Why We Burn: Rocket

(Continuing our series interviewing pre-eminent Burners on the East Coast, I was privileged to talk to Rocket, one of the central members to the NYC Polyamory scene. He gave me a moment of his time in between organizing Poly cocktails, a great monthly meet-up event for people of that persuasion, and everything else he’s working on. Enjoy the read!)

Rocket1By Terry Gotham
1. Where did you first hear of Burning Man & how did you become involved with the community?
Origin story! I first heard of Burning Man through architecture magazines. It essentially exists as this place where you can build as high or as crazy as you like b/c there are no building codes! Months later, I was reintroduced to it via NYC’s polyamorous community. At one of my first poly meets, I showed someone a very elaborate and well done jester Halloween costume I had made for myself and was then told, if you like costumes you should check out this group named Kostume Kult. I, days later attended a Kostume Kult meet and greet. At the time, I had just graduated from architecture school and was excited to be free. The members of KK and I immediately connected and they essentially told me… you’re fun, you can build, you like running around in costumes…you’re coming to Burning Man with US! Right away I started helping to build KK events, and they took me to my first burn in 2010. Continue reading