Prepare for the Playa: this weekend

Burn After Reading magazine has a good article on Prepare for the Playa, which is on this weekend. It’s a great day out with the Burner community, as well as an excellent place to go shopping for “feather and leather” or whatever this year’s Burner look is going to be. Help the “Burnerpreneurs” make some money!

Now in its sixth year, Prepare for the Playa, is an invaluable resource for burners both as a venue for artists to showcase their wares but also as a way for burners to sustainably shop for Burning Man supplies. Prepare for the Playa has it all- from el wire, to playa coats, to goggles, even eco-friendly and burner made reusable baby wipes called Action Wipes! Prepare for the Playa started as burner ware fashion shows and Playa University workshops but it quickly grew into the fun full-fledged bonanza it is today.  In the words of Nikki, “You don’t have to necessarily buy something to be a part of it.” There’s a photo booth, hoop workshops, fashion shows, free clinics, sneak peak of playa art like Anubis and The Neverwas Haul and even virgin burner make-overs! The Playa University clinics provide burners with valuable knowledge about all things Burning Man, including tu-tu making, costume repair, evap pond construction, dome building, showers and power basics. Nikki feels it’s important to include the burner basics through Playa U, it ties into the entire idea of sustainability and radical responsibility we uphold on Playa. The Playa U clinics are applicable to everyone. Nikki says it best herself, “Even if you’re not a builder and you’re not into tools and 4x4s and evap ponds, you still probably want to shower at some point during the week.” Learn how to make a dome, get some crafty bits and bask in the glow of our community this Sunday, July 15th at the first Prepare for the Playa of the year.

The event will be shaking things up from 12pm-7pm at Café Cocomo at 650 Indiana Street in San Francisco. If you can’t make it this Sunday don’t sweat it- you can try again on August 5th (same location and time).

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