Another Senior BM Exec Resigns

This time it’s Propaganda Minister Will Chase, who has worked for BMOrg for the last 13 years.
Says Maid Marian at the BJ:

After 13 productive years working on Burning Man’s technology, art, and communications teams, Will Chase — who has always preferred the job title Minister of Propaganda — has accepted an offer to join Maker Faire as their inaugural Director of Content and Community. Though Will is moving on in his career (to an organization with deep community and philosophical ties with Burning Man, I might add), we know his influence on who we are and what we do will continue to be felt. 


Oh great. They get to stop paying him, we still get stuck with the guy.

Will Chase, Burning Man's Minister of Propaganda

Will Chase, Burning Man’s Minister of Propaganda

Will himself says:

Through all of Burning Man’s communications channels (, The Burning Man Journal, the Jackrabbit Speaks, Facebook, Twitter and the ePlaya), my goal has to been to hold a mirror up to this community, sharing the amazing things you do, in hopes of inspiring more people to be their fully-expressed selves — in ways large or small — and to connect with others who’ll fan the flames of their inspiration. And if we manage to light up just one person, I consider it a victory.


Read the rest of the announcement here.

So propaganda is a reflection of this community? Meaning, it’s our fault that we get bombarded with it?

What will this mean now for Burning Man 2.0? A new era of honest communications to Burners, free from propaganda and spin? Or a doubling down on the rhetoric and logical fallacies?

Meanwhile, they’re still trying to find people to run the BLM, Ticketing/Vendors/DPW/Merchandise, and Medici fundraising.

What’s it like to work at Burning Man? You can get a picture from some of the comments at Glass Door:

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