Forget 2012, Start Preparing for 2016 (update)

This guy claims to be a NASA whistleblower, about to go into hiding after releasing this. He certainly sounds informed and knowledgeable – if he’s a con man, he’s a good one. If what he’s saying the Aliens from 56 light years away are telling us is true, then we better start preparing for one helluva Burn in August 2016. Batten down the hatches. Coat the RVs in tinfoil. Stock up on ice and ammo, and dip your axe in silver? Why, you ax? A geomagnetic reversal triggering a possible zombie apocalypse, natch!

[Update 8/14/12 – if you believe what it says on the Internet, then this is a hoax starring actor Frank Vidal. Probably tied up with some new movie. Thanks to DJ Dutch for pointing this one out.

phew. What a close call that one was. Well, back to worrying about this year’s Burn, followed by all kinds of End of the World parties…]

4 comments on “Forget 2012, Start Preparing for 2016 (update)

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  2. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do feel the need to point out how funny it is that people are quick to dismiss something like this. I guess the burdon of proof is always very lopsided, but the only thing people are using to discredit this video is…”yup that DEFINITELY looks like the same bald white guy with an accent!”

    Come on people… haven’t we learned to question everything and seek the truth for ourselves?

    That is all 😉

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