“Nothing For Sale On The Playa”: 2017 Burning Man Vendor List

I had to file a FOIA request to get Burning Man’s vendor list, even though I spoke to the BLM’s Winnemucca office some time ago and they initially told me it would be no problem to provide it. Somehow that got intercepted, just like the arrest statistic information seems to have been. Maybe #Chocotacogate caused a distraction.

Perhaps it is time to stop the charade that Black Rock City is a world where nothing is for sale except ice and coffee. I count 84 different vendors, none of whom appear to be selling those products. In addition we have BMOrg ($40 million+), the Feds ($4 million), the State ($3.6 million), the Counties (hundreds of thousands)…and whatever black market activity might be going inside a Utopian pleasure city of 80,000 people…and about $100 million being added to the local economy from all the Burners hitting up the casinos, Wal-Marts, gas stations, CostCos and Whole Foods on the way.

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  3. Kudos, burnersxxx, for obtaining this list of vendors. The BLM website states the BLM managers are to give requested information, wherever it is possible and not requiring of too much time, without the need of a formal FOIA request. They should have supplied the list, and the details of the three per cent levies of each vendor, without the need of a formal FOIA request. Now Burners know of which vendors to contact to lease a RV that is delivered to the playa for them, in addendum of Burners knowing of which vendors supply the plug and play camps.

    Most of the vendors are familiar, but what is Event Productions? Is it a company whom supplies audio and visual systems to the sound camps? I might be incorrect upon this, but was a company with a similar name listed as affiliated with the Borg within one of their prior 990 forms?

    Any Burner might do this and pen an article upon it, guest posts are most welcome at Burners.me, after each Burning Man the Winnemucca Field Office pens a summary report upon the festival. My belief is, in addendum, there is a Power Point presentation given to their managers within the BLM in Washington, D.C. My belief is that would make a most interesting article might any Burner desire to obtain either of these documents, it should be easy peasy of the BLM to supply. This is something the Reno Gazette Journal should do, might they permit their Burning Man reporter to do actual reporting.

    In addendum, my belief is details of the second cashout of the six Burning Man Project founders for the Burning Man Project of buying the trademarks and other IP of the history of Burning Man from them, is available might any Burner, or reporter, desire to walk into the Burning Man Project headquarters purposed to gain this information in the manner I stated within comments upon the How Much Do Burning Man Execs Get Paid post. My belief is their 2017 Ledger is, at present, outside audited and available to any person whom desires to obtain it, in due of California 501(C)3 law, with a liability listed upon it for the purchase of the trademarks and other IP of Burning Man. Guest posts are most welcome on burners.me, or the reporter may gain a byline upon many papers and websites whom have priorly reported upon Burning Man, might they desire to do so.

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  5. This is just a stupid post. Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. For the most part the actual event is decomodified. I guess you couldn’t find anything real to complain about.

  6. There’s also a huge black market happening on the playa every year. People bring out generators to lease out, and other big ticket items. Decommodification is for the little people.

    I just watched the Netflix doc on Rajneeshpuram. Crazy parallels to BM.

  7. What is your point to this article? The event doesn’t happen with someone driving out onto the playa throwing fairy dust around, or with a genie in a bottle requesting a party happen.

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