A $2 million art car? the Fuck-off Disco Duck

It’s 2 buses long. It is rumored to have cost somewhere between $600,000 and $2 million. And it was privately funded. I won’t name the European owner, unless they contact me and say that’s cool. But I hope to see the Disco Duck at many Burns to come – I believe it’s currently in Reno, waiting to quack again.

Description from YouTube about its maiden voyage:

THE Ducks maiden voyage on the playa and weekend reign around Black Rock City has set a new standard of excellence with regards to art cars. Its regal structure, flawless lines and impeccable design make it hard trust claims that THE Duck was cast from mortal hands. Truly a treasure to behold and experience. Long Live THE Duck! 

13 comments on “A $2 million art car? the Fuck-off Disco Duck

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  3. I was the project manager and co-designer. It was masterfully designed and engineered by David Shields and the beautiful lines and shaping is testament to his genius. Now to correct the “wild rumors”. Thru the generous support of a huge crew of volunteers from the original Pink Pussycat camp costs were kept down significantly. Yes, thats right, a camp vilified for being “Plug and Play” is the crew that first brought this magic to the playa. While is should have cost at least 250k, I was able to bring the total cost in at 165k. And that is the real story. Sorry to deflate the clickbait title of 2 million.

  4. it’s not in Reno… I know EXACTLY where it is right now… as a matter of fact I touched it just the other day!

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