Burners.Me interview on KGO Radio

San Francisco’s KGO news radio interviewed me today about the anti-rich, anti-tech, and dare we say, anti-Burning Man sentiment that seems to be sweeping the media this week. I should have recorded the interview myself, because I said more than what they used here. Next time.

Zos interview with KGO Radio SF August 22, 2014

Go Niners! And Raiders.


SF Bay Guardian

New York Times


…a pretty nice couple of days worth of recognition for us.

wired 1996Here is the WIRED magazine article from 1996 that I referred to. It’s written by famed cyber-guru Bruce Sterling. Being on the cover of WIRED back then, in the fledgling days of the commercial Internet, was like being on the cover of TIME or Fortune today. Bigger, maybe.

Their community was about 8000 people strong back then. Other online communities of the time were in the millions, like S.O.S.

Although I’m not going to Burning Man next week, I am going to be full time on this blog for the week. Stay tuned – if you can, and if you dare.

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