24 C.O.R.E. Projects Approved for Cargo Cult [update]

Burning Man has announced this year’s CORE sample: 24 projects, 16 from the US and 8 from other countries including Lithuania and the Netherlands.

According to Visual News:

The “Circle of Regional Effigies,” better known as C.O.R.E., is a collaborative exhibition of art installations built from regional burning man communities around the world. Whether in France, China or Idaho, groups of “burners” come together to design, build, and eventually burn their effigy. The structures cannot exceed 20 ft by 20 ft (6.1 m by 6.1m) and must consist of mostly wood material. Typically, the designs for C.O.R.E. have some inspiration from symbols of a particular region. Last year, there was a longhorn bull from Houston, trees and clouds from Seattle and a Cod from Boston.

The Huffington Post notes the ambition behind the creativity:

This year’s project lineup showcases hippies at their most ambitious, with projects completely self-funded and self-transported by creatives devoted to the Burning Man-ifesto

The projects are:

Temple of Times from Austin

Hand of Inspiration from Israel

The Year the Playa Stood Still from Minnesota

Meditation from China / Taiwan

Stairway to Heaven from France

Anti-Monument to DC Art Culture and Former President John Frum aka The DC Pyramid Scheme, from Washington DC

PyscheDelicate Arch from Salt Lake City

The Czech Oasis from the Czech Republic

Playa Queen from Sacramento

Starfish from San Diego

Dutch Windmill from the Netherlands

Marvin, The Vortexagon from Idaho

Other approved projects to consider exploring:

Altar of the Wetlands: Recreating Nature in a Post-Industrial Society from New Orleans

Artifactuary from Vancouver

The Cargo Mother from Houston

Flor de Muerto – Flower of the Dead from Victoria

The Good, the Bad and the Naughty from Reno

Inchanted Forest from Indiana

Lituanica birds from Lithuania

Ludum Et Refugium from Portland

Source Maui “Kavai Ahi” from Maui

South Bay CORE from the South Bay

Star of the City from New York

via 24 C.O.R.E. Projects Approved for Burning Man 2013.

[Update 3/27/13 00:20am, cheers to Burner Jack Trash for the heads up] – three of the proposed C.O.R.E. projects that got rejected by BMOrg, have teamed up to create their own rebel art group, N.O.D.E. – the Nexus of Declined Effigies:

The CORE project was too good for us. BMORG spurned us. BRC isn’t sure what to think of us. We are the NODE. BMORG didn’t know what they did when they declined out talents. Now, we’ll band together and affect BRC FOREVER!!!

node photo

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