Temple of Osiris: Ready to Rock

Wow, was my reaction on receiving these photos of the DJ booth for Osiris, which is going to be located just past Opulent Temple at 10:00 and Begonia. Aaron from Osiris Burners, a crew from the Reno and Sparks area, was describing his creation to me a couple of weeks ago, and showed me a photo of it under construction – but seeing the blank canvas of the frame does no justice to the added element of the light show. These photos are just a glimpse of what we’re in for – they have Crystal Method playing, amongst many other DJs. Good chance that you’ll find me there with all the other old skool ravers.

It’s sure grown up nicely since the initial plans. Good to see the successful results of a Kickstarter project.

We were up in Reno with the Fish Tank, which was part of the annual Art Car Show at the Reno Museum of Art. We took the mobile interactive multimedia art installation to the streets…

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