BURNILEAKS: 2018 Bureau of Land Management Cost Recovery

Thanks to our source for obtaining this paperwork. Once again, the details of ticket sales are completely redacted. Why is this considered a State Secret?

BLM are expecting their 2018 costs to increase by half a million. BMorg want to know why.

Both the 2017 and 2018 events were oversold by several thousand tickets.

Charts and Tables

Pershing County generates 7,300 cubic yards of waste in a year. Burning Man generates more than that every day.







2 comments on “BURNILEAKS: 2018 Bureau of Land Management Cost Recovery

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  2. It all looks generally under control, although the event is way past due for a mass casualty tragedy. The funny figure is the ‘altered state’ increase 3x from the previous year.

    I’m in favor on the 10 mile concrete wall, just for shits and giggles. I don’t think 10 miles of wall exists in the entire state of Nevada. Even if it does, much of it would be reserved for highway use.

    My favorite ending to the event would be massive rain, sinking every vehicle into the playa. The National Guard would need to be called in to solve the humanitarian crisis. I would need to drink water just so I could pee myself laughing more.

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