Swingers With $54,000, Welcome to Billionaire’s Row

Thanks to Anonymous Burner for tipping us off to this. This seems like a new record for hotel room prices at a Commodification Camp, taking JT’s crown from last year.

Since this is a swinger’s club, Mistresses of Merriment are very much on the menu. Tickets to Burning Man? No problem.

Remember when the community was outraged about the Krug Dinner? That all seems so quaint these days. Welcome to Burning Man 2.0, this is the new normal. Radical Self-Reliance? It’s just a spectrum. Decommodification? It’s just one of the for-profit LLC’s. Communal effort? Hey, our sherpas work hard. Real hard.


from Do You Know George  (emphasis ours)

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For the sake of space we are going to assume that you have already done your research and have a solid understanding of what Burning Man is all about and the adventure that lies ahead. This page is dedicated to laying out an overview of the DYKG camp, the amenities it will encompass and a break down of the costs associated with participation.

The principal differences between our camp and any other DYKG event that you may have attended is the necessity for tickets (that are very difficult to procure) and the requirement that we fully establish our own infrastructure and support staff.


Therefore, unlike our other events, we will be holding a 15% deposit, until February 1, 2016. Once your tickets are secured the balance will be due to secure your campsite.  At that time, if you are no longer interested in attending, you may request a refund and your tickets and campsite will go to a couple on our waiting list.  If we are unable to secure the number of tickets requested your deposit will be refunded in full.

Several people have contacted us wondering about why the costs for this event are so much higher than they were expecting for a, “Hippy gathering in the desert”.

The economics of supply and demand play a big part in costs on the Playa.  Although cash transactions at the event are prohibited, the vast economic impact prior to the event are obvious.

Within a 500-mile radius of Reno, Nevada,  RV rentals are known to increase by as much as 4-times.  Part of this is based on the enormous demand of 70,000 burners communing on one location and, in part, because of the hundreds of man hours that go into cleaning each RV after the event in order to restore it to pristine condition.  For something like a tour bus, this can multiply into thousand of man hours, mechanical parts and even reupholstery before it can return to service in the Default World.

In the spot market, bulk water deliveries for our camp will range $1.00 up to $1.50, in 500 gallon increments.  Of course the waste water must also be hauled away and this will run another $0.20 to $0.25 per gallon.   (This is something to think about at home when you are taking a shower tomorrow morning.)

This same issue applies to electricity provided by giant diesel generators, each burning hundreds of gallons per day, commercial kitchens connected to 100-gallon propane tanks and all the fuel and man hours to move everything onto and off of the Playa.

If you were trying to think of a less hospitable, or economically more challenging place in North America to hold a seven day festival, you would be hard pressed.  That said, only because Burning Man is held in such an inhospitable region of the country has it been able to persist and even thrive for thirty years.


Image Source: Do You Know George

Our Camp Amenities

(2) Burning Man Tickets per Couple
Art Car
Central Pavilion / Shelter for Camp
Camp Bar & Coffee Lounge (Open Bar)
Camp Toilet Trailer w/ Key
Camp Meals (Twice Daily)
Central Electric Generator for RV’s
Diesel Fuel Deliveries for Generator
Gasoline Deliveries for Art Car
Gifting Project
Gourmet Chef
Late Night Snacks
Maid Service for Camp RV’s
Outdoor Furniture
Private Charter Flights (optional)
Propane Delivery for Kitchen
RV Delivery & Set-Up
Solar-heated Shower Trailer
Stocked RV with Snacks & Drinks
Support Staff for Camp & Kitchen
Themed Dinner Parties
Transportation To & From Reno, NV
Vehicle Passes
Volunteer Program
Waste / Sewer Collection
Water Deliveries

History of the DYKG Camp

In 2014 George first attended Burning Man with the purpose of exploring this unique event and seeing if it was something his friends would enjoy.

Following the instructions of his two “Burner” friends, George set out to do things “the right way”.  He started by purchasing a 1970 camping trailer in North Carolina and personally seeing to its restoration.  Then when his “silver pickle” was roadworthy he set our from Charleston, SC on a 5,600 mile round-trip odyssey.  After three days on the road he arrived Sunday morning and waited with thousands of others for the gates to open.   After that, the Playa took hold and what unfolded was too indescribable to even begin to touch on here.

In 2015, George began to organize fellow lifestylers and establish plans to provide a camp of their own.  Attending for his second time on 2015 his focus was on staffing, infrastructure and locating quality vendors.

Burning Man 2016 will see the first DYKG Camp, and will provide for all its members with private RV’s, gourmet dining and most importantly the elusive TICKETS!

Infrastructure Plans

A key component to the health and happiness of any camp is its infrastructure.  Specifically the plans to provide shelter, food, water, electricity, waste management and community structure and how they are executed.

Due to George’s incredibly diverse and talented network of friends, it was easy to find those with the skills and acumen to guide this project.  For our camp we will be converting several vintage Airstream trailers into specific-use vehicles.  Some of the conversions include: commercial kitchen, shower trailer, bathroom trailer and “bar car”.   This idea of re-purposing fits in perfectly with the idea of having a minimal footprint on the playa and reducing environmental impact.

For guests needing accommodations late model trailers, motorhomes and tour buses are available.

What To Expect…
As your hosts, we feel it is an important part of our responsibility to make sure everyone knows what to expect.  Whether or not you have been to a private event of this caliber before, we believe that passing along this information affords
everyone the opportunity to feel more comfortable and enjoy themselves more fully.

First and foremost, we don’t hold parties, we create elaborate multi-day events to entertain, entice, and indulge all of your senses.  Our events have a tendency toward the extravagance and are comprised of typically a half dozen to a dozen social events providing the opportunities to get to know others and take part in activities that you might not otherwise.

Privacy and discretion are cornerstones in the planning of our events.  We never publish our guest list, release anyone’s name or photos, nor do we disclose the exact location where our private events are held.  We are comfortable announcing the city, and at times the hotel where our guests will be staying; however, that is our limit.  What information about yourself you choose to share with others is entirely your decision.

Our guest list is always selective and limited to between fifty and sixty couples and a small number of un-escorted women.  The guest list is comprised predominantly of post-graduate professionals in their late thirties to late forties with certainly some variance on either side of that range.

A Welcome Dinner is typically held early in the event and generally achieves an attendance of thirty to forty couples.  So far, these private dinners have been held at internationally acclaimed restaurants and vineyards with preparation by Iron Chefs and other culinary geniuses of our time.  The Welcome Dinner lives up to its name in being a slow-paced delight to the senses while giving everyone a chance to mingle and indulge in welcoming conversation with new friends.  Cocktail dresses for the ladies and suits for the gentlemen are the perfect attire for this dinner.

Cocktail and Wine Receptions are an integral part of the event giving everyone a chance to make new introductions and catch up with old friends before heading off to dinner or other activities planned for that the evening.  This is an ideal time to make plans with others for daytime adventures or other epicurean pursuits.  Cocktail dresses for the ladies and jackets sans tie for the gentlemen are again the perfect attire for these receptions.

There are a variety of Social Events throughout the weekend.  Thus far, these have included such activities as a Frenchman Street Music Exploration, Hot Air Balloons, Private Vineyard Tours & Tastings, Exotic Car Road Rally, Private Jet Helicopters, 5-star Spas, and Parkour Training.  These opportunities are typically smaller groups and are unique to each event.  They are intended to indulge your desires while sharing an unparalleled experience with your new friends.

All of our events culminate in a either a Formal Ball or semi-formal party.  These are generally held at historic residences or private estates while others have been held in penthouses and other more unusual locations (think 7,000 sq ft Wine Cave).   Many of our previous guests have commented on how much they have enjoyed simply touring some of the country’s most significant manor homes and great estates.

The soiree is professionally catered with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and wine to seduce your palate.  Live music is regularly provided by Grammy winning musicians, international recording artists, and renowned singers to delight your ears and lure you to the dance floor.

For the ladies, formal full-length gowns are the perfect choice.  Gentlemen are encouraged to dress comparably in that perfectly tailored suit or tuxedo as the occasion dictates.

We try to emphasize to everyone that arriving punctually is important, and privately arranged transportation is provided.   Upon arriving, guests will have an opportunity to mingle and chat as they explore the property.  This is an especially ideal time to make those connections with whom you are interested in spending time with in a more intimate setting later in the evening.  This will help avoid any possible unwelcome situations later in the evening.

As the night progresses those that wish to are welcome to adjourn to the bedrooms.  We do maintain a strict Open Door Policy, which simply means that all of the bedroom doors are to remain open.  If there is someone already in the room, you are welcome to watch.  If invited, you are welcome to join in.  Everyone attending knows and understands that “No means no” and that “Pushy people will not be tolerated” and will be asked to leave.

While you may certainly expect a few invitations to play, for those not wishing to do so that evening, there is certainly no pressure.  Simply enjoy yourself, meet some interesting people, and perhaps exchange a few phone numbers and email addresses with those you are interested in seeing again.  If nothing else, when you and your escort arrive home that night you will certainly have plenty to discuss and fantasize about before calling it a night.

When planning your flight home, try to arrange for a late afternoon departure so you can enjoy one final gathering, Brunch.  What first originated at George’s manse as a casual meal with conversation frequently punctuated by ribald laughter about the prior evening’s festivities has continued to this day.   Satiated in the weekend’s prurient pursuits, the relaxed atmosphere will help bring closure to our brief time together, while providing you the chance to make private
plans with other couples whom you share a similar interest or passion.

As always, please feel free to ask us any and all questions.  It is from your questions that we are better able to serve as your gracious hosts.

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  4. this would be a great camp……if it were organized by a few dedicated swingers who were not making a dime and devoting a ton of time to building the infrastructure….. Oh wait thats ATTOL…. no this camp needs to burn with the man…. shit and i wanted to pussy swing at BM 2016 but it cost too much to get my ass and wifes pussy there… were poooooooooooooooooooor…. I know we should just stop being poor… but we can’t…..Looks like 3 regional burns instead FUCK YA

  5. Wow, so much ignorance, judgement and hate towards swingers by many of the commenters on this article; so much for radical inclusion. For those seemingly unaware, swingers are primarily committed couples that open their sexual relationship up to share with others. It’s not that radically different than the poly crowd which are accepted throughout the Burn community regardless of the emotional pain that usually accompanies many of those ill-fated poly relationships; and I have seen way too many of those play out between emotionally immature Burners.

    Contrary to many comments on this page, swingers don’t prowl around the playa stalking sexual partners any more or less than any other non-monogamous burner, be they bi, straight, gay, poly, creeper or whatever. They also don’t need to pay for mistresses of merriment or other sexual partners since they already have a partner and typically hook up with other couples that understand the lifestyle; with the occasional hookup with a single man or woman depending upon their preference and ability to respect the boundaries of everyone involved.

    Try separating your obvious jealousy and disdain for those that have figured out what works for them as a way to share their sexuality with others besides their primary partner in a sex positive way from those that are making a mockery of the Burner culture and stomping all over the ten principles while “selling” the Burner experience to the highest bidders. The commodification of the Playa is coming in many forms these days and is not just limited to the selling of items; but also in the selling of turn key experiences, providing staff to clean and stock camp habitats and serving camp members throughout their stay; none of which is in the spirit of gifting. The BMorg have certainly endorsed this type of behavior through its support of plug n play and Safari camps ( especially the one in 2014 promoted by one of its previous board members ) and it is the obvious outcome of a trying to expand a once unique experience into the larger, wealthier and more influential circles of society that demand a better life and experience than most of us even think about.

    • Who said anything about swingers? I think people are talking about NONINCLUSIVE BILLIONAIRE COMMODIFICATION TYPES…Not swingers per say

    • Uh yeah… it has nothing to do with the $54,000 price and wrap-around selling tkts. It’s totally prejudice against swingers.

      As for “The BMorg have certainly endorsed this type of behavior through its support of plug n play and Safari camps,” I will leave comment on that to Pooh.

      • “from those [meaning the uber wealthy] that are making a mockery of the Burner culture and stomping all over the ten principles while “selling” the Burner experience to the highest bidders.” – yeah… I was kinda saying the same thing.

    • “Obvious jealousy”. No, sweetie, no. As I stated in my first comment (you didn’t read it, do you?)… My disdain is for the rich who think they can buy themselves the experience, and think others are jealous of them – YET their experience is INauthentic and I am FAR from jealous.
      People who would pay what some people don’t even make in a year just to fuck around… You are boring. (Old boring rich people think burning man = pussy first and foremost.) I feel BAD for you.

      • But I don’t feel so bad for that I don’t laugh at you rich people… WHO WOULD PAY WHAT SOME PEOPLE DONT EVEN MAKE IN A YEAR TO FUCK AROUND. What is your contribution? What Patton Oswalt would call creating a pussy most? Yeah, that’s some contribution. No, sweetie, it isn’t.

          • “Assumptions”?? Anyone who coughs up 54K for a package is rich, dude. That is more than some people (America or elsewhere) make in a year. Period.

    • “Wealthier and more influential circles of society that demand a better life and experience than most even think about.”
      Oh honey, the rich do think well of themselves don’t they? How audacious of us lesser and less important folks to share their air. No. You rich types don’t understand life or authenticity.

    • Bob, I agree with your comments about swingers and the sex positive community. Unfortunately you undermine your argument when you say, “The BMorg have certainly endorsed this type of behavior through its support of plug n play and Safari camps” which is simply not true. In fact the org has very specifically said these camps will not get placement.

      • I respectively disagree with you, because I don’t think you are seeing the big picture. It is well documented that Jim Tananbaum was a board of director of Burning Man at the time that he was also running the one of the infamous for-profit Safari camps in 2014 ( http://www.thebolditalic.com/articles/7220-burning-mans-most-hated-billionaire-resigns- for one example). Ultimately he resigned from the backlash of this activity, but it is not a far stretch to see the BMOrg tacit support of one of their own to do this by providing placement for such a camp.

        Seems to me like the BMOrg speaks out of both sides of their mouth; one privately to their wealthy friends to build up support and court investors and the other publicly to keep the members of the cult of Burning man in line and to provide the experience that they are selling to their investors.

        • Bob, you just aren’t following the whole story. The org themselves has admitted how they tried to handle this in 2014 didn’t work. They thought at the time it was best to work with these folks in order to mitigate some of the negative effect. That didn’t work, and as you point out, the JT incident was a great example of how it didn’t work. So the org changed their approach for 2015 and said all placed camps had to meet the some criteria and no P&P camps (besides Green Tortoise, which was grandfathered) would get placement. They were very public about this on the org blog. You would not hear that here.

          That doesn’t mean people won’t try to get around those rules, but that is not the org encouraging something. You seem sensitive of people judging the swinger community based on ignorance. No one should do that to the org.

      • Your myopia is touching, Pooh. How many more hotel camps do we have to bring you before you’ll admit that they’re an officially accepted part of Burning Man now?

        Bob C has it right.

    • And while some camps and individuals spend loads of money, the vast majority do it to broaden and enrich the experience of *all* citizens, not just the *few* in these “private event” camps. There’s a huge difference.

    • It was most expected of DYKG to delete the page. The BLM states of any whom advertise, in a commercial manner, or any whom gain a profit in due of their business upon the playa, must gain a Special Recreation Permit, from the BLM, and pay the three per cent levy. DKNG must mind their BMOrg handlers, in the manner of their page must be viewed solely by DYKG members, their plug and play camp is of the need to be interactive, and they are of the need to pretend to not be a business or purposed towards gaining profit.

      In addendum, might any reporter desire the list of Special Recreation Permits of 2015, of businesses whom assist the plug and play camps in regards of radical self reliance upon their cash, perchance, including of the cash paid in due of the three per cent levy, it is available, from the BLM upon a request.

      After 10 November, in addendum, any reporter, including of any whom might desire to pen a guest post, might gain other information required of the BRC LLC to send to the BLM, of the manner stated within the Burning Man 2015 Special Recreation Permit Stipulations, including of details of ticket sales, medical trips to Reno, or to Sparks, details of population of Black Rock City including of vendors, contractors, and others, the reporter is solely of the need to request of the BLM, in a most clear manner, the desired information.

  6. This could be a major scam. You give us a deposit, if we can’t get tickets we’ll refund the money. You send them your deposit, you never hear from them again.

    The Org does not run the internet or the swinger community. This has absolutely nothing to do with Burning Man.

  7. I am wondering if they are going to get many takers for this offering at $54K or even $9K. Of course it is a perfect reflection of the Borg: charging people to be the entertainment. But what if only 1 or 2 couples sign up? Is that really “swinging?” And what if all they get is single guys paying $5K? Can they afford to provide the hookers for a week?

        • So you are mad at Burning Man for being Burning Man. Participation is the point. You don’t want to participate, don’t go (or be a sparkle pony).

          • No. …Where do you get that? I am mad at the Borg for hijacking Burning Man – the sum of what I and all the other burners have created – claiming complete and exclusive control over it, with total disenfranchisement of those who created it. And they are using that control to meet their selfish financial and psychologically dysfunctional needs, while damaging what we created.

            So, I and others have moved Burning Man – our theme camps and art, our participation – elsewhere.

          • The org (founders), along with others, created the event (that’s what founders means). In 96 they had a choice (people had died), put some controls on the event, or end the event. Some chose the former, some chose the latter. BM would not exist without the founders. Those who didn’t like it had the balls to stop going. Those who thought it was worth it kept going. Petty little bitches kept going while constantly complaining.

          • Using your line of reasoning, they can do no wrong. Unfortunately, they have taken an overhead of less than $1 million ten years ago, expanding it to $20 million, when the event cost has only risen from $7 million to $10 million. It’s called cashing in.

            And that would be OK if they were up front about it, but they are not. While spending less then $1 million on art, they spend $4 million on lawyers to keep things obscure. Most of what they say is misleading if not outright lies.

            Why do they do it? Because they know that the event is utterly crowd-sourced. All they do is provide the logistics and the porta-potties. The overwhelming substance of the event comes from the burners who PAY to be there. It is more than volunteering. If enough burners took their theme camps, MVs and art elsewhere, the event would disappear. Just consider what they have done to the event. It survives in spite of the Borg, not because of it.

            If the Borg BoD people represented the preponderance of BRC, it would quickly collapse. They should fill the BoD with serious veteran burners, but they cannot see the burners as who make the event. That denial is key to their dysfunctional management. And the massive erosion of the burner community is the clear evidence. Lock you bike, and look out for narcs and rapists.

          • Non-profit records are public…what’s the point…you just want your false narrative supported. I believe there are some congressional committees who are looking for members.

          • Good little Pooh. You are ignoring the facts, instead believing and spreading the cover story. The Borg love you and their other faithful minions that buy their doublespeak.

            Want a thrill on Saturday night? Read the comments by A Balanced Perspective. Scary stuff. Boo!, Pooh. 🙂

          • I have read enough comments by AWarpedPerspective to last a lifetime and I don’t have the energy to get through his broken English. Nothing wrong with that. I wish I could write in more than one language. In his case he can totally distort the truth in more than one language. Impressive.

            As for you, you keep using that word (fact). I do not think it means what you think it means.

            (BTW, whatever happened to your theory of the entire org having some mental disorder? Attracting too many people with tin-foil hats?…Facts he says…hehehehehe)

          • ‘In his case he can totally distort the truth in more than one language.’

            Another day, another lie by Pooh. He is the person distorting the truth.

          • And you point out where he is wrong, and he never returns the favor. Such a disrespectful Pooh.

            Of course the Borg spread disinformation and doubt exactly for people like him who will always give them the benefit of that doubt. Can you have BRC populated only with people like that? The Borg hopes so. Just imagine what it might be like. That’s pretty scary too!

  8. These guys posted a similar ad on a swinger site using a picture of the yacht art car, which they have no part of. They promise access to the “ever-elusive” burning man ticket which likely translates to “We’ll buy an $800 ticket in December and sell it to you for $3000 in March”

  9. Ha! Hahaha. I like how rich folks advertise their utter lameness. And they think it makes them enviable. (But nothing is further from the truth.) And paying people to get them prostitutes. Ha! Yeah, the event is over. Let the rich make fools of themselves and pretend they are doing something neat. Let Dr. Phil show it on TV (last week). Meanwhile, I’m MUCH happier elsewhere and doing other things.

  10. How funny. They actually try to justify the prices by saying that the cost of renting RV’s goes up in Reno around the time of BM…lol

      • I know right? If you have $54k to spend on a “spot” at a camp, why wouldnt you just create your own camp? If people have been doing it for years with far less money, I think $54k would go a hell of a long way!

  11. Must be some ugly smelly people if they need to spend $54K to get laid at Burning Man. I’m guessing this never actually happened.

    • It’s not just the Black Rock regional burn that gets the creepy fucks. It’s almost every regional. Earlier, the topic was about poseur ‘forest shamans’ or whatever the fuck they call themselves. Now it’s the swinger set. Look, I’m not sex negative by any measure but in my experience, there are quite a few similarities between small, exclusive groups who ‘re set up to prowl and exploit exclusively for one thing. None of them contribute to the benefit of the event.

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