Late-Breaking Update: SF Decom 2013

$teven Ra$pa -- PHOTO: Chronicle / Mike Kepka

$teven Ra$pa — PHOTO: Chronicle / Mike Kepka

The Org’s own Steven Raspa has just released detailed information about this year’s Decompression in San Francisco!

Burning Man Presents, for the benefit of the Burning Man Project. . .

San Francisco DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE! 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Starts at Noon!

Outdoor sound ends 10pm, except Mariposa which ends 11pm

Indiana St between Mariposa and 22nd St in San Francisco, California

Public Entrance: 19th St. & Minnesota; 2nd entrance at 20th St. & Minnesota from 2:00 – 7:00pm

$15 donation before 4:00pm; $20 after; free schwag while it lasts

All ages (under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo

Food and beverages available with sales benefitting public art and culture programs. Eat for Art!

See full schedules and map at:

For the quickest updates and info visit (Facebook event)

PLEASE TAKE MASS TRANSIT, BIKE and CARPOOL: (Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd Street T-line), ride your bike and avoid driving on Minnesota St completely! Inexpensive parking available at UCSF lot (3rd St at 16th St). Or park on Terry Francois Blvd.

Welcome to the 14th Annual Decompression Heat the Street Fair!   
This year is explosive with creativity! Come at Noon SHARP to enjoy all the installations, performances, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2013 imagery, and MORE!!! All six blocks, the park, and stages will showcase a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!! Full Schedule and partial list of pARTicipants here.


  • 50 Dancing Dragons
  • 9 Energies
  • Airpusher
  • Black Rock Scouts
  • Burners Without Borders
  • Black Rock Arts Foundation
  • Black Rock Solar
  • Burning Man Regional Network
  • BMIR
  • Bubble City
  • Cuddlefish Productions
  • Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
  • Disco Knights
  • Desert Pearl Chill Zone
  • DMV
  • Everywhere
  • Flirt Camp
  • Friends of DPW
  • Gate, Perimeter, and Exodus
  • Gender Blender Camp
  • Hiney Hygiene Station Tattoos
  • Hooptopia
  • Interactive Photo Booth
  • Jerk Church
  • The Kazbah
  • Kidsville
  • Mission Country Club
  • Party Jitsu
  • PlayaTerps
  • Rangers
  • Shipwreck Tiki Lounge
  • Skinny Kitty Tea House
  • SunShrine
  • Tactile Meditation Dome
  • The Black Rock Beacon
  • The Klownge
  • The Painted Pygmy
  • Twilight Spaghetti Theatre
  • World Hoop Day
  • WOW! AND MORE!!!


  • Angler Fish Disco
  • Apis Inlusio
  • Beezus Christ, Super Car
  • CDC (Cat of a Different Color)
  • Co-Exist
  • DFT Whale
  • H2O-pache
  • Janky Barge
  • Landau the Dragon
  • Nautilus X
  • The “Electro Bounce Chariot”
  • The Dusty Rhino
  • Rub a Dub Dub 3 in a Tub
  • Second Frumming
  • Psychic Taxi
  • Area 351
  • Wet Dream


  • A Vortex for Vultures
  • Psychic Taxi
  • The Chakraland Game!
  • The Critical E.E.A.R.Z. (Experience/Expectation Adjustment/Realignment Zone)
  • Art by Rez
  • The Ha Ha Box
  • Man Pavilion Zoetropes
  • The Light Orchestra
  • Bossy Dice
  • Fire Dance
  • Pimpsnaxx
  • The Story Portal
  • The Aspiration Wall: Collaborative Interactive Art Creation
  • Man Pavilion Murals
  • Helix
  • Zonotopia
  • You Are The Key
  • Line of Fire
  • Spawn of Dodgasourus
  • Into the Flame
  • The Union Mural Team
  • AND MORE!!


  • Beautiful Machines
  • Brass Band: Mission
  • Burning Band
  • Chance’s End
  • Gamelan X
  • Materialized
  • Megaflame
  • Papa Bear and the Easy Love
  • PiNeal’s Intergalactic Cultural Exchange Program
  • Pixel Memory
  • Priize
  • The Shape
  • CelloJoe
  • Fontain’s M.U.S.E.
  • International Human Color Wheel – A Dance 4 Positivity
  • Jade Foxes
  • Samba Stilt Circus
  • Slinkycat
  • Third Seven
  • TrashKan Marchink Band
  • Ziggy Dayz
  • Tamo
  • Dex Stakker
  • DJ Loomer
  • Anthony Mansfield
  • Be Calm Honcho
  • Dane Jouras
  • El Jefe Rojo
  • LT.D
  • Galen
  • Sesh
  • M3
  • Ed Mazur
  • DJ Dane
  • DJ Alvaro Bravo
  • DJMK
  • DJ Clarkie
  • Nugz
  • Snarkle
  • Phleck
  • Matt Haze
  • MoPo
  • Shouts!
  • AIRsmith
  • Alex Kane
  • Borris
  • Conandrum
  • Dave Mak
  • DJ E10
  • DJ Feral
  • DJ Valarien
  • DJ Loomer
  • Everett Wayne
  • Grumples Z Clown
  • Holly Rich
  • Kaweh
  • Michelangelo
  • MotorHome Music
  • naudible
  • Nerm
  • SenedracHunter
  • Shissla
  • Kapt’n Kirk
  • ShOOey
  • Brad Robinson
  • Mancub
  • 8Ball
  • Chemical Ali
  • David Gregory
  • PapaLu


  • VJ CaroLuna
  • Diana Maxwell
  • Hugh Kimbrough
  • VJ Maliepono
  • Mark McGothigan
  • VJ Musashii
  • Ron Halbert
  • AND MORE!!

Email SEvolunteers(at)burningman(dot)com or complete this form.
We also need volunteers to come back 11am Monday, Oct 14th to Indiana and 19th for our annual neighborhood clean up so we can leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it! We’ll have donuts, coffee, great thank you schwag, and new friends!
EVERYONE should read the Survival Guide before you come.


  1. ARRIVE EARLY! Enjoy the full day & keep the line shorter
  2. Take mass transit or bike; bike parking at 19th & Minnesota; No driving on Minnesota between 19th and 22nd this year. PARK cars at UCSF lot at 16th and 3rd — discount rate till Midnight!
  3. Respect our neighbors, no loud noises entering or leaving, don’t block driveways, use OUR toilets.
  4. NO boom boxes, renegade sound systems or unapproved fire and keep noise down after 10pm!
  5. Pack out all trash you bring, properly separate any discards you get from the event by putting them in the right bin, and LEAVE NO TRACE! We have 70% waste diversion and want to do even better!
  6. Come back Monday at 11am to help with our neighborhood-wide clean-up and help leave things cleaner than they were!
  7. Read the DECOMmandments/Survival Guide below.

FYI: Smoking is now prohibited on any open air public property in the city of SF, including the park as per Article 191: Prohibiting smoking in city park and recreation areas.

THANK YOU for your part in bringing the spirit of Black Rock City to SF and for making this a year-round community! Special thanks to ALL the artists, performers, theme camps, volunteers, our neighbors in the Dogpatch, Dogpatch Neighborhood Network, SFFD, Bayview Police Dept, ISCOTT, Entertainment Commission, and others involved with this day. Thank you and HOORAY!!!

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