The Digital Renaissance Faire: A New Burner Event Gets Off the Ground

by Whatsblem the Pro

DRF Logo by Corey 'Endeavor' Rosen

DRF Logo by Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen

The first annual Digital Renaissance Faire is coming up at the end of May in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It isn’t particularly digital, and it’s not a Renaissance Faire; Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen‘s brainchild is, in Rosen’s own words, “a B.Y.O.E. (Bring Your Own Everything) community-based educational collaborative art festival practicing decommodification and sacred economy within a festival community environment.”

In other words, it’s a big burner party!

The DRF will be taking place near South Lake Tahoe from May 23rd to the 27th, with some familiar names among the theme camp participants that will be attending; Barbie Death Camp, for instance, will be hosting one of the distinct ‘villages’ at the event (Air Village), with Digital Apex providing sound.

Corey 'Endeavor' Rosen - Photo by Yobi Bear

Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen – Photo by Yobi Bear

“We’ll also have InpsydouT and their incredible black-light art gallery,” Rosen reports, “and the Financial Liberation Institute will be hosting a village workshop space. Remixed Ink will be bringing a screen-printing SWAG theme camp. MAP (Music, Art, Poetry) is presenting a live music and performance theme camp. . . and the YUM Truck will be cooking up some amazing food for us to sample on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Sacred Spaces will be hosting Earth Village, with the Hookahdome as their village sound camp. EVOLVER will furnish some workshop space, and don’t miss Healing Sensations massage healing theme camp, even if you feel fine. SoulShine will balance your chakras with aromatherapy using scented candles, oils, soaps, and elixirs, which sounds like a pleasantly smellful time even if you’re ungroovy and don’t believe in chakras or care if they’re unbalanced.

FluxFire will be rapidly combining things with oxygen in order to threaten and enliven your very existence on this planet in Fire Village at the Digital Renaissance Faire, with soundtrack courtesy of The Othership. The folks from Leafy Green Gallery will be on hand with a sculpture gallery featuring live welding and glass-blowing demonstrations. Rainbow Heart will run a village workshop space while the Sensuality Salon will be hosting an activity theme camp designed to “connect your heart to your senses,” which is probably not as painful as it sounds. Our esteemed colleagues from Burn After Reading Magazine and Raised By Wolves will caffeinate you ’til you’re sore at their coffee bar, while PyroClastic Flow spins fire art.

Camp Happy Hour will host Water Village with a bar and art gallery, and sonic assistance from Sustainable Bass Collective. The Inversion Playground and outdoor workshop space will be available for your use courtesy of a coven of hawt adrenaline princesses known as the Tahoe Ciello Aerialists. There will be a photo booth run by Unique Exposures, and you might just find some stylin’ new (to you) duds at the Clothing Exchange.

The four traditional elements being insufficient for modern needs, there will also be an Aether Village, where the DRF Spirit Guides will man (or woman) an Information Booth, Ice Sales, and the Spirit Stage, a 24-hour open mic stage where YOU can be the star (or possibly jackass)! Rainbow Ranch will present a village workshop space, and Sk8&Create will welcome you into (out to?) their outdoor art gallery and mini skate park. 9Energies will be there, too, to determine which of the nine energies is your superpower.

The Auburn chapter of the Hip-Hop Congress is running the show in Youth Village, with ZeroDB‘s Silent Disco, and the Illumination Dissemination Theater, a movie theater providing educational documentaries and forward-thinking programs all weekend long.

It all promises to add up to an interesting event. Weather allowing, it should be a good time for everyone.

Even Cookie Monster. Photo by Tim Eliseo

Even Cookie Monster. Photo by Tim Eliseo

For More Information:

DRF Hotline: 916-WIRE-DRF
Event Website:
Ticket Page:
Facebook Community Page:
Facebook Event Page:

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  2. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?

    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?

  3. Another hard-hitting expose from Oh wait, no. You left out one of the most important aspects of this festival. They will be sharing profits with key “volunteers” and theme camps. That’s not a bad thing necessarily (although I don’t think you it’s compatible with Gifting or Participation), but check out their transparency documents. There are 100k shares, but only 93k are accounted for. That’s probably an oversight (when I first heard about the event a couple months ago, only 86k were accounted for), but if BMORG published something like that I KNOW you’d be screaming about Larry pocketing the extra cash.

    And there will be profits. Tickets are expensive (2340 of 3000 tickets are $160). They ding you an extra $20 for not carpooling, bringing an RV, or bringing a dog. Does the RV get a hookup for that money? Suuuure, the carpool fee is to encourage green living, it’s not an extra money grab at all.

    They no longer directly list the 10 principles on the DRF site, but they still provide a link to them on the Burning Man site. The profit sharing thing is perhaps a cool new model for a festival, but it doesn’t work with the 10 principles. How the hell is it Gifting if a bar camp is getting paid to distribute alcohol? How do you have a festival driven by Participants when the big attractions are paid to perform? Why do theme camps get a share of profits, but individual artists (DJs/fire performers/sculptor/etc.) only get a discounted ticket?

    Cool festival maybe, but it’s not something I want to go to.

    • That’s an interesting take on it, but I am not well-enough acquainted with their financials to comment intelligently on it. I will say that if the money a bar gets to serve alcohol is only sufficient to cover their costs, then it’s deceptive to say they are “getting paid to distribute alcohol.” They’re not getting paid, they’re just being relieved of the need to pay for the alcohol they give away.

      Hopefully Endeavor will respond to you, and the two of you can hash it out for the rest of us to read.

    • Thank you for your input Andrew. I would be more than happy to respond.
      Out of the 100,000 shares only 93,000 are what are currently accounted for because we are offering two additional shares for every ticket sold with the use of a promocode. Each staff member or theme camp is encouraged to promote the event by offering a $10 discount for everyone who uses their promocode and will in turn receive the benefit of their promotion. Once the tickets are sold, all the shares will be account for and there will be exactly 100,000. That information will be published for everyone to see.

      This information will be constantly updated every few weeks leading up to the event, and weekly following the event until every dollar has been collected, posted, and distributed. This transparency model assures that no one will be “pocketing” any cash as every dollar will be accounted for and published for anyone to view.

      The final tiered full-priced $160 ticket (There are still $100 tickets available right now with a $10 discount for anyone using a promocode), is for a five day, four night, 100 hour event with no vending, no early entry fee (gates open Monday at noon), a SWAG bag for every ticket holder, and an open environment to learn, play, and be yourself (unless you are not a nice person, then you won’t see any fun here).
      The additional fees are as follows:
      $40 for children 4-14
      $20 for vehicles over 20ft.
      $20 for any non-carpooled vehicle, only one driver
      $20 for any dog
      These fees are only set in place so people do not take advantage of the amazing location of this event. If we sell out and 3000 people came in 2000 vehicles, we wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone. This is not only a measure to create a “green event”, but also to prevent the overuse of the space. We would like to keep this event property beautiful for years to come. In addition, there are no RV hookups at this property.

      To address the 10 Principles of Burning Man posted on our site, we have been in contact with Steven Raspa at the BMORG, and he has been assisting us in making sure that without the proper BM Sanctioning, we are not breaking any laws, and still have whatever support the main office can and feels comfortable giving us. Mr. Raspa informed us that we can have a link to the 10 Principles and clearly state that this event is inspired by the 10 Principles.

      I have been working in event management for many years and profit comes with every event that is successful. In this event, we are simply sharing that profit with the people who made the profit possible. The theme camps and “volunteer” staff are gifting their work and participation to the community and the organization responsible for the event, the Perma-Culture Community Network ( The PCCN and the DRF in turn share the profits of the event to the people who made the event successful. I understand your concern and I challenge you to look at the non-transparency of other events that charge a higher fee for a shorter time while charging more fees and including vendors.

      Q: How the hell is it Gifting if a bar camp is getting paid to distribute alcohol?
      A: All the camps are receiving a number of shares (see Transparency Page on DRF website) based on the size of their camp, and the level of their offering. None of the camps are “getting paid” or looking at the profit participation model and thinking it will pay for their theme camp at Burning Man. Some of them may be thinking if the event sells out, they can have a head start on their fundraising. In most festivals, commercial companies pay to come and sell you alcohol. At Burning Man, you pay to come and give someone alcohol while the BMORG determines their best use of the profit made. All we are doing is sharing that profit with those bringing their theme camp offerings and in turn, co-creating this festival.
      Q: How do you have a festival driven by Participants when the big attractions are paid to perform?
      A: No one is “being paid” at this event. We are distributing profits, if there are profits. That is not “being paid”. That is profit participation.
      Q: Why do theme camps get a share of profits, but individual artists (DJs/fire performers/sculptor/etc.) only get a discounted ticket?
      A: This is a very good question. In most events, artists are paid not only to perform, but to use their name and image to sell tickets. You will not see a single artist promoted at this event. It is an artists retreat where we want artists of all kinds to come and be a part of the tapestry of the fabric of the event. We are only promoting the theme camps and the educational workshop selections.

      Thank you for your input. If you have any further questions or concerns, please post them here or email me at

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