2016: BRC Weekly

Piss Clear Weekly are back with another issue of Burning Man’s free paper.

2016 – Issue 7

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From the makers of Piss Clear comes its successor, the BRC Weekly, Black Rock City’s own independent newsweekly. As BRC’s premiere lifestyle & culture rag, the BRC Weekly features insightful articles, colorful editorials, and of course, its infamous Out/In List and Playa Lingo. Each year, editor Adrian Roberts, columnists ShutterSlut and Malderor, and a crack team of writers provide the citizens of BRC a lively, entertaining read for their trips to the porta-potty.

• How Burning Man is going to destroy your relationship – and and what you can at least try to do about it

• Should you camp with your ex and your new significant other?

• You are a shitty DJ

• Top 5 reasons you should let me DJ on your art carl

• Fuck you and the fundraiser your rode in on

• Coffee for 70,000?

• Make Burning Man Great Again!

• Out/In List & Lingo

• Overheard at Burning Man

• Crossword puzzle!

make burning man great again

Terrific article from Shutterslut, although I’m not sure I agree that we should try to bring Satan back from the Dead. Pokemons are quite enough, thank you!

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2014 BRC Weekly

Black Rock City’s daily paper used to be called Piss Clear, with new editions coming out daily on Playa (you could pick them up at Center Camp). It’s now known as the BRC Weekly. The 2014 issue is now out. Read it in the long line to get in the Gate, if it opens again.

BRCWeekly2014 oustide pages

BRCWeekly2014_inside pages



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