Dextroamphetamine: Tent Stakes, Adderall & Mental Steroids

Dexedrine1The most disturbing thing I’ve seen both in an Ivy League library & the Esplanade happened to be a red Solo cup. Not so much the cup, but what was in it. In both cases someone had poured Vodka & sprite into the cup, and rimmed it with ground up Adderall. You heard me. The way a bartender would ring a margarita glass with salt. The concoction was identical but being used in totally opposite ways. One was assisting this girl rocking a tight brown ponytail & sweats cram as much biochemistry into her head as she could without having a panic attack. The latter was a drink of choice for a girl rocking pink camouflage & a unicorn horn at one of the more ostentatious happenings Tuesday night one year. And of course, in non-ground up form, Dextroamphetamine, or as it’s more commonly known these days, Adderall, Adderall XR & Vyvanse, is a heavily abused drug. But before we get to the current epidemic of usage standing watch, passing finals, playing video games competitively or screwing in geodesic dome spokes (and don’t you even pretend to act surprised, we know how you got the camp up in 12hrs), a little bit of history. Continue reading