Shadow History of Burners Part 6 – The Who Zoo

In the latest installment of my Shadow History series with Jan Irvin at Gnostic Media, we take a look at who the people are behind this project. Is it really “an unemployed landscaper, an art model, a struggling photographer, a dot-com PR gal, an aerobics instructor, and a signmaker”, as Brad Wieners said in Outside Online? Or is there more to the story? Why is there only one person in the Burning Man staff list who admits to having a military background?

Download the powerpoint with notes and citations here.

Please download the video and repost it, previous episodes of this series have been subjected to YouTube censorship, despite the non-profit and educational nature of our analysis which falls squarely under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act. Somebody doesn’t want this story getting out…

See the other episodes in the series here.

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  2. ‘Standing rock and Burning man
    Like Burning man, the camp venue located on government land in a remote area with adverse environmental conditions (excessive desert heat or freezing winter conditions) which is great for inducing trauma for the ‘Hero’s journey’ ritual for new age “green warrior Water Protectors.

    These Water protectors were officially ritualized via smudging ceremony’s in sweat lodges by tribal priests. A friend of mine went to standing rock on a go fund me budget and he took part in these rituals. Over 10.000 people mostly Caucasian passed through the camp over the short time it was there. The tribal elites /elders were camped out in secluded sites that the masses were not allowed in.

    How will it go with thousands of LSD/MDMA dosed up ravers showing up to the standing rock camp naked and ready for drum circles with hula-hoops vodka redbulls and incense looking for some Native American spirituality to help them evolve as humans? Drugs and Alcohol were banned in all of standing rock camps but most of the members ended up going and staying at the Indian reservation CASINO for a few drinks and a quick gamble along the opposing security forces as well. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out at the Burn.

    Drugs and Alcohol were banned in all of Standing rock camps but most of the members ended up going and staying at the Indian reservation CASINO for a few drinks and a quick gamble along the opposing security forces as well. Ceremonies dominated the days and nights so how will this go with thousands of dosed up ravers running in the camp naked with drums and hula-hoops and redbull looking for some Native American spirituality to help them evolve as humans? I guess the Tribal elders will have to get used to it.

    American and British Empire have been manipulating Native Americans since America’s inception using bribing, manipulation. Weaponized anthropology used the Native American theme for native revivalism during the CIA run counter culture in the 60’as well.

    Clearly the Standing rock Movement was controlled on both sides by the top for various agendas. Of course there were all of the well-meaning people at the bottom helped build the camps but leaders like David Archambault II who is a proud owner of his very own gas station —the Cannon Ball Pit Stop. He must have made a killing off of this protest selling gas alone. )

    David was the one who called off the camp and told everyone to go home in December which pretty much broke up the camp. This included the short useless stay of the large group of soldiers who showed up to partake in a ritual, get smudged, apologize to the tribes and go home few days later. Business carried on as usual for DAPL and the pipeline was completed on time.

    The standing rock Sioux Tribe owns the casino who housed both water protectors and law enforcement which does not make sense if both sides are at war with each other.

    Standing Rock Sioux Tribe symbol (8 pointed star) actually represents the Mesopotamian God Shamash, attributed in planetary form to the Sun. Or sun god. This symbol is of importance not only in that it draws from Chaldean religious and esoteric roots, which goes back to Egypt. It represents a masonic order Also known as the Chaos Star (see also: Ordo ab Chao – “Out of chaos, order”).

    Is Standing Rock coming to Burning Man to promote the upcoming political heated globalist authoritarian ‘green ‘agenda 21 climate change movement or just clean water for the people? The American Indian theme spiritual prayer camp provides a non-Christian form of earth warship spirituality with white guilt attached to it so the new merger with Burning Man fits the bill. In reality Native Americans are very religious people.

    With all that said it no surprise that standing rock crew will be at burning man. Earth warship, drums and rituals fueled by white guilt and cashed up millennials who all traveled on fossil fuels to get to BM. The question is which god are they praying to and for which purpose? Are they praying for clean water or a carbon tax for the elite?

    The Standing rock camps were segregated. ‘Nonnative American tribal Water protectors were only allowed to stay in camps separate from the “high up tribal members” So how will this play with the Burning man camp? Lots of rules were in place in these camps that conflict with the BM 10 principals

      • Now those that go to the BM radical ritual will be nudged / ritualised into the standing rock ritual resulting in the synthesis of the new Burner politically correct ethos (all burners now must endorse the borgs version of the standing rock ethos that goes way beyond protecting water. The BM SR combo will follow the masonic/occult infected tribal leaders suggestions without questioning. We cant forget the pavlovian conditioning linked to all of those who watched the well published new clips and (Time magazine cover) evil black uniforms beat down the water protectors aids in the mind control trauma. The borg Burners need to be updated with new PC propaganda every year. What next? Maybe the borg will tell the Native high priests to ritualise the acceptance of GM corn at the next BM.

    • CIA asset Gloria Steinem spoke out (41:06) with the Standing Rock crew at a bank divestment rally to promote city councils to divest from Wells Fargo bank. If If you watch this link from an outside anthological prospective, you will see that the elite are clearly using the native Americans again for the archaic revival in conjunction with ” woman’s rights” with the with the new weaponized agenda 21 style climate change ‘green’ global warming movement.
      The banks control all sides: Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) has been recognized for its actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the business risks of climate change by CDP, an international, not-for-profit environmental organization that gathers information for investors.

      Wells Fargo bank which is actually going to make billions off of interest from the carbon tax. Wells Fargo are huge players in the carbon trading scheme and will make much more money off off the carbon tax. They own the oil and are heavily invested in carbon trading scheme Taxing us on our breath will be much more lucrative then oil. So they are getting making money off oil while at the same time getting everyone to protest for the carbon tax otherwise known as taxing humans for living.

  3. On a different topic… the BRC site was a lake until the end of June. The playa’s surface is dry now, but how far down is the saturation level? That’s anyone’s guess, but my guess is about 2 feet. How many feet down to large-scale structures anchor into the playa?

    Also, there’s always about a 10% chance of heavy rain during the event. What if the playa returns to a lake during the event that requires weeks to dry out?

  4. Some time when I have a few days to spend, I’ll watch these videos of yours. I’m sure they will be entertaining.

  5. The story is actually very simple – Authoritarians vs (happy) Anarchists. The authoritarians saw what the anarchists handed to them, and viewed it all as a way to make a living and control the narrative while co-opting the cultural aesthetic and surface cultural behaviors, then repackaging those things as a brand to sell to normal 9-5’ers in a neat and safe holiday experience (run on sentence, fuck you I don’t care!).

    And all they had to do was pull out of their asses enough organization skill roughly equal to a mid-sized film production. It got easier year after year because the authoritarian mindset is to automate – wash, rinse, and repeat = profit.

    Notice how the community is dead now, no one really gives a shit anymore. Look at ePlaya = dead. Where are people now communicating about the event? Perhaps Facebook, but what kind of retard still has a Facebook account? BM is a shell of a shell of a reflection of a reflection of its origins.

    Burning Man is FAKE NEWS.

    • I think you make some good points. In my opinion what you’re talking about is more accurately a description of Burning Man over the past 10 years.

      In 2014, when our BURNILEAKS revealed things like VIP tickets for high rollers and BMorg directors running $20k/night hotel camps, it appears that BMorg’s response was to heavily crack down on the online community. At the same time that Danger Ranger doxxed me, there was a mysterious “coup” on the Burning Man Facebook Group, the only other independent BM community. All the admins were kicked out, replaced with someone who worked for Burning Man, someone who worked for Facebook, and other mods who were BMorg loyalists.

      The administration of the Facebook group then took a bizarre twist, with posts about musical performances at Black Rock City or fundraising for camps or art projects all being banned – while an endless series of irrelevant “is this art?” posts were just fine. For a while I was even told I couldn’t post stories about Burning Man there, but one of the friendlier admins eventually relented.

      Our contributor here Nomad Traveler reported being approached directly by the BMorg Minister of Propaganda around that time to “come in for a chat”. This is evidence that their Fake News team was deliberately targeting users of this site, and others who expressed negative opinions online, to try to assimilate them into the Borg ideology. He refused, being older, wiser, and more cynical – but I can see how many starry eyed Kool Aid drinkers would be just thrilled to come into HQ and drink some kombucha.

      After the coup and doxxing, “tongue up the BMorg butt” sites like Burn.Life and Burn After Reading magazine got extra promotion and free tickets from the Org. This has not been particularly effective, Burn After Reading still only has 3100 followers. Burn.Life did slightly better with 5970, but even he seems to have woken up from the Org trance now after seeing how out of touch they are with the true Burner community at the last GLC.

      Our own Facebook group has more than doubled since the time, we have 273,000 followers on Facebook today. But something has been done to Shadow Ban Burners.Me on Facebook; our posts used to organically reach hundreds of thousands, as you would expect with hundreds of thousands of followers; now even if I boost the post for $20 it barely gets to 20,000 people. It is impossible to prove that something untoward was done to me by Facebook in collusion with BMorg, but I can’t think of any other explanation.

      I also see amazing parallels in the liberal CIA-driven Operation Mockingbird Fake News #CNNblackmail situtation we have in the Default world today, and BMorg’s attempts to control and spin the Burner narrative. I have shown how Burning Man is used by the military as a testing and prototyping ground for technologies and techniques (such as flash mobs) that are later employed by The Man in real world operations.

      When Larry discussed the essential needs of any city with highly decorated USAF intelligence agent Stuart Mangrum, they said coffee, a newspaper, and bathrooms were the key to civilization. It’s obvious what they really meant were those things, controlled by them.

      The end result of their quashing any dissent combined with massive ticket price hikes (in the name of non-profit) has been to decimate the community of Burners who actually made this event amazing and world famous, casting them aside for young, dumb, and full of coin RV Supermodel Raver types. They even started their own airline to facilitate this. The Burning Man Project goes to new heights, with collaborations with Oxford University and famous Council on Foreign Relations members and Satanist witch Katy Perry. Bigger, more famous, more influential, more fresh meat for transformations in the Machine. Yay for them! Meanwhile, for We The Burners, the culture of Black Rock City is barely recognizable from 2007. BMorg even conveniently came up with a label to dismiss us with, “After-Burners”.

      I think this goes beyond hypocrisy or a lack of care. I think it is a deliberate plan to aim the Machine of Burning Man on target demographic profiles who The Man desires to have “transformational experiences” a la The Changing Images of Man – built around BM fave contributor Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In earlier episodes we have discussed this project from defense contractor SRI.

      In this experiment in temporary community, is it the citizens who make up the city? Or is it The Man? There are no elections. There are no Burner representatives on the Board. They took financial transparency away, while ironically proclaiming themselves a new leader in financial transparency.

      Larry Harvey is fond of saying that Burning Man could be the model of government for the New World Order. A total dictatorship, run by Fake News and deliberate attacks on dissenters, where only a select few are allowed to make money, and everyone else has to live on edge-of-survival conditions, but don’t care because they are pumped full of free hallucinogenic drugs and immersed in an environment of flashing lights and thumping beats.

      Who is running this Project? What is its purpose? One thing they’ve been very clear about, it ain’t entertainment.

      • Just to add a coda: after I would not play ball with them they drove me off FB, wanting my real name, etc. So they are well-connected there. But it also taught me a lot about FB, and is why I don’t use it anymore. It is scary to see how intrusive it is in trying to build a profile, freely open to mischief or malicious use. “Perhaps Facebook, but what kind of retard still has a Facebook account?”
        Not me. 🙂

        All in all, I know what a good burn is, and I am always looking to partake and possibly take our theme camp there. But the Borg has clearly shown what a bad burn is. We have two big burn-type events in the NYC area, Gratitude Migration, and You Are So Lucky. Both are competing for those high ticket prices, never asking the important Figment question, “What are you bringing?” …besides money.

        • BTW, my WordPress name here is not “Nomad Traveler” because that name – that I originated on FB – has somehow been taken on most social media sites ever since I became a problem to the Borg.


        this group began after many people felt physically, sexually, verbally and mentally assaulted at Nowhere 2017.

        many wish to add “consent” as a principle, but we feel the problem is respect in general. not only sexual and physical respect, but respect for the mind, soul, spirit and life force of other human beings.

        we witnessed large amounts of verbal assault (yelling, scolding, swearing, screaming, cat-calling, shaming) which is abuse as well- psychological and mental.

        as burning man grows worldwide, much discussion has been floating around about adding an 11th principle at most regional events: some have already adopted an 11th or 12th.

        i do not think it’s necessary, but physical and emotional abuse/assault has no place at a burn, so this must be discussed.

        culturally these growing burns have a huge mix of people from different countries with unique attitudes towards:

        1. sexuality and consent, manipulation and being able to take “no” as an answer gracefully

        2. emotional, verbal abuse (yelling, taking out anger on others, dramatic outbursts when stressed).

        3. gifting YOURSELF when help is needed!

        this may be confusing, but checking on others who are not “self-reliant” yet and may be psychically in danger or ill.. gently asking others if they are OK (even with your eyes) teaching by example, lending a hand if someone is struggling, watering those who look dehydrated, picking up moop that is not yours.. teaching through example (chasing after someone who drops moop, handing it to them instead of ignoring it)..

        this must be deeply discussed as the event grows. after many burns between 1996-2016 i have become aware of a huge difference between the character, actions, reactions, respect and instinct of people coming from various cultures. some cultures have more polite ways of saying NO, others are harsh, different languages cause confusion and mixed messages..

        please spread this group (mainly to discuss non-sexual issues –besides the ability to back off gracefully– there are groups for that..) for dialogue about verbal and emotional abuse, destruction, damage and disrespect of personal property and art (in non-pranky ways) cultural differences and ways we can improve our beloved Nowhere and other events.

        we believe in burning man and would like to spread our way around the world. x

        thank you.”

        I hope you have discussed all this with your therapist, or the police.

        BTW, the 11th Principle is Gratitude.

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