What Are You Packing?

Too busy to pack for Burning Man? Maybe you’re a burgin, and you have no idea what to bring (hint: a lot of blinky lights and batteries). Or maybe you’re an experienced veteran, who can never quite get it right.

One guy has the answer. For $80, he’ll pack for you. Don’t be fooled because he looks like he forgot to pack his shirt…those are some serious lederhosen and knee-high socks right there.

Thanks to Playa Slumlord for finding this, if you’re still looking for a good deal on an RV check them out.

From Craigslist:

Packing Consultant for Burning Man

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packing consultantPlaya Packing Consultant

Are you a ‘burgin’, or even a returning Burner, but a bit too frazzled to get everything in order for the big trip to Black Rock City? I can help you pack for Burning Man, whether you’ve got your ticket or not.

I’m a sixteen-year veteran who’s seen all sorts of weather and packed for untold themes and occasions. Whether for a compact car, or a rental truck, I can help you organize the big list. And we can even work on the tetris-puzzle of compacting it all into a sensible load.

Are you joining a village? Are you breaking out on your own? Let me hit all the points of what’s really going to be important once you’re out there.

List Consulting:

Compact Car: $80 day meeting

Rental Truck: $80 day, minimum two meetings

Actual Packing:

$80, must take place on or before Aug 23rd.

I’ll help you choose desert-safe containers, best choices for nighttime cold, and the best menu for round-trip and compost-free eating. (No, you don’t want to end up with a pile of neglected veggies, in a garbage bag, next to you on the ride home in the SUV.)

3 comments on “What Are You Packing?

  1. I don’t know how you can fault this guy when plug-an-play camping is accepted now. Basically, any way someone or group can profit off BM is fine, IMO. The event has gone off the wheels. It’s a free-for-all now. Make money while you still can.

    • I’m with you, Max. The entire Burner ecosystem should be able to profit from this event we create every year, not just an unelected elite cabal operating behind closed doors with no oversight. We’re not faulting this guy, we’re promoting him. $80 is cheap and this is a useful service, IMO.

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