Responding to Citizen Zone Defamation Show


Once again the LARPers on Defango’s channel have been lying through their teeth about me, necessitating a response in self-defense.

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As I have previously pointed out, the way this crew chooses to communicate seems very strange.

Among the lies told this time:

  • that I have an ex-wife. I am happily married to my first wife. For some reason these unmarried people always attack my marriage.
  • that my software was free. We sold it, that’s how we made money.
  • that I suffer from a mental illness. HIPAA violation, false.
  • that I suffer from a physical illness. HIPAA violation, false.

None of this is true. The only “evidence” they offer is a few excerpts from a statement of claim from a 2006 legal case from a woman I briefly dated that was never presented before the Court. They do not even have that document, just tabloid media reports from Rupert Murdoch-owned papers at the height of Murdoch’s News International hacking scandal. There seems to be no reason to discuss this frivolous lawsuit in 2020 other than to smear me with the Plaintiff’s unproven allegations – a tactic we have seen before from this gang. It was always a farcical case from the beginning and I won it a long time ago, I find it amusing that smear merchants determined to sling mud on me seem to think this will do the job like nobody has ever tried it before.

Some recent appearances on Defango’s channel “Citizen Zone” (weekly flagship shows named “Dank Memes Trading Company” and “LARPline”) seem designed to bully and gang-stalk me in relation to legal actions that the show’s characters are getting involved with In Real Life. I’m not sure if the role playing participants have truly thought through what their own involvement is going to look like if the legal actions they are seemingly trying to provoke were actually initiated. Do they think they would somehow not be parties to those matters? Perhaps some of these LARPers are seeking a fast-track to fame…”Notorious Internet Provocateurs”.

Meroz in the #GayOps Gang

Gabe Hoffman’s name has not appeared in a post here since February 2020, when I wrote Tackling The Leopard Misled in response to the doxxing of a Canadian man on the site Tracking the Leopard Meroz, written by quilt lady Jacquelyn Weaver.

In that post I shared Mr Hoffman’s public Tweet that Ms Weaver “found” the full Statement of Claim from his Canadian lawsuit against Zack McQuaid:

I asked Ms Weaver specifically how she obtained this document, which she published without redacting Personally Identifying Information such as Mr McQuaid’s home address. She refused to redact the address even after being informed that Mr McQuaid was in fear for his life as a result of her actions. As of the time of writing 5 months later, she has still not answered – or even allowed my question to be displayed in her comments.

Source: trackingmeroz

This strange situation has now been repeated, with Tracking Meroz publishing Mr Hoffman’s latest legal filing in Palm Beach County Court against Thomas Schoenberger.

The problem with this is that as I write this, July 20th 2020 (which is July 19th in the United States), this document does not show up on the web site of Palm Beach County Court’s electronic case management system:

The Court shows no filings in this case since the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss was filed on June 13. Yet the document posted by Tracking Meroz is marked as having been filed July 17.

If it doesn’t show up on the eCaseView system until at least July 20, how was she able to download the document on July 17?

I ask the same question as before: how did Jacquelyn Weaver obtain this Court document relating to Mr Hoffman’s litigation?

I asked Thomas Schoenberger if he had sent the document to Ms Weaver and he said no, and also confirmed that he had not been formally served with it.

Legal Jeopardy?

Mr Hoffman’s attorney Dennis Klein of Kelley Kronenberg has been practising law for a while. He appears to have been at the University of Virginia Law School at the same time as former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, graduating in 1981 a couple of years earlier than her (’83).

I note in passing that Janet Napolitano was named as the head of the “Arizona Mafia” by NXIVM whistleblower Frank Parlato and in a Twitter thread by researcher Jenny Moore (aka “Task Force”) a few days before she was found dead on August 13, 2018 (see #govLARP).

Source: Jenny Moore Twitter JEM @SHF7

I have not been named in any of Mr Hoffman’s lawsuits as a Defendant. Why would I be? Despite the frequent claims by Defango & his extended gang of self-described LARPers, I have never knowingly posted anything false about Mr Hoffman. Most of what has been published about him here is his own statements. Last year Mr Hoffman said on the Defango show that his attorneys were now in formal communications with me. This turned out to be false, I have never received any communication from them of any kind. I have interacted directly with Mr Hoffman and his AnOpenSecret previously on Twitter, when they unblocked me to publish more lies about me, then blocked me again when I responded.

Mr Hoffman is welcome to comment here on any of our stories and provide his own evidence contradicting anything he objects to. To date, no such comment has been received.

I have been through this site multiple times looking for any content which could be defamatory against Mr Hoffman, and I’m unable to find anything that goes beyond reasonable and polite discourse about a self-proclaimed public figure – and defending myself from the many false statements this person and his associated large social media accounts have made about me.

Why would Mr Klein advise his client, who is active in at least 4 current defamation cases, to team up with multiple social media platforms to broadcast and embellish his claims, rather than letting the Court resolve them? Why would he advise that it is a good idea for Mr Hoffman to appear twice a week for hours at a time on a channel whose hosts openly state that their purpose is defamation?

Lest I be accused of defamation myself for describing Citizen Zone’s Friday night “Dank Memes Trading Company” as a defamation show, here are hosts Defango and Leppo doing exactly that:

There is no detectable trace of irony here, and indeed much of the content of the shows has been consistent with this description of it.

Latest False Allegations

On the Friday July 17 2020 episode of Dank Memes Trading Company, more than half an hour of the show was dedicated to talking about me. This was because my name and this site is briefly mentioned on Page 17 of Mr Hoffman’s latest court document in his legal pursuit of Thomas Schoenberger in Palm Beach County Court. Mr Hoffman has filed a Motion for Injunctive Relief in response to Mr Schoenberger’s Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction.


The small minor paragraphs mentioning me (and other content creators) in this document seem at odds with such a large amount of time dedicated to publicly smearing myself and my family. It feels like an attempt to pervert the course of justice by intimidating me into co-operating with their lawsuit against Mr Schoenberger.

This latest Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief offers 2 clues, buried towards the end on Page 17:

This paragraph refers to two different posts here:

Isaac Kappy Investigation Part 5 – Most High With Eliahi

A858 vs the Cat Ladies Part 2 – Spooky Steven and the Game

Searching the first post for “Hoffman” yields only two hits on the page (the third is another post in the sidebar).

The wording about Mr Hoffman is factually accurate. Mr Hoffman himself said that he was responsible for getting Isaac Kappy’s Twitter account shut down. So how could anyone interpret this as defamatory?

Isaac Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch

The associated paragraph in the Plaintiff’s Motion references “Isaac Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch”. Kappy told us directly on video and in writing to his former friends Seth and Clare Green that he had created such a thing:

The claim was also widely publicized in international mainstream media including TMZ.

It is more than plausible that Cicada 3301, a group internationally renowned for containing cryptographic experts good at decoding puzzles, would be able to crack an encrypted file. Thomas Schoenberger is friends with Thomas Pain in the Ass of the Globalists Douglas Gabriel, a former NSA cryptographer and has demonstrated communications with intelligence community members like Robert David Steele and Bijan Kian, General Flynn’s former business partner. So it is also extremely plausible that he has access to such people in his network, even if you share the opinion of a handful of detractors who question the legitimacy of his connection to Cicada 3301.

There appears to have been some kind of confusion (either by accident or design) around the idea that “Z” broke a Keybase file, when in fact “Z” and “X” was the code that lead to this story of Eliahi Priest and Allison Cross.

Source: Thomas Schoenberger twitter account via Wayback Machine

There are a number of characters in this story that the “Z” moniker could be applied to including Zack McQuaid, “Z3301”, and Contact Zero, Eliahi Priest. If you read the actual article about this, it makes sense that it’s Priest, that Kappy could have that information and it could be related to why he spoke ill of Priest before his demise; it also makes sense that X = Cross. Instead military grade LARPers tried to muddy the waters around this really quite significant story, connected to British and Australian intelligence, NATO, the Prime Minister of Australia…into “Titus and Steve said Z3301 cracked a keybase file and he denied it and there was never a keybase file”.

There was some information about Eliahi Priest in this post which came from a source we called Mata Hari. She provided other information that checked out that we have not published. What we did share was published with caveats and redactions and disclaimers, I specifically said:

“All the redactions below have been added by me to preserve peoples’ anonymity. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true so therefore do not endorse [this information] in any way“.

From Isaac Kappy Investigation Part 5 – Most High With Eliahi:

It is difficult to see how this email from Mata Hari could be interpreted to be harmful to Mr Hoffman in any way. He is not even named! This Part 5 of the story is about Eliahi Priest. In the preceding Part 4 of this Kappy investigation, Isaac’s connection to former CIA director John Brennan was discussed; it is unclear whether “GH” refers to his replacement Gina Haspel, or somebody else. Regardless, this person is not accused of any crimes by Mata Hari. Glenn Herman? Kelly Giannini-Harris is someone who met Isaac twice in questionable circumstances and since his death has promoted herself as his best friend. She was married to a criminal biker who did serious time in Broward County, Florida for armed robbery and kidnapping. “Geo Harris” aka “Clownie” is another member of the Famalam with a criminal record who was the supposed keeper of Isaac Kappy’s encrypted files, which is a direct connection to the subject being discussed. There is also another John Brennan around this story (TromaGate) and yet another JB (James Brower, QAnon).

The source of Mata Hari’s information drop was confirmed as legitimate by the actual subject of the information, her ex-lover Eliahi Priest, in the chat of Titus Frost’s show:


Moving on to the second post, Mr Hoffman objects to the word RICO appearing in a Tweet by Mr Schoenberger, feeling that this is specifically directed towards him (despite several others being named in the Tweet).

Source: Twitter

As a show of good faith, and to demonstrate that I bear Mr Hoffman no malice and have no intention of publishing any false information about him, I have now redacted the word RICO from the post – no need to wait for any court determination of if this is a reference to him or defamatory in some way. It seems to be a word that gets thrown around a lot on the Internet but in reality has little to do with civil litigation in Palm Beach County Court. We don’t have it in New Zealand.

This appears to be the complete extent of anything being asked of me from the Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief against Defendant Thomas Schoenberger. I have complied regardless of what happens in the case, even if the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss is granted.

As a further show of good faith, I offer my suggestion that the constant mic problems experienced by Mr Hoffman on Defango’s late night shows may be related to waves crashing into the beach next to his house. Noise travels differently at night than during the day and is affected by the tide and moon phase. Turning automatic volume leveling off may fix the problem.

Defamation Down Under

A large amount of time on the Citizen Zone show was devoted to talking about Defamation law in New Zealand, where I live. There is no indication that Glenn Herman or LadyStephC have law degrees in their own countries, let alone a license to practice law in New Zealand. I at least did a year of Law School here when I was at University, and I have had plenty of legal experience in the 30 years since in this part of the world, the United States and elsewhere.

The statement was made by Glenn and breathily confirmed by alleged Australian StephC that defamation laws are very different in New Zealand to the United States, but the same as Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. This is not the view of the New Zealand Law Society, but what would they know compared to some LARPers on YouTube?

They also stated that because I am a public figure in my home country (“national treasure” was the term they used at one point) I am definitely more vulnerable to a defamation suit there. This makes no sense. There is no test in defamation in New Zealand about if a person is a public figure, although there is a defense (stated here hypothetically and without prejudice for the purposes of scholarly research) of information in the public interest. The high-profile death of an actor from Thor, Terminator Salvation, Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules who had recently visited Australia was big news in New Zealand media. Since then the story has become even more newsworthy with the #MateGate pseudo-scandal starring Eliahi Priest, Isaac Kappy, QAnon and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. During the COVID-19 crisis, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been widely praised in the international media and there are many Australians asking “why can’t we have her?”…meaning Scott Morrison is particularly topical here right now.

Here is some legal advice about defamation law in New Zealand from an actual barrister and solicitor, a partner of Big Three law firm Bell Gully Buddle Weir which was founded in 1840:

A key point about New Zealand defamation law is that the Plaintiff should produce witnesses who confirm that false statements influenced their professional dealings with the Plaintiff:

Have any Kiwis invested in Accipiter Capital Management, Accipiter Life Sciences Fund Offshore I & II (Cayman Islands), Candens Capital, or the various other commercial entities in Mr Hoffman’s corporate web? Have there been unexpected redemptions in any of the funds since Isaac Kappy died? Will those clients now testify that reading articles or Thomas Schoenberger sock puppet tweets was more important to their investment decisions than the TSLA stock price? That would be fascinating to discover.

Bringing In The Big Guns

This is by no means the first time Defango’s platform has been used to threaten lawsuits against me, although the actual legal basis for any of this is never stated. It’s just a soft smear, suggesting that I somehow broke some law somewhere but never being called to account for their continual failure to produce details, witnesses or evidence.

In this episode they are escalating the attacks to my family by spreading lies about my marriage. In Dave Acton’s recent fascinating interview on The John and Lee Show, right at the end he said that Jason Goodman had widened his defamation attacks against him to include innocent family members, in order to influence him to back off his lawsuit against Goodman in SDNY – the Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell, Weiner court.

To be fair to Mr Hoffman, it appears to be mostly the other LARPers on the show like Chavez, Herman, StephC or The Tanya (allegedly Tanya Cornwell, wife of former Defango attorney Steven Biss) who are trying to goad him into yet another legal entanglement. They would take delight, Schadenfreude, in watching a fight that would cost both Hoffman and I a great deal of time and money while bringing no benefit to either of us – or society at large.

Of course, these characters openly admit they are on a role playing channel, so it may just be a case of pawns being used to attack without risking the Queen. “Propaganda ghouls” is how these people describe themselves, taking great pleasure in frequent acknowledgement of their “live chat psyop” and “gaslighting” their audience. We’ve already seen a fake fight this year with Defango ending his “love affair” with his “babe”, now brushed off like it never happened. Similar questionable spats have occurred between this crew and Jacquelyn Weaver, Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, Brett Trimble, Lestat, Adam Gingrich and Jack Posobiec.

Mr Herman says after I called him a “pedo enabler” (whatever that is), he called me a “cock sucker” and I blocked him. None of this is true, and I challenge Mr Herman to back up his statements with some proof. Here’s some evidence that he’s lying, you can do the search yourself from an account not blocked by him:

The only interaction I can recall with this guy that comes remotely close is this:

You will note that I never even named Mr Herman.

This is the now-deleted post I’m referring to in the thread above as “yep, that cell”.

It’s interesting to look back at this tweet from May 30 2019 and see how most of the people Lestat was tagging there as his MAGAco colleagues and friends at the time seem to have turned on each other.

I’ve made peace with many of the people Lestat named who objected to being associated with Defango’s Disinformation cell. I had good reason behind my opinion that some of the people in Defango’s network at the time of Kappy’s passing were ‘dark occultists”.

Isaac Mappy

A couple weeks back in an episode of “#LARPLINE” on the Defango troll channel, Glenn Herman said that his co-host Gabe Hoffman should sue me for using Isaac Kappy’s “Mossad Media Matrix” map in the story about Defango LARPing that he created QAnon.

There can be no argument that this Media Matrix image is defamatory to Mr Hoffman when he has posted it himself multiple times to his own Twitter timeline and that of his associated account, and even made fun of colleagues/friends for not being included in the map.

Here is Mr Hoffman denying any connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad:

Mr Hoffman never filed any law suits against Isaac Kappy for any of the things he said about him. The problem went away. It seems that Isaac may have had a genuine reason for drawing the map:

Regular readers of this blog might want to consider the proximity of Jason Goodman, George Webb and InfoWars to the names listed above.

Defango described meeting with his Shadow Broker and Mr Hoffman in Florida over a lunch of grouper. At this meeting he claims that Mr Hoffman tried to recruit him for an operation that seems consistent with this Tweet.

Mr Hoffman has admitted to purchasing Mossad t-shirts as a “gag gift” for his friends Manuel Chavez III, Mindy Robinson and Mike Cernovich.

LARPing Into The Corridors of Power

Both Laura Loomer and “Team Mossad” MMA moll Mindy Robinson are running for Congress on the Republican ticket in 2020. Loomer is in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, ie Palm Beach (up against House Minority leader Lois Frankel, D); Mindy Robinson is in Nevada’s 3rd District, ie Las Vegas (against Susie Lee, D).

Will we soon have LARPers elected into Office? Are they America first, or another country first?

Robinson was recently in a bar brawl, which may have been some sort of LARP publicity stunt.

Zionism is not Judaism

The map Glenn & the gang were discussing on Defango’s LARPer show contains more names than those originally drawn by Isaac Kappy:

The point was repeated on the recent “LARPLINE” show that “some of these people aren’t even Jewish”. This is disingenuous, as there are Christian Zionists on the map with Israeli intelligence ties; for example Jack Posobiec, Steve Bannon, Jerome Corsi, George Webb, Larry Klayman.

The important point here is not “who is and isn’t Jewish”. This is about control of the narrative, not race or religion.

The point is foreign interference in our information stream and the infiltration of alt-media and political movements like #MAGA. Some try to expose it, some deny it and attack the exposers.

Guns For Hire

LARPLine co-host Glenn Herman calls himself “a pioneer in the field of computer integration”. I presume he means “systems integration”, a field that has been around since the 1970’s. Mr Herman’s LinkedIn resumé offers few clues to the nature of his “pioneering”. Though it claims “His experience in e-business design and integration spans both pre and post web”, the earliest work history he provides is from 1995 (post web) and he appears to have graduated from college in 1993 – begging the question, just what sort of pioneering integration was he doing in 93 and 94, and for whom? His web site claims that his work for Prodigy between 1995 and 1998 was “pre Web”, which is amusing as the World Wide Web was well underway by that time, while Prodigy was seen as an archaic dinosaur. It was bought by Carlos Slim after IBM and Sears burned through a billion dollars on it.

Mr Herman said on Dank Memes Trading Company that he doesn’t like me, which is perfectly fine – but does suggest an element of malice underpinning his actions. I’ve never met or spoken with the guy, but obviously making frequent appearances on Defango’s channel is in itself a bold statement about somebody’s character.

He stated that while employed with Prodigy in the 1990’s, he used my product HotDog when he was tasked to evaluate free HTML editors. This is another obvious lie, because my software was not free. We were running a business. The standard version was $29.95 and the Professional version started at $99.95.

I’m pretty sure we actually did end up doing an OEM licensing deal with Prodigy, but this was 25 years ago and I can’t show you a record now to confirm that. Prodigy did host a competing product ironically called “Hippie”:

Mr Herman claims to hold security clearances with multiple government agencies. Which makes all the Russian stuff on his Facebook page quite curious…

Source: Facebook

1985 is at the height of the Cold War, years before the Berlin Wall came down and the Westernization reforms of Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Putin made Moscow an easily accessible tourist destination. “Saint Petersburg” was still called Leningrad back then. Suzdal has been called “the world’s most Russian city”.

The late Michael Aquino said that most of the information behind MindWar and the Human Transformation Project (a big driver of both Burning Man and Transhumanism in the SF Bay Area) came from Russia, via the Esalen Institute (aka DARPA’s Occult Base):

Recently on Defango’s show Mr Herman said that he “knew for a fact” that alt-right operative Jack Posobiec was paid by Russia in Bitcoin to disseminate their propaganda. Posobiec did not deny the claim.

On LARPLine Mr Herman stated that his father was a “famous scientist”. The famous New York scientist Robert Herman only had daughters; perhaps it was NASA’s Jay Herman, who appears to have done work related to strategic atmospheric aerosol spraying, aka “chemtrails”.

In between LARPing on Defango’s channel and “IT consulting”, he works as an instructor at “Manhattan’s right wing safe space”, the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range, where Robert de Niro’s character Travis Bickle trained in Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies ...

Someone publicly bemoaning Obama’s radical homosexual agenda now finds himself as a regular bi-weekly guest on a bi-sexual Latinx’s defamation channel. #GayOps with gay operators…


Thank you for reading this far. A post like this on my personal blog is as much about clarifying my position on the public record to combat disinformation as it is about entertaining and informing the audience. I hope I managed to achieve that too.

I have not mentioned Mr Hoffman here since my responses months ago to lies about me promoted on his various platforms – see Response to Gabe Hoffman/An Open Secret False Allegations (Nov 2019), and An Open Secret Asks Why? Here’s Why (Dec 2019), Tackling the Leopard Misled (Feb 2020). I have never had any intention to defame him and harbor no malice towards him. Nor have I ever received any accusation from him that I have defamed him. We have never received any requests from Mr Hoffman or his attorneys to alter content reported on this site – just demands from behind a Twitter block to “disavow” people. He is welcome to leave a comment here about anything he disagrees with and provide evidence of his own.

As far as I can tell Mr Hoffman’s issue seems to have been about “promoting” (discussing) content from others which he alleges is incorrect or defamatory. I have tried to make some concessions here towards that in good faith, and the ball is now in his court to do the same with respect to the many false, derogatory and defamatory statements about me that remain posted on his social media platforms.

If Mr Hoffman, Mr Herman, Mr Chavez and their associates want to keep joining forces for hours on end to create videos that spread falsehoods about me, I may be forced to create more content in response in order to defend myself – without prejudice and with all rights reserved in all jurisdictions.

Don’t we all have better things to do? There is a global health crisis and economic crisis. People are dying in the hundreds of thousands, in many places the plague is continuing to get worse.

Imagine if all this energy put into LARPing and lawsuits could instead be put into peace and prosperity and health and happiness! For those who are suffering and less fortunate than us, as well as for ourselves and our loved ones.


An Open Secret Asks Why? Here’s Why.


See also: Responding to An Open Secret/Gabe Hoffman False Allegations

An Open Secret Response (VIDEO)

An Open Secret have blocked me, yet somehow think the best way to ask me questions is via their 50,000 follower Twitter channel.

I will respond here so that my answers are all on the public record.

Mr Hoffman, we both live in free countries. I can post whatever videos I like to Twitter, as can you. If you don’t think something should be on YouTube or Twitter, complain to them, not me. Both platforms have built-in mechanisms for doing this.

This particular video “Isaac Kappy’s Real Deadmans Switch” by Zack Quaid relates to the investigation we have been conducting since Isaac Kappy’s sudden death. Please see:

The Mysterious Sudden Death of Isaac Kappy Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6.

There has been another sudden death recently in the truth community, that of researcher Tracy Twyman. She was in direct communication with Isaac Kappy and had received death threats she had traced to a campground in Arizona only 50 miles from where Isaac Kappy died. See Another #PedoGate Researcher Suddenly Dies – RIP Tracy Twyman , Tracy Twyman Update, and CryptoBeast #21 Tracy Twyman, Kappy, Epstein and LARP Wars with Lift the Veil.

Isaac Kappy called out Jeffrey Epstein in this popular rap video he made about 3 weeks before his death:

Mr Hoffman has vehemently denied any links between Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services. He attacked the reporting of respected journalist Whitney Webb without pointing to a single specific thing in her Epstein coverage that she got wrong:

See Whitney’s superb reporting at Mint Press News:

Lee Stranahan has also given Mr Hoffman a thorough rebuttal over this issue, which he calls the biggest story in the world right now:

A new book has been released with information from Ari Ben-Menashe who claims to have been Mossad’s handler for Epstein/Maxwell’s operation.

Source: Daily Mail

Mr Hoffman is a known associate of black hat political operative Manuel Chavez III, who provides him with his YouTube channel Il1usiveman to re-broadcast his Periscope videos and as a regular platform to criticize enemies for many hours.

Chavez has claimed to be the creator of the #QAnon psychological operation connected to military intelligence. He said that his purpose in creating it was as a “LARP to trick boomers”, which is a violation of Arizona state cybercrime law. We have video of him threatening women and children with violence. He is known to have been involved in so-called “reputation defense” businesses and brags about his track record of doxxing and hacking.

See our LARPWars series:

Part 1 – Proliferation of Lawfare,

Part 2 – Moving the goalposts,

Part 3 – Shadowbox,

Part 4 – Was Fox (in Socks) Doxxed or Did Fox Doxx (in Socks)?

and #QAnon series:

Part 1 Blind Items Revealed – #All4aLARP?,

Part 2 – Aleksander Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy,

Part 3 Defango Lies Again – Origin Myth #timephonehack

– all of which relate to the activities of Gabe Hoffman’s notorious associate Manuel Chavez III who also goes by the aliases Defango, Il1usiveman, Fandango, LARP Wars, Frank Schwellington, CryptoPolyBiUS, fangcrypto, zer0_skills and more.

Tracy Twyman provided me personally with Dead Mans’ Switch information which I released on my channel when I learned of her death by hanging:

Isaac Kappy also claimed to have a Deadmans Switch. I have released evidence of this on my channel:

The existence of this Deadmans Switch is being disputed on Twitter by shady characters like Brett Trimble and Clownsecsux – both of whom are mentioned in the video “Isaac Kappy’s Real Deadmans Switch” by Quaid.

I am interested in any discussion of the nature of the Dead Mans Switch Isaac had. I have evidence of the existence of electronic information which has not been released to the public yet, so it is true that there is at least one Dead Mans Switch of Isaac Kappy still out there. There is also an alleged Dead Mans Switch unlocked from a puzzle, which I published with disclaimers and redactions here; I do not claim that this is accurate, I don’t have enough information to know that. Other information that was provided at the same time and attributed to a related source has subsequently been confirmed to be true, but that does not in my opinion construe the alleged “Kappy DMS” to be the actual information Isaac wanted released.

The claim made in Zack Quaid’s video is that the people who have this information are all going to step forward to present it publicly on July 4 2020. If Mr Hoffman is not involved in this situation then why would this be of concern to him in any way? I am not involved in the situation (other than investigating subsequent to Mr Kappy’s death) and I am eagerly awaiting this release these releases of information and evidence. The sooner the better!

It is of great significance to the investigation into the circumstances around Isaac Kappy’s death who he trusted and who he didn’t with his information.

I have mentioned the curious coincidence of Isaac Kappy’s “suicide note” which did not appear to be written by him ending in “4th of July. Return of the King. Return of the Light” and another sudden death occurring last summer, that of Mr Hoffman’s neighbor Chris Cline “New King Coal” who died mysteriously on the 4th of July 2019. This post Responding to An Open Secret/Gabe Hoffman False Allegations presents a very large amount of evidence, I am not going to rehash that in every post and Tweet.

On to the next Tweet:

I am not responsible for what someone else says about anyone on the Internet. I have never met Zack Quaid or spoken to him. I do not know if he admitted a public history of being in a psych ward before Gabe Hoffman tweeted to his audience that he suffered from mental illness. Even if this statement is true, I don’t see what Mr Hoffman has to gain by promoting someone else’s suffering – or calling the parents of a 26 year old man. How would Mr Hoffman like it if strangers started calling his parents to complain about his behavior online?

There are many artists throughout history who have been misunderstood. I have friends who have had bad moments and needed psychiatric counseling, stints in rehab facilities, or suffered from post-traumatic stress that could be triggered at different times. I can sympathize with sufferers of mental illness, and I don’t believe that public shame and humiliation is something compassionate that will help them. Different people have different approaches, I guess.

I also would never use mental illness with a stigma that if an artist had suffered from it at some time in their life then one should never promote their work. If anything, the struggles of an artist make me more inclined to help them out by retweeting and sharing their stuff.

Image: Keith Haring

I like some of Zack’s videos so I share them. That is how social media works. Just because I share a video, post or tweet doesn’t mean that I endorse everything in it as true, or agree with every word said. The content creator is responsible for the content. Most of my followers I think would prefer Zack’s content over Mr Hoffman’s self-aggrandizing Periscope rants, but everyone has different tastes. That’s what makes the Internet so special.

I am not going to dig up nasty posts about me and share them in an easy list for Mr Hoffman just because he accuses me of lacking evidence. He will have to do that for himself, sorry. I’m sure Mr Hoffman can find plenty of people around him who can point in the right direction – Kelly Giannini, Peter Priest, Manuel Chavez III, Diane Nordstrom, Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez. Quite an assortment he’s been collecting!

If Mr Hoffman wants to believe I am lying that people make up outrageous stories about me, he is welcome to. He is becoming known for getting things wrong, important things like Tesla “is about to run out of cash and goes [sic] bankrupt”.

If you don’t like my research that’s your prerogative. I’m not pushing it on anybody. I wonder if Mr Hoffman has even studied it? Does he have some research of his own that contradicts any of it? I don’t like his investment advice, but #YMMV.

Black Cube? Isn’t this Mr Hoffman’s web site? He selected the icon in the top left to represent his personal site to the world. Why? What does Gabe Hoffman associate with this symbol?

“Featured for free for a limited time” – I thought Mr Hoffman was a philanthropist? Sounds like giving with strings attached to me. His video has been up on Vimeo for 4 years, 2 months so far.

Why would I promote freedom of speech? Why would I promote journalism winning? Why wouldn’t I promote the agenda of censorship, deplatforming, silencing critics, attacking survivors and whistleblowers?

Is that a serious question? Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Truth is good. Freedom of speech is good. Citizen journalism is good.


Adam Green describes in this video how he was targeted by Defango and his accomplices who tried to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit then use the allegations in a campaign to crowdstrike him in order to get him deplatformed.
Source: YouTube

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Responding to An Open Secret/Gabe Hoffman False Allegations

Responding to An Open Secret/Gabe Hoffman False Allegations


I made a video going through this post. Start at 4:44

As anyone following my Isaac Kappy Investigation (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6) knows, Isaac repeatedly said he was NOT suicidal – both on video and in phone calls and messages to his friends. However he was quite clear about his dislike and distrust of An Open Secret producer Gabe Hoffman.

Hoffman was recently the subject of a 3-part Total Disclosure podcast series by filmmaker LouderThanLove1. In his objection to this coverage, Hoffman for some reason singles me out and calls me a liar – just because I asked for a citation behind the claims he was making. To defend my reputation, I am now forced to respond to these accusations and present supporting evidence.

A Series of Deceitful Tweets

Mr Hoffman’s rant began with this Periscope, saying that accusing people without evidence is “evil”:

This was then followed up by more than a dozen tweets/retweets calling for #GayOps from his followers to crowdstrike Louder Than Love’s page. Every tweet appears to be identical, but each actually links to a different Facebook post:

Source: Twitter

I followed the link posted in that tweet looking for the accusations of heinous child sex crimes. An Open Secret are clearly lying in their tweet because this Facebook post doesn’t accuse any private individuals of any sex crimes:

Source: Facebook

An Open Secret then tweeted a similar thing with a different link:

Source: Twitter

Another lie, the Facebook post it brings up accuses NO individuals of any horrible sex crimes against children:

Source: Facebook

Next was an almost identical Tweet, again with a different link – this time to a post saying that ONE person, Sacha Stone, is being accused by others (not “accusing many” himself). The accusations it refers to were made by an eyewitness to the alleged crimes in a Nov 11 podcast and whistleblower interview).

Source: Twitter
Source: Facebook

Although Hoffman’s post claims “with NO EVIDENCE”, Louder Than Love did post some of his evidence on Facebook supporting his claims. Eyewitness testimony is considered as an important form of evidence in court, so it’s unclear why Mr Hoffman thinks it should be dismissed here. Does he have some personal knowledge of the case? He has commented on the ITNJ before.

Next in the timeline was the same tweet again, repeating the lies about the content of yet another linked post:

Source: Twitter
Source: Facebook

I see “hurt feelings” and “nuisance”, but not “horrible sex crimes against children”.

Same Tweet, different link once more:

Source: Twitter
Source: Facebook

Still nothing to do with former employees and mothers.

An Open Secret also retweeted a post from Gabe Hoffman:

Source: Twitter

This brings up the Facebook page for the Total Disclosure podcast. A browser search of the linked page for “child” brings up several Jeffrey Epstein stories, but nothing about a mother of 3 and former employee.

Enter the Former Employee

Finally, a 6th Tweet from An Open Secret, again with very similar wording to the others:

Source: Twitter

This one brings up what I guess could be called the “offending” post:

Source: Facebook

I read this as he is asking if she may have been involved in disseminating porn, rather than directly accusing her of “heinous child sex crimes”. Once again, the text of An Open Secret’s tweet does not match the link it goes to. Disseminating pornography is not a crime.

Attached to this post is a screenshot which does raise the question about possible transmission of pornographic files through Anonymous servers (FTP=File Transfer Protocol):

…and another screenshot, which certainly supports Louder Than Love’s characterization “some odd titles”:

I have redacted some information in the above image because I don’t want to be accused of doxxing Mr Hoffman’s former employee. The link to this information comes from a background report on her, and it appears to be her phone number that is in this list next to “Damnation”.

How does this connect to Gabe Hoffman’s former employee?

The link to this apparent hacker site comes up under “Possible Social Media Profiles” on a background search for the employee’s maiden name. You will have to take my word for it that the unredacted phone numbers match (or run your own background check). This could be coincidence – perhaps she took over the phone number from someone else who was a hacker. It seems unusual that a hedge fund analyst and mother of three would be linked to what appear to be voice BBS sites with file names about death, suicide, chaos, damnation and Hell. Then again, “greed is good” is the Wall Street credo.

Nicole is married to public figure Jeffrey Lemerond. Mr Lemerond was featured in a 2007 story about suing 20th Century Fox for depicting him in the movie Borat “fleeing in terror” from ADL Leader Sacha Baron Cohen. Mr Lemerond also worked for the Carlyle Group, and SAB Capital. Jeff’s resumé highlights his role in a $550 million acquisition for Gilead Sciences at a time when the company was chaired by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under Presidents Bush and Ford. SAB is the initials of Skull And Bones, which both Presidents Bush were members of. Is this where Louder Than Love got the Skull and Bones connection from? It could also be the initials of founder Scott Bommer, who recently wound the company up and sold his house for $110 million.

There is another coincidence here that makes this worthy of deeper consideration.

The last person known to have spoken to Isaac Kappy on the phone is a Baltimore chef with a lengthy criminal record named Geo[REDACTED], who goes by the aliases “Geo Harris” and “Mike Teets”. He is associated with “Clownsec”, a hacker collective. He set up Isaac Kappy’s Keybase chat room, but Kappy did not trust him or his assistant Brett Trimble with any files.

At the DEFCON 27 hacker conference in Las Vegas this year, a presentation was given on how to hack elevators. At the end of the presentation was a list of “Voice BBSes”. One of the numbers given was for Clownsec. Bulletin Board Systems are an old school (pre-Internet) way of communicating. Why use such systems today? One possible reason would be to disseminate prohibited content like child porn or hacking manuals.

So we have a former employee of Gabe Hoffman’s fund associated with the Carlyle Group AND Voice BBSes/hacker content. And we have the last person to speak to Isaac Kappy associated with Voice BBSes/hacker content.

Am I saying that Gabe’s ex-employee is a hacker? No, not at all. We can’t be sure of that. I’m just pointing out that this is a very strange link that comes up in her background report, and it definitely appears to be her landline phone number. It is the first background report I’ve ever seen that links to what looks like hacker BBS content.

Satanic Views

Whoever is writing at the blog listed in the ex-employee’s profile “”, they sound like they’re into the Dark Side – and the Seven Deadly Sins are more like their Ten Commandments:

Source: “The Dirt on Satanism”

This is not the only link to Satanism here. In attacking Becki Percy, a young Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor, An Open Secret tweeted out a link to the blog “Satanic Views”

Source: Satanic Views (via Internet Archive)

A practising Satanist telling us there’s no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse? #SoundsLegit.

I Showed Gabe’s Lies – Where Are Mine?

So 7 Tweets on @AnOpenSecret, all retweeted by @GabeHoff. 6 of them go to Facebook posts with nothing to do with accusing Hoffman’s former employees of child sex crimes. The other is worded identically to Hoffman’s own post that was retweeted, but goes to a different link – which still doesn’t accuse anyone of heinous child sex crimes. All it does is ask if the sexually-named content linked with her profile might be pornography. If sharing pornography was a crime, half the Internet would need to be shut down.

I made a more than reasonable effort to look through both the LouderThanLove and Total Disclosure Facebook pages for the post he was talking about, and couldn’t find it – probably because it was from November 5 and the Tweets were being posted on Nov 23. Louder Than Love released many podcast episodes and posts in between those dates. It’s certainly not in any of the 3 podcast episodes about Gabe Hoffman, which I listened to as they were released.

Louder Than Love revealed that Facebook was in fact hiding his posts:

When I could not locate the post that Mr Hoffman was talking about accusing a former employee of “heinous child sex crimes”, I asked on Twitter if anyone had the citation for Hoffman’s claim. The author himself seemed to have no idea what Mr Hoffman was going on about:

Is it really fair to say I “lied” that I didn’t find it, when even the author of the post couldn’t find what Mr Hoffman was referring to? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the connection was buried amongst a bunch of near-identical tweets with false/misleading content?

Putting “researcher” in quotes is a subtle dig, suggesting I am not a “real” researcher. I point to the many detailed and documented posts on this blog as evidence that I research things as thoroughly and diligently as my spare time allows.

Private or Public?

Mr Hoffman seems awfully fond of straw man arguments – “claims…private citizen, mother of 3 still deserves to be dragged into conspiracy BS”. I never claimed anything like that. And what’s the BS? Either she worked for the Carlyle Group or she didn’t.

I stand by my statement that connections to the Carlyle Group seem significant. It wasn’t me saying that his former employee was associated with them. If it is so scandalous to say that, why did Mr Hoffman make this claim in a public SEC filing?


Like her husband, Nicole has appeared in the media before, such as the Nashville Post and the East Valley Tribune. She was also involved in a lawsuit with Gabe Hoffman over a failed proxy battle. TL;DR: they sued a company because they didn’t read the fine print…and lost.


Carlyle Connections

The Carlyle Group was the 9th largest defense contractor to the Pentagon between 1998 and 2003 – see Carlyle Group Profits From Government and Conflict. In 2015 it was the largest private equity group in the world, measured by capital raised over the previous 5 years. They are currently in a battle with Taylor Swift over her rights to perform her own songs.

Owners have included the Bush family, the Bin Laden family, and George Soros. Carlyle’s long time chairman Frank Carlucci was Donald Rumsfeld’s Princeton roommate. These people are Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Knights of Malta, you name it.

In 2006 Accipiter Capital disclosed it had acquired more than 5% of the stock of American Home Patient Inc. Five days later Highland Capital also disclosed that it had become a significant shareholder, then launched a proxy battle for control of the Board. Was this just a coincidence, or were the two companies working in concert?

Dallas-based Highland Capital was a founding benefactor of the George W Bush Presidential Center, giving a $10 million endowment. Founder Jim Dondero is on the board of MGM Studios. In 2012 Highland Capital was involved in a €2.1 billion transaction with the Carlyle Group.

Highland Capital filed for bankruptcy last month.

Mr Hoffman’s late neighbor Chris Cline’s company Foresight Energy Limited Partners (FELP) is listed as a portfolio company of the Carlyle Group.

Foresight Energy filed for bankruptcy 3 weeks ago.

Its production partner and major shareholder Murray Energy also filed for bankruptcy last month .

Foresight was plagued with environmental and safety issues, including a number of worker deaths. Foresight/Cline/Murray’s Hillsboro mine was sealed after a fire that kept smoldering for more than a year, with a huge amount of capital equipment inside. At the time, they said the mine would never reopen; in January 2019 they resumed limited production. Foresight received more than $100 million in insurance payments from this incident.

Gabe Hoffman seems very fortunate to have sold all of his shares right before Chris Cline’s death and the subsequent collapse of both Cline’s company and its major partner.

The underlying coal and transportation infrastructure of the companies is still highly valuable (many billions), but requires a significant new injection of capital to develop. A perfect situation for the kind of big-dollar private equity restructuring that companies like the Carlyle Group specialize in.

In the failed Lifepoint proxy battle mentioned above, Accipiter wanted to appoint 30 year old ex-Carlyle Group analyst Nicole to the board of directors and also veteran turnaround specialist Mohsin Meghji. Mr Meghji has recently been involved in a $5.2 billion Chapter 11 bankruptcy refinancing for Sears.

Denying Satanic Scandals

George Bush Sr was linked to the Boystown scandal, also known as the Franklin Scandal. Gabe Hoffman falsely claims that this was a hoax:

It is true that someone went to jail for perjury, but it is also true that the main perpetrator Lawrence King went to prison for 13 years of a 15 year sentence. Recently he has re-surfaced as a salesperson for Honey Baked Hams of Reston, VA.

A Court found the sex trafficking component of the scandal to be real when they awarded victim Paul Bonacci $1 million in damages for being trafficked in a child prostitution ring and used to make pornography.

Paul Bonacci claimed to have been brought into the White House for midnight tours. Craig Spence, alleged to have arranged these “tours”, conveniently committed suicide.

White House logs were released by the Secret Service which showed James Guckert aka “Jeff Gannon” – a male escort turned conservative reporter – had ready access to President George H W Bush and visited the White House many times, several times not signing out:

Source: Raw Story

This scandal was the subject of the excellent documentary “Conspiracy of Silence”, which was cancelled at the last minute before airing in the UK:

If these scandals are merely hoaxes, why is there such a concerted effort to censor discussion of them? We don’t see that with Bigfoot or Flat Earth.

An accusation made about Gabe Hoffman by Isaac Kappy was that he is “a gatekeeper to control the narrative about pedophilia in Hollywood”. In investigating the merit or otherwise of this accusation, his denial of real scandals is significant.

An Open Secret also denied that there were tunnels under the McMartin Preschool, despite the FBI releasing evidence of this from their Vault in the context of the CIA-linked Finders child sex trafficking cult:

Source: Twitter
Source: FBI Vault

Archaeologist Dr Gary Strickel inspected the site and found evidence of tunnels and also bones of small animals that matched the stories told by the children of being forced to participate in ritual sacrifices. He wrote a 194 page report on the recommendation of Rainer Berger, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Program of the Archaeology Department at UCLA. The report contains scientific evidence based on archaeological research, in situ excavations, ground penetrating radar tests, and radiocarbon analysis of found artifacts.

Licensed private investigator Ed Opperman has done excellent and comprehensive work getting to the bottom of this story over the years.

Perhaps predictably, Ed Opperman came under attack by Gabe Hoffman:

Once again, Mr Hoffman is in lockstep with the Satanic Temple in denying Satanic Ritual Abuse:

Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Douglas Misicko is the head of the Satanic Temple. The author of the Satanic Views blog that Mr Hoffman posted as “evidence” against an SRA Survivor boasts of his membership in their “Grey Faction”.

“Some Coal Stock I Used To Own A Long Time Ago”

Isaac Kappy’s final Instagram post was signed off with “4th of July. Return of the King”.

On the 4th of July, “King of Coal” Chris Cline died in a late-night helicopter accident. The pilot was not his regular pilot, but a former Royal Air Force pilot who was given special clearance to fly over Mar-a-Lago while President Trump was in residence with the Secret Service last year for an Easter Egg drop. In 2017 this pilot complained to the Florida Sun-Sentinel that flight restrictions from Trump’s frequent visits were devastating to his business: the flight training school at Lantana Airport. Lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta trained at Lantana Airport.

Chris Cline was the neighbor of Gabe Hoffman and dated his other neighbor Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods’ ex). Mr Hoffman also has his office in the same building as Chris Cline’s headquarters. Mr Hoffman’s various US and offshore funds owned around 10% of Cline’s company Foresight Energy (FELP) for many years.

Mr Hoffman downplayed this connection in his Periscope: “I used to own a little bit of a coal stock that [Chris Cline] owned a lot of…I haven’t owned it in a long time”.

In fact, in an SEC filing dated February 14 2019 various funds under the control of Mr Hoffman owned 9.9% of the company. Cline’s estate owns 25.3% (Source: SEC). I think most people would consider that both of these amounts are “a lot” – the SEC sure does, since anyone acquiring more than 5% of a stock has to declare that to the market. YMMV on if “several months ago” is “a long time”.

The last public quarterly filing available for Accipiter Capital lists Foresight Energy as one of only two investments held by Hoffman’s funds (the other being his disastrous put option bet against Tesla).

Since then, the value of Mr Hoffman’s funds’ Assets Under Management appears to have dropped below $100 million so his companies are no longer filing quarterly holdings statements. Until some public information appears in the SEC’s EDGAR database, we have to take his word for it that he completely sold out of the company between the filing date of Feb 14 2019 and Cline’s death on July 4 2019. For the purposes of this discussion let’s take Mr Hoffman’s words on face value and give him the benefit of the doubt that he is up to date with all legally required filings.

Mr Hoffman was publicly promoting his association with “some coal stock” just last year:

Source: Twitter

Offshore Dark Money

In an SEC filing dated Feb 14 2018, 2/3rds of the investment in Foresight Energy was held by Accipiter Life Sciences Fund (Offshore), Ltd, a fund registered in the Cayman Islands and controlled by Gabe Hoffman. It’s not immediately obvious how fossil fuels connect to biology, but it is perhaps worth noting that Jeffrey Epstein was also very into life sciences.

It appears that between the Feb 2018 and Feb 2019 filing dates, ownership of the FELP stock was transferred from the Caymans back to the US – although I can find no public declaration of the sale price.

Isaac Kappy drew our attention to offshore dark money in the Cayman Islands:

Source: Twitter

Where did the hedge fund’s money come from before it went through “the most notorious tax haven on earth”?

This 2004 filing reveals that US$17.6 million of Accipiter’s funds under management came from Miralt Sicav, a Luxembourg company licensed in Switzerland as a “fund of funds” which invests in the Caymans Islands, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Bermuda. This is “dark money”, operating outside the clutches of the international tax system. Do the rest of the funds invested with Mr Hoffman also come from this shadow economy? It is impossible for an outsider to say due to the way these financial structures operate. I am presenting here only documented facts.

Source: Fundsquare

From the 13F Quarterly Filing at the end of 2004, Accipiter’s Assets Under Management was $152.4 million – meaning that Miralt Sicav’s share of the fund was 11.5%.


Directors of Miralt Sicav include members of the Mirabaud and Pereire families. Mirabaud et Cie is one of Switzerland’s oldest banks. The Pereire family from Paris were rivals of the Rothschilds in the 19th century. Carroll Quigley named the Mirabaud family as dominating finance from 1870-1900 along with the Rothschilds in his book Tragedy and Hope.

Source: Fundsquare

Pierre Mirabaud is a member of the ultra-elite 1001 Club, a Rothschild partner, and was President of the Swiss Bankers Association at the time of the above report.

Source: Fundsquare

Miralt Sicav also invested a large amount of money in the “Seminole Offshore Fund”. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that Gabe Hoffman and his neighbors Al Hoffman and Chris Cline live in Seminole Landing in Florida – none of them did in 2004.

More Scandal Denial

Gabe Hoffman’s next-door neighbor Al Hoffman, Jr is also connected to the Bush family. He was the co-chair of George W Bush’s 2000 Presidential campaign and also raised funds for John McCain (2008), Mitt Romney (2012), Marco Rubio (2010) and Jeb Bush (2016).

Source: Wikipedia

He was appointed by Bush as US Ambassador to Portugal from November 2005-November 2007. This coincided with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. In another curious coincidence, Carlyle Group chairman Frank Carlucci was also US Ambassador to Portugal, from Jan 1975-Feb 1978.

An Open Secret lied about Madeleine’s disappearance, saying that it happened in 2003 (the year she was born) and not 2007 while Hoffman was Ambassador there.

“Simple public research” should include typing her name into Google, which brings up all the details as the first result.

Mr Hoffman clearly doesn’t check basic facts, like dates; but is quick to attack others for his own shortcomings:

I’m not aware of LouderThanLove accusing anyone in Mr Hoffman’s neighborhood of child sex crimes. With regard to his former employee, the closest I’ve been able to find is his question “seems she was involved in disseminating porn?” As far as I know that is not even a crime in New York.

Big Dollar Donors

The two Hoffmans and Chris Cline are all big dollar donors to the Republican Party, especially Jeb Bush.

On May 17 2012 Mitt Romney held a fundraiser in Florida where he expressed disdain for the 47% of Americans who are dependent on Government. This was hosted by a “hedge fund manager who likes sex parties”. 150 donors paid $50,000 a plate to get in. Mother Jones speculated at who was in attendance and found 30 donors who gave $50,000 to the Romney Victory PAC between May 1 and May 17. Both Gabe Hoffman and Chris Cline made the list.

Gabe Hoffman seems to have become an active Republican donor only after he purchased his place in Palm Beach:

For the 2016 election his neighbor Al Hoffman Jr donated $1 million to Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign SuperPAC Right to Rise. The top 300 donors to Jeb’s campaign got an invite to the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. Was Gabe amongst them? For the 2016 election he gave $147,337 specifically to Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign and another $35,000 to the Republican National Committee

Source: Washington Post, via Internet Archive

Browse the donations from for Chris Cline, Foresight, Gabe Hoffman, Al Hoffman Jr.

Some 2014 donations were attributed to Gabe Hoffman of Hoffman Partners. This appears to be Gabe’s neighbor Al Hoffman, Jr’s company. In one of the 2014 donations Gabe is described as “Ambassador”. Did Hoffman and Hoffman attend Republican fundraising events together?

[Update 9/15/2020]

Thanks to researcher Big Fish who found another large donor to Jeb Bush’s Right To Rise PAC – Jeffrey Epstein’s MEGA group patron Les Wexner (and his wife Abigail Koppel Wexner, whose father opened the first El Al Israel airlines ticket office in New York).

Hedging to Zero?

Accipiter is run on the industry standard “2 and 20” – meaning that 2% of Assets Under Management go to the operating expenses of the business (Gabe’s paycheck), and they get rewarded with a 20% share of profitable trades. This may have been lucrative for Hoffman in the past, but lately his trades aren’t looking that good. His fund’s AUM seems to have shrunk below $100 million, meaning that his company no longer files quarterly reports with the SEC. We are forced to go on the last filings and his public tweets to get some kind of picture of their financial position. His biggest bet is a short against Tesla, who he insisted were “about to run out of cash” in 2018. Instead they have gone from strength to strength.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

It’s hard to tell whether this was a deliberate lie to talk up his book, or just a terribly costly mistake. Tesla’s most recent quarterly filing shows them with $5.34 billion cash in the bank, up from $3.69 billion at the end of 2018.

Gabe recently added to his TSLA short position at $300.

Source: Twitter

The stock rapidly shot up to $350, though it stumbled with last week’s debut of bulletproof glass in their new truck. The glass withstood a blow from a sledgehammer but smashed when a steel ball was thrown at it from close range. The glass did not shatter within the vehicle, meaning it performed correctly; but the demo was presented by the media as a failure. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both had many demo fails in their careers, it is par for the course in Silicon Valley; but perhaps not so widely understood in the automotive world.

Note the self-retweet

Despite the media smears after the “disastrous” demo, Tesla received more than 200,000 orders for the new truck in 3 days.

The Cybertruck is an instant “must-have” item for cashed up Burners.

Source: YourEDM
Source: Futurism

Tesla set a new record for deliveries in the last quarter, 97,000 vehicles.

Mr Hoffman also shorted NetFlix at $300. This stock has also increased since then, meaning Hoffman’s fund would show a loss on their investment bet.

Source: Twitter

Schoenberger Lawsuit

Mr Hoffman has recently entered the lawfare arena, making a big noise about filing defamation suits in Palm Beach County against Ali Alexander and Thomas Schoenberger.

My name was brought up in the latter suit.

If Mr Schoenberger would like me to provide sworn testimony as a witness in this case I would be more than happy to. He has never once encouraged me to defame and harass Mr Hoffman, or anyone else for that matter. I have nothing to do with any Internet site or alias My web site, which you are reading now, is My YouTube channel Crypto Beast is I think the first time I even mentioned Mr Hoffman or An Open Secret on my YouTube channel was this video from 2 weeks ago, after his lawsuit against Mr Schoenberger was filed:

Mr Hoffman has certainly defamed and harassed me, without provocation. It began with this in the immediate aftermath of Isaac Kappy’s death:

Source: Twitter

Accusing people of mental illness seems to be one of Mr Hoffman’s preferred attack vectors. As far as I am aware he has no professional training in psychiatry, and even if he did that would not permit him to diagnose via Twitter people he has never met or spoken with. For the record, I am perfectly sane and tweet under my own name, not anonymously.

Mr Schoenberger has not published anything on this site, though he (and anyone else) is welcome to write a guest post. I have interviewed him for a number of stories. The information about Isaac Kappy’s alleged Dead Mans’ Switch is in Part 5 of the Kappy investigation – published with disclaimers and redactions. The statement “HOFFMAN was unlocked from Kappy’s dead man’s switch” does not appear there or anywhere else on this site.

Secret? Or Open?

Mr Hoffman claims that he became a Hollywood producer for philanthropic reasons. In fact, he initially attempted to release his movie commercially and only made the decision to give his film away for free some time after it bombed in the box office upon its June 2015 theatrical release:

Amy Berg’s controversial documentary An Open Secret, which addresses allegations of teen sexual molestation in Hollywood, performed poorly in its initial runs in nine theaters this weekend in Denver and Seattle, distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures said today.

“In 26 years, it’s the lowest-grossing film we’ve ever had,” Rocky Mountain’s Ron Rodgers said by phone this morning. “We knew it would be challenging subject matter.” Rodgers said one of the film’s “best showings” was in Seattle, where it grossed about $200. Beyond that, Rodgers declined to provide specific figures for the movie, a version of which screened at last year’s DocNYC festival.

I don’t think we’ve had any interference from Hollywood and I don’t jump onto conspiracy theories,” said Rodgers. “We’ve faced controversy before” with Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America. “Hollywood tried to ignore it, but then it did so much business, they had to eventually address it. But I don’t see any indication there was any interference now.”

Source: Deadline

Mr Hoffman then blamed the director Amy Berg for his flop. She previously covered child abuse in the Catholic Church in Academy Award-nominated Deliver Us From Evil (2006); and Satanist Damien Echols and his animal-sacrificing gang of Aleister Crowley disciples The West Memphis Three in her critically acclaimed Peter Jackson-produced movie West of Memphis (2012). She also looked into Mormon polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs in Prophet’s Prey (2015).

Mr Hoffman initiated arbitration proceedings against Ms Berg for not participating in promotional activities for the film – even though she gave “tons of interviews” to many media outlets.

Here she is at the World Premiere of the movie at DocNYC in 2014:

Mr Hoffman also threatened to sue Evan Henzi, a victim of pedophiles who was featured in the film. In what seems to be a characteristic move he contacted the young man’s parents as well as attempting intimidation through legal channels.

The multi-millionaire hedge fund manager and producer of the Hollywood teen sex abuse documentary An Open Secret, Gabe Hoffman, who previously filed an arbitration against the film’s director, threatened last Tuesday to sue a sex abuse victim depicted in the film, Evan Henzi, after the 22-year old Henzi came forward to tell this reporter about alleged distortions in the film and goings-on behind the scenes.In addition, Hoffman called Henzi’s father and claimed to have heard a rumor that Henzi was doing drugs.

Source: Huffington Post

Mr Hoffman claims that because he never followed up his legal threats and phone calls with an actual lawsuit, it doesn’t count.

Source: Twitter

Henzi and another of the movie’s subjects Chris Turcotte called An Open Secret “unfair” and “dishonest”.

Mr Hoffman claims that he ended the career of director Bryan Singer.

Source: Twitter

The lies continue – the funding and producing of the documentary happened more than 5 years ago, given its debut in November 2014.

In fact, Singer was gainfully employed in many Hollywood productions after An Open Secret was released:

Source: IMDB

It was only an article in The Atlantic in January 2019 Nobody Is Going To Believe You that seemed to have ended his career (that is, if you choose to ignore all the 2019 Producer credits in IMDB). The article claimed that sexual misconduct allegations had trailed Bryan Singer for 20 years (I note in passing that Jason Goodman worked for Bryan Singer in Hollywood in 2014).

Singer was fired by 20th Century Fox in December 2017, with less than 3 weeks of filming left in Bohemian Rhapsody. The Atlantic said “Reports emerged of a production in chaos: Singer was feuding with his cast and crew, and had disappeared from the set for days at a time.

The Hollywood Reporter covered the firing at the time, saying that actor Remi Malek “complained to the studio, charging Singer with not being present on set, unreliability and unprofessionalism.”

Mr Singer says his absences from the set and subsequent termination was related to a gravely ill parent:

Bohemian Rhapsody is a passion project of mine. With fewer than three weeks to shoot remaining, I asked Fox for some time off so I could return to the U.S. to deal with pressing health matters concerning one of my parents. This was a very taxing experience, which ultimately took a serious toll on my own health.  Unfortunately, the studio was unwilling to accommodate me and terminated my services. This was not my decision and it was beyond my control…Rumors that my unexpected departure from the film was sparked by a dispute I had with Rami Malek are not true,” said the director. “While, at times, we did have creative differences on set, Rami and I successfully put those differences behind us and continued to work on the film together until just prior to Thanksgiving.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

There is no evidence that Mr Hoffman’s 2014 movie played any role, it is not mentioned in The Atlantic article or by anyone else in Hollywood except Mr Hoffman himself.

An Open Secret also “exposed” Digital Entertainment Network, founded by Marc Collins-Rector and Brock Pierce. This story was already well documented as a result of a lawsuit by one of the victims:

2014 Jezebel – Inside the Hollywood Sex Ring Mansion from the Bryan Singer Lawsuit

2014 BuzzFeed – Mystery Man at Center of Alleged Hollywood Sex Ring has Vanished

2014 Radar – Bryan Singer & Other Hollywood Sex Ring Defendants Exposed As Investors In Shady Company Run By Pedophile

READ: The Shocking SEC Filing Exposing The Alleged Sex Abusers’ Sordid Ties

Radar Online had actually been pursuing this story since 2007: FAST COMPANY – A High-flying Web Start-up, DEN imploded among allegations of drug use, guns, and pedophilia

This story was also featured on Boing Boing in 2007 Gold-Farming Empire Linked to Dot-com Child Abuse Scandal and parodied in a video by Fucked Company:

In a November 2018 interview on Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat podcast, Mr Hoffman’s movie partner (and NYU schoolmate) Matthew Valentinas revealed that Mr Hoffman had originally intended to create a boxing movie. Their research into pedophilia produced 2 full binders of evidence; yet for some reason they only “exposed” a small handful of pedophiles, whose cases were mostly known to the public already. In this interview Mr Valentinas said that they had filmed all the interviews for An Open Secret 2 as of December 2017, and the sequel was now in editing. Where is this movie? Hollywood pedophilia continues to run rampant, and children continue to be abused while Mr Hoffman spends his time on Twitter calling people liars without evidence.


In this post I have shown evidence for a number of Gabe Hoffman/An Open Secret’s lies:

  • multiple tweets asking people to report Facebook posts for accusing people of heinous sex crimes, that did not link to posts saying that
  • his statements that LouderThanLove made accusations against people with zero evidence
  • his claim that his former employee and his Ambassador neighbor are private individuals not public figures
  • his statement that I claimed a private citizen and mother of 3 deserves to be dragged into conspiracy BS
  • his statement that he owned a “little bit” of Chris Cline’s company “a long time ago”
  • his dismissal of the McMartin scandal as a hoax
  • his dismissal of the Franklin scandal as a hoax
  • his statement that Al Hoffman, Jr was not Ambassador to Portugal when Madeleine McCann disappeared
  • his claim in March 2018, repeated in June 2018, that Tesla was about to run out of cash and go bankrupt
  • his statement that Thomas Schoenberger encouraged me to defame and harass him
  • his claim that I am associated with web site “”
  • his claim that I am an “anon crazy person”
  • his statement that “Schoenberger published on []…HOFFMAN was unlocked from Kappy’s dead man’s switch”
  • his claim to have produced and funded his documentary in the last 2 years, when it was more than 5 years ago
  • his statement that he “never did anything of the sort” in relation to threatening sexual abuse victims with lawsuits
  • his claim that his movie got Bryan Singer fired

I have also demonstrated that I went to significant lengths to confirm his allegation that LouderThanLove1 accused his former employee of heinous child sex crimes, and when I couldn’t find the accusation of this I asked on social media if anyone else could find it. Even the author of the post didn’t know what he was talking about.

Who is the liar here? I back up everything I say with evidence.