Help Feed the Starving Artists

Wheels on Meals is a great idea, bringing pre-packaged Playa Provisions to people working on the art projects. Most of the art is on the Playa, some of it on deep Playa. Not much of it is close to the artists’ camp. So they would appreciate it a lot if they can get some nice food to help them finish their work.

It’s Art, It’s Food, It’s “Wheels on Meals”!

Feed Starving Artists.

This amazing group of psychonauts are headed up to the playa to deliver delicious and timely nourishment to artists at their build sites, pre-event.  We are “Wheels on Meals” and we are a group of artists feeding artists.  We’ve worked our asses off in previous years participating on the playa.  Over the years, we had our moments of glory as well as our stuggles and personal breakdowns, but we keep returing to that place in the desert that that we lovingly call “Home”.

We have adequate refrigeration technology, microwaving capabilities, majickal wheels, and we are the entertainment!  What we need from you is money for the food.  

As artists, we know what it is like to be out there in the hot desert sun and blowing dust, creating art for burners we have never even met.  We know what it is to have our art projects rip, tear, smash, crumble, break, fall, tangle, explode, and otherwise disintegrate and blow away in the wind, all the while thinking that a popsicle would make everything even better.  So, we’re bringing popsicles! And we’re also brining full meals.

Your Dollars at Work

We are bringing lots of nifty treats to serve artists as they struggle on the open playa making awesome art for our community.  Think of your favorite artist eating that pre-packaged salsberry steak meal or the cutest size 2 vegan you ever saw noshing on microwaved veggie delites… What’s not to love?  We will be serving delicious and nutritious prepackaged microwaveable, perfectly sanitized lunch and dinner entrees or side dishes to deserving artists to keep them happy and oh-so satisfied.  

Karmic Perks For All

We have assembled an awesome set of karmic perks in exchange for your hard earned dollars.   Ice cream sandwiches on the playa anyone?  Why, yes we will have those… Buy one for you and an artist gets one too!

We have spiffy perks to entice you exchange your money into tantalizing food for Black Rock City’s artists.  We also want to encourage you to connect with us.  Fund us: then come find us on the playa to pick up your awesome schwag or maybe to dine with us.  For that matter you should come to our playa wedding – Read the Perks List for details.  For those of you that can’t make it on the playa and who procure our inedible perks, we will find a way to make you whole.  

No Money and Still Want to Participate

Go to the nearest window, open it, and yell out “I freakin’ love Wheels on Meals.”  Maybe that’s the best you can do and that’s OK.  However, you CAN do more: If you see somone wearing “Wheels on Meals” buttons, stickers or other schwag, stop them and give them a hug.  Say hello to random people.  Be funny.  Pick up trash.  Lock your bike, and call your mother. Do the right thing – Wear sunscreen, don’t pee on the Playa, and most of all, help us get the word out.  Even a dollar will help, so send some money if you can.

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