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Image: @rosiehw

Burners Candice Swanepoel and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Image: @rosiehw

Robot Heart, the Ultra-Exclusive East Coast Answer to Burning Man, Is Happening This Weekend

Didn’t get your beat-dropping bacchanal fix at Burning Man this year? Well, you’re in luck: Robot Heart, the cold-weather answer to the pumped-up festival, has arrived. Known for hosting the most hotly anticipated gatherings during the weeklong festival in Black Rock City (performers this year included Major Lazer and Diplo), the traveling spinoff collective “of doers and dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs” is bringing those same let-loose, beat-first vibes to New York City this Halloween, and the entirely non-advertised Robot Heart is proving to be a lot more exclusive than its predecessor. Sure, there’s still that tech-infused, barely there–raver-meets–Mad Max vibe, but for one, you’d better think asphalt, rather than sand, and for another, you’ll need to buy a ticket via a person in the know (and a secret invite-only code) to access the hidden venue rather than a camper van and a big checkbook. (Not in the know, or in-the-know adjacent? We’d advise you to wait for the Instagram geotags.) One thing is for sure: the most awaited party of the year promises to put any previous Halloween bash you had planned to shame. Meaning only one thing: You’d better dress to impress.

So what do you wear once you get past whatever the uber-hip-raver version of velvet ropes is? “You have to dress up in something crazy,” says Vogue.com Market Editor Chelsea Zalopany, “so go insane.” Time to put all that Burner FOMO to good use: curve-skimming body suits with eye-catching thigh-high boots in whatever hue you please, or a tiny feathered bra and cheeky stay-ups can do the trick nicely. (Ravers don’t get cold.) As for the best part? Unlike Burning Man, there’s no chance of catching the desert affliction of “playa foot,” at the stomping grounds of Robot Heart, plus, the evening promises to afford steady access to both plumbing and running water. (At least within walking distance. . . . We think.

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  1. Robot Heart. Wow. Ask them who made their speakers by hand and was ripped off and his car crashed by Mr “159 Rivingtons then girlfriend.But ya all can party on

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