Instant Facial Protection: the NuBrella

Following on from the Inflatable Tent and the Inflatable Bike Helmet, now we have another invention that seems brilliant for protecting Burners from sandstorms, second hand DMT smoke, Segway piloting, or rain (yes it does happen on the Playa people – be prepared!)

Billed as “an umbrella with no hands”, the NuBrella (launched in 2008) is a pop-up, strap-on, fully shielding, protective environmental cover.

For less than $50, you can see where you’re going when you’re walking, and you take up less surface area on the sidewalk. Short people probably love umbrellas, but for tall people they are a real hazard.

Here’s the ABC News interviewing the inventor on inversion’s impossibility in his innovation.

“It’s not really intended to replace the umbrella, it’s a new line item to the world for more inclement weather conditions and then the hands free just evolves it to a whole ‘nother level”

Fertility 2.0…Umbrella 2.0.

I just ordered two from their online store. We’ll see what mischiefery we can pimp them out with.

I can see why people might feel a bit strange wearing this on city streets (although you’d be one of the least strange people in certain parts of San Francisco). For Burning Man I think it’s awesome. Even if it’s not raining, there is so much scope for attaching EL wire and leather feathers.


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