Ace of BASE – Melbourne Burners set Dine-n-Dash record, at world’s highest 7-star restaurant

Parachuting into Burning Man is a whole thing to itself, and I will post on that in the future some day, maybe when I’m wracking my brains for more Burner-related topics. Right now it seems there’s no shortage of shit to write about, so keep checking this blog for the latest and greatest.

In the meantime, we be pumping the info-hose out 2-wardz your s’dream, check out this…

The latest and greatest turns out to be a story from my favorite restaurant in my home town of Melbourne.

4 crazy Burners jumped off the Level 55 outdoor smoking balcony at Vue de Monde. And it was NOT a publicity stunt, in any way! However at least one of the dudes thought he was James Bond

“They had cameras on their helmets so I’m sure we’ll all see it on YouTube pretty soon” – says Master Chef Shannon Bennett.

They knew that there was a cocktail event, that wasn’t advertised, for a business event, and they knew there were guest speakers at the event. The only thing that gave it away was the helmets with the cameras on them, and that’s what gave it away from the suitcase. The restaurant’s well hidden, it was only people in the bathrooms that saw it. This has happened several times before at Rialto before we’d taken on Vue de Monde. We wanted to make sure they were safe, we knew people would react, a few people saw it, and then it spread like wildfire”

…these guys are Australia’s answer to Swiss birdman Yves Rossy’s Grand Canyon BASE jump jet-wing attack.

I almost was there for that one, the air charter company at McCarran airport who I spoke to told me it had all been shut down with the FAA (which was true); but it happened the next day, regardless. I have stood on the glass deck of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Recently, we visited the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the Outer Rim and it was bad-ass, I would recommend it to any Burner: 4000 feet high and there is a giant Eagle carved by wizards into the opposite rocks.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: BASE jumping off the third tallest building in Australia is pretty dope.

Does it qualify you to be a Burner? Vote below. It reminds me of Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol, which was nominated for an Oscar!

Vue de Monde is just about the best restaurant in the world. I’ve told the head chef Shannon Bennett that the only place I know that beats him is Ledoyen in Paris. A mansion next to L’Arc de Triomphe…ladies have a special chair for their handbags.

The official word from Melbourne goes that these guys dressed in business suits, drank a Negroni, then jumped off the smoking balcony. I heard about this tonight first-hand from a confidential source who skydives with the Air Force and is in constant contact with the building owners. He claimed to have recently done a tandem skydive with one of the jumpers, who is featured in this video. They “got away”, although I’m not sure the police are looking for them too hard. Australia loves this type of outlaw shit.

Anyway, Australia’s most bad-ass Chef Shannon Bennett claims this is not a publicity stunt. Let’s see the opinions of the Burner community on this proposition…

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