme #burners. Email Let us know what Burning Man 2014: Caravansary looks like through your eyes. Everybody’s perspective is unique. It is this diversity that makes Black Rock City so colorful and interesting.