Bye, Bye USB Stick? Vegas Club bans DJs from playing Pre-Mixed sets, Dubstep, and other tricks

About. Fucking. Time. Let’s hope this spreads.

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From White Raver Rafting:

New Las Vegas Club Will Ban “Mainstream Records” And “Lazy Artists”

Post written by Sierra Rose
BfU6ejPCAAI3fbwA new after hours club will be opening February 1st on the infamous Las Vegas strip and they plan to put an end to all of the generic sounds in Sin CityAFTER, the club, will be holding it down for the underground by enforcing some strict rules on the kind of sound they want their party goers dancing to from 3:30 – 8:30AM on Saturday nights (Sunday mornings if we want to get technical). Check out AFTER’s list of “DJ Rules AFTER 3AM” above. [oh shit, what do they play before 3AM then! – Ed]Important Note: WhiteRaverRafting got in touch with the Mira, the Marketing Director for AFTER Las Vegas, to find out if this photo is legitimate. She was kind enough to inform us that the “DJ Rules AFTER 3AM” rules were created by AFTER’s Managing Partner, Thom Svast. She also said, “Yes, they are real (with a sense of dry humor of course), and they will be posted in our DJ booth, starting with our grand opening Saturday February 1st.”This picture of AFTER’s DJ booth rules has been circling Twitter and has people rejoicing:Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.07.06 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.07.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.07.30 PM

 AFTER’s grand opening is February 1st , tonight, and will offer sets from their two resident DJ’s, Black Boots and Spacebrydz. A set from Los Angelos DJ/producer Steve Prior is also on the menu. And once their patio opens in March, Brett Rubin will join the resident team. AFTER is located inside the Tommy Wind Theatre, formally known as the Utopia/Empire Ballroom. All locals and ladies will receive free entry, with a minuscule rate of $20 for non local males.


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18 comments on “Bye, Bye USB Stick? Vegas Club bans DJs from playing Pre-Mixed sets, Dubstep, and other tricks

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  2. so…what kind of music is to be played? house but not mau5/wolfgang electrohouse? is it even (something) house? trance? deep room shit? don’t get me wrong i’m definitely a fan of the etiquette rules, and pretty much everything else on here, i’m just really confused as to the genre/artist bans, not to mention ‘dubstep’ nowadays can refer to any number of obscure subgenres. is moombahton (let’s say munchi or dillon) allowed? is skrillex dubstep or brostep? is kill paris dubstep? what about, say, zomboy’s gorilla march, which combines moombah, hardstyle, and dubstep?

    i’m just asking for clarification, there seems to be a couple holes in the rules is all.

    fuck LMFAO

    • It’s not about banning technology. It’s about banning some clown pumping his fist over a preplayed set.

      This club wants DJ’s to actually, you know, DJ.

      • Clearly you don’t DJ and you’re just throwing in your two cents as some clubs I’ve worked at genuinely ASK for some of their DJ’s to play a pre-mixed set. Some managers I’ve worked with despite my ability just prefer a 100% guarantee that nothing goes wrong.
        Usually that’s because of some jackass destroying his live set and therefore the vibe.

        Working with a pre-mixed set is nothing “wrong” all the big players do it and if you don’t want to use the technology at hand then go back to the stone age and carve yourself some 22’s out of stone, get paid exactly the same amount of money and continue to whine like a little b*tch

    • Easy sport. No need to get all testy.
      I used to DJ. Still do occasionally.

      Plenty of DJ’s spin live sets.

      Not worth cursing or anything. Lol

      • Dylan, Im not sure where you have DJed at, but I have have never ever heard of that coming from Sydney. The trouble with premixed set is it doesn’t feel the vibe of the room. A good DJ does, I can DJ a set better than a Pre Mixed set any day, PreMixed sounds like an iPod.

  3. Guess they won’t be allowing Black Boots (their residents) to play any of their own music then haha … smh…. (marketing ploy/clown dogs…)

  4. Had to comment when I saw the “bye, bye USB stick” headline in correlation with this photo I’ve seen several times. First of all, a USB stick is used instead of CDs nowadays for convenience use. NOT only to play a “pre mixed set.” Which can be played off a laptop as well. Many non-mainstream/underground DJs use a USB stick nowadays. Do some research next time lmao. Especially if it’s for the headline.

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  6. Contradictory to your contradiction, the author isn’t claiming that USB sticks will be off limits. He’s asking if that will be the case…..hence the question mark after the statement.

    • I did alter the headline based on feedback from some commenters that it was misleading. Where I come from “USB stick DJ” is a disparaging way of describing DJ’s who play pre-mixed sets from laptop, ipod, USB stick, or whatever. I didn’t realize that this is colloquial slang and is understood different ways in different markets, including it seems Las Vegas. I understand that it’s easier to cart around USB sticks than vinyl, however I personally would much rather see Carl Cox or Danny Tenaglia spinning five Technics 1200’s at once than any amount of Apple logos at a doof. There’s a million ways that vinyl is not practical at Burning Man, I get it, no disrespect meant to any DJs who actually do make a live mix for the crowd. The set, and setting, as Timothy Leary described it. #peace

      • Yes , now your talking my language , real vinyl, throwing down that dirty , dirty , rolling drum … it be Danny Teneglia , Raw, Bass nectar, Dessert dwellers, or the Amazing further fucking scratch pickle well you know where I’m going with this. You know when the Dj starts Feelin’ it , your Feelin’ it. I’m jumping , your jumping, and don’t forget about the that peach fuzz that starts to tingle on your arms when the baseline kicks. Chills down your scalp. Two decks, a shit ton of vinyl and subs that will send you in a trance. ” OK ” I’m done with the comments nuff said.!!

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