Why We Burn: Miss Sabado

(As the summer rolls on, we’re going to keep it going with great stories from your favorite East Coast Burners. Miss Sabado is one of those amazing DJs you see on playa then can’t find again for the rest of the week. Bi-coastal & a multi-talented entrepreneur, model, artist, actress, and all-around exceptional human being, Miss Sabado, talked with me about how Burning Man, being a woman in today’s society, creativity, inspiration and two coasts come together. Enjoy!)


Interview by Terry Gotham

1. What’s your favorite Burning Man memory?
There are so many! But I think no burn compares to your first burn. My first burn was the year of Evolution, 2009. I had never seen anything like it. I felt like I was on another planet, experiencing things for the very first time, with wondrous, childlike curiosity. I remember the carbon garden, and sticking my whole head into the faces of the flowers; I remember laying under the Cubatron under the nighttime sky and laughing my ass off with total strangers and passing Kleen Kanteens around full of questionable cocktails. And that big slide! How dangerous but so fun! I remember climbing up those steep rickety stairs, potato sack in hand, thinking to myself that I could very well die on this thing. I only weigh 100 lbs, so I flew down that slide sooo fast I was practically airborne (laughs).  I remember the moment I first laid eyes on the rocket ship, and thinking to myself: is it really going to launch? I was so excited! It was utopia; festival earth. My favorite memory by far was dropping acid for the first time on Thursday night at the Twilight Spaghetti Theatre (right before twilight, of course), and walking out to the center of Esplanade, and I could hear every conversation from one end of the esplanade to the other, every bicycle bell ring, every footstep… everything. Art cars were floating off the ground, her purple sky majesty cloaking me with all her glory, dust in every crevice. Everything started to melt, and everything made sense. It was glorious.

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BMOrg vs BLM: You Took Too Much

Sally Ho from the Associated Press reports that the Burning Man Project are disputing their $2.8 million bill from the Bureau of Land Management.

From the Washington Post:

Burning Man organizers are disputing their $2.8 million bill from the federal government…The festival takes issue with the Bureau of Land Management’s discretion over the weeklong counterculture celebration, claiming that the authority has been overstaffing and overcharging without fully explaining the tab…“If they can’t explain all of it, than we’re asking for all of it back,” said Ray Allen

…the case also pulls back the curtain on the logistical hurdles and an evolving backstage power struggle behind an event once considered an extreme camping experience that has now achieved widespread popularity with millions in revenue.

The BLM said Burning Man officials were provided with a detailed summary of costs with receipts and that “(f)ederal government agencies are obligated to recover the full cost of providing a special benefit…”

The Court case is likely to take more than a year:

The festival is taking the issue to the Interior Department’s internal appeals court, where an administrative law judge will decide on the case. This arbitration process, which could last more than a year, is commonly used for challenges related to grazing or mining uses and fees.

We get an official number for BLM cops in 2015, 84. Plus Pershing etc.

BLM contends that Burning Man demands year-round planning and an unparalleled response to protect the public lands given its scope and nature. The 2015 event required 84 law enforcement officers

BMOrg thinks that’s too many cops, and wonders what they’re all doing:

The festival argues that that many officers aren’t necessary given that more than a thousand Burning Man volunteers also patrol the event and that it has a clean record of taking care of the land. Burning Man said in its appeal that more than half the BLM bill was to pay for labor costs, but that the paperwork lacked specific information about the duties they actually performed.

Ray Allen, the lawyer, seems to be working off a different set of books than the After Burn accounts:

In recent years, a more openly adversarial partnership has surfaced between the festival and the increasing number of local authorities assigned to oversee it. Allen said Burning Man has been stomaching dramatically increasing costs since 2011, when its permit was $730,000.

2011 Afterburn: $1,552,000

It’s not all bad news, things are running pretty smoothly. BLM is going down. Let’s hope this doesn’t throw a spanner in the works:

Both the federal authority and Burning Man organizers said planning for the 2016 festival has been going smoothly. The new state director John Ruhs said BLM staffing numbers are expected to go down this year because communication between both sides are now much improved.

Read the full story  at the Washington Post.

Chocotacos were too much, cops were too much, and now BMOrg are asking the Federales to explain exactly what the money was spent on. Or, to be specific, just what all those cops were doing. Maybe now they will release the arrest information like they used to in the Transparency 1.0 era.

Recent revelations in the Reno Gazette Journal have featured both Commissioner Vaughn Hartung and  Sheriff Chuck Allen taking their families on joyrides important police RAVEN missions to extravagant 18 course meals on the Playa. Sponsored by Krug, perhaps. Most definitely sponsored by First Camp, and their wealthy patrons at the Burning Man Project.

There’s no spectators, unless you’re the cops or the media, then come on in! Look at the freaks! Have some air-lifted lobster.

raven washoe 5155

Now they can cut costs and fly in on the Burner airline. 3% of the revenue from that presumably goes to the BLM too, so in the future we might get lucky enough to see how well that little sideline monopoly is doing, through the magic of FOIA.

The BLM did accede to Burning Man’s demands to increase the population size from 50,000 including everyone to 70,000 paying plus 10-15,000 volunteers or workers.This has seen revenues go from $13.5 million in 2010 to at least $37 million this year. BLM fees have increased from $1.9 million in 2012, to $2.8 million. This is about what Burning Man’s entire payroll was in 2010. To me, it doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.

This Federal take is about the same as the estimated State windfall from the 9% Live Entertainment Tax. This was imposed on all outdoor festivals. BMOrg passed it straight onto Burners. The money sits in their bank account for half a year or more earning interest, before they have to hand it over to the Government. Not to mention all kinds of weirdness with the “9% of $3 of the $7 handling fee” or whatever all that was.

Do the hundreds of BLM workers involved with Burning Man take their frustration about this complaint out on any BMOrg personnel, who are dealing through lawyers and media spokespeople? Or do they take it out on DPW and Burners, trying to make their budgets instead of getting their hours cut…with sniffer dogs and citations?

Maybe they should just let the government take their share, the same way we do when we accept the ever-increasing  ticket prices. It’s the Government’s land, in the same way that it’s Decommodification LLC’s brand. You wanna use it, you pay rent.

“Transparent” Burning Man should provide their own figures, since they are demanding the Government do the same. We want to know where the money goes too. It’s us that are funding the whole thing, on both sides. At least, it was until Flysalen…now we have very little idea where the money’s actually coming from.

Why things are so tight, when ticket prices and demand are so high, and they no longer have to pay any tax?

If only the money and energy that they put into lawyers and accountants went into waste management, reduced carbon footprint, and reforestation.



Image: Rescendent CC BY_SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Debunking Douglas Dietrich


So far my Shadow History series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5a, Part 5b, Part 6, Part 7) has led to an unprecedented level of ad hominem attacks. When they can’t address the facts, they attack the messenger. This time they have come from unexpected sources, and quite possibly co-ordinated together on the Satanic Magick Day of Friday May the 13th.

In my research I quoted some claims made by Douglas Duane Dietrich, who calls himself “Renegade Historian” and “Weapon of Mass Instruction”.

I use Shadow History because it’s in the shadows of history that you can glean enough nuggets of truth to piece together the true picture of what’s going on. Just like the Shadow Economy includes offshore wealth and the Shadow Government includes unelected propagandists, Shadow History includes obscure (even, “occulted”) facts and verifiable documentation.

I am not claiming to have invented the term.

Screenshot 2016-07-09 06.39.07

In my case, I am only dealing with non-fiction. Real history, not propaganda; proven, verifiable facts; information from primary documents and multiple credible sources. Sometimes I add my own speculation and interpretation, connecting dots and questioning coincidences, but there is no fictional component to my work.

I first came across the term Shadow History in the book “Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet” by Finn Brunton, released in 2015.

spam book

Trying to “own” shadow history?

Mr Dietrich’s non-specific claims that I misappropriated his work are baseless – if indeed he is sharing history. If he’s creating unique tales from his own imagination, then perhaps his case is stronger – or would be, if I were passing off fictional stories he had written as my own.

I try to use as many sources as I can, and although I have referenced his work a couple of times, there is nothing unique to the historical component of his research. It is all from the books of others, he has no writings of his own.

In the case of the Presidio military base’s links to Burning Man, Mr Dietrich has never explored this. The connections between the First Earth Battalion handbook, the rollout of the Internet, and the launch of Burning Man, MAPS, and the Cacophony Society in 1986, are original insight.

In the case of the link between the Presidio, the Army’s 7th Psychological Operations Group, and Moffett Field and the Internet, credit for discovering that should properly go to Thunkerdrone on the LetsRollForum. He posted “time for some dot connecting” on Sep 6 2014, and I was in touch with him and sharing my own previously published research by Sep 8 2014. Jan Irvin and I also reached out privately to him earlier this year and invited him on the show.

Mr Dietrich’s bizarre rants against me make the Unabomber manifesto look like Shakespeare (Breakspear?)

Having never met me, all he can do is Google my name to find stuff to criticize me with. I encourage Mr Dietrich to get some legal advice, stop with the slander and hate speech, and not try to falsely claim ownership of others’ intellectual property.

It’s possible that this self-proclaimed former Marine, mercenary, rave cop, escort security guard, and Department of Defense contractor is operating independently. However he recently ganged up with Brandon Young and Amanda Eut. All three claim to have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, and near-death assassination attempts. One of them brags of a connection to Opus Dei, the secret society from the Da Vinci Code.

He has accused me publicly of all kinds of things, and more recently expanded his attacks to include my wife and a friend. I have turned the other cheek for two months but their slander continued. The outrageous personal attacks and hate speech from this group are best dealt with in Court.

However, Mr Dietrich made another claim which is even more insidious: that I “co-opted everything he has ever done and claimed it as my own”. This post is my public statement to refute these claims.

You might think he is accusing me of “plagiarism” – copying his work, claiming it’s mine, and not providing any attribution to the source of my research. This is simply untrue, I reference thousands of other sources including Mr Dietrich.

In fact, what he is accusing me of is much worse. He appears to be a disinformation agent, since so much of the information he promotes is untrue. By saying I am “stealing his work”, he tars me with his own brush. Since his work is so easily discredited, it must follow that if I have copied it, then my work should be discredited like his.

He has made this claim repeatedly, so I am forced to address it specifically. I absolutely do not support his research and nor am I making any of the claims that he is.

I am sharing a perspective of history based on facts that I’ve uncovered. Am I right? Wrong? We’ll find out along the way. Hopefully you will journey with me to the conclusion. Do your own research, make up your own mind.

This story will not be shut down by some Satanic coven of dark propagandist cyber-trolls.

anger trolll


Douglas Dietrich is a Disinformation Agent?

Great-Hedge-frontHe can’t write very clearly in English, but he sure can talk. He has his own language of pronunciation and writing, which is sometimes hard to follow. He shares interesting stories. Some of the more remarkable ones checked out, like the Great Hedge of India.

Dig deeper into his body of work and a different picture emerges, one that fits the model described by Jan Irvin in Spies in Academic Clothing. A large amount of truth is used to hypnotize the audience into a sense of trust and security; and then the intended messages can be slipped in.

Mr Dietrich’s main message seems to be “I’ve worked for the government and they’re incompetent. Therefore there can’t be any vast conspiracy like Alex Jones says”.

See what he did there? “Government = incompetent, therefore Alex Jones = conspiracy”. Guilt by association and non sequitur. This basic, dumbed down programming works on less of the sheeple than it used to.  We can fact check from our phones.

Think for yourself, question authority.

Authority based on lies is false authority. We deserve a civilization based on truth.


Who Is This Guy?

Mr Dietrich’s place in the alternative media milieu is based on his claim first made on Coast to Coast (2008) that he worked for 10 years as a Department of Defense librarian at the Presidio, in charge of document destruction. Because of that, he is an expert on the Roswell crash, aliens, UFOs, World War 2…actually I’ll let him explain:

Mr. Dietrich was a Department of Defense Research Librarian for almost a decade, responsible for incinerating Highly Classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Viêt-Nam, and the different ethnic Holocausts; as well as documents exposing the reality behind vampires, zombies, Soviet psychic warfare, and other occult phenomena. Volumes of notes on Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, the Vatican and United Nations were destroyed, along with reams of reports detailing everything from Military/Intelligence-sponsored drug-smuggling operations to experimental mind-control programs. Records plundered from both Allied and Enemy States articulated the hidden objectives of modern mass-movements such as Nat-Ƶism, Ƶionism, Iƶlamicism (Wähhä’bīst/Islamist Fundamentalism[s]), Vouhodouxnism (“Voodooism”), and other ideologies. His Post was San Francisco’s Presidio, which was seething with Satanism, child abuse, and controversial medical experimentation. An Assassination Plot on Presidential Candidate William Clinton was even attempted. Since Base-Closure, his background in Military Reference and his experiences in Mercenary/Security Enforcement exposed him to startling insights into geopolitics, the current demographic apocalypse, and the Medical-Industrial Complex thanatizing our future. Weapons of Mass-Deception unleashed generations ago by increasingly self-deluded American Élites have since warped the U.S. Electorate’s very perception of reality — NOW is the time for TOTAL Disclosure.


His 44 page detailed “Bio Bomb” and “Total Disclosure” on his web site add details like this (emphasis ours) :

How Douglas Dietrich Stopped Gulf War I on His Summer Vacation

In 1981 I transferred out of the Electronics Department of San Francisco’s John H. O’Connell Vocational Institute of Technology (colloquially referred to as: “San Quentin Prep”) and majored instead in Commercial Illustration via that particular Trade School’s Advertising Arts Department. I was able to enter the field of Graphic(s), even as a student, by producing pornographic comic-book illustrations: San Francisco being internationally celebrated at that time as one of the capitals of Adult Entertainment on the world scene; as well as the acknowledged countercultural epicenter of a thriving “underground” publishing industry catering to the ubiquitous local (and national) market(s) of sex, drugs, music, and the occult.

By 1982 I entered employment on-site El Presidio Real de San Francisco’s Western Defense Command Center as a Librarian’s Aid through the D.O.D. (Department Of Defense) via my status as a Military Dependent – even while continuing my education at John O’Connell. San Francisco hosts more Foreign Consulates than any other city in the United States other than New York City (Washington, D.C. hosting actual Embassies) because the United Nations was founded inside San Francisco’s Presidio Military Base on the 1st of January in 1942. In 1988 the Editor of The Star Presidian, the Presidio Post’s newspaper, approached me to let me know that the ‘Iraqi Consulate was seeking to expose Iranian atrocities in the ongoing, and seemingly endless, First Gulf War (Islamic Fundamentalist Iran vs. U.S.-Allied Secular Æl ‘Iraq: 1980—1988); which was entering its eighth year at the time. The Editor knew of my pornographic illustration sideline and felt that my talent would be appropriate to such an endeavor.


From his LinkedIn profile:

  • Born Oct 1966
  • High school 1980 – 83 John H O’Connell Vocational Institute of Technology, GED equivalent, Commercial Arts and illustration
  • US Department of Defense Librarian’s Aid at Presidio SF 1982-1989
    • Google Docs bio says 1983; elsewhere he says 1984
  • SF Academy of Art college 1983-84
  • City College of SF Degree in Criminology & Psychology 1984-86
  • Associates in Science degree
  • SF State University Bachelors in Political Science 1987-88
  • Sonoma State University – Baccalaureate credit, investigative journalism
  • Apr 14, 1988 – Aug 88 “Iraqi propagandist” for Ba’ath party.
  • USF – ROTC accreditation
  • Oct 21 1989-late 91 US Marine Corps Corporal Dragon Anti-tank Assaultman Task Force Taro
  • Professional acting school/finishing school John Robert Powers school 1991-92
  • DoD Research Librarian/Military Reference Technician Sep 1991-Sep 92
  • SF Police Academy 1992-93
  • “Personal Bodyguard Bottom” for Porno Actresses 1992-94 Executive Security & Investigations Inc
  • Contract policeman at raves – 1993-94. Organization hired underage cops
  • CIA 95-96 Corporate Investor’s Associates
  • InterCon Security Systems 1996-97 –ACORN West Oakland
  • Freelance Mercenary 1997-99 Transnational Allocation
  • Tenderloin Action Group 1999-2000
  • Caring for his elderly parents 2000-2007
  • Public speaking since July 2011. LAFing Communications.

Like that other rail-thin spook who tried to publicly smear me, Danger Ranger, there are a lot of missing years in this resumé. In this case, his last visible paid job was as a mercenary in Africa in 1999 – although he’s still bound by confidentiality agreements (and potential war crimes charges) on discussing the details of that.

He admits to being a cop, working for the Department of Defense and an Army PSYOP specialist, disseminating propaganda, working for the CIA, being a mercenary, and getting professional training as an actor.

Assuming all of the above is true, at some point his career evolved from all this to “Renegade Historian”. And yet, he does not publish any history. He just abuses people like me on his show and repeats his stories about documents destroyed 30 years ago.


Original Appearance of Douglas Dietrich

His first appearance on the online stage was Coast to Coast with George Noory in 2008. In his opening comments he links himself to disinfo agent Dannion Brinkley, a truck driver who falsely claimed to have been a CIA sniper during the Vietnam war.

The ISGP article Cult Of National Security Trolls exposes Coast to Coast. His credentials seem to have been accepted there without question.

Next, he surfaced at the Bay Area UFO conference 2009. In the “Tell Your Story” open mic session, he introduced his unique theory that the Roswell crash was actually bald Japanese prisoners in an experimental balloon. His presentation was discussed at the AboveTopSecret forum. Almost immediately, he was forced to explain his historical revisionism.

The next major appearance was Coast to Coast again, John B Wells in 2011. He says that he was contacted by an Air Force General before going on the show and warned that he cannot disclose anything that might compromise troops in the field. So this suggests as recently as 2011 he was following orders from the military.

[Update 9/1/16]

Shortly after I published this post, the YouTube I linked to of the John B Wells show with Dietrich was taken down. Not removed for copyright claims or anything like that; all traces of it gone. There were at least a dozen other web sites on the Internet linking to this video, so there had never been a problem in the previous 5 years. I managed to find a copy of the show.

From the November 13, 2011 Coast to Coast AM with John B Wells. Dietrich was a guest for four hours. In his introduction, he says he received an email from a retired Air Force General reminding him of his obligations under the Secrecy Act before going on air.


What is his Problem With Burners.Me?

We mentioned him a couple of times in Shadow History of Burners Part 2 – PSYOP and the Presidio. He worked at the Presidio for ten years, including the time when Burning Man began (at Baker Beach, not Crissy Field as he claims), but he never connected the world’s largest public Satanic ritual with his own “specialty”. I did reference some of his research:

He then lied to YouTube, claiming that he owned the copyright to our show:


He said this about me :

My Singular Possession In This World Is my Good Name, The Message Said Name Conveys, and The Legacy Which Will Be Forever Carried By Such Whene’‘er It Crosses The Lips of Others Once I myself Am Gone.

Same Name (DOUGLAS DIETRICH) was Recently (and, by way of Subject Matter[s], quite inescapably) Uttered (albeit In Vain) within context of an Interview of MULTIMILLIONAIRE STEVEN OUTTRIM as Conducted by a Vindictive Fear Pornographer (a Former GLP [GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS, see <https://theinternetiscensored.wordpress.com/…/the-truth-ab…/>; GLP is part of the TENA Prógroamme from Tavistock Behavorial Research Institute run out of Eglin Air Force Base By The United States Central Intelligence Agency, a total PSYchological OPeration: See <http://tavistockisfaggish.blogspot.com/…/why-are-there-so-m…>] Castoff who has “Interviewed” myself a few times before [see “DOUG DIETRICH’s 042413 GLP TREATY OF SAN FRANCISCO AMBUSH” on The Maggot-Channel @ <https://youtu.be/W8p9c-Cdsao>]) via his “own” Bitcoin-Boosted (see my Column “BITCOIN PROVES THE LIBERTARIAN IDEAL OF PARADISE IS HELL-ON-EARTH” @ <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php…>) YouTube Platform.

The US DOD (United States Department Of [the] Defense) can No Longer Deny my Exposition(s), so they have Contracted an “Outrim-Jobber” to Co-Öpt them In Toto – Claiming his “Status” as a Failing Multimillionaire (quite literally fattened on Defense Contracts Redepositing YOUR Tax-Dollars) Grants him Credibility, when it (f)actually betrays him as a Corporate Welfare Ward of The ‘State(s).

The Outtrimmer has Exploited his Overt Connections to The Military-Information Complex to but blatantly regurgitate my Expositions verbatim (e[lectronically]-[a]ccompanied by Images Leaked via myself Ô’‘ēr The Decades, no less [Referenced Materials themselves Originally Presented In my own Lectures, The Unpublished Records of which were turned over to Contractor Outtrim from my Former Affiliate-Under-Circumstances LORIEN-ANNE FENTON On Order of DOCTOR MICHÆL ANGELO “MIKEY” AQUINO, Philosophiæ Doctorate in Political Science, COLONEL, United States Army Special Forces Psychological Operations, “RETIRED”: birthed 1946—aged 69 yrs; Reportedly United States National Security Agency Supergrade – Federal Bureaucratic Equivalent of The Military Rank of General]) – Revealed to yourselves at Incomparable Sacrifice(s) to myself (most Tragically of All my Loved Ones) – even whilst Outtrim Revisions Realities of The Second World War (The United Nations Against Dæirs Dritten Reiches [“The Third Empire-State”] – Judea Declares War On Germany: 03 / 24, 1933 [sic, see <http://guardian.150m.com/jews/jews-declare-war.htm>]—[sic]; and 大 きい東アジア太平洋戦争 [“Ōoki-i Higashi-ajia Taiheiyōusensōu,” or The “Greater East-Asian Pacific War”]: 大日本帝國 [“Daï Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire of Greater Japan”] versus The Anglo-American Allied United Nations; Hostilities Commencing with USS [United States Ship] Panay & HMS [His Majesty’s Ship] Ladybird Co-Incidents: 12 / 12, 1937―Cessation of Hostilities: 08 / 28, 1952 – Nīpphônjīn & Anglo-American Allied Peace Treaty of San Francisco Effective as Recognized by The United Nations – of which both The UK-GB / NI [United Kingdom of Greater Britain & Northern Ireland] and The USA [United States of America] are Founding Member-States; Concluding a Conflict Ô’‘ēr Fourteen Years and Fēowertyne Niht [“ˈFôrtnight” or “Fourteen Nights”] In Duration [大日本 / “Daï Nīpp-hôn,” or “Greater Japan” is still Legally In State-of-War Under Conditions of Ceasefire with The Постсоветский / “PostsƵoŵjetskij,” or “Postsoviet” РСНГ / “RSHG,” or “RCIS”: Российский Содружество Hезависимых Государств / “Rossijskij Sodružestvo Heƶavisimyh Gosudarstv,” or The “Russian Commonwealth of Independent States” regarding NEA: Northeast Asian Territories]) per The US DOD DISFO (DISinFOrmation) Agenda.

[Source: Facebook]

It goes on, in a similar barely legible style. I’ve never met this guy. What he’s claiming is that I work for the US Department of Defense and Michael Aquino, who retired fully from the military in 2006. Neither of these claims are true. I haven’t worked for anyone since I was 22. Why would I start now? However, both of these claims are core parts of Mr Dietrich’s own raison d’etre. He worked for DoD! He worked for Aquino!

In Mr Dietrich’s view, World War 2 went from 1937-1952 (but never really ended) and the US lost. He said that “Steve Outtrim is the one trying to convince the American people that they won the war”. OK…

His claim that the GodLike Productions forum is a front for the Tavistock Institute, is true AFAIK. We’ve been highlighting this organization’s role in psychological operations. It’s bizarre to bring this up, perhaps he confused “Gnostic Media” and “Godlike Productions”.

On his Facebook page he accused me of tax evasion, and said if I were a “sincere social activist” I should have paid him money:

Screenshot 2016-07-09 15.00.23screenshot-2016-09-27-08-06-21


Screenshot 2016-05-14 18.27.43

As I predicted, my comment didn’t even last a minute before he blocked my account. Rather than acknowledging that I had reached out to him like he’d requested, instead in his subsequent shows – 2 hour radio broadcasts, twice a week for the last 2 months, all of which have comments disabled on YouTube and none of which allow listener calls – he presents this email as “evidence” that I stole secret documents from him via his former producer. What documents, how I supposedly stole them via Gmail, or where I used them, are of course unspecified. I doubt he has even bothered to read Manufacturing the Deadhead or Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon in the ensuing 2 years.

Clearly, this person is not interested in the truth.  These trolls block you so you can’t see what they’re saying, then slander you outrageously. It shows their character.

Here’s what he said about reptilians of Mu:



What’s MYTH? What’s REALITY? What’s FRAUD?

In his show on Tuesday May 17th, he read my Facebook comment out on air. In response to my point that Douglas Dietrich is the first whistle-blower in history to destroy all the documents instead of releasing them to the media, he posted a link in his chatroom to an ABC Barbara Walters 20/20 story about FDR’s fore-knowledge of Pearl Harbor, based on a missing document JB/355.

He also posted a link to GAP , the Rockefeller-backed Government Accountability Project which has helped more than 6000 whistleblowers since 1977. His claim is that he released his documents as a whistleblower anonymously through GAP, and that the release that first brought him to world attention was this Barbara Walters story.


We’ll examine 21 of his claims .


SF Bay Area sports journalist Robert Stinnett quit his day job and dedicated 17 years of his life to researching this story. He received 200,000 documents via FOIA requests. This was published in a book Day of Deceit (2001).

In 1987 Duane Schultz published a book on the topic The Maverick War: Chennault and the Flying Tigers. This mentions the JB/355 document.

Although he did not mention the specific document JB/355, Mark Weber gave a presentation about FDR’s complicity in World War II in 1982, which was published in The Journal of Historical Review in 1983. He wrote about it again in the same publication in Winter 91-92; in this article he referenced JB/355 from Schultz’s book.

The story was also the subject of a Soldier of Fortune magazine cover story in January 1989: Tigers of a Different Stripe: FDR’s Secret plan to Torch Japan by Don McLean (pp 66-93).

The Soldier of Fortune story was discussed in an article originally published in Liberty Bell, The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor by Professor Revilo P Oliver (July 1989). Although Oliver/Revilo seems like a palindromic pseudonym, according to Wikipedia it’s a real dude.soldier of fortune jan 1989 fdr flying tigers



In any case, Mr Dietrich doesn’t reference any of these earlier stories in providing what he says is his “proof” of when he first came to public prominence as a whistleblower.

Indeed, he claims to have actually destroyed the JB/355 document as part of his employment at the Presidio:

The document still exists

In 20/20 story they specifically mention how the document was de-classified in the 70’s. It was located in the National Archive in Washington DC.

jb 355 jhr-11-4-1l

The Timing Doesn’t Work

Mr Dietrich’s bio claims he was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1991, and returned to his old job at the Presidio in September 91 (LinkedIn), or Late 91 (dddietrich.com). [Update: he never made it through basic training. See end]

The 20/20 story aired on November 22, 1991.

So by his account, the first thing practically he did after returning from a war and being kicked out of the military was to go back to working for the Department of Defense on a military base. He found this document in Washington and immediately got it into the hands of the 20/20 producers. Then he retired from whistle-blowing for 20 years, before returning with stories about the other documents he’d destroyed – none of which he’d wanted to share with Barbara Walters at the time he shared the JB/355 material.

In his 2008 interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, at 8:19 he brings up JB/355, but neglects to mention that he discovered the document (while destroying it) and supplied it to the 20/20 program. An accompanying article referenced Stinnett’s book. He said he was “in the process of writing a book, which is still being written”




The GAP exists to defend whistleblowers who go public.

The mission of the Government Accountability Project (GAP) is to protect the public interest and promote government and corporate accountability by advancing occupational free speech, defending whistleblowers and empowering citizen activists. GAP offers legal defense and advocacy for whistleblowers. Since its founding in 1977, GAP has helped more than 5,000 whistleblowers


There is not much legal defense and advocacy they will be able to give to anonymous whistleblowers without documents. Mainstream media is unlikely to touch it. WikiLeaks, Snowden, Chelsea Manning etc. are all about documents.

The Government Accountability Project vet each application personally and if they agree to work with a whistleblower they help facilitate legal support.

Question 1 on the intake form for the Government Accountability Project is “name”. It says you will be interviewed, but does not say anything about anonymity. The whole point of the project is to protect whistleblowers who are leaking information to the public and the media. There is no mention in their history of anonymity, and their timeline of whistleblowers only mentions a one-off case relating to the World Bank in 2007.

There is no information from the Government Accountability Project that suggests they would work with someone in this manner, or that they have ever released anything related to JB/355 or any of the rest of the broad spectrum of topics that Mr Dietrich claims to have blown the whistle on in his decade of destroying documents and the 25 years since.




The FBI recently declassified more than 200 pages on Hitler

The FBI recently declassified its file on Hitler

Some claim the “Thousand Year Reich” plan of the Nazis is still running. The FBI have now declassified that Hitler lived on for years in South America. Others argue that the US had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen, as was discussed in Claim #1. Mr Dietrich’s not making those arguments. He claims WW2 started long before Pearl Harbor or Hitler’s invasion of Poland, and Japan won the 17-year war with indestructible bio-warfare balloons. America surrendered to Japan after we wiped out their Navy, dropped two nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and firebombed Tokyo.

His theory is not supported by other historians. To be clear, I believe the US, British and Russia were the winners in World War 2, and Japan and Germany lost.




The US has 38 active facilities and 215 former facilities in Germany. It is the headquarters of the US military in Europe (NOT SHAPE in Brussels which is NATO HQ). Over 53,000 troops are stationed in Germany (2011) including 14,510 Air Force. Approximately 200 aircraft are stationed there. Drones operate combat missions worldwide from Rammstein airbase.

Almost all of the US troops in Europe are located in Germany. [Source: army.mil]

us army europe OrgChart_20150504



The US has 83 current facilities in Japan, and 49 shared facilities with Japanese forces. It is the base of the Navy’s 7th Fleet.

The Seventh Fleet …is headquartered…in Yokosuka, Japan, with some units based in Japan and South Korea. …At present, it is the largest of the forward-deployed U.S. fleets, with 60 to 70 ships, 300 aircraft and 40,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel.[1]

Another 130 USAF fighters are stationed there, and the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force.

AS of 2013 the US had more than 50,000 troops in Japan, 5,500 civilians working for the Department of Defense, and 40,000 military dependents.



Japan is still paying for the occupation:

The Japanese government paid ¥217 billion (US$ 2.0 billion) in 2007[4] as annual host-nation support called Omoiyari Yosan (思いやり予算?, sympathy budget or compassion budget).[5]

But they have fought against paying full reparations like Germany.

 As best can be determined, Japan’s compensation payments both to war victims and their heirs have totaled a mere $1 billion. This contrasts remarkably with Germany’s record. Already by the early-1990s Germany’s payments to victims and their heirs had exceeded $70 billion... most of Japan’s victims, including millions in China, have not received a penny


The US paid $20k to each interned Japanese. 82,219 – just above $1.6 billion. This was paid in 1988.

From Wikipedia:

According to Article 14 of the Treaty of Peace with Japan (1951): “Japan should pay reparations to the Allied Powers for the damage and suffering caused by it during the war. Japan will promptly enter into negotiations with Allied Powers”. War reparations made pursuant to the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan (1951) include: reparations amounting to US$550 million (198 billion yen 1956) were made to the United States, and US$39 million (14.04 billion yen 1959) to Viet Nam; payment to the International Committee of the Red Cross to compensate prisoners of war (POW) of 4.5 million pounds sterling (4.54109 billion yen) was made; and Japan relinquished all overseas assets approximately US$23.681 billion (379.499 billion yen).

Payments of reparations started in 1955, lasted for 23 years and ended in 1977.

In accordance with Article 14 of the Treaty, Allied forces confiscated all assets owned by the Japanese government, firms, organization and private citizens, in all colonized or occupied countries except China,

The US took over about $10 billion of non-Chinese assets.

Japanese overseas assets in 1945 (¥15=1US$)
Country/region Value (Yen) Value (US Dollars)
Korea 70,256,000,000 4,683,700,000
Taiwan 42,542,000,000 2,846,100,000
North East China 146,532,000,000 9,768,800,000
North China 55,437,000,000 3,695,800,000
Central South China 36,718,000,000 2,447,900,000
Others 28,014,000,000 1,867,600,000
Total ¥379,499,000,000 $25,300,000,000


Nearly a hundred thousand personnel have been in Germany and Japan for 70 years – clearly occupied territory. There are no Japanese or German forces stationed in the US, although Germany did lend us a submarine for 5 months in 2013.

For credible and interesting WW 2 Shadow History check out Edwin Black’s work on IBM or Anthony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, or The Greatest Story Never Told .




The Pentagon was built from steel-reinforced concrete. It has lead contamination problems.

Because it was war time, steps were made to reduce the amount of steel, saving 43,000 tons – enough for 1 battleship.

It contains 13 elevators, 19 escalators, and more than 100,000 miles of telephone cables connected to the world’s largest private switchboard, a 5-mile network of mailing tubes, 4,200 clocks, 91 water fountains, 284 rest rooms, over an acre of heating and refrigeration plant, and another acre of sewage structures. All these things contain metal.

“The service roadway within the building provides access for delivery trucks or fire protective equipment. Loading platforms along this road are convenient to kitchens, freight elevators, post office and storage rooms…One interesting section contains the special suites of Secretary of War Stimson and the General Staff. Here are fine offices, dining rooms, kitchen, sleeping quarters and the only passenger elevator in the building”

[Source: Popular Mechanics, March 1943; The Pentagon – The First 50 Years (pg 60)]

There is a very famous story about LBJ getting stuck in one of the elevators at the Pentagon.





Abuse was reported in the following locations:

Room 2 and 3,  Building 572

Rooms 13 and 14, Building 563

The Day Care center was actually in building 387, next to the Post Library built in 1960 (building 386). [Source]

[Update: Dietrich claims he was talking about West Point, not the Presidio; see below]



There were several libraries at the Presidio.

The Presidio Branch Library, off base and open to the pubic, created in 1898.

The Post Library (building 386), built in 1960. This is an arts center today.

New Building 1

The Post library building lacks a chimney. It is also surrounded by dense forest. Not a very suitable place for feeding child-coffin sized boxes into big incinerators. The giant windows in the front don’t make it that great for secret coven rituals, either.

The Sixth Army library was located in a warehouse near the Palace of Fine Arts (Building 1188). This was completely looted when the Presidio was closed down; only empty museum display cases were found. He may have been cleared to work here; if so, he should probably be questioned about those empty cases.

The Medical Research library at the Letterman Medical Center. Dietrich claims to have been the liaison to this for Col Aquino, but not to have worked for them. And then the center was destroyed and all the records it ever had were too.

The Classified library next to the Worldwide Military Command and Control System computer (WWMCCS). The classified library was created in a remodeling in 1985, when the Command & Control Center was put in. This is the early foundation of the Internet, that we talked about in Shadow History part 2. [Source]

He would not have been able to work in the Classified library with no security clearance, just a military dependent ID card, since it was most likely what they call a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF).

His bio says his mission to Nicaragua with the Sandinistas in 1984 (he was 17) compromised his chances of getting a clearance. In 1986 he was infiltrating Project Censored at Sonoma State University, to learn about the HAARP technology in order to get a higher level security clearance. This attempt failed, so he went to Iraq as a propagandist for Saddam Hussein in 1988.

Like everything else, the military has official procedures for document destruction. Unlike the State Department, people in the military don’t get to improvise on such things. The most classified information is not allowed to leave a SCIF and must be destroyed there. They have equipment for that purpose, such as the “burn bag”.

The Presidio had a 10-ton garbage incinerator, built in 1936. This was in Building 669 or 670 on Incinerator Rd.

Why would they install large incinerators in this small library without a chimney, when there is a gigantic trash incinerator already operating on the base?

[Update 9/27/16]

Thanks to Presidio Trust Director of Hospitality Karen Maggio and one of our fans, Jan Irvin and I were given a personal tour of the Presidio today. We went inside the former Post Library building, and can confirm that there are no chimneys, incinerator, or basement. There is nothing there to indicate the facility was suitable in any way for document destruction or Satanic covens doing rituals around ancient grimoires kept in special refrigerators. The incinerator was located at an entirely different part of the base, next to the haunted mental hospital; you would need to drive to get between the two buildings. Mr Dietrich has said on air many times that he doesn’t drive.

2016-09-27-13-15-28 2016-09-27-13-12-32-hdr 2016-09-27-13-11-34 2016-09-27-13-13-382016-09-27-13-12-52


None of these positions exist within the Department of Defense, according to USAJOBS.gov

There is:

  • Librarian
  • Library Technician
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Educational Aide

He says he worked for a Library Operations Manager, who forced him to destroy documents. This position does not exist in the military, but is common in civilian libraries.


Children of military can apply for a Military Dependent ID card. Mr Dietrich’s father was discharged before he was conceived. He was born in Taiwan. His father’s family was from Rochester, NY; his father was an alcoholic and lived in the Tenderloin. [Source]

Mr Dietrich claimed that his father did not have access to military medical treatment, as the VA denied that his wounds were related to service in combat. The VA provides care to all military personnel, not just combat veterans.

You can’t just show up at a military base saying “my Dad was ex-Navy when I was born in Taiwan, let me in”.  The application form for dependents has to be sponsored by an active service member.

If he did have this card, it would give him access to the Commissary Exchange and certain MWR – Morale, Welfare and Recreational privileges (including libraries). This service member lost his privileges after an Honorable Discharge, so Mr Dietrich would definitely have lost them after his Dishonorable Discharge. How did he get on the base after 1991, without a Military Identification Card?



From his LinkedIn:

D.D. Dietrich was Assigned Liaison to Col. Aquino as he exploited O.C.L.C. (On-Line Cataloging & Library Cooperation) Program to establish an M.I. equivalent to the C.I.A.’s “Remote Viewing” (a Program for Army Sorcerers as opposed to Agency Psychics). Col. Aquino cited National Security Issues to Authorize D. Dietrich’s temporary appropriation of tomes & grimoires out of storage in universities & museums across many nations (Aquino held International Security Clearance[s] On-Account of his Service[s] w/World Affairs Council & his status On Secondment to N.A.T.O. [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]).

The OCLC system was only available within Ohio until 1978, and then was slowly expanded. There was no overseas participation until 2002. [Source]


“I began working with Aquino after 1984 when I was supposed to be the class thereof, actually I began working with him around 1982, 1983, and then really around 1984. I went from being a library assistant to a military reference technician to a full blown Department of Defense librarian with the full credit of a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of San Diego which is the only university offering the equivalent course

I was making these rapid jumps due to my incredibly enhanced memory after the nano-blood transfusions”

With such a good memory, you’d think he’d remember how to pronounce his boss’s name.

Dr A-quee-no claims he has never met him:

I first heard of Dietrich yesterday and have found a few of his Aquino rants on YouTube. Simply put, he’s a liar: I never had any contact with this crank in or outside the Army. 1987 Presidio “SRA”-scam facts: go to xeper dot org/maquino and download the .pdf. As for “mind control”, go to Amazon and see my 2013 book _MindWar_. Red Ice needs to do a bit more story-checking in the future if it doesn’t want to look ridiculous. In this case even an email check with me would have sufficed.


Dietrich says he last saw Aquino in 1992, when the Presidio was closed down.

Aquino was not stationed at the Presidio after 1988. He was in Washington DC from July 86-July 87, then transferred to St Louis in 1988, before moving to Space Intelligence in Colorado in 1990.

Aquino retired from Active Duty in 1994, and from Military Intelligence in 2006.

Later on I transferred first to Civil Affairs, then to Military Intelligence, from which I retired in 2006. I spent most of my career in PSYOP, which at the time was branch-immaterial. This kept me bouncing around between the Defense and State Departments, as well as DIA and CIA.


Here is Lieutenant Colonel Aquino’s 2006 retirement certificate:

aquino retirement certificate 2006

Although Generals can be appointed to positions in the NSA, it does not have its own Generals. From Michael Aquino himself:

aquino service




my public exposure of the massive On-Site Presidio child-molestation fiasco through the years spanning 1985—1987 [Source: dddietrich.com Total Disclosure]

By the time I succeeded in forcing the multiple authorities involved (the Presidio Provost Marshall’s Office, the CID’s [Criminal Investigations Division’s] team of the Sixth Army stationed at the Presidio and headed by the JAG [Judge Advocate General], as well as the FBI, and the SFPD) in investigating the ongoing assaults against the base’s underage population to act on my evidence against him…it was January 5th, 1987.


Jan 5, 1987 is the date Gary Hambright was arrested. The case actually broke on November 18, 1986, when Mike Tobin spoke to a chaplain

on Tuesday Nov. 18, Joyce Tobin was driving through the Presidio with the boy. When they came to the intersection where she would have turned to go to the day care center, he raised himself up out of his car seat, as if he were attempting to get out, and started to cry…The incident convinced her that she should contact the day care center. On Wednesday, she called the director…Despite the seriousness of the complaint, Curl said she couldn’t see Joyce until Friday, two days later. Within half an hour of the call, Joyce was called at home by one of her son’s pre-school teachers wanting to know what the problem was. The day care center staff had been told immediately about Joyce’s call. Authorities did not search the center until Friday.

Joyce Tobin never got to meet with Diana Curl. The case broke before then. On Thursday, Mike Tobin spoke with a chaplain at the Presidio, who contacted the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division. Officers from the CID made an appointment to interview and videotape the boy about his allegations. After the video taped interview on the morning of Nov. 21, the Tobins’ son was examined…at San Francisco General Hospital…

A strategy meeting on Dec. 10 set the tone for the case. The meeting was attended by all the brass from the Presidio, representatives of the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office and staff from the Child Adolescent Sexual Abuse Referral Center. The CASARC workers told the Army to expect multiple victims…Five days later, on Dec. 15, letters were mailed to 242 parents whose children were in Hambright’s classes. “The Commander of the Presidio of San Francisco, has been apprised of a single incident of alleged child sexual abuse reported to have occurred at the Presidio Child Development Center…….

“We have no reason to believe that other children have been victimized.”


Hambright was released without charges in March 1987, and re-arrested in September 1987 after the Daycare Center burned down on the solstice. Michael Aquino’s involvement in the case began in August, 1987 when a search warrant was served on his house.

When Aquino was aquitted by the SFPD on Aug 1, 1988 , Dietrich claims to have been in Iraq stopping the war with Iran.

The Army sent a letter to at least 56 parents concerning the abuse on April 22, 1989, so the scandal continued for much longer than Dietrich’s claim.

Mr Dietrich claims the families were all posted to various corners of the world so the children could not be tested for AIDS. In fact, the military specifically DID do this.

“We tested every kid that was brought in,” said Presidio spokesman Bob Mahoney. “That was done worldwide because the victims and their families were all dispersed.” [Source]

None of the 500 children tested positive for AIDS, but at least 4 did for chlamidya. Hambright died of AIDS, supporting his suggestion of multiple perpetrators – how did the kids get a different STD? One FBI report said 102 may have been victimized

Constance Cumbey spoke about Jim Channon and the First Earth Battalion and Michael Aquino’s black magick Nazi rituals in her newsletter published June 2, 1986 – less than 3 weeks before the “first” Burning Man.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 14.17.15

The first instance of suspected child molestation at the Presidio was discovered by a parent in November, 1986. So what was Mr Dietrich’s involvement in the child abuse in 1985 and 1986?

The story was reported in the LA Times on August 11, 1987 , the New York Times 16 November 1987, and the San Jose Mercury News Army of the Night July 24, 1988

The “Satanic Panic” that swept the 80’s was a major story being discussed by Oprah Winfrey and Geraldo Rivera in 1988. Satanism was very real then, and it is very real now. Michael Aquino describes pyschological operations and propaganda as part of “Lesser Black Magick”.

It was exposed by Mae Brussell on her show in November 1987.

I can find no evidence that Gary Hambright was an art teacher at the John O’Connell vocational school, that he was arrested off base due to a stash of child porn that he kept there, or that Dietrich was involved in this story in any way. Hambright was arrested based on the children’s testimony, not a stash of porn.


Aquino says he could not have participated in the abuse because he was at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces at the National Defense University in Washington DC from July 1986-July 1987

Aquino states he and Lilith lived in Washington DC from July 86-July 87

His resume lists National Security Management (1986) and Industrial College of the Armed Forces (1987) at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. He received a Regional Studies Research award from NDU in 1987.

Joyce Tobin first noticed something wrong with her 3 year old son on Nov 14, 1986. At this point Michael Aquino had been away from the Presidio for 4 months.

It is not clear why he would have to turn to Mr Dietrich for an alibi, since where he and his wife lived and the college he was studying at would have been simple to verify.

The alibi that Dietrich claims “saved” Aquino is not very tight anyway.

The letter from the Presidio Headquarters to 56 parents alerting them to potential abuse states these dates and locations:

September 1985 – May 1986, Preschool for Children 3 years of age, Room 2  Building 572

September 1985- May 1986 After School Hourly Care for School Aged Children, Ages 5 to 12 years, Rooms 13 and 14, Building 563

June 86- August 86 Hourly Childcare Program for Children, ages 3-5, Room 3 Building 572

September 1986-November 1986, Preschool Hourly Care Program (Morning) Ages 3-5 years, Room 13, Building 563

September 86-November 86 Afternoon Kindergarten Program and afternoon Hourly Care Program, Ages 3-6, Room 14 Building 563

Gary Hambright worked there Jun 85 – Nov 86  [Source]

Leaving aside the possibility of travel to San Francisco during his studies, Aquino’s SF dates overlap with 3 of the 5 periods.

Later investigations of abuse centered on June 10, 1986. Michael Aquino was in SF on leave from June 3 86-July 18 86 – the period when Burning Man began. He provided investigators with a documented alibi showing a painter was doing work at his house on June 10. [Source: Aquino, via napolis.pdf]

Mr Dietrich’s claim that “he proved Aquino was not in SF on any of the alleged dates” is disproved by Aquino himself, in his own alibi that he provided to police, FBI, and Army CID.



He was one of 40 day care workers, employed part time for $7.59 per hour. John Gunnarson ran the Daycare Center. [Source]



I was reinstated to my former Technical Reference Post for another two years after mustering out of the United States Marine Corps. Most immediately this was due to exposure to cyclo-sarin nerve gas blown downwind from Chemical Weapons Storage Bunkers explosively demolished at Kamisaya to destroy evidence of American involvement in Genocidal actions against the Kurdish population of Ba’athist Iraq (by supplying the industrial constituents incorporated into manufacturing the toxic nerve agent[s] deployed under Saddam Hussein’s orders in Iraqi-Occupied Kurdistan). Since
that day my lungs have collapsed seven times, ultimately necessitating radical surgery
that stapled them to my ribcage permanently – with a 20% chance of future “spontaneous

Another factor cutting short the normal five-year Marine Corps “hitch” for me was a major diplomatic incident involving my “Desert Shield” Tour in Saudi Arabia (we spent almost half of 1990 “In-Country” assembling the ad-hoc Marine “Task Force: Taro”). On August 7th of that year, at the Saudi port city of Æl Jubayl (south of our Portof-Deployment), I personally attempted to prevent a Mutawh’wha’in (Saudi Religious Police) Unit from machine-gunning schoolgirls who were escaping from a burning schoolhouse. They were being shot because they were daring to expose themselves in public without veils (289 young women ultimately burned alive in this incident). Only the
impending state-of-war prevented my lifetime incarceration in military prison…Returning to the United States and determined to pursue my Mercenary work domestically once recuperated, I resettled into the Presidio Postal Library System as a Military Reference Technician

It is very difficult to get a Dishonorable Discharge. You must be Court-Martialed. It is usually accompanied with serious time in military prison. By its very definition, you can’t get discharged and then sent into service. And you would not be eligible for any security clearances in the future. It is unlikely that the DoD are so in need of “Research Librarians” or “Reference Technicians” that rather than advertising for such a position, they just grab this convicted murderer.

At one point, Mr Dietrich referred to his Dishonorable Discharge as a “blue sheet”:

“I was friends with a VA bureaucrat for 30 years. In that time he had only seen one other single blue sheet dishonorable discharge, and that was for a Castro defector.”

In fact, the “blue sheet” is something related to gays in the military. It has nothing to do with a dishonorable discharge, which is the worst possible level.

From his LinkedIn profile:

As every Able-Bodied Marine was needed for the impending Operation: Desert Storm, Corporal Dietrich was Stripped Down by a Stripe and Released for Duty, Pending Final Judgement.

This was the largest ever deployment of Marines. They had “shock and awe” air support and armored vehicles with wire-guided missiles. There was no need to free murderers awaiting trial to send into the fight with bazookas.

He joined the Marines on October 20, 1989. He claims to have been Corporal on August 7, 1990. This grade is E-4, “Non-Commissioned Officer”. So he would have gone through 13 weeks of recruit training, and then been promoted 3 times in 6 months. This is impossible:

In the Marine Corps, the junior enlisted ranks from private to lance corporal are based solely on time in grade, meritorious promotion or previous college credit hours. Once a Marine is promoted to lance corporal, though, his subsequent promotions to corporal and sergeant are based upon his performance as a Marine, evaluated by a composite score…Once a Marine has been a lance corporal for eight months and served for 12 months, he is eligible for promotion.

[Source: Marines Magazine, DoDLive]

Even assuming that his college education was sufficient that he immediately joined the Corps as a Lance Corporal, he still could not have been eligible for promotion to Corporal because he had not yet served for 12 months.

The event sounds suspiciously like this 2002 incident :

On March 11, 2002, a fire at a girls’ school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia killed fifteen people, all young girls. The event was especially notable due to complaints that Saudi Arabia’s “religious police” (aka the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) stopped schoolgirls from leaving the burning building and hindered rescue workers because the girls were not wearing correct Islamic dress, and possibly for not being escorted by a male… CPVPV officers did appear to object to Civil Defense workers going into the building—Human Rights Watch quoted a Civil Defense officer as saying,

“Whenever the girls got out through the main gate, these people forced them to return via another. Instead of extending a helping hand for the rescue work, they were using their hands to beat us.”

The CPVPV denied the charges of beating or locking the gates but the incident and the accounts of witnesses were reported in Saudi newspapers such as the Saudi Gazette and Al-Iqtisaddiyya. The result was a very rare public criticism of the group


In Mr Dietrich’s “Al Jubayl Incident”, 297 girls died, plus the 2 religious police (armed with machineguns and whips) that Mr Dietrich murdered with his bare hands in front of his off-duty squad, one of whom hit him in the back of the head with a metal bar causing traumatic brain injury.

The worst school fire in history was the Collinwood School Fire (March 4th 1908). 172 children and 2 teachers were killed. The worst school tragedy was the Beslan massacre, 385 killed and 783 injured. The Lady of Angels fire (December 1 ,1958) left 92 students and 3 nuns dead. This was front page news across the world.

The disaster was the lead headline story in American, Canadian, and European newspapers. Pope John XXIII sent his condolences from the Vatican in Rome. The severity of the fire shocked the nation and surprised educational administrators of both public and private schools. The disaster led to major improvements in standards for school design and fire safety codes. [Source]

On August 7, 1990 global tensions were heightened to the brink of war, and CNN and FOX crews were embedded with the troops for the first time. Yet nobody noticed this horrific death of innocent schoolgirls? 12 years later, when the same thing happens again, this time it makes worldwide news, but no-one recalls the earlier, 20 times worse incident?

Screenshot 2016-07-10 18.39.58

CLAIM # 15: AL JUBAYL INCIDENT OCCURRED ON APRIL 7 1990 ( Fetzer show) or AUGUST 7 1990 (LinkedIn)

These dates do not align with Marine deployment in Desert Shield.

Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait: August 2, 1990

Bush declares Desert Shield: August 7, 1990 [Source History.com]

The first troops (82nd Airborne) shipped out to Saudi on Aug 9, 1990. The first Marines arrived August 11.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 07.32.35


On 2 August, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered two Navy carrier battle groups to the Persian Gulf.  Five days later, the United States Central Command (USCentCom), the unified command responsible for the Persian Gulf, ordered to Saudi Arabia a brigade of the lightly armed U.S. Army 82d Airborne Division, U.S. Air Force fighters from the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing, and two squadrons of maritime pre-positioning ships (MPS) carrying Marine Corps equipment and supplies.

…BSSG-7 began moving by air to the Gulf as part of the 7th MEB’s 148-
man Surveillance, Liaison, and Reconnaissance Party, tasked with preparing the
Port of Al Jubayl for unloading MPS ships. This team reached Saudi Arabia
on 11 August…
On 21 August, the main body reached Saudi Arabia,
increasing the size of BSSG-7 to nearly 3,000 Marines and sailors in-country

If he did indeed serve in DESERT SHIELD in the Marine Corps as a Dragon Anti-Tank Man Lance Corporal, he would have arrived on August 21 at the earliest. However these troops were logisticians from the 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. He says he was part of Task Force Taro, which is the 3rd Marine Infantry Regiment, part of the Third Marine Expeditionary Force. They describe on their blog shipping out to the Gulf via Hawaii, Okinawa, Diego Garcia, before arriving at Al Jubayl on August 26 1990.



Jim Fetzer asked him this in a 2012 interview. He answered “Dragon Anti-Tank Assault Man”. Most military people recite the number.

There are three relevant MOS:

MOS 0351 Infantry Assaultman

MOS 0352 Antitank Missile Man

MOS 0365 Infantry Squad Leader.

There is not “Dragon Antitank Assaultman”.

The USMC used the M72 LAW as their primary infantry anti-tank weapon in Desert Storm. The older, heavier, and less accurate Dragon system was not really used, and ultimately many of the missiles were just thrown out as junk. This story does mention the plight of Task Force Taro’s Dragon gunners carrying heavy gear through minefields, but there is no mention of these weapons actually being used in combat at any point. It is not clear why the 5’7″ Dietrich would be given the task of carrying the heaviest weapons.


There is no connection in their family trees. She was born in Berlin in 1901. Her father was police lieutenant Louis Dietrich, who married in December 1898.

The other Dietrichs were from Rochester, NY. His last ancestor in Germany was Frank Dietrick, born March 1861 in Germany, children in New York 1888-1900, died 1905 in Rochester Ward, Monroe, New York.

According to his bio, he was born in Taiwan, and is 25% ethnic Japanese. His mother was a citizen of the Japanese empire. Her father was full blooded Chinese. His grandfather was so important to the development of Formosa that he was made mayor by imperial decree of a Japanese city. He is also 14% Native American.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.13.20

Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.39.54

[Source: ancestry.com]



This is an extraordinary claim, given the size of the 3-stage Zeus missile and the proximity to the wealthiest residential areas of the city.

There are Nike batteries at the Presidio, but for the much smaller Ajax missile.

Image: U.S. Army - Redstone Arsenal Historical Information

Ajax, Hercules, Zeus. Image: U.S. Army – Redstone Arsenal Historical Information




Ajax, Hercules, Zeus

Zeus: 50 ft long, 3 feet diameter

Weighs 12 tons

Hercules: 41 ft long, 2.5 feet diameter

Weighs 5 tons

Ajax: 21 feet long, 1 foot diameter

Weighs 1 ton

The Zeus is the largest one of these Nike missiles. It is a 3-stage rocket, the sort of thing that gets launched at Vandenberg AFB or Cape Canaveral to go out into space with heavy payloads. It’s not something you put next to the Gettys and Danielle Steele in Pac Heights. The 450,000 lbs of thrust taking it to Mach 4 could cause serious problems on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Zeus was tested a dozen times, but never at San Francisco. The only California test was at Point Mugu. It was never actually deployed, Kennedy canned the system in favor of the much smaller Nike-X (aka A-7 Ajax).

Nike ajax 32.jpg

Nike site SF-88 at Fort Cronkhite is a museum now. The Presidio had two Nike sites, SF-89C at Mt Sutro and SF-89L

nike missile site downloadedimagefile6

One of the Nike Missile Batteries at the Presidio. As you can see, not suitable for 3-foot diameter, 50-foot long 3 stage space rocket launch

sf 89c mt sutro nike site

SF-89C at Mt Sutro

1961 Press Photo Us Nike-zeus Missle At Army Ornance Missle Command

Zeus being lifted into launch position by crane, 1961




I embarked on my own intended career in Library Science as a “Librarian’s Aid”

in 1983…I was originally employed directly after opting for early GED-tested “graduation” from the John H. O’Connell Institute of Vocational Technology … Strangely enough, I was initially granted opportunity for interview regarding this particular employment opportunity by networking through the Secretarial Receptionist of John O’Connell Tech’s Administrative Offices. She herself had found employment at “the J.O’C” after having been sacked from her previous job as “Lap Secretary” to the Mayor’s Office(s) at San Francisco’s City Hall when former San Francisco Supervisor Daniel James “Dean” White … forced his way past her with a loaded firearm on November 27th, 1978, to kill then-San Francisco Mayor George
Richard Moscone… [and] Harvey Milk…The killings proved a Godsend to future Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein…who succeeded to the Mayoralty on December 4th, 1978 and – apparently having no need for the services of a female secretary (at least not one noted for servicing her predecessor) – immediately dismissed the young woman…The O’Connell Receptionist was of Illyrian (ethnic Albanian) extraction but she was not of Albanian national origin, her parents having fled that enigmatic Balkan state
prior to her conception.

The secretary played a famous role in this case because she let Dan White into the secure office, where he shot Harvey Milk and Moscone.

Her name was Cyr Frances Mullins Copertini. Her father Thomas Morgan Mullins was born in Marysville, CA; she and her mother Grace Dorrance were born in SF. Feinstein kept her on. She had an “interest in Irish ancestry, history, and lore” befitting her Irish name.

November 27, 1978 is the day that San Francisco Supervisor Dan White murdered San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. 

Cyr Copertini was Mayor Moscone’s appointment secretary at that time. She testified on the witness stand about how, just prior to the shooting, a “nervous, pale” Dan White appeared at the mayor’s office asking to meet with Moscone. White chatted with her for a few minutes before entering the Mayor’s office. Five minutes later the fatal shots were fired that left Mayor Moscone dead.

For 14 more years, Cyr Copertini continued to be the appointments secretary for other mayors and it was not until 1992 that she was released (along with many others) by the new mayor Mayor Frank Jordan.


There is a “Lee Ann Prifti” who worked for the City of SF in 2006. I can find no link between her, Albania, the 1978 Moscone/Milk shootings, or Mr Dietrich.




“I subsequently attended (and am certified in completion of) many years of lectures in Medical Journalism at UCSF Medical School”.

UCSF Medical School does not teach Medical Journalism. The public cannot attend UCSF Medical School lectures without enrolling. Students must have completed the following training before the first day of orientation:

  • Infection Control
  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Introduction to HIPAA
  • Formaldehyde
  • APeX training for MS1s

[Source: http://meded.ucsf.edu/mse/required-trainings-medical-students]


At age 16, Douglas Dietrich earned Scholarship to attend the College of S.F.A.A. (San Francisco Academy of Art) for two Semesters; consequently taking & Passing the G.E.D. (High School Diploma Equivalency Exam) to do so.
D.D. Dietrich Attained and Maintained Standing on both the Dean’s List and Honor Roll while Averaging 25 Units/Semester at C.C.S.F. (City College of San Francisco), circa 1984—1986 (simultaneous to upholding responsibilities of Primary Employment as a DoD [Department of Defense] Military Reference Technician) – he was consequently Promoted to the Position of DoD Research Librarian.


The Maximum amount of units per semester at CCSF is 17. Their computer system does not allow any more. Permission is granted in exceptional circumstances, for students with at least a B grade average. This means he would have had to complete a regular semester first (17 max), and then increased from 17 to 33 for his second semester, in order for the average to be 25 units/semester. I can see them letting him add an extra course or two on if it was required to complete his degree, but a jump from 17 to 33 is effectively doubling the course load. There are simply not enough hours in the day or classes in the week.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 11.41.07

Source: Facebook

He claims to have studied Criminology and Molecular Biology, but CCSF do not teach any classes in these subjects. Specifically, CCSF do not offer courses “Criminology & Psychology”, “Criminal Justice”, “Criminal Behavior” , or Molecular Biology & Genetics.



“the only college to offer such a degree in the United States”

I can find a “Masters of Library Science” degree available as an online course from two colleges in California alone: San Jose State and USC. I can’t find any evidence that San Diego State University offers a Masters of Library Science (or even an undergraduate course), or that they accept degree accreditation from work done as a Department of Defense Research Librarian.



The Letterman Army Institute of Research did specialize in research into artificial blood, laser surgery, and resuscitation.

The term “nano-technology” was not used in the US until a 1981 paper by Eric Drexler. However Dietrich claims to have received the nano-blood or “nano-plasma” in 1980.

Nano-blood giving photographic memory is not something I’ve encountered anywhere else. The only similar thing I could find online was this comment about what one cybernetic implant people would have if they could:


If anyone has a better link for this technology, please share. If it existed in 1980, surely there must be more discussion about it by 2016 than this one thread of gamers speculating on transhumanism, and this chap being the first human out of 50 live guinea pigs to survive the experiment.

Curiously, there is a Queer Science Fiction neo-noir short film called Nanoblood, which seems to have emerged in August 2013. Actress/Director Lindsey Haun’s father Jimmy is a former guitarist for Yes, Air Supply, and Sheryl Crow, and an award-winning commercial jingle-writer (“Yahoo!,” “Expedia”) [Source]

Here’s Mr Dietrich telling his nano-blood story in his own words.


Is this a cry for help?


I count 0 out of 21 claims as reality. YMMV. I’ve provided evidence supporting what I’m saying, I invite Mr Dietrich to do the same.

They say you can judge a man by the caliber of his enemies. Unfortunately that’s not always true. I am sympathetic to the mental health issues of our Vets, but by his own account this fellow was dishonorably discharged for murder. So he says – like most of these tales, his involvement is not verifiable by anyone but himself, and all the documents have been destroyed.

John Lear, Richard Dolan, and Michael Aquino have all denounced him as a disinfo agent. He seems to have had a bitter falling out with his manager Lorien Fenton; with Red Ice Creations host Henrik Palmgren who sounded skeptical by the interview’s end; and probably with James Fetzer.

This sort of reminds me of the rap game guerilla marketing strategy: “yo Fiddy! Go start some beef on Twitter wit Jah Rule!” Saying that I am a government agent, and then starting a fight with me on his controlled media channels, is an attempt to create “anti-establishment” cred.

Perhaps there is more to this than trolls trying to make a name for themselves. This may be a co-ordinated attack from the Combine. An attempt to associate my name and material with his disinformation. Something like this appeared to be happening in the YouTube comments before Dietrich fraudulently convinced YouTube to take our videos down. Someone was questioning me about a Mark Twain quote that Eddie Murphy tweeted when he was awarded the Mark Twain prize. I checked the guy’s page out and it was all Flat Earth conspiracy stuff. Another person made weird videos and linked it back to ours in the comments, also a Flat Earther. Flat Earth is a psyop people, I’ve been at 59,000 feet on Concorde and you can clearly see a curve to the earth. [See LIB and the Flat Earth Conspiracy]

Organized or not, these trolls have not succeeded in shutting this story down. Please download, repost, and share. There’s more, “coming soon”…

Part 1 powerpoint with notes

Part 2 powerpoint with notes

Part 3 powerpoint with notes

Part 4 powerpoint with notes

Part 5a powerpoint with notes

Part 5b powerpoint with notes

Part 6 powerpoint with notes

Part 7 powerpoint with notes


[Update 7/12/16 12:23 pm]

I was just sent this, the results of a FOIA request into his military records. “Entry Level Separation” in 12 weeks means he didn’t even pass basic training, let alone get promoted to Corporal.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.22.53

[Source: National Archives]

Where I come from, stolen valor is very much frowned upon.

Is Douglas Duane Dietrich a fraud, a charlatan, or a liar? The official record speaks for itself. There is plenty more evidence, I believe I have presented enough here for people to consider and make up their own minds.


[Update 7/31/16]

Last night Mr Dietrich addressed 2 of the 21 Claims being questioned here on his radio show.

Claim 5: the Presidio Daycare Center was Building 666. He claims he was talking about the West Point Daycare Center, and never once got them mixed up. Let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt for this one – so 1 of his 21 claims does check out. We’re still at 96% that don’t. [Although technically, his argument here is he never actually made this claim…which brings us back to 0 for 20, 100%].

Claim 20: he addressed one small aspect of his academic record. He said that he was able to do a double course load at City College of San Francisco because of the enhanced powers he got from his nano-blood transfusion at age 14. He also re-iterated that he was on the Dean’s List. He said his “major in Criminal Psychology” was because he actually had 2 majors, Criminology and Psychology. As I pointed out, CCSF does not offer Criminology as a major or minor subject. The appropriate course would be “Administration of Justice”. He seems to have now dropped the “molecular biology” from his claims, although it is still on his Facebook page (he has at least 4 different versions of his resumé with conflicting information: at his web site, his LinkedIn, his FaceBook, and a 44-page “Bio-Bomb” document on Google Docs).

Here is the 2016 course load from CCSF. Check out the times and days; MTWRF is Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. It is not possible to do all of these psychology courses, because most of them are on at the same time.

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.21.43Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.40.06

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.41.48

The Administration of Justice qualification is the only one that has a Forensics module. However the “Forensic Evidence” class is only offered in their spring program; Mr Dietrich claims he attended 2 summer semesters at CCSF.

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.25.48

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.28.42

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.27.45

As you can see, most of the courses are worth 3 units and are in the mornings. So to make the necessary credits to match his story, he would have to have done 11 modules in his second semester.

Once again, let’s give Mr Dietrich the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that when he attended CCSF for two semesters during the years 1984, 1985, and 1986, the courses had different names and timetables from today.

It still does not make it physically possible to attend 11 different classes per week. There are only so many classes, classrooms, and hours in the day – and many of the classes are on at the same time, and go for longer than an hour. The summer program only runs for 6 weeks.

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.34.03

I can’t find any evidence that CCSF ever had an “Honor Roll”. There’s nobody other than Mr Dietrich on the Internet claiming to have been on it, and the college has been running since 1935, with 90,000 students per year.

CCSF offers an Honors Program with extra courses for exceptional students. This can be used to transfer to UC Berkeley, or UCLA. For some reason Mr Dietrich chose to apply his alleged academic prowess and Dean’s List qualifications to a larger community college course load, rather than a more prestigious University.

Screenshot 2016-07-31 07.49.40

Mr Dietrich would go a long way to establish some credibility if he could produce documentary evidence. A transcript of the courses and grades, or the Dean’s List certificate. Or did he burn all his degrees too?

[Update 8/18/16]

This liar does not deserve any more attention, however if he continues to accuse myself, friends and family of heinous crimes (that he and his accomplices say they are reporting to Federal Judges and the FBI in the name of terrorism), I am forced to keep dealing with it.

I thought we had finally shut them up. All I can point to that has happened in the last month or so since Mr Dietrich and his gang last made their attacks is the release of Shadow History Part 3 on Satanism and Part 4 on Occult Burning Man. Is this professional-grade team trolling really a coincidence? Or are the Satanists using this gang of traumatic brain injury victims as their yapping attack dog? The Psyops team must be struggling these days, because this crew is like the Keystone Cops. Or, perhaps this is a coven casting a Net for people gullible enough to believe anything on the Internet without fact checking it for themselves.

Mr Dietrich and his accomplices Laura Lee Solomon, Brandon Young and Amanda Eut got together to launch another 2-hour long slanderous attack against me on his Revolution Radio show on Tuesday August 16th. All claim to have been victims of stalking, threats, and harassment from me. I have no idea who these people are, and would never threaten or stalk anybody, something anyone who’s met me would readily attest. Meanwhile this group (and whoever may be pulling the strings and pushing the buttons behind them) have been publicly recorded threatening me, and are quite obviously ganging together to repeatedly harass and slander me, my friends, and my family.

Once again, Mr Dietrich makes a string of wild claims that are easily validated as false, while presenting zero verifiable evidence of his own. He continues to slur my friend, accusing him of child abuse. Here is a statement from Nick, a bright guy with a promising career in the UK Army, whom I met when we both flew to the US to attend a buddy’s bachelor party in Las Vegas around 2004.

“I am fighting a costly and painful custody case to see my only son and being accused of conspiracies, immorality and lack of professionalism is slander and unacceptable. He has no respect for serving members of NATO or veterans and I am outraged at his false valor and disgusting propaganda”

This is a real soldier with a young son, with multiple combat tours, dealing with the sort of issues that real people with real families do. He lives in England and works for the British Army, not the US Department of Defense. Like myself and Mr Dietrich, he has never met Michael Aquino – who has been retired for more than a decade. Nick’s only “sin” was to give me this endorsement on LinkedIn:


As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. His reward for saying something nice about me has been to get dragged into this, forced to waste valuable time denying these offensive slurs to his child and colleagues. He is quite rightly concerned about  legal and OPSEC issues of his name being bandied about the lunatic fringes of the Internet in conjunction with words like “terrorism”, so he contacted Mr Dietrich on a call in show to express his objection. This is Dietrich’s “proof of child abuse”. Never mind that phones can be used from anywhere in the world, and fathers have been able to operate telephones without the assistance of their children since the technology was invented. The Dietrich Gang told him “if he had beef, take it to the Facebook page” – where presumably they could delete his comment, block him, then continue to slander him behind his back. What they call “beef” like this is Junior High, I call an outrageous and scandalous slander to someone who actually works for a living (and puts his life on the line for his country). Although Mr Dietrich calls one of his hate shows “Firing Lines”, it’s rare for him to take calls on it. He forbids comments on his shows on YouTube or anywhere outside of his chat room, but seems to have no problem sending his troll team out to clog up legitimate discussions on my own work.

He co-hosts his shows with a panel of accomplices, but they barely speak. It is not clear why they are present or what they have to offer.

Brandon Young chimed in to say that changing my shirt between each of my 2-3 hour long videos is proof of me stalking him and copying his wardrobe to intimidate him. His evidence is that he has the same shirt (a Merona brand, available in any Target store).

The only proof Mr Dietrich offers for his claims “they fear for their lives” and I am committing “terrorism, gang stalking, and death threats” is someone named “MrGunner65” who tried to have sex with him on an online gaming site with an avatar disguised as an Asian girl. The evidence presented is a story that this person somehow obtained Mr Dietrich’s phone number and spoke with a twang. Errr, if someone got your number from an online sex chat, it might not be a DoD conspiracy…

In his rant, he uses the word “nigger” at least 7 times and “faggot” twice. This is hate speech, I would once again encourage him to seek legal advice.

Perhaps Mr Dietrich and his gang will consider this update to my post another “terrorist threat to their lives”. I invite them to publish any  information they have of threats that they consider to have come from me, since I have made no such threats. I have no henchmen, or gang of trolls to go on radio shows slandering people with. All I have is the truth, and the ability to think for myself and finance independent OSI-based research. There’s no question that I have threatened legal action on Facebook if they continue their public group harassment and hate speech – I put the screenshots right there at the beginning of this post. One could hardly say this was a terrifying threat to them, since they deleted my comment immediately then blocked me.


His timing is impeccable, as I will be going live this Saturday night Aug 20th at 8pm EST with the She-Beast, Big Mack, and Dirty Frank on the Hillbilly Radio Network show Patriot Outlaws.

They asked me on a couple of weeks ago as a guest after their excellent interview with Dr Michael Aquino, specifically to address Dietrich’s previous claims about me. Dr Aquino, who served the military for a lifetime and won many medals and accolades, confirms in this interview he has never met Dietrich, considers him a liar, and makes a very good point about wasting time on people like this. YMMV.

De-Bunking Round 2

Dietrich keeps shooting, but hasn’t scored yet. Round 1’s score was 20-1 towards our debunking. And I’m being a gentleman with the 1.

This time, he addressed claims 14, 15, and 16 above – about his alleged service in the Marine Corps as a Corporal. He failed to provide any further evidence supporting his case, but doubled down on his claim of Aug 7, 1990 (the day Bush declared war on Iraq) as the date of the Al Jubayl incident. Another absurdity. This time he says 15,000 Marines were north of Al Jubayl by August 14. I already posted the links above to the Marine Corps detailed reports of troop deployment, with units, numbers, and dates, and the blog of the unit he says he was with which provides a detailed timeline of their deployment – but here they are again, just in case. Perhaps if Mr Dietrich reads his unit’s blog, his nano-memory of his double murder and near-beheading will improve.

He added some new claims to the stack for us to validate. One of them is “a claim is the same as a lie”. No, it’s not – if you can substantiate the claim. Otherwise, I take this as a confession.

His claim that I have been paid $70 million by the Defense Department to do a “soft sell on Satanism” indicates that he hasn’t even bothered to watch the videos he’s criticizing me about. I’m not the one dressing like the devil and handing people contracts to sell their souls. I am the one exposing it and being attacked by this gang as a result. We need Satan gone from this world way more than I or anybody else needs $70 million. If anyone wants to know where my money came from they can read about it here or here.

Here’s the show I am addressing with this update:

He mentions the many psychiatrists and doctors that have been treating him for his issues. Does this sound like a well person to you…or more like someone that needs to get their meds stabilized? Perhaps anyone involved in the care of this patient may want to check in on them.


In this latest variant of his life story, the Marines were reducing the amount of time required in boot camp in a recruitment drive. Bring in additional recruits, reduce your training time by weeks and get promoted. If you brought in 1 recruit, you could be Private First Class, 2 you got Lance Corporal. He brought two so he joined the Marines as Lance Corporal and left basic training before the full period to go to jail for a few days.

Obviously, the military records produced by a FOIA request from the National Archives and Records Aministration don’t confirm this story. But Mr Dietrich is saying that document is fake, and sticking to his story of signing up 1989. Here the various lies seem to be colliding into each other now, and spinning off into even more lies.

This LA Times story says Bruce Yamashita objected to racial treatment in a 1989 officer training course, and it took him 5 years to make Captain. Before he did the course at Quantico in February 1989 the Washington, D.C. resident graduated from Georgetown Law School:

Yamashita, now a criminal-defense attorney in Washington, D.C., trained at the Marines’ Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Va., in February 1989 after graduating from Georgetown Law School. [Source]

Once again, a case of Mr Dietrich’s story being easily disproved by a few seconds on Google.

The evidence posted above shows Dietrich finished his basic training on January 11, 1988. It’s not a forgery, I stand by its authenticity.

Mr Dietrich’s new story about all this is that back then (October 19, 1987 1989) he was nearly 6 foot tall (a car accident later shrunk his height by 4 inches, requiring him to wear lifts in his shoes) and he could carry twice as much as any Marine, and could fight two of them at once. When challenged by a drill instructor during martial arts training, he dislocated his testicles, and as punishment they put him in the brig for several days. After a few days, they came and got him out of jail and promoted him to Lance Corporal because the Marines were short of personnel.

Again, there is nothing to verify this claim except Mr Dietrich’s word. It sounds highly implausible. He should be able to produce a DD-214 discharge slip, this would easily confirm his story with dates that align to his own claims. Right now the official documentation shows his dates to be incorrect, and his early separation as a Private First Class. According to his resume in 1988 he was on a special mission to Iraq stopping World War III single-handedly and creating propaganda for the Ba’ath party (chosen because of his skills in creating adult cartoons). Did he leave the Marine Corps early to do Psyops missions?



He says: “as if someone’s military records could ever be there for you to viewwhatever dishonorable discharge I’ve got is still under lock and key, and would not be available to people like Outtrim…personnel records are not public due to the privacy act…the document is obviously a forgery because the dates are correct but the years are wrong…This all requires a Federal investigation because you can’t trust anything the government says with its records.”

From archives.gov:

In November 2007, NARA opened to the public 6.3 million OMPFs of former military personnel who served in the United States Army (including Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces), Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In September 2009, marking the 62nd anniversary of the creation of the United States Air Force, NARA accepted the first block of Air Force records into its custody.

I use Golden Arrow, an excellent professional military research service who work at the National Archives. Why would they forge dates on a document? Everything else I’ve obtained from them (and we’re up to double digits now) has checked out. The researcher agrees with me that this appears to be a case of stolen valor.

Mr Dietrich is encouraged to post his DD-214 discharge form, which would confirm many of his stories. If he can prove the National Archive is wrong and his tall tales are true, I will be the first to publicly apologize.




Of course civilians can file FOIA requests. That’s the whole point of them. If Mr Dietrich were truly a legitimate researcher he would have learned this in his 30+ year career working in Department of Defense libraries with the country’s most important secrets.

Mr Dietrich’s logic here implies that he is a civilian with no records. He claims the page of a military document posted above is a forgery. But then he says it was only the dates that were forged. This is an obvious contradiction.

He says “in the end there’s no evidence anything happened“. This claim is true.



PTSD was added to the DSM in 1980. This means that by the time Mr Dietrich was 13, there had been so many diagnoses that a formal definition as a disorder was required, and went all the way through the medical approval process. From Wikipedia:

the term “posttraumatic stress disorder” came into use in the 1970s in large part due to the diagnoses of US military veterans of the Vietnam War.[13] It was officially recognized by the American Psychiatric Association in 1980 in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III).

You can see a detailed timeline of PTS here. Of course, Mr Dietrich’s pioneering role does not appear in the history.

Claim #26: At the age of 14 he got a bleeding ulcer and was sent to the Letterman Army Medical Center. Dr John Hagmann reversed the polarity of his blood type from O- to O+ . During this time he died for a period of 2 days at least. The doctor who assisted him was forced to retire for sexual experiments with Ketamine, where he gave kids drugs and liquor then made them perform medical experiments on each other, turning humans into animals and inserting catheters into each others’ genitals.

The use of the  word Ketamine may be a red flag here. I am seeing some warning signs of possible drug abuse, in this chaotic compilation of complete crap. Fitting the half-truth template that we’ve established now, the Dr Hagmann story did happen – not in 1980, but in 2013 in Virginia.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that several high-ranking military officials have known about Hagmann’s disturbing teaching methods since at least 2005. In email exchanges with Reuters, Hagmann wrote: “In 25 years no one has ever been harmed. What military training — or even most sports — can report that?”

U.S. Army Colonel Neil Page, who led a USU investigation into Hagmann in 2014, testified that Hagmann had retired from the university in 2000 under a dark cloud after getting unprofessional conduct job ratings.

A one-time pioneer in combat resuscitation medicine, Hagmann returned to teaching at USU in 2012 on the strength of his reputation and the turnover of leadership at the school, Page said, producing “amnesia” about his questionable activities.

On July 24, 2013, a USU student reported troubling behavior from Hagmann, at which point the university suspended its relationship with the company, according to USU spokesperson Sharon Holland.

The school notified the Naval Criminal Investigative Service five days later, she added, then contacted the Defense Criminal Investigative Service within 48 hours. [Source]

He had been practicing medicine in the army since the 1990’s [Source].

There is no evidence that Dietrich was involved, and the dates and places don’t add up in any way with his other tales.

This story seems to be a variation and embellishment of his earlier claim (#21) about his nano-blood transfusion. Again, his Lazarean medical miracle of being dead for 2 days and coming back to life is unverifiable. Nobody on the record has ever come close, 60 minutes is considered internationally newsworthy.




I think National Security may be more important to them right now. But…not my call to make. Semper fi!

I’m happy to talk to the Marines, Homeland Security, and FBI at any time. They know where to find me, they gave me the visa. For 21 years now of successful business trips to this country.


That is seriously a direct quote, from near the end of his 2-hour long rant. I mean, what can I say to that? How did I advance so quickly from “see you in court” to hiring a hitman? Is it just because his team haven’t been served with papers yet, he’s grown paranoid a hitman is coming? He thinks his case for the truth is so strong that I’m afraid to go up against him in a courtroom, so I would have to turn to criminals to get justice?

And what, is this assassin I’m supposed to have hired slow? Can’t aim? LOL. WTF. BRB.

I don’t look for idiocy and incompetence in anyone I hire for anything – but sadly thanks to the Internet, I’m sometimes forced to deal with it. Which I try to do through private messages, and if that doesn’t work, maybe a blog post and the Trivium Method. Hitman to me is a video game or something out of the movies.

How does one prove they didn’t do something that never happened?

He does seem to be on a mission to stack up enemies like they’re rare Pokemons. Maybe he pissed off one of his rival gangs in the Tenderloin.


letterman2001 02

The Letterman Medical Center was carefully demolished in 2001. It did not burn to the ground. You can read about the building’s long history and watch photos of its demolition here.

Here is a MisterSF story about its demolition in 2001 by the Presidio Trust, long after the base closed.

Even in a City where you practically need a permit from the Planning Commission before picking a dandelion, no one’s weeping for Letterman Hospital (Letterman Army Medical Center). The demolition of the rather ugly, 10-story former military hospital in the Presidio was underway in the fall of 2001. The razing of the government building is the first move by the Presidio Trust which will significantly alter the landscape of the Presidio, a military installation in the shadow of the gateway to the Pacific for as long as Bay Area history has been recorded. When the Presidio was closed by the military in the 1990s, the U.S. Congress mandated that the land turn a profit by 2013 in order to remain in the public trust. The Letterman property is key to plans of the Trust, which was established to oversee the transformation from government installation to profitable national park. The razing of Letterman Hospital and adjoining Letterman Army Institute of Researchclears the way for construction of  a 23-acre office and digital production campus for Industrial Light & Magic, THX Group, Lucas Arts Entertainment Co., Lucas Online, Lucas Learning, and the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Included in the campus project are a 1,500-car underground parking garage, 15 acres of open space, a cafe, and a public lawn with fountains, sculpture, and landscaping designed to complement the Palace of Fine Arts and San Francisco Bay. The Trust, under the leadership of Executive Director, former Air Force pilot James Meadows, wisely decided to dismantle the old Letterman facilities rather than implode them in order to avoid further galvanizing anti-development forces which would likely be energized by images of blasting in the Presidio. The $10 million demolition project will see the hospital taken apart piece by piece.

Although the article above uses the word “raze”, it also says “dismantle” and “taken apart piece by piece”. This is a photo of it being demolished. You can see at least two wrecking ball cranes…but I can’t see any fire damage.



It did catch fire in 1901, and after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 (just like 90%+ of the whole city). They rebuilt it when Mr Dietrich was an infant to be fire-resistant:

The joint venture architect-engineering firm of Stone, Marraccini and Patterson and Milton T. Pflueger prepared the plans and specifications for the new Letterman. Halverson and McLaughlin, under the supervision of the U.S. Army District Engineer, Sacramento, completed the construction in the fall of 1968 at a cost of $15.5 million. The 550-bed, fire resistant building contained ten stories and had 445,000 square feet of floor. A wide, three story base housed the clinical facilities. It was surmounted by a seven story tower that contained two nursing units on each level. Poured-in-place concrete piles supported the structure. Reinforced concrete formed the frame. The exterior walls consisted of precast concrete panels.






I’m sorry, but this is where I draw the line. What a disgraceful frikking remark. How dare this guy who never served in the military hate on America, call us enemies and cowards, and spout this bull about our tens of millions of proud Veterans – most of whom I would hire in a heartbeat before some kombucha drinking Silicon Valley millenial-Poké-Burner type. They have received the best training in the world, on some of the most advanced equipment in the world. And unlike many militaries, duty in ours is very often ACTIVE.

Let’s forget about debunking this douchebag and end this post by talking about something real.

The sad situation of Post Traumatic Stress (it’s better for the patients not to call it a disorder) and veteran homelessness is something we have learned about through working with Operation Dignity in Oakland. In between helping out Burning Man art projects at the last minute, spare a thought and maybe some food and change for people really in need, and those who are out there helping them.

In particular I want to highlight the needs of our female veterans. We are one of the first countries in the world to put women at the front lines, and many suffer PTS as a result. The best ways to treat emotional pain for women are not necessarily the same as for men, and the PTS and community re-integration issues are different. The VA has traditionally been set up to deal with men, and change is happening at a frustratingly slow place. It would be wonderful if Bay Area innovation such as MAPS work with MDMA , virtual reality, or other proven low-tech models like cannabis, animal and art therapy were more readily available to Veterans.

Here are some stats to consider, pulled from a recent presentation [huge kudos to the staff of Yahoo! who have been amazing partners to Operation Dignity]:


US Veterans: 22 million

Female Veterans: 2 million

Veterans who enlisted since 9/11: 18% Female 

Veterans using VA Health Care: 7% Female  

Women Sexually Abused In Service: 1 in 4

2013 Veterans treated in VA Hospitals:

Female: 390,000

Male: 5,300,000

VA Hospitals Without a Gynecologist: 1 in 4

Female Veterans Who Delayed/Went Without Medical Care: 1 in 5

Rural Clinics Without Designated Women’s Health Provider: 1 in 6

By 2043, the number of female veterans will increase by 16%,

By 2043, the number of male veterans will decrease by 40%

 12% of adult homeless are Veterans

20% of male homeless are Veterans

8% of all homeless Veterans are female

200,000 Veterans are homeless in the US on any given night [this is breaking my heart to write]

500,000 Veterans are homeless at least one night per year

Half of all homeless Veterans suffer from mental illness

Two thirds suffer from alcohol or drug abuse problems

40% suffer from both psychiatric and substance abuse issues.


Screenshot 2016-08-18 16.54.26


Screenshot 2016-08-18 16.57.09


In many ways, female veterans face tougher challenges than their male counterparts, as they are more likely to be uninsured, unemployed, divorced, and suffer from post-traumatic stress symptoms – often the result of a sexual assault.


The good news is that there is shelter, a warm shower, clothing, a bed, and help available for every homeless person in the Bay Area, military or not. The less good news is they have to want it: they must agree to live by the rules of a sober facility. And that is one of the sad realities of the many people we see suffering on the streets. They need our help, compassion, and love.

Anyone needing assistance with these issues, please get in touch with Operation Dignity in the East Bay. Their VA funding requires them to give preferences to veterans if there is a shortage, but they provide wrap-around services and case managers to anyone in need, even if they never served in the military. They can help you straighten your life out and put you in a position of dignity, to get back up off your feet.
Operation Dignity was founded in 1993 by Alex McElree, a formerly homeless Vietnam veteran. He was declared the 2016 Humanitarian of the Year by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf at a tribute concert for Martin Luther King at the Scottish Rite Center.

Every cent they get goes to help. Another wonderful crew in the Bay Area supporting the homeless is Marc Roth and the Learning Shelter.

[Update 8/24/16]

I was invited on the Patriot Outlaws show last Saturday. They asked me about Mr Dietrich’s outrageous slander of me at the end of the interview – listen to it here.

Still no documentation produced in relation to any of the 30 claims listed above.


patriot outlaws

[Update 9/7/16]

On last night’s show, Mr Dietrich and his Troll Gang continued their outrageous slander, calling me “faggot”, “terrorist”, “Satanist”, “Cthulhoid”, and all manner of other hateful names. Perhaps he does not understand that H P Lovecraft was a fiction writer: Cthulhu is not real, and I am not his high priest trying to bring Lovecraft horror into this earth. There is no such thing as Lovecraft horror, it is all made up. Meanwhile, his mental illness psychiatric injury is very real, as he keeps telling us on every show.

His accomplice Brandon Marshall Young revealed a number of very interesting details about his own background. CIA, OSS, military intelligence, Satanism Cthulhu, Jesuits, Opus Dei, mafia, Pokemons, the occult…in a similar vein to Mr Dietrich’s “bio-bomb”, the “Brandon Boston Bomb” has it all:

  • he is related to Arthur and Ruth Young. Arthur was a founder of Bell Helicopter. These two were both at “The Seance That Changed America”, doing CIA experiments with Dr Andrija Puharich. Their channeling of “The Nine Principles” is linked to Esalen, the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. This is one of the highest level families in the STARGATE side of military intelligence that I described in Shadow History, Part 2 – which seemed to trigger the beginning of this gang’s attacks on me in May 2016.
  • his ex girlfriend was a Satanist. He had a baby with her. She moved to another town with the baby. The baby died mysteriously. She came back and he kept dating her for another two years. He never found out what happened to his child.
  • Young himself was recruited into a secret Psychic Spying program by the Jesuits when he was at kindergarten
  • his parents got married when they were both 16. It was an arranged marriage to unite the two sides of the mafia in Boston. His mother was from the Mazziano family, his father was the Boston mob.
  • his Uncle George Gordon O’Brien was a hitman for the Irish and Italian mob
  • his family “own” the Weston Police Department
  • his “second mother” was trained to be an intelligence agent, her father was in the OSS in Vichy France
  • his family are multi-generational occultists, Satanists, and Freemasons
  • he joined the Catholic Church and the Opus Dei sect from the Da Vinci code
  • his family are close to both the Bush and Kennedy families. He spent last summer at the Bush compound at Walker Point
  • his father was a doorman for 15 years and now drives a towncar
  • he was featured on CNN and C-Span when Bush Sr was President, Barbara Bush (Aleister Crowley’s daughter) came straight off Air Force One to kiss him.

screenshot-2016-09-07-21-49-35screenshot-2016-09-07-22-48-38 screenshot-2016-09-07-21-48-09 screenshot-2016-09-07-21-47-15screenshot-2016-09-07-22-01-06 screenshot-2016-09-07-21-44-45

These are the people who are accusing me of having ties to the military industrial complex, hitmen, and Satanism. As usual, the things the trolls accuse you of are actually what they themselves are guilty of – in this case, that even includes “promoting Burning Man”.

Young’s blood relation to the founders of Project STARGATE adds further credence to the theory I expressed in my Patriot Outlaws interview: that Lt Col Aquino may have been set up by a rival Satanic coven operating at the Presidio. He was a vocal critic of this program in his 2000 paper Project Star Gate: $20 Million Up In Smoke (And Mirrors)

It would be a mistake to assume that CIA, DIA, NSA, and military intelligence are one seamless unit. There are still rival factions, politics, budget battles, secret societies and hidden agendas. Knowing which faction Young and Dietrich represent gives us the context to understand their otherwise nonsensical behavior.

Yellow pornSex-baiting Professor Darrell Hamamoto of UC Davis who “teaches mainly with YouTube videos” has also joined the Dietrich Troll gang. He’s the guy who said Burning Man is modeled on the Japanese concentration camps of World War II. He says that I am funded by “Room 355 of the Pentagon”. Meanwhile, this gentleman gets his own funding from the Rockefeller Research Lab, Fulbright Scholarship, and the porn business.

the CIA has controlled the Fulbright scholarship program since the 1950s, recruiting some of its best spies from the program. Senator Fulbright sat on the Intelligence Committee years ago. Today Fulbright Jaworsky is the biggest Democratically controlled law firm in Washington. [Source]

Funded? To do what – research Shadow History? That would be a cool job! Pentagon, if you’re reading, please call. You would need to pay very, very well. If you see me on Facebook on a yacht in the next month, and this site goes dark, you’ll know they called and I took the money! Otherwise, life goes on, and I continue to pay for this from my own pocket, and give it to everyone for free. No commercials, no donations.

Why would I need Defense Department funding to research Burning Man and Silicon Valley? What benefit is this funding supposedly obtaining for the Pentagon? Seems to me that their budget is really going towards these Troll Gangs trying to distort the truth and mislead the masses.

I wonder which kooks on the Internet will be attacking us next?

Jan Irvin from Gnostic Media responded to Mr Hamamoto and Mr Dietrich’s slander with a great episode of Unspun that looks at WHY many of the voices on the Internet are peddling disinformation in the guise of truth:

The Dietrich troll gang have expanded their attacks to include a former US Marine name Richard K Cole, aka “Gunner”. He posted some comments on YouTube linking to this post under the name “MrGunner65”. For this, he has now been slandered multiple times on Mr Dietrich’s show, accused of offensive and outrageous things. Dietrich said that he was “Randy Allen Cramer, who thinks he travels to Mars” as well as accusing him of trying to solicit sex from Dietrich online disguised as an asian girl. He claims I have hired Mr Cole as a hitman to asssassinate him, and has repeatedly encouraged his audience to contact the Marine Corps, the FBI, and the Australian and New Zealand Embassies to warn them of this hitman on the loose on the East Coast, looking for Mr Dietrich who lives in Russian Hill, San Francisco (median house price $2.4 million).

Needless to say, both myself and Mr Cole deny and disavow this claim. Mr Dietrich has still not produced any proof of it, or any of the other claims – though he did say that my Ancestry.com research into Marlene Dietrich that proved he was not related to her “was false, because anyone can see the resemblance”. You be the judge:

Marlene Dietrich, 1940's. Restored by Nick & jane for Doctor Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: http://www.doctormacro.com. Enjoy!

Marlene Dietrich, 1940’s.

Image: wnd.com

Image: wnd.com

On their August 16 show, Dietrich and his accomplice Brandon Young said that Mr Cole was fraudulently misrepresenting his service in the Marines, and demanded he produce proof of his service. He has sent physical copies of the proof to me.

Here is his statement for the record:

I am submitting these copies of original U.S. military issued documents to substantiate my claims as being an 0351/8151 U.S. Marine

  1. Copy of DD-214 Release from Active Duty
  2. Copy of Certificate of Honorable Discharge
  3. Copy of Certificate of Infantry Training 0351
  4. Copy of Certificate of Jungle Trainingrkcole-records_4

rkcole-records rkcole-records_2rkcole-records_3


Mr Cole was interviewed about his own research into Mr Dietrich’s past on Patriot Outaws last Saturday.


The onus of proof is now on Mr Dietrich to produce his own DD-214 discharge document (let alone any documentation for any of the 30 claims being questioned here). He claims that the NA-13164 form we showed a segment of above was obtained in violation of Federal law (despite the clear statement “Information Releasable Under the Freedom of Information Act” on top of the government document). He also claims that it is his DD-214 form, and “either incorrect on the dates or a forgery”. It is again Mr Dietrich who is incorrect: a DD-214 form is different from a NA-13164. One is from the Defense Department (DD-), one is from the National Archives (NA-). Given his Entry Level Separation on 1/11/88, he would not have received a DD-214, so it is not surprising he is unfamiliar with this form.

He has also claimed that his Dishonorable Discharge has been certified by two Federal Judges. I cannot find these cases in PACER. Unless Mr Dietrich can provide the judges’ names, dates, court locations, and case numbers, we must assume these documents do not exist either.

[Update 9/27/16]

The onslaught of material defamation continues. According to Mr Dietrich, I am stalking him with a gang, and can never miss a moment of his show (this week, about Big Foots).

Every time this happens, I receive multiple messages from our fans alerting me to the latest outrageous claims. His campaign to promote this story now appears to be inspiring others to do their own investigations. Some new evidence has been presented on a thisainthell.us story, Duane Dietrich Phony Desert Storm Marine (if you’re not a Dietrich fan, you will enjoy the comments at this site).


According to Mr Dietrich, the National Archives made an error with his dates of service, with his Entry Level Separation in 1988. If that were true, then the DoD Human Resources department record would confirm his dates. Instead, it confirms no service. Perhaps they made an error too, and the lack of documentation for all his other claims is just a string of coincidences.

Either that or he’s lying.

This person and his gang of accomplices have a unique definition of “being victims of gang stalking”. There’s a gang of them, they mention me on every show, they block me from Facebook and disable comments on their YouTube slander. So I’m the stalker? And this gang continually harassing me are the victims?

I smell a set up – this crazy Satanist, probably the most disposable member of the coven we’re exposing, gets ordered to go on air and say “Steve Outtrim hired someone to kill me”...well, what if suddenly this guy disappears? Would there be any other suspects? For the record, I don’t even know who this person is, I have never met them, but I have never wished them any harm.

Meanwhile, if he gets a virus on his computer, he accuses me of hacking Facebook


dietrich-facebook-malware-message dietrich-malware-problem deitrich-had-malware

You will note from his own comment to Facebook that he actually did find Malware on his computer when he scanned for it. What the information was that I was supposedly trying to hide from the world by hacking Facebook to tell him (correctly) that he had a virus…is unclear.

Mr Dietrich is no longer revealing much (or anything) in the way of history or independent research to his audience. Instead, he obsessively continues with his ludicrous claims that I hired a hitman in New York to assassinate him in SF, who is an astronaut from Mars. In the latest version of this “fairy” tale, my handler is a British guy in his 30’s who liked me on LinkedIn, who is my gay lover despite his young child and my recent marriage. He was recruited by Michael Aquino 33 years ago when Aquino was seconded to NATO in Germany. I was 10 at the time, and living in New Zealand. In this plan, the US Department of Defense decided the best way to deal with my 10 year old self was to send a HUMINT specialist to Germany to recruit a younger child in England that would later grow up, meet me in the US, seduce me from overseas, and become my handler; then both he and his boss from a different country’s military would send me out to gang-stalk Douglas Dietrich and his accomplices. Lt Col Aquino and myself have both been retired for more than a decade, but I guess Dietrich’s information about zombies and Japan defeating us in World War 2 is just too important to National Security, and there were no active personnel available for the mission. So they had to bring us out of retirement, activate this long-dormant sleeper cell and give me $70 million.

If this was a novel, nobody would buy it. The budget seems astronomical for an assassin that can’t aim.

So what else is new?

He claims the Marine Corps brought 35,000 dogs into operation DESERT STORM because they look like demons to Muslims.

The reality is there were 118 war dog teams used in DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM by the USMC. For Mr  Dietrich’s claim of 35,000 to be true, there would have to be about 300 dogs in each team. Think about that logistically, going into battle with a pack of 300 dogs per solider. Nothing like that has ever been seen in the history of warfare. Even 10 dogs per solider would be ridiculous. Ever seen how two dogs can get their leashes tangled?

In fact the “devil dogs” have one handler if they are a scout, and two if they are in demolitions. At its height the entire Marine Corps had 650 explosives dogs and there are about 2500 dogs in service across all branches and theaters of the US military.

Mr Dietrich also claims that Troll Gang member Daniel Arola, aka Taboo Bros, is a martial arts specialist. If true, then this character shows no honor to his training. A thug is not a master. He was interested in the takedown techniques used by Dietrich to murder 2 members of the heavily armed Saudi religious police while on leave in Saudi Arabia with this troop, in the weeks between Bush declaring war on Iraq and the Marines arriving there. The Saudis were shooting the schoolgirls with fully automatic submachine guns, when Dietrich choked one and beat another to death…at least, that’s how he describes it:


they all carry fully automatic weapons
submachine guns
they began machine gunning the girls for exiting the dormitory without first donning their veils
I ran up
this is not the movies people
when you kill somebody you do not snap their necks…that’s for the films…
I grabbed the first one by the throat
I smashed his head against my knee
And then I pulled him to the ground
I kept smashing his head against the ground
I grabbed his machine gun and I slammed it against his adams apple and crushed his larynx on his throat,
I took the same machine gun and I clubbed the other police officer to death
So when I said I killed them with my bare hands, its not technically with my bare hands
But I killed them both, so I was sentenced to a beheading and the marine corps couldn’t afford the scandal of a diplomat in uniform who was scheduled to do embassy guard duty, at least that was my impression, 
….I don’t know what’s in the paperwork , if any exists at all at this point
They pulled me out of the Saudi prison system
they said that I would be punished
I was I was stripped down by a rank immediately
They told the House of Saud I would be dishonorably discharged, 
Which I eventually was after operation Desert Storm…in a kangaroo court.


Grabbing someone by the throat to smash their head against your knee sounds like a strange maneuver. What martial art was this? Perhaps he has big hands for a 5’7 guy. I guess murder victim 2 (and the rest of their squad) sat by, unable to operate their whips or the machineguns they’d just been shooting children with, watching Dietrich beat and strangle their colleague to death while waiting patiently for their turn to be next.


It should be clear to anyone who has read this far that this person is a fantasist, not an historian. But take a look at what they fantasize about. Every show is talking about murder, rape, torture. He murdered these two cops, he murdered his uncle when he was an 18 month old baby, he was in a taxi accident where the driver was killed but only he survived. He ripped the testicles off his drill instructor during the boot camp he didn’t complete, in a different year from what the documents say. He did a few days in the brig for that but got a mere Dishonorable Discharge for a double murder that was not in self defense.

His fantasies sound kinda harmful and violent.
Look at the people signing on with this, the accomplices. What’s in it for them? Why would anyone in their right mind lend their name to this drivel, and support this murderer?
If they are doing it for orders and/or money, it makes a little bit of sense. Otherwise, it’s simply nonsense-cia-cool.

[Update 10/20/16]

In the course of my research I found this 2013 Michael Aquino comment at Above Top Secret, responding to a claim that Douglas Dietrich’s accounts are “corroborated by official records”. Point #6 is particularly interesting.


Michael Aquino makes the same reasonable request as us: let’s see proof of any of these records. Why hasn’t Douglas Dietrich produced these documents since 2013? Perhaps because the documents we found after using professional military researchers and FOIA requests prove his 4 different resumés to be erroneous.

The same research methods yielded military records of all these types for Michael Aquino, Jim Channon, Oliver North, and many others. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, ROTC. Lt Col Michael Aquino was literally Above TOP SECRET. Surely Dr Aquino’s un-ranked assistant librarian would not have a more secret clearance than his boss? Indeed, Mr Dietrich’s records are so secret that they are completely invisible…except for his Entry Level Separation in 1988, of course.

Douglas Dietrich’s October 18 show once again featured his accomplice, the Fulbright-funded professor-cum-porn producer Darrell Hamamoto. I can’t post the show because of some bizarre problem where a homeless lady called My Stick Warrior from the Dietrich Troll Gang who used to live in Colorado drove her SUV to San Francisco and parked it in the Mission (uh-oh) while going to the library for 45 minutes to upload Douglas Dietrich’s videos. The SUV which was her home was stolen, leaving her “literally on the streets” (I guess she couldn’t crash at Doug’s pad). Then she got it back, but it was stolen again, so now she can’t upload Douglas’s shows to YouTube from the library. Which is strange, because the thieves who stole her SUV could not have stolen her library card at the same time. Of course, all these events were part of my mastermind plot, because I subscribed to her YouTube channel.

You couldn’t make this stuff up! Although it looks like Douglas can. A more likely story is that YouTube reviewed his slanderous, racist bullying and pulled his hate speech off their platform. You can’t use the “n—-r” and “f—-t” words in modern society. In this latest show he called a woman who had criticized him a “c–t” .

Darrell Hamamoto and his troll partner Douglas Dietrich spend almost the entirety of their two hour show disparaging me with lies, while continuing to accuse me of gang-stalking. Who is ganging up on whom? 

Professor Hamamoto chimes in occasionally, if he can interrupt Douglas Dietrich’s stream-of-semi-consciousness ranting, to argue with Doug over such hot topics as the merits of different holocaust revisionists. Some guy called Soilman (another racial slur?) lost his Facebook account for having a fake name, which even though it is Facebook policy they blame as some kind of hacker intelligence Pentagon plot by me.

Darrell Hamamoto at one point gave a 5 minute diatribe on why nobody should listen to me because I have a New Zealand accent, so like Sir William Stephenson (agent Intrepid, the model for James Bond) I am part of an attempt by British Intelligence to take over the US. This is the level of in-depth analysis and college-grade sophistry that Rockefeller and CIA foundation funding gets you these days.

Professor Darrell Hamamoto really needs to listen to Mr Dietrich’s show more. Foreign-born Dietrich HATES America and bashes Americans in almost every episode, including this one. He is a US citizen who doesn’t know how to vote.

Douglas Dietrich claims that I accused Darrell Hamamoto of “sex-baiting” and “teaching mainly with YouTube videos”. In fact, if you click the links, you will see that I am just summarizing their contents: mainstream media publication Salon described his sex-baiting in 2003, and students from his recent classes at U.C. Davis describe his teaching style from 2015 back to 2011. The quote is from the very first review, which rated Professor Hamamoto 1 out of a possible 5.

STAY AWAY. Taking this class was a mistake but I needed it for GE credit. Class does not discuss Asian American sexuality and loves to talk about conspiracy theories. Teaches mainly using YouTube videos. Good class if you don’t like feminists/the government/UC Davis/political correctness. Will shoot you down if you don’t agree

[Source: ratemyprofessors.com]

The claim that Darrell Hamamoto is a financier in the porn business was made by himself to the L.A. Times in 2004. Professor Hamamoto is proud to have recruited a student out of U.C. Berkeley and into the pornography world, and did not deny teaching with YouTube, saying “you’ve gotta go where the eyeballs are“.

On the October 18 2016 show Douglas Dietrich claimed responsibility for another murder, a woman that he shot and killed after first inviting her to shoot him. Her shot really hurt his ribs so he killed her. He also said he was being held responsible for the death of “super soldier” Max Spiers and accused of murdering Miles Johnson (whoever that is, they appear to be alive). Adding that to the taxi driver killed in a car crash with him, the uncle that molested him, and 2 armed Saudi religious police, that is 4 murders he has personally committed, one he has been accused of, and 2 sudden deaths right next to him. Plus the brutal mauling of a Marine Corps combat instructor, when Douglas Dietrich punched below the belt and ripped off his testicles. He only lives at night, only sleeps with people he pays, and death follows him everywhere he goes…

At this point, nobody with any credibility is thinking this guy is for real, but I guess to some, that is his appeal.

I guess he's into it. Source: Facebook

I guess he’s into it. Source: Facebook

Professor Darrell Hamamoto claims that I cast a magic spell over murderer Douglas Dietrich, but he too has magic and talismans – yes, this is what passes for a tertiary education at UC Davis! I’ve heard of Voodoo Economics, I guess this is Voodoo Asian Studies. Sex sells, so sex spells. He performed an on-air exorcism on Dietrich to break this spell, saying “begone, Demon”! Let them pray to their chosen Lord of Darkness and The Flesh. I am praying to the God of Universal Love that this will be the end of this nonsense with Douglas Dietrich and Darrell Hamamoto. Between all of us praying to all of the gods, maybe we can get this insane posse of clowns to stop their ridiculous rants.

Why is that Douglas Dietrich can confess to murders on air, but the police never investigate? Is it to do with accomplice Brandon Young’s statement that his occultist family “owns” the police department?

Further spinning his web of deceit, Douglas Dietrich makes the claim that YouTube and LinkedIn existed in 1995, back when I started a company at 22 to make it easy for people to create Web pages. Before I wrote HotDog it was hard to even put an image on a web page, let alone streaming video. There was video technology from RealNetworks (Rob Glaser) and Broadcast.com (Mark Cuban), but nothing like YouTube. This is historical revisionism once more.

Like most of this gentleman’s statements, a couple of seconds on Google is all it takes to prove his fraud:



Mr Dietrich also told his audience that I am not educated like himself. I’m not sure anybody is! See his “bio bomb” for the many stories about what he was doing when he was 16.

When I was 16 I attended Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and graduated 3 years later with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration. Their Vice Chancellor requested a meeting with me on his recent visit to San Francisco.


I had to provide the US Government with details of my education for my visa:


Mr Dietrich also claimed that I am not Australian. It shows he does not even do the most basic level of research on what he talks about on air; my nationality is no secret, you can read about it at my Wikipedia page or on LinkedIn. I became an Australian citizen in 1996, and was a state finalist for Young Australian of the Year.


C’mon, Douglas! You challenged my education and nationality, you challenged Richard Cole to produce documents proving his military service. We’ve responded with proof. Now where is yours?

[Update 10/22/16]

Sadly, Professor Darrell Hamamoto’s exorcism of the “demon Steve Outtrim’s magic spell” from renegade historian Douglas Duane Dietrich failed like America’s nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Demon is still on air and possessed. And without documents. Here’s a brief summary of what he said on tonight’s show:

His transsexual escort adopted “son” (pardon me if that’s not the right term) gave lifelong bachelor Douglas Dietrich a couple of prostitutes for a 50th birthday present.

"happy birthday, daddy! Thanks for using my services so many times for years that I could save up to get a sex change"

“happy birthday, daddy! Thanks for using my services so many times for years that I could save up to get a sex change” . Image: Facebook

Defense Department ABOVE TOP SECRET Librarian and Marine Corps convicted murderer Douglas Dietrich has had a falling out with UC Davis Professor Darrell Hamamoto since my update to this post 2 days ago. Beefs spring up quick, in this particular shadowy corner of the Internet. Perhaps the way Jan Irvin responded to Darrell Hamamoto’s baseless accusations by outing Trineday and other publishers as nests of CIA-sponsored authors – coincidentally, all very vocal public critics of Jan personally (but never presenting evidence challenging his work) – has led to a hasty re-think of their recent battle plan.

Apparently Professor Hamamoto has been suspended without pay from UC Davis. His current University web site talks about white supremacy, and in the last update I linked to reviews of his classes by multiple students from the last 5 years…so this could be Yet Another Dietrichism. If true, then it must be very recent, so it is probably related to Darrell Hamamoto’s frequent appearances on the Douglas Dietrich show. He went on Alex Jones and Jan Irvin’s shows and seemed to do just fine.

He got his education in Long Beach, home of Snoop Dogg…who also made pornos. That explains the Pimp Cup on his University profile page…but what about the “gerbil derby”? Sounds like animal cruelty, or a bizarre fetish. Hey, not saying that a porn producer with a pimp cup who likes gerbils would be into fetishes or kink, or anything…that’s cray-cray.


I don’t know what you heard about me…

Future guests with careers on tenterhooks who are considering going on the Douglas Dietrich hate speech troll show, I suggest you read this post in its entirety first. Think for yourself, and question Douglas. Click the links here for references and documents, Google any of the claims he makes, then Google any of the claims I make.

Other trolls, best be on yo’ game if you gotsta run wit da big dogs!


On his most recent show Douglas Dietrich said “people who think the United States won World War 2 are the same as people who think the earth is flat”.

I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news to people like Douglas Duane Dietrich who hate the United States of America, but this statement is false. Red Ice TV had a fascinating episode last weekend about the Back To The Future timelines, but I don’t think there are too many others sharing the Douglas Dietrich parallel. Even Flat Earthers understand that the team with the occupying bases 70 years later is the team that won the war, and the team that paid billions in reparations and had all their cities destroyed is the one that lost.


Perhaps even Darrell Hamamoto understands that now. Although he does think Burning Man is a Social Science Laboratory – and he is a Professor of Social Sciences at one of the closest Universities to Burning Man, He calls it the modern version of Japanese Internment camps. Sorry prof, I’ve been to Angel Island many times, there’s no Orgy Dome. Bliss Dance was on Treasure Island…but now it’s at the MGM in Vegas.

bliss dance treasure island

Bliss Dance, by Marco Cochrane

Bliss Dance, by Marco Cochrane

Artist Marco Cochrane...legend. Art that respects women, instead of demeaning them as sex objects

Artist Marco Cochrane…legend. Art that respects and celebrates the amazing power of women, instead of demeaning them as sex objects for a few dollars

Douglas Dietrich says that “his entire life is a Truman Show” and “this is a golden opportunity to explain to people the workings of psyops”. Not really, this is a pretty lame attempt at it from a crew of buffoons.

Taboo Bros aka Daniel Arola. Dude, mind control much? Image: Facebook


One of Little Dougie’s comments about me was that I have displayed a “monumental ignorance of the psyops field” , and at the same time everything I do is based on the instructions I was given by my psyop specialist handlers. What a paradox!

In my opinion it’s too early for anyone in the audience to tell, I haven’t yet finished my series Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a case until you’ve heard all the evidence. As is his signature style, Douglas Dietrich has jumped to a conclusion of his own invention that is not supported by facts, evidence, or anybody else outside his Troll Gang. I don’t think the people reading this would be surprised to learn that! But it was surprising to me to learn that this post still gets dozens of views per day, and is perhaps my only old post that is growing in daily views. That may be because as Mr Dietrich claimed in this last show “a lot of homosexual prostitutes are talking about Douglas Dietrich”. They were saying “Douglas Dietrich is going to be fryed – that meant “they were going to send a Japanese American patriarch against him” and “this is why you cannot trust so many Asian-Pacific Islander Americans”.

A small but significant step in the spiritual journey of a french fry: 'I am not junk!'

Here’s some near-real-time commentary from Douglas’ chat room and official Facebook page. He keeps referring to all the stuff he’s saying about me on his personal Facebook page, but since I am blocked from that I can’t comment on it. Generally it seems he is not scoring too well on user engagement, despite all the homosexual prostitute hackers on his Troll Team. One of the Canadian intelligence agents that Professor Darrell Hamamoto talked about as invading the US is still supporting Douglas Dietrich, despite this latest controversy over his academic credentials and integrity. Of course, “Zoraah Juin Fu Mock” may not be a real person. They seem to have the same unique manner of expression as Doug.








Darrell Hamamoto’s disdain for bloggers and YouTubers is at odds with his public Facebook page, where he boasts about being a “YouTube Celebrity” and that his major academic contribution is “New World Order Theory”. Which makes sense given who has funded his past academic work. I guess if you are an academic and people recognize you walking down the street from your YouTube work, you become a “recognized academic authority”. What, exactly is his theory on the New World Order? That there is one? How ground-breaking.








Luckily, we have a large and rapidly growing fan base compared to these clowns. Their mission of disinformation is fizzling out before it gets very far.


One of our fans sent these from Douglas Dietrich’s personal (blocked to me) Facebook account. They contain threats from one of Douglas Dietrich’s henchmen, Daniel Arola:


Douglas Dietrich is now using his lies to interfere with my relationship with Facebook. He claims that his failure to connect on Facebook is actually because he refused my sexual advances in 2012.



Homophobia and lies once more.

For the sake of argument, let’s entertain the possibility that an Australian citizen who lives in the US on a work visa was really a Department of Defense former child spy being handled by a British Army Major on behalf of a retired CIA colonel who was really a Scottish Baron…and that this elaborate operation was necessary to challenge the claims of Douglas Dietrich that he burned the maps of the Presidio bunkers. Even then, The Powers That Be don’t approve of the “n—-r” and “f—-t” and “c–t” words, or his constant homophobia and anti-Americanism. YouTube and Facebook are able to fact-check, and they know hate speech when they see it. This is 2016, not 1956.

Douglas Dietrich’s producer accomplice Laura Lee Solomon says that Professor Darrell Hamamoto was “whiny about not being in the spotlight the whole time”, and “petulant” because of planetary positions. She wouldn’t describe Douglas as petulant and whiny? Does she listen to the show? Let’s hope that Darrell Hamamoto becomes the “new Steve Outtrim” in future episodes of Douglas Dietrich’s nocturnal emissions.


Crossing swords again

The producer’s comment proves the story that Douglas Dietrich fired Darrell Hamamoto over their holocaust revisionism debate to be false. Professor Hamamoto quit.

What's the 1st Law of Holes?

What’s the 1st Law of Holes?

[Update 10/24/16]

I just got back from a charity fundraiser for John Perry Barlow, author of The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace. Click here to donate to his health and recovery fund.

In the Uber on the way over I was able to catch some of Douglas Dietrich’s appearance tonight on Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy. A very “alien-friendly” show (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

photo by Trey Ratcliff

photo by Trey Ratcliff

Many of the topics already covered in this post were discussed, with details varying again in Douglas Dietrich’s account of his own exploits.

Dietrich Troll Gang accomplice Brandon Young had a few words to say to me in the chat room. I shared a link to this post under my own name since chat room seems to be this gang’s preferred method of communication…but my comment didn’t show up in the YouTube chat feed at all. I was obviously pre-blocked. I was able to slip through their censorship with another account;  who knows where this chat stream is now. Other audience members were Googling Douglas Dietrich’s claims for themselves, and quickly proving them to be wrong. For example he claimed that Hillary Clinton and assassinated Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto were room-mates in college. Hillary Clinton was born 6 years earlier and went to Wellesley College to the west of Boston in Norfolk County from 1965-1969 and then Yale in Connecticut; she was not accepted into a sorority, and instead became a Rockefeller Republican. Bhutto went to Harvard’s Radcliffe College in Middlesex County from 1969-1973 and then Oxford. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest fraternity in the U.S.

Both of these details are right at the top of their Wikipedia pages, but facts are just a nuisance to the Douglas Dietrich research methodology.


Even if they could have met each other in 1969, how many 22-year old college girls are hanging out with 16 year olds – in the Sixties?

In fact, Hillary Clinton in her autobiography specifically said “Bhutto was the only celebrity I had ever stood behind a rope line to see” (when she met her in 1989). Who lines up with the crowd to reconnect with their college room-mate? Later, in her official statement after Bhutto’s death, she said “I came to know Mrs. Bhutto over many years, during her tenures as Prime Minister and during her years in exile.”


Benazir Bhutto getting to know Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in Pakistan in 1996

More shows, more lies, more debunking required. It’s good to know the audience are waking up too. This woman could use some better lighting and makeup. Is she wearing a hospital gown?



file-oct-24-11-49-27-pm   file-oct-24-11-50-00-pm





He really wanted to clarify that his dad was mafia and a Satanist. [Update: then he really wanted to clarify that his Dad was NOT mafia or a Satanist, but other family members were mafia and Wicca]. Brandon Young insists that he himself is a Satanist occultist, and his grandfather was OSS during World War II…in Vichy France, the Nazi collaborators who welcomed Hitler with open arms in lieu of fighting. Both of my grandfathers fought against the Nazis in World War II in France and Germany, so forgive me if Nazi sympathizer Satanists occultists don’t impress me. The actual gangsters I have met in life don’t go around tweeting about it, even if their dad was a low-level hotel chain employee. We all know what doormen do, just like we know what limo drivers do and what escorts do and what Satanists black magick occultists do. Perhaps Brando’s Dad Kenny got special tips for his service to CIA director and Knight of Malta George Bush Sr, and other high level spooks and occultists.


Image: Twitter

What I have been able to verify so far has not confirmed any of Brandon Young’s story that his father is a mafia kingpin. He was a doorman for many years and now drives a towncar. Perhaps Brando’s “PM” will clear things up for all of us. He demanded on air that Richard Cole produce proof of his military service, which he has. It’s time for Brandon Young to produce some documents of his own, if he wants to be considered with any credibility in cyberspace.

Brandon Young is was a fan of Bertrand Russell, from the Dukes of Bedford Russells who started Skull and Bones at Yale and the Tavistock Institute in the UK. They built their mind control systems on top of technology obtained from the Indian drug/slave trade over centuries. Then they came up with this “obey the United Nations or it’s nuclear annihilation” global control model that we are still threatened with today.

Brandon Young says he’s no longer a Bertrand Russell fan, but still a Satanist occultist, and a Catholic too. It’s hard to keep up, but it sure sounds like he’s on the side of evil and the Devil to me. Perhaps I’m wrong, and he can comment here pointing to something good he’s done.

He certainly seems like another spooky guy with intelligence, Defense Department, and occultist ties, who somehow wound up on the Internet in the gang of ex-military, ex-Department of Defense, ex-CIA occult librarian Douglas Dietrich. CIA being the acronym for some Oakland night stick company.

Brando said he was going to “PM” me but I didn’t receive any private message in about 5 hours. How long does it take this guy to write a message? Does he have to philosophize it first? Maybe the psyop team has to meet and brainstorm it in the morning. Or perhaps this Satanist occultist OSS Opus Dei Illuminati Mafioso Philosopher meant “post mortem”, as yet another threat of violence from this gang.

Get thee behind me, Satan. You’ll love the smell back there.

CLAIM # 31 Douglas Dietrich Wrote “The Neutron Bomb” for Michael Aquino

In the Tuesday October 25 2016 show, Douglas Dietrich said he wrote Michael Aquino’s paper “The Neutron Bomb” for him. An interesting theory, given Dougie’s unique and instantly recognizable writing style.

The Neutron Bomb was Dr Aquino’s PhD dissertation at UC Santa Barbara. He published it in 1980 and updated it in 1982. In 1980 Little Dougie was a 14 year old Tenderloin street kid getting a nanoblood transfusion. According to Douglas Dietrich’s own resumé, he did not start working at the Presidio until either 1983 or 1984.


Source: xeper.org, MIchael Aquino curriculum vitae

That's one hell of a bus ride!

That’s one hell of a bus ride! There weren’t any closer post-graduate students in need of a 14 year old assistant?

[Update 10/26/16]

Now Dietrich accomplice Brandon Young is demanding money:  $500,000. At the same time he demands that I act like a gentleman, and denies statements he made about himself on Douglas Dietrich’s show. He says his Dad is not mafia but his uncle was – Gordon, I called him George. His fiancé not his girlfriend was Wicca not a Satanist; his family are multi-generational Freemasons not Satanists.

I have made the amendments and corrections he requested, a gentleman lives by his word and his deeds.





I never called the Ritz Carlton a low level hotel – although it’s hardly the St Regis. A doorman is definitely a low-level employee in a large international hotel chain like that. Is Brandon admitting here that his Dad is actually a Lifetime Actor, more than just a doorman…and the “friends and advisors” behind him are pulling the strings of these puppets?

He does seem to be admitting that Douglas Dietrich is not a good guy. Hmmm, ya think?

As a show of good faith, I have modified this story to make all the corrections and updates Brandon requested. It is amusing that he thinks calling him a Satanist is defamation, since he is a regular on a show accusing me of being one. Brandon has never met me and obviously knows nothing about me. Anybody can watch this video or this one if they think I am a Satanist.

Brandon, I’ll make you a deal – here, in public, I am not interested in private meetings or conversations with you trolls. Look at what happened to others who went for coffee.

Here’s the deal: you and your accomplice Douglas Dietrich stop involving me in any more of your shows, and I will stop debunking your lies by updating this post. Presumably that is what you mean by “stalking”.

There is a gang of you and you slander me in public for hours on a radio show twice a week. I have been accused of hiring a hitman, being a Satanist, not being an Australian, planning a fake suicide plot, using prostitutes, working for the Defense Department and Michael Aquino – almost all of these are things that Douglas Dietrich admits to in his own resume! And none of them are true. You said your uncle was a hitman, it turns out he’s the guy who ran all the heroin into Martha’s vineyard too. I have the recordings of everything you’ve said about me and your family on Douglas Dietrich’s shows. You want to meet me in court and get a judge to work out who owes whom here? I will play 6 months of tapes and you will either produce evidence to prove that your claims were true and mine are false, or pay me and my lawyers.

That’s probably why Douglas invited Brandon Young and Darrell Hamamoto on the show, to be his patsy. The patsy’s patsy, Douglas slanders me and they pay…while he basks in the attention like a sociopath. Follow the money, Douglas doesn’t have any…but somebody’s paying for his hooker habits.

By disputing his own statements, Brandon forces me to find the audio to prove what they said. That might take a while, and I’m busy right now. Here’s the page of the book Brando’s talking about, which I bought but didn’t think worth mentioning in this post about Douglas Dietrich. He is page 280 of 300, it’s not in alphabetical order and it has indexes. It doesn’t confirm any of Brandon’s stories in any way. People from my family were in books, so what? It’s not exactly Harry Potter…


Source: Boston Irish by Brett and Beggy

Here are some links to learn more about Arthur Young, Andrija Puharich from the Army Chemical Warfare Center and projects MKOFTEN and STARGATE.

In the October 29 2016 show, Douglas Dietrich said that I posted on the Burners.Me Facebook page that the recent CERN mock sacrifice ritual was a real sacrifice. Here’s the actual post, which catches Douglas Dietrich in a lie yet again. I also wrote about it at Tech Conspiracy.




[Update 11/2/16]

I have publicly demonstrated my behavior as a gentleman as a show of good faith in updating my account of Brandon Young’s statements. His response? Going on Douglas Dietrich’s November 1 2016 show to claim that he is now pursuing me criminally. What the crime is, was of course never stated; something about “being an immigrant”.

Quick summary of the “episode” [seems like the appopriate word]: Douglas Dietrich now claims that Darrell Hamamoto is the latest agent on the payroll of Michael Aquino, which is why he came on Douglas Dietrich’s show begging for money. YMMV. It’s amusing to hear a homeless guy give an economics lecture to Trump and Clinton. Quote of the episode: Douglas Dietrich “I’m Catniss with a sex change”

Brandon Young seems to be distancing himself from his own chat room comments, reproduced above; as well as his own messages to me, see above and below; not to mention his own statements about himself and his family on Douglas Dietrich’s show. In his messages to me on Twitter he seems to also be distancing himself from Mr Dietrich.

The chatroom comments were during a recent Project Camelot show where Douglas Dietrich was lying about Hillary Clinton and Benazir Bhutto being college roommates.

Brandon and Douglas both warned that “screenshots may be photoshopped”. The next thing will be “the Revolution Radio archives may be doctored, and anyone can create fake statements by splicing together words from other shows”. For the record, there are no doctored images here. We are trying to get to the truth, against a gang of proven liars. That’s why my comment in the chat was “people should Google what he’s saying for themselves”. Only liars would find a statement like that threatening.


Brandon Young had asked me if I would go on Patriot Outlaws or Unspun to discuss Douglas Dietrich with him, to which I initially agreed; but Mr Young has now demonstrated his true nature by his actions. He did not choose to respond to polite gentlemanly behavior with the same – which is really no surprise from a dark occultist. I see little point in further promoting this troll, who has no audience of his own. Ken Cole has suggested that I go on the Project Camelot show, which I am open to. Perhaps we can find better things to discuss there than just America’s Top America-Hating Liar Douglas Dietrich.


Brandon Young claimed that I edited his Twitter photo to take the Templar cross out:

“Templar training at 3 because He Man has a Maltese Cross on his chest. But you cropped that out of the picture”

As you can see, I did no such thing. It turns out he twice tweeted this toddler shot. Can you see a Maltese Cross on He-Man’s chest?

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter