Last Chance for Official Tickets

cargo cult ticketsBurning Man is “officially” sold out, but there is another release of 1000 “OMG” tickets coming up, for the now standard price of $380. If you missed out on STEP, then this might be your chance. Like everything in BMOrg world, the system is a complex one with multiple steps required. You’ll need to:

1. Create a Burner Profile, before 6pm PDT on August 1

2. Apply to enter the OMG sale, between noon PDT on August 2, and noon PDT on August 5

3. Provided you were successful at #1 and #2, log on to their web site after noon PDT on August 7, to enter the queue for the tickets

Tickets are limited to two per person, and you won’t be allowed to buy in this sale if you’ve already bought tickets in one of the earlier sales. Since this sale takes place after the shipping cutoff all these tickets will be held at Will Call. They are fully transferrable.

BMOrg promises that there really are only 1000 more tickets, that everything through STEP has already been sold, and that this is on a purely first-come, first-serve basis, ie. there is no link between your Burner profile and them awarding you tickets. There is no door bitch, it’s radical inclusion, anyone is welcome.

Good luck Burners.

(Scalper update: 253 tickets available on Stubhub, starting at $579; 12 sellers on eBay, if you get a bargain you might be paying around $400, otherwise the general price seems to be $600. Craigslist has a few pure Burners selling them for face value. I’m no expert, but I would expect that with this many hundreds already for sale on the secondary market, and another 1000+ coming on at $380, that the prices will drop before the event, and there will probably be plenty of tickets available)


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