Become a Multi-Planet Species & Extend Consciousness Beyond the Earth…Do It Now

Forget self-driving mutant vehicles with A.I. adaptive blinky lights. #woke Burners leave the Playa for space.

Why have hours stuck in Exodus when you can have a countdown from 10 and you’re outta there? “Come chill back at my moon base” is the new “I have a place on the Lake at Tahoe”. All you need is a Space VISA to pay for a few of those 1200-ton orbital refills of SpaceGas.

Starship is a bold and remarkable vision from Billionaire Burner Elon Musk. He says they’ll be flying these into space in 6 months, plenty of time for Burning Man 2020.

Here’s the full presentation.

An historic moment, Burners should be proud that someone in our community is getting shit done on this level. Kudos to you, Mr Musk – this is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in my lifetime. A gigayacht is no longer the ultimate plaything for the well-funded adventurer.

Image: US News and World Report

The Black Rock Desert was being used as one of the best sites in the world for amateur rocket launches before Burning Man came along – and still is.

Image: National Geographic
Check out this great Flickr set from rocketmeister Steve Jurvetson

There’s also a history of rocket cars in the Black Rock Desert. RAF Pilot Andy Green set the world land speed record there on October 15 1997 in his car Thrust SSC, breaking the speed of sound in a car for the first time in history. Burning Man was held at a different location that year.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship art installation at Burning Man. This was later installed at the SF Embarcadero. Image: Reddit

Why We Burn: Rocket

(Continuing our series interviewing pre-eminent Burners on the East Coast, I was privileged to talk to Rocket, one of the central members to the NYC Polyamory scene. He gave me a moment of his time in between organizing Poly cocktails, a great monthly meet-up event for people of that persuasion, and everything else he’s working on. Enjoy the read!)

Rocket1By Terry Gotham
1. Where did you first hear of Burning Man & how did you become involved with the community?
Origin story! I first heard of Burning Man through architecture magazines. It essentially exists as this place where you can build as high or as crazy as you like b/c there are no building codes! Months later, I was reintroduced to it via NYC’s polyamorous community. At one of my first poly meets, I showed someone a very elaborate and well done jester Halloween costume I had made for myself and was then told, if you like costumes you should check out this group named Kostume Kult. I, days later attended a Kostume Kult meet and greet. At the time, I had just graduated from architecture school and was excited to be free. The members of KK and I immediately connected and they essentially told me… you’re fun, you can build, you like running around in costumes…you’re coming to Burning Man with US! Right away I started helping to build KK events, and they took me to my first burn in 2010. Continue reading