Burners.Me Now Synched To SteemIt and Sharpay

About a quarter of all sites on the World Wide Web run on WordPress, a phenomenal achievement from Billionaire 2 commas Burner Matt Mullenweg – although it is eclipsed by Burning Man chief technology guru Brian Behlendorf’s Apache which is running 38.2% of the Web (Jan 2018).

Anyone using WordPress should check out the plugin Steempress, which I’ve just installed here. Everything we post at Burners.Me will automatically get shared on Twitter, Facebook, and on the blockchain forever via Steemit.

Censorship and the “Internet 3” idea of paying you to use the software instead of stealing your data for advertisers is driving many people away from the “Internet 2” social media platforms. Steemit is the best of the new ones, and stories of people making more than $10,000 there just from posting, liking and sharing are now common. In 2 years one blogger made more than $127,000 and popular YouTuber #truther Titus Frost has made around $36,500. I’m not quite in their league, with around $420 in the last 6 months, but I am enjoying the uncensored platform and the friendly community there.

Speaking of smart, friendly, and tech-savvy community [drink!]…It’s 2018, why haven’t BMorg embraced crypto yet? Larry said they would when asked about it in 2013.

Steemit is the new Facebook, and Presearch is the new Google. We’ve also added the Sharpay sharing button. Just by sharing stories from here, you can now earn cryptocurrency. Gifting, meet Decommodification. Radical Self Reliance, meet Radical Self Expression. Communal Effort…well, you get my drift. It’s an economy without money, based on goodness and liking and sharing! We’re making the world a better place, and if we don’t succeed, at least everyone got paid while it happened. Internet 3 is the opposite concept of volunteerism or surveillance capitalism.


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4 comments on “Burners.Me Now Synched To SteemIt and Sharpay

  1. Looking for an alternative to MySpace, …er, I mean Facebook. Will see if Steemit can do this.

    • Steemit is great, you will enjoy it. Write a post introducing yourself to the community with introduceyourself as the first tag. Some people make more than $100 just from that. Images help.

  2. Every time you vote the recipient gets Steem dollarsz you can vote on posts and comments. So even if you don’t post, just by commenting you get Steem. This can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. If you have a payment gateway account like coinbase you can swap crypto for usd that you withdraw to your bank account

  3. Interesting stuff, I admit I haven’t heard of Steemit or Presearch before. I don’t think either will go very far, but them I’m not exactly known for my powers of prediction, particularly in tech.

    How does the money thing work on Steemit?

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