Art Car for Sale: Island Oasia

Want your own Art Car? This beauty could be yours for a mere $3400 ($4400 with trailer). 80,000 miles on the clock.

It’s been playa tested! We had a great year with our Alien Oasis. Has a stereo, intercom with ice cream music and many other funny noises to help people move out of the way when driving.

8 foot UFO with LED lights
5 Palm Trees lite with green rope lights and white lights for the palms
Has a strong frame around the car so it is completely “mutated” to pass the BM DMV
Comes with trailer for easy towing out to the Playa for 4,400.00 
Comes with car title.
comes with a cool Hammock over the front of the (hood). Also have a Hammock frame for camp or your back yard for the rest of the year.. You can ride in the hammock while driving
Lots of storage room in the car, under the island 
The car disassembles and stacks on the car for towing. 
Comes with removal palm trees. You can use them or change them out.

We made improvements for this year and were very happy with it. It’s time for something different.
Was approved for Burning Man 2013 for Day and Night 2008-2013
15 people can ride at once
All driver controls are on the roof, with a riding cabin inside the car.
EL wire and rope lighting for night driving.
Originally a 1991 Toyota celica
Smooth quiet engine
Takes about 2 hour to assemble on Playa (assembly only requires simple hand tools)
Frame can be used to create your own vision! Endless possibilities with this frame
I can send more pictures
Reason for selling: building new project

The hardest part is done, you get to do the fun part of adding your new idea or keeping like it is.

Call 650-336-4802 for more details

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  1. Is the car still available? I called and left a message, but didn’t hear back. Some, on Facebook, are saying it’s sold, but nobody’s sure. Could you, please, give us an update, in it’s availability? Thank you.

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