Acton v Goodman – Judge Invites Plaintiff to Re-File

Judge Valerie Caproni has made a new ruling in the Southern District of New York. She threw out all Jason Goodman’s claims and admonished him.

Dave Acton has written about it on his new blog

Jason Goodman has claimed this as a victory:

As usual, Jason should have read the fine print. His victory dance may have been a little hasty, since the judge did grant one of the Plaintiff’s motions and also gave the Plaintiff permission to re-file his claim. She seems to acknowledge some merit to the claim, and her response gives a pathway to the pro se Plaintiff indicating what she is (and isn’t) looking for to move this case forward.

The judge called Jason Goodman’s accusations “wildly implausible” and “facially ridiculous”.

The judge is basically saying that Jason Goodman’s conspiracy theories are so far-fetched that nobody could take them seriously, and are specifically designed to deceive his own audience.

The judge specifically says that Goodman has not presented ANY evidence that supports ANY of his “outlandish” claims.

The Judge invited Dave Acton to file an amended complaint which addresses her concerns in the next 3 weeks:

We will update you when that next filing is made.

You can download the complete court document from Tracking Meroz.

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2 comments on “Acton v Goodman – Judge Invites Plaintiff to Re-File

  1. Is there future clarification over what Acton has had to say about Abel Danger as well as Praying Medic being controlled disinfo? I’ve always thought that Abel sounded “way out there” and definitely not as humble as one might assume – a bit theatrical and nearing the Alex Jones side, but it would make me sad if indeed he was closer to that side than previously assumed.

    • “Abel Danger” itself is fragmented. There are several:

      – Field McConnell is on channel Abel Danger Live. The true Abel Danger IMO.
      – David Hawkins was the “old” Abel Danger. He’s definitely a target of this lawsuit.
      – Lestat and co took over a channel now going by the name Abel Danger, and posing as if it is connected to Field. Field has denied anything to do with this channel.
      – the original “Able Danger”, a Deep State intelligence operation with LtCol Tony Shaffer. He is now at the London Center where Robyn Gritz claims to be a Senior Fellow but has never been listed on their web site.

      On Lestat’s recent livestream he said his activities got the Abel Danger channel a strike which bans them from further live streams for 3 months. Will the owner still allow them to use it as a slander platform? Will be interesting to see, all the details of who is behind it and who is uploading videos to it will be subpoena’d from YouTube in this lawsuit.

      I have no beef with Field but there’s no question that between him & Hawkins they have put tons of disinformation out. Hawkins and Lestat are malicious actors spreading fake news narratives and trying to manipulate the audience.

      I don’t see Praying Medic putting deliberate disinfo out. I like his Q decodes, I think he does a good job. He’s not in the same category as Abel Danger to me.

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