12 Legal Tips for a Smoother Burn

Lawgives has put together this Free Legal Guide. It’s a great list of legal tips for all Burners to benefit from, big thanks to Lawgives and all the Reddit contributors.

Lawgives says: Know your legal rights, and have an amazing burn! (Inspired by a thread on Reddit. Compiled from sources and resources listed below) Wikipedia Burning Man Official Site (Preparation) Burning Man Official Site (Rangers) Burning Man Official Site (Environment) ACLU Nevada Governmentattic


3 comments on “12 Legal Tips for a Smoother Burn

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  2. >Always be calm and respectful when interacting with a police officer.

    While that is generally a good idea, interacting with peace officers on the playa is a bit counter-intuitive. For the best results, respond with firm assertions such as, ‘Fuck you, you pig-eyed sack of shit!’. You will alway get treated with greater respect if you are wearing body armor and a sidearm. Compliance and politeness gives rise to anger and hatred in the pig heart – these are signs of weakness. Be firm. Stand your ground. Threaten them if necessary. Never show weakness.

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