Tackling The Leopard Misled

More Internet insanity. Slandering in the name of decrying slander. Bloggers causing trauma through doxxing because they judge victims.

This video is a response to the recent post at Tracking the Leopard Meroz, which claims to be a “Christian commentary blog”.



Canadian law on public access to Court records: https://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/courts/policies_and_procedures/public_access/public_access_to_court_documents-EN.html

Fox News of Burning Man “the media” = haters

Doxxed by Danger Ranger…even then, he did not reveal my home address.

Danger Ranger, Maid Marian & Other Deep State Connections of Burning Man Founders:

“found by a blog”

Redpill78 – Comfy Sunday with M3thods and White Hat

Thanks very much to Redpill78 and his team for having me on their Sunday show. We talked about Corona Virus, Australian fires, Isaac Kappy, President Trump, #QAnon and more.

We had 5000 people watching live, thanks to everyone who tuned in! I am there for the second hour.

CNP vs CFR: We’ve Read the Documents

Enjoyed this chat last night with John Brisson of We’ve Read the Documents. He doesn’t like Trump quite as much as myself, but we managed to find a lot of common ground anyway. John asked me to clarify my position on Michael Aquino and the Presidio daycare center child abuse scandal.

The CNP (Nationalists, Trump/Mercers/Bannon/Alex Jones) vs the CFR (Globalists, Epstein/Rockefellers/Clintons) is an interesting lens to view current events through.

See also: Q Part 2 – Aleksandr Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy

CryptoBeast #14 Discordo ab Chao – Trump and Ye Old Rite with David Livingstone