OMG Now Lottery? More Vehicle Passes

If you want to enter the OMG sale, for the 1000 3000 unknown number of tickets that are still on sale from the “sold out” event:  registration starts at noon tomorrow. Don’t worry about getting there at 12:01 or 12:07, because according to BMOrg they have abandoned the “first come first serve” idea, which was used to trick Burners into waiting for months in STEP. So, since FCFS is gone, are we back to a ticket lottery now?

From Burning Man’s Facebook group:

Heads up… there’s no need to rush to the servers for the OMG sale registration. The registration process is not first-come first-served. Exactly when you register during the registration period (Thursday, July 31, 12pm (noon) PDT through Monday, August 4 at 12pm (noon) PDT) will have no impact on gaining access to the sale. So there ya go. 

Heads up your asses.

On that fateful visit to the supermarket, it was Tongue's misstep that would lead to a fall, a lawsuit, and an eventual catch-phrase.Their statement seems to me to be very misleading. When you register has a huge impact on gaining access to the sale, not “no impact”. You have to register again during their window, even if you’ve created a Burner profile and registered for STEP already…or you won’t be able to get access to the sale at all. The sale starts on Wednesday August 6 at noon Pacific. So if “first come first served” doesn’t apply, how does one get a ticket? You need to be pre-registered, and get to the servers as close to 12:00:00 as you can on Wednesday. The tickets will be sold to whoever gets there first, so although “the registration process is not first-come first-served”, as far as we can tell the OMG sale that the registration process gets you into still is.

Why do we have to register at all? Why can’t they just open tickets for sale to anyone who wants them next Wednesday? “Because, reasons”. Perhaps it has to do with that little question they ask during this bizarrely convoluted process: “how many times have you been to Burning Man before?” Statistically, you have a much better chance of getting tickets if you answer 0 to this, than any other number. Pro tip: there is nothing in the Tin Principles or Survival Guide about honesty or truth.

If you don’t have a Vehicle Pass yet, don’t worry – you can log into OMG to get more, even if you don’t want to buy tickets.

Did you purchase a Burning Man ticket already, but still need a Vehicle Pass? You can buy one in the upcoming OMG Sale. Follow the instructions on the OMG Sale registration page (in Burner Profiles) once registration is live, between Thursday, July 31, 12pm (noon) PDT and Monday, August 4 at 12pm (noon) PDT.

More vehicle passes? I thought we were doing this to reduce traffic and help the environment? Sadly, the number of vehicle passes initially announced was about the same as the number of cars last year, so from the start there was no way the system could’ve reduced traffic. A few weeks out from the event, and whaddya know, there are still plenty more available to anyone who wants one – as we predicted in January.

It seems the twin objectives of “new tax” and “new scalper opportunity for insiders” were well met by the Vehicle Pass idea, with a bonus of being able to say to the authorities “we’ve taken measures to address the issue of traffic on the roads” while pleading for 100,000 population.

Oh. My. Greed.


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  3. This article is nonsense. It’s not really that confusing how the sale work. Or is this just a troll to trick people?

  4. im not sure i understand the conspiracy theory. when you register to be part of the omg sale your timing has no bearing on being able to buy tickets. makes enough sense. thats not the same thing as saying the sale itself wont be FCFS – if registering first meant you could buy first – then the sale might as well have already started.

    and ive been reading all about the 40% virgin burner stuff and whereas i can offer no statistical knowledge, i would like to point out that that doesnt mean as a virgin you have a 40% chance of gitting a ticket and to assume so just seems stupid to me. doesnt that just indicate that 40% of people buying tickets are virgins and 60% of those out there arent? and isnt that ok? or is there evidence of an overwhelming number of burner vets out there not getting tickets while only a few virgins get denied?

    step worked for me last year 5th burn. it worked for my fella this year 6th burn. DIDNT work for two friends of mine – virgins.

    then again – i do love a good conspiracy theory. (ps – where can i find the virgin to non virgin ratios for yeats prior to 2012?)

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  6. “Statistically, you have a much better chance of getting tickets if you answer 0 to this, than any other number. ”

    Can someone explain that a bit?

      • 60% are veterans. That’s the single biggest group. One of your commentors has been pushing the theory that BMORG is purposely denying tickets to veterans. Are you buying into that theory now? It’s crazy. There’s no evidence for it, and clear evidence against it.

        BMORG wants money. Veterans make the event into what it is. Why would BMORG threaten their revenue by turning away the people who produce the event? BMORG doesn’t turn vets away; they “directly distributed” 15k tickets to people making the event happen (no, being a vet isn’t technically a requirement for getting a DD ticket, but you do need an existing connection to the burner community to get one, so they almost all go to vets).

        • Andrew, if I am the person of which you are discussing, yes, the BMOrg’s ticket policies are purposed towards newbies in the place of veterans on the playa. Larry, might he desire, might distribute 30,000 or 40,000 tickets through the Burner community. But, he does not desire to do so.

          It is very sad viewing numerous posts of veteran Burners not going to the playa, owners of mutant vehicles not obtaining tickets, even Christopher did not obtain tickets by the ticket sales, in despite of his awesome Soul Train mutant vehicle and cartoons. In addendum, if your dear mates, with whom you have participated towards throwing, for numerous burns, the awesome crowd sourced party upon the playa do not obtain tickets, why venture to the playa?

          The numbers are the evidence, 40% newbies, 20% with 1 prior burn, 11% with 2 prior burns, 14% with 3 or 4 prior burns, and solely 14% with more than 4 prior burns. Ponder in regards towards solely 14% with more than 4 prior burns. It is 2 or 3 burns to decide the manner of which you, and your mates, are going to assist towards the throwing of this awesome crowd sourced party, and to construct your camp purposed towards more than solely shade for you and your mates. For most, it is more than 2 or 3 burns to construct art, or to construct a mutant vehicle. It is more than 2 or 3 burns to comprehend the rubbish rules, in regards towards gifting food, alcohol, fire art, and music, so few camps do at present time.

          The awesome Burner community was formed by throwing this crowd sourced party for the 20 burns prior, the compressions, the decompressions, and the Flambe Lounge parties thrown by the Burner community. At present, if the Burner community desires to utilize these words, or utilize the word Burning Man(TM), or Burning Man community, or Not Burning Man, upon their party, Larry threatens to sue them, should they not sign a secret agreement stating loyalty towards him and obedience towards his, and Marian’s, numerous rules. All purposed towards Larry, and his mates, to become minted in due of numerous millions of cash for licence levies and of the sale of their Burning Man(TM) trademarks. All the while his ticket policies remove most veteran Burners from the playa. The numbers are the evidence.

          The culture has changed in due of 40 per cent newbies each burn. Few are of the knowledge of the Burner culture of ‘There are no Spectators, only Participants’, in addendum to most Burners assisting towards the throwing of the awesome party.

        • If they wanted veterans they could reach us – they have the emails they used to send us ticket confirmations. No, it is a private party. The veterans they want and need to entertain the virgins and fly-in spectators know who they are because they got their tickets.

          • I was going to wait until the morning to post this but since the Nomad is up – I have answered Andrew’s question in the latest post

  7. Would be interested to hear any cogent explanation for these positively Byzantine ticketing machinations. They don’t have to be right, just cogent…

  8. This isn’t really news… that’s the same way that the normal sale worked. You register ahead of time, but only your position in the queue for the actual sale counts.

    • thanks for explaining the story where we explained the story. Now, can you please go and tell that to the 619,000 people over at the Burning Man Facebook group – you’re saying that it’s first come first served.

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