Game of Drones

So, you think Reallocate are the only ones to reach for the skies at Burning Man? Them and the aliens?


It’s on

It’s on and on

Get the Patron, and tell ’em that it’s on!

The Playa is a beautiful, wide open space. It’s huge. It’s ancient. And there is nothing above it, except…[INSERT RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION HERE]

Here’s the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on drones, very funny.

I can tell that Burning Man is coming soon, because my Amazon Prime gets a workout. The brown boxes just start accumulating in my living room. It’s like Christmas every day! If all your Christmas decorations were mirror balls or glow sticks, anyway…Last year more than 75 boxes arrived, some of them with nothing but a single set of $4.20 glow shoelaces. The shipping is free for me, and is it really “un-green”? The trucks and planes are running anyway, with or without my EL shoelaces…

Fuck the Olympics. This is going to be the BEST BURN EVER! Let the Games begin!

Here’s a taste of my BM preps for this year:

Camelbaks are so Burner 1.0. You want one for water, one for cocktails. With a redneck camo 6-pack belt for the beers and Red Bulls.

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