Daft Punk – Back Once Again

2015 daft punk trash fence

Image: Timothy Stoner | Facebook

Just when you thought that the horse was dead and had been flogged beyond a bare semblance of a carcass…we get Daft Punk. At the trash fence. Burning Man 2015.

Earlier in the year, Burning Man’s “other” Nevada regional featured Daft Punk.

They did a trial run, even writing a guest post on this blog about it…and then decided they needed to do it One More Time.



daft fence


At the Burning Man Facebook Group, Burners tried to make sense of it all…

Screenshot 2015-09-07 23.16.15

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Image: Vincent King Gutierrez | Facebook

Image: Vincent King Gutierrez | Facebook





Whether it was some dudes in helmets playing a CD, or a cover band, or the real Daft Punk – can we all just agree to move past this “joke” now? It was never funny.


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  1. There were TWO Daft Punks on Wednesday night: one that started at around 12:45 and another that started at 2pm (which seems to be the one you guys have video of here.) What are the odds of that? We somehow managed to catch a lot of the first one and a little bit of the second one. I think the one at 12:45 was AMAZING, and a lot more convincing. Look at them:

    • The video you provided is the “Daft Punk” that we saw.

      I tell people that we either saw Daft Punk or we got Daft Punked. Either way, we had an incredible time!

      What made it funnier/more enjoyable in that moment was that I was telling the virgin friends I was with earlier that week not to believe anyone that tells you Daft Punk is playing at the trash fence; it’s a 6 year on-going joke that a lot of virgins tend to believe. We ended up in deep playa that night without a thought of Daft Punk in our minds, which made the whole thing that much sillier when we arrived.

      Thanks for the video!

  2. My camp last year was “Draft Punk” and we had the helmets, played their music and gave out free beer all week at a bar at our camp site that was surrounded by trash fence. The camp was there again this year and intended to play out at the trash fence one night so, could have been them. 🙂

  3. I object to your use of the term “Trash.” I know some Trash, and it’s not right to refer to them in the context of using a fence to keep them out. If the NV burn was free, it would not be an issue. Besides, most of them do NOT like Daft Punk. …Well, maybe they do, but that’s not the point.

    Oh look, a squirrel!!…

  4. Can we all just agree to move past this “joke” now? It was never funny. It really wasn’t, not to mention daft punk sucks.

    And can we all move on from EDM noise. rap crap and DJs too? Time to go back to real music. Lets start requiring some (real actual) talent to be had to make money in the “sounds for sale game”. (it hasn’t been the “music business” for a while)(there hasn’t been much real music for a while now)


    I am happy to hear more and more other people feeling this way. I hear these sentiments being echoed from the swing dance camps to the drum camps and further, people are sick of the pulsing oompfh oompfh ooopmfh

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