Cradle of MIR Artist Arrested; Do You Have a Picture of Sasha Mironov?

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Alexander 'Sasha' Mironov with a model of the MIR space station

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Mironov with a model of the MIR space station

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Mironov, artist behind The Cradle of MIR, is in jail in Los Angeles and needs any photos you may have of him at Burning Man.

The 38-year-old from Moscow, Russia was arrested by the California Highway Patrol at 10:20 PM on October 15th, 2013 on undisclosed felony charges. He was booked at the LAPD Pacific Division station near Los Angeles International Airport, and is currently being held in the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, California, which is part of the Pitchess Detention Center, aka ‘Wayside.’ Mironov has not been granted bail; as a foreign national he may be considered a flight risk, and U.S. Immigration has a hold pending on him.

Mironov’s friends on The Cradle of MIR project are calling for any photographs you may have of him, as they may help provide evidence of the artist’s innocence in the case.

Dim Borisov writes:

WE NEED PHOTOS. Your photos!

If you have a photo that was taken on Friday, August 30, the day of “Cradle of Mir” burn, that has Alex on it PLEASE send it to us as soon as you can! This will serve as evidence for where he was at that moment. We need the originals, with the date the file was created, so it is clear when the photo was taken. The photos should be dated August 30, 2013.

Please email your photo to:

Help us, PLEASE, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!

I can’t speak about any details publicly, as any extra information could lead to complications while the case is ongoing. At time we’re just asking for photos, the rest will be disclosed and put to rest hopefully sooner than later.

We don’t know what Sasha Mironov is accused of, or how guilty or innocent he might be, but with evidence the truth will surely out. . . so if Mironov looks familiar to you, please check your photographs and videos from Burning Man.

Mironov in San Francisco

Mironov in San Francisco

Mironov (left) at the Cradle of MIR build site; Burning Man 2013

Mironov (left) at the Cradle of MIR build site; Burning Man 2013


The Cradle of MIR, Burning Man 2013

The Cradle of MIR, Burning Man 2013

19 comments on “Cradle of MIR Artist Arrested; Do You Have a Picture of Sasha Mironov?

  1. This came from the Pershing County Sheriffs report off the Inside Northern Nevada newspaper “Alexander Mironov, 39, of Moscow, Russia, was booked on the charges of battery with attempt to commit sexual assault and abuse/neglect/endanger child with substantial bodily harm.”

  2. It would be helpful to know his approximate position and what was he wearing at the night of MIR’s burn. I have a few videos and some pics, but it’s hard to spot an unfamiliar person in the dark without having any details.

  3. Not a hoax, in the sense that you can find an Alexander Mironov in the LA County Inmate Locator web site ( and the listing corroborates the details posted here. However, if you want to get more information on the case from the LAC court system you’ll have to pay a few dollars.

  4. Around that date there was at least one TVcrew there, for instance a Dutch crew from the program “Waar is de mol”, maybe they have some images?

    • Well obviously Sasha knows what the charges are. . . but since nobody is asking us to do anything that would allow him to weasel out of a legitimate charge, it’s none of our business what he’s charged with. The public record shows all kinds of data about when and where he was arrested, where he’s being held, when his next court date will be, etc. but does not state why he was arrested. . . and that’s normal.

      As for holding someone without bail: yes, of course you can. Bail isn’t some kind of inalienable right; you have to qualify for it. Being from someplace far away is often enough to disqualify you, if the judge thinks you’re a flight risk.

  5. We loved the Cradle of MIR and so admired the virgin Russian artists that came so far to offer their sculpture to Burning Man. Hope this gets worked out. Hey…maybe a trade for the 30 activists from Greenpeace being held in Russian jail?

  6. damn! I have some earlier in the week, I hope this gets straightened out, prisons are a big business in the US instead of innocent until proven guilty it is now keep them locked up so we can prove we need more places to lock more citzens up, it is big business.

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