Rockstar Librarian 2018 – A Great Way To Help With Communal Effort, Gifting,and Radical Self-Expression

If it was up to BMorg, Burning Man would have no music and would be 100% transformational blowjob workshops. Fortunately we have about 1000 stages, 10,000+ DJs, and RockStar Librarian to help us ignore their foolish ideals.

This year, Rockstar Librarian wants to make the world a better place with music. Support her – if you like music at Burning Man, you will appreciate her guide which comes from a team of volunteers every year. Thank you so much to Rockstar Librarian and her team, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the DJs, art cars, and sound stages that have ever played at Burning Man – it’s you who makes the party.

If you’re going to support any art project this year, support the music.

Check out our collection of mixes from previous Burning Mans at our Music page.


Here’s Our Chance to Leave A Legacy

In order for an angel investor to fund the 2018 RSL Music Guide, we need to raise $11,000 for Josie’s Well/Water Access Now, a non-profit to build a safe water well in Ghana.

We have until August 15th to raise the funds and still get the Music Guide produced and to the playa.

So let’s work together to create the music guide, create lasting change in Ghana, and leave a legacy.

I’ve also streamlined my RSL contacts database so everyone gets the chance to get the Music Guide and notices.

The Why: The Story

I didn’t realize how powerful leaving a legacy was until I attended AfrikaBurn in 2017.

It was in the wee hours of the morning sunrise, sitting under the DMV’s red beduin tent while sipping South African boxes wine, that I engaged in philosophical conversations with AfrikaBurn founders Paul Fletcher, Paul Jorgensen and Robert Weinek.

In those wee hours we discussed, “What comes next, from Leave No Trace?”

These beautiful, gritty influencers had an intention: Leave a Legacy.

For AfrikaBurn it looked like this: save plywood from dismantled camps and build outbuildings for a local school; leftover non-perishable food to stock an orphanage’s pantry. “We have so much,” they all agreed.

Then earlier this summer I met an eleven year old girl named Josie, from Seattle, Washington area, who at age nine, raised the money to build her first well in Ghana.

She created her own non-profit, Josie’s Well, in partnership with the local non-profit Water Access Now, and now at age eleven, Josie has realized her vision threefold!

I recently shared both stories with a Burner friend of mine and Music Guide supporter. And on the spot he proposed a challenge:

If we rally the Burner community to raise $11,000 to build a well in Ghana, he’d fund the entire 2018 RSL Music Guide. 

If Josie can do it, WE can do this!

The HOW:

Your simple way of participating is key to making this happen.

* Make a tax deductible donation to Burn for Water: Leave a Legacy GoFundMe page
* Forward this email to tribes of Burner friends, campmates, and community
* If you have a following, please send this email to your email list
* Share the Burn for Water: Leave a Legacy GoFundMe Page on your social media

Let’s leave a legacy together!

Big Dusty Hugs,

Kate Houston,
the Rock Star Librarian
Share this message on your social media & forward in email:

PS. I have answers to your questions. So ask them!

  • Josie’s Well and Water Access Now are volunteer run and committed to transparency, passing donations directly onto building wells in Ghana.
  • Water Access Now has a sustainability plan in place so that wells don’t just get built and left in nonfunctional disrepair, and it includes community & civic investment & involvement.Your tax deductible donation goes directly to the charity.
Burn for Water: Leave a Legacy!

28 comments on “Rockstar Librarian 2018 – A Great Way To Help With Communal Effort, Gifting,and Radical Self-Expression

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    • Not unless there is a huge con (not unthinkable). English is clearly not A Ballanced Perspective’s first language. This is not a criticism. I’m lucky to write in one language and ABP makes himself understood. What I question is whether ABP is actually a Burner. He seems to have no understanding of the importance and power of Decommodification and analyses everything according to profit and loss.

    • lol. We have been in the same place at the same time…but we were not photographed by any paparazzi. He’s a very articulate fellow, with great command of the English language. As old school a Burner as it gets.

  2. Apology, this post, by burnersxxx, is desiring to assist Rockstar Librarian in gaining donations for their Burning Man Music Guide. Please donate towards the awesome cause.

    The comment, above, I desired to be in reply towards the troll comment, below, of ‘If you have a smoking gun, point it out’, in due of he ignores of the link towards the comments in regards of their two cashouts requesting of the BMOrg to disclose their payment for the Burning Man ™ trademarks near to the end of 2018.

  3. sfscribe, the Burning Man reporter, and editor, of the prior San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper, reported in regards to the public meeting on 1 April 2011 upon Burning Man changing from a for profit capitalistic business, upon which, Larry Harvey stated ‘Its time for the owners to come out of the shadows’, to a 501c(3) corporation ‘Yet Harvey and the other board members, such as Michael Mikel and Marian Goodell, insist that the board plays an important role in shepherding the event and the culture that has grown up around it, which is why they plan on waiting three years to turn control of the event over to the new nonprofit, the Burning Man Project, and another three years after that until they liquidate their ownership of the name and associated trademarks and are paid for their value.’ bold added Larry Harvey, and Micheal Mikel, stated near to the end of 2014 of the three years was changed to five years, and stated, again, of they will be paid for the value of the Burning Man ™ trademarks, and other IP of the history of Burning Man.

    The query, at present, is of what is the amount of cash that is to be paid, from the Burning Man Project, to their for profit Decommodification LLC, of which, the cash is then paid to the five BMOrg members, and Larrys estate, near to the end of 2018, for the valuable Burning Man ™ trademarks, and the IP of the history of Burning Man?

    The Burning Man ™ trademarks are most valuable of that John Law, a founder of Burning Man, sued the BMOrg for his share of the Burning Man ™ trademarks within 2007, or gift the trademarks to the Burning Man community. He settled, for an amount of cash that was most valuable, of that he did not talk of it, or Burning Man, again. And, the Burning Man ™ trademarks gained much value after 2007. The Burning Man trademarks are most valuable of that the BMOrg refuses to state the amount of cash they are to be paid in due of their trademarks, and they permit their moderators to lie, and troll, and, or, permit the lies, and trolls, of the appearances of that the trademarks are to be gifted to the Burning Man Project.

    The hypocrisy of the BMOrg in regards of this is most astounding. The DPW workers desire to be paid for their weeks, or month, or months of labour, Is 2018 the year Burning Man starts doing right by its workers, of which, the BMOrg states No. In addendum, the BMOrg pays little of their cash towards the playa artists, the artists, and their mates, pay most of the cost of the art, and the artists are most unhappy in regards of this.

    • Let’s do the math here. Why does Decommodification LLC exist. It exists so the board doesn’t have the temptation of using the IP for profit. That’s why they called it Decommodification LLC. So what is IP that is never to be used for profit worth? The founders could have exploited the IP for the last several years and haven’t. Was Larry being clever and saying “after I die I’m really going to cash in”? The first “cash out” as you call it, consisted of each of the founders taking $49,000 when they were entitled to $1.7 million. The value is in the event because that is where the money is generated. If they were going to “cash out” they should have done it then. The IP has no value because it isn’t supposed to be used for profit. So what you’ve proven with your very attractive blue link is that you are wrong and are unjustly accusing people who have behaved incredibly unselfishly of greed for which you have zero evidence. You owe them an apology. You owe the readers here an apology and you owe Rockstar Librarian an apology for tainting this cause with your lies and illogical paranoid speculation.

  4. Kudos to the Burners donating towards Rockstar Librarian and Kals Robots. This is what Burners should donate towards, assisting others whom have given much to the Burner community.

    Most Burners are not of the realization of the BMOrg pays little towards the cost of the art, and the temple, on the playa, the artists, and their mates, pay most of the cost of the art. The $500 tickets, or the $1200 tickets, pay little towards the art, the DPW workers building the city, and the Burners laboring within the BRC Rangers, Gate, or others, and their tickets pay zero dollars towards the sound camps, DJs, and others whom entertain the Burners whom buy the tickets. But, the five members of the BMOrg, and Larrys estate, in due of their own numbers, and statements, are taking many millions of dollars towards their pockets within their two cashouts, including of selling their valuable Burning Man ™ trademarks, and other IP of the history of Burning Man, to the Burning Man Project, of which, they prior stated it is to occur near to the end of 2018.

    Thus, Burners, please show gratitude towards the artists, the crews building the art, DPW labourers, the sound camps, the EDM and art mutant vehicles, and the numerous volunteers, they are not being paid for their labours from the near to fifty million dollars of ticket sales, and levies upon ticket sales, of which, Burners pay to attend the Burning Man festival.

    • “But, the five members of the BMOrg, and Larrys estate, in due of their own numbers, and statements, are taking many millions of dollars towards their pockets within their two cashouts, including of selling their valuable Burning Man ™ trademarks, and other IP of the history of Burning Man, to the Burning Man Project, of which, they prior stated it is to occur near to the end of 2018.”

      That’s a lie. Of the $1.7 million they each were due for turning the event into a non-profit they took $49,000 each. They have said they will donate the trademarks once they are certain the non-profit won’t exploit them. If they wanted to make millions they could have done that already by exploiting (commodifying) the intellectual property themselves. If you have evidence beyond speculation you should present it. If you don’t you should apologize. When Larry died he lived in the same rent controlled apartment he lived in when the event started. He never got rich. They are all getting old. What do you think they are waiting for? When you are happy doing what you are doing you don’t need to make more money. If that is hard for you to understand I feel sorry for you.These people all have full lives without riches. You sound like you are jealous of a fantasy you created in your mind. Try to do better.

      • The first sign of a liar is terming another person a liar, One Who Wants to Know, and your name prior of that name. When you quote a person, and state ‘If you have any evidence beyond speculation you should present it’, at the least, you should click, or press, the words in blue you quoted. The words in blue are termed a link, and the link provides the evidence in their words, and in their numbers. The link has more words in blue, of which, it is more links towards their words and numbers. Burners solely need to click, or press, the words in blue for the overwhelming evidence, of which, you ignore.

        • I did look at the links. They went to numbers that prove the opposite of what you said and more of the endless speculation that despite the numbers something nefarious is going on. You listed salaries of people who live is the second most expensive city in the world. Those salaries don’t add up to the millions you say the org members are takeing out there of the system. For San Francisco they are basically middle class. These are salaries for people who created and maintained one of the most successful events in the world. They all live middle class lifestyles. We grow older, the lies stay the same.

        • BTW, my understanding is Burnersxxx can afford to fund the RSL himself as well as support the cause associated with it. Instead he has chosen to ask his readers to give. I don’t have a problem with that but…glass houses you know.

          • It’s not enough for you that I create this site and gift it for free to the community? You expect that I should entirely fund peoples’ art projects too? “Gift me that, immediately!”

          • Thank you for this site, burnersxxx, it is much work, and it is near to the sole site upon which Burners might discuss items of which the Borg does not approve. It is quite the opposite of the Facebook group he assimilated for the Borg, new Burners on his site are not of the knowledge of they are being gaslighted, of constantly lied to, with solely the Borg Kool Aid permitted on his site, and of any Burner whom argues, in an effective manner, against the Borg Kool Aid is booted from the site.

          • Where else can one go to find the cost of a soul in San Francisco (red sucker – cinnamon?) or the Playa? (tee shirt, fortune cookie, and condom and of course a ticket to Burning Man was required in order to sell the soul) Or read dueling Burners and be treated to the circular logic of read what I wrote, if published it must be true. Finished with playground cries of “LIAR LIAR”
            I was once told “You have so much and I have so little”. So yes some might expect you spend your hard earned lucre in a manner they deem appropriate to make it clean and shiny.
            Been told where to go and offered rude sex conveyed with enthusiastic and repeated hand gestures. So take the offers that appeal to you.

        • The first sign of a liar is falsely terming another person a liar. Other signs are personal attacks, and falsely restating what was stated.

          This is the link of which he is falsely restating. Burners, reporters whom might desire to report upon these matters, playa artists whom desire the BMOrg pay more than solely a small amount towards the art, and the DPW workers desiring to be paid from the near to fifty million dollars of ticket sales, and of other levies, might view this link, and the other links, and do their own reporting, and arguements for their cause. The hypocrisy of the BMOrg to continue to hide, behind their silence, and permitting their moderators to repeat their Kool Aid, in regards to their payout for the Burning Man(tm) trademarks, and other IP of the history of Burning Man, while paying little cash towards the DPW workers, and towards the playa art, is most astounding. The BMOrg is most welcome to do a full disclosure in regards of these matters.

          • Wait, so what you are saying is you don’t like Burning Man’s model. You don’t agree that artists and those putting on the event should gift their efforts. You don’t believe in the powerful culture that forms when we all give and create the event without asking for anything. So basically you are saying Burning Man is bad because it’s Burning Man. For eight years I’ve volunteered for three or more hours a day to make the event great. I’m not connected to the org and I don’t get paid. I do it because, for fuck sake, something in this world needs to be about something other than about greed and money. WE DON’T WANT TO BE PAID!!!! That’s not what Burning Man is about. No one is getting rich off of Burning Man. You have never shown any evidence of people getting rich off of Burning Man. You are jealous of a phantom.

          • Another sign of a liar is putting false words into another persons mouth. Burners, or reporters, are solely of the need to click, or press, the numerous words in blue, for their words, and their numbers, supporting of what I have stated, and a manner of gaining more information upon these matters.

          • If you have found the smoking gun, point it out. Don’t just point to some stats it would take days to go through and don’t actually mean anything. Make your case. Point out the actual numbers that prove that you aren’t lying. Asking people to go to a long post and try to pull out some truth you are implying but not stating clearly is a conman’s trick. If you have a case to make. Lay it out clearly and concisely.

  5. What a great cause. What a great idea. Too bad you undercut your position by starting with a lie. Music of all kinds is welcome at Burning Man. Ignorant “festival kids” who don’t understand Leave No Trace and trash our home are not. Brodies who come to hear their favorite DJ and have no interest in the Ten Principles should find another venue for their hobby.

    Last year was a breakthrough. It seemed the message finally got through and the music venues were being much more responsible about getting the Leave No Trace message out to the newbies. The two communities seemed to find common ground and get much closer to being one.

    So why lie now? What’s the point of creating resentment and misunderstanding? Especially considering you are trying to raise money for a worthy cause. A word of advice from a professional fundraiser…revise your opening statement if you really care about this cause. Snark and bitterness aren’t a great look when asking for money.

    • >who don’t understand Leave No Trace and trash our home are not [welcome].
      Have you ever heard of the 10 Principles? One of them is called, Radical Inclusion. It’s your duty, as a salty veteran and representative of ‘our home’ to help these people to understand how to do it right.

      FYI: You’re not doing it right.

      • You are right. Of-course what you are ignoring is that I said there was great progress last year because the sound camps took responsibility for educating newbies. My criticism here was about undercutting a fundraising message with misplaced snark.

          • Obviously snark is appropriate with regard to almost anything Burning Man. It’s just not a great fundraising strategy.

          • You think I should use this blog strategically for fundraising? And I should make the language more commercial and sales oriented to maximize fundraising returns?

            You are everything that is wrong with Burning Man 2018. Fuck yer burn.

          • I am in agreement, he is everything that is wrong with Burning Man 2018. Is he still a moderator of the Facebook group he assimilated for the Borg? He is colluding with BMOrg social media moderators in regards to his lies, and his trolling, and they are not halting his lies, and his trolling. He states of he is not paid by the BMOrg, but, does he gain a ticket in quid pro quo in due of his labours, and he stated he has not raised donations for the BMOrg, most especially in regards to the Fly Ranch project, might Bear Kittay not agree?

        • I must confess, though, that my previous post is hypocritical. I no longer help people who are making mistakes out there. That stems from an experience with a campmate who started-up a 10k watt generator just to charge her phone. In the nicest possible way, I told her she can use my inverter running off my solar/battery setup. Then she got completely pissed off, shut the generator down and stormed off. And she was a complete bitch to me all week after that… So fuck ignorant. Most of them are ungrateful, inconsiderate fucks.

  6. What a great idea, to tie contribution to a Burning Man project with a charitable donation. More of this, please. You hear that, ya fuckin’ tech money glittery art car camp bullshit!?

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