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  2. Non riesco piu ad accedere al video in you tube ( video privato )
    Qualcuno gentilmente potrebbe giramelo o indicarmi un link ?

  3. Looks like some night drone shots? Wouldn’t that be stupidly dangerous? Anyway, there’ll only be more of this kind of thing. And the ravers to regular folks ratio will get worse and worse. Five years from now, if something doesn’t give, Burning Man will be a SLIGHTLY more interesting EDM festival.

    • “And the ravers to regular folks ratio will get worse and worse. Five years from now, if something doesn’t give, Burning Man will be a SLIGHTLY more interesting EDM festival.” – that’s a positive estimation…

  4. YouTube video comments indicate next year Virgins will be as clueless as Sander van Doorn is for having spun out this glitzy drek of a video. There’s tons of DJs who would love to spin at Burning Man AND respect the ethos of Decommodification, not churning out blatant commercialism like this or splashing their names across giant video screens like the Budweiser blimp (yeah, thought that was a big fail over at Opulent Temple too). It’s hard to imagine Radical Inclusion was intended to mean it’s just peachy OK to ignore the other Principles.

    • No doubt Larry is somewhat regretting spreading the word, ‘Decommodification’. It basically was intended to mean that you can’t buy burgers out there, but you could barter for one. Burners take it a bit too far for Larry’s taste by making commodification a sin. It’s not a sin when Larry & Company does it. They wrote the rules. It’s a bit like saying God was a rapist for having sex with Mary. It’s not rape when God does it. It’s not commodification when the Org does it. And it’s not terrorism when the United States blows innocent people up.

      It’s called, exceptionalism. And it you don’t like how the Org practices their exceptionalism, their response would be – then go attend the other Burning Man festival and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

      • that’s why BMOrg scalps “Exceptional Tickets” for $650.

        I think that’s also why “Commodification” was carefully chosen instead of “Commerce”. Commerce is just dandy, the more they can clip the ticket on these camps, the better.

        A point that has been missing from this discussion so far: rich people are a drawcard. People with no money are attracted to a chance to party with celebrities and VIPs in an environment where the playing field is somewhat levelled. Where else can you drop acid with big stars like Diddy or presidential candidates?

      • Perhaps you have an inside line, but the barter interpretation of Decommodification and the wording don’t quite jive. “In order to preserve the spirit of gifting, our community seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. We stand ready to protect our culture from such exploitation. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience.” Besides, advertising and commercial exploitation is more the issue here, not barter vs buying. Do you think Burning Man approved the use of their logo and name in this video? Word is they’re a bit prickly about this kind of thing.

        • The Org won’t do anything about this video. It’s at 300k views now on its way to over a million. It’s not just free advertising, it’s a recruitment tool. Those ravers are fresh meat. Many will end up volunteering for the Org. Chewed up and spit out like so many before them.

    • perhaps Sander will argue that giant, billboard-size letters of his name is merely “Radical Self Expression”. A bit harder for Chip Conley to make that argument, unless “Fest300” is a person and bought a ticket.

  5. It’s a fine line isn’t it… If you’re rich, talented and have rich talented people around you with a plan, you’re going to end up with videos like that.

    My videos of burningman would look like that if I had the kit and the vision. Which I don’t. Which is why they are a bit shit.

    It wouldn’t include a load of people who look a bit like they’ve been shipped in to look interesting mind you…

    … But. It could also as said below, the muscling in of corporate intention. Woo! SPRING BREAK!

    It’s ripe for exploitation and the greedy fuckers have a boner for that kind of shit.

    Get your tits out love, let’s make some money. You know, in the name of radical tits outness.

  6. Why don’t they make people sign a waiver for this kind of douchebaggery when they enter the playa to not film for commercial purposes??

    Talk about money making right there…

  7. The video quality is the best I’ve seen. I mean for clarity/resolution.

    Yet the video is soulless, makes Burning Man look like a beer commercial.

    YouTube video comments indicate next year Virgins will be unusually clueless.

    Burning Man is going to start sucking if this continues.

  8. I enjoyed this video about as much as the douchenozzle Dancestronauts DJ repeatedly hocking his new CD over the soundsystem during the Man burn.

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