Mr Bill is definitely going to Get Laid this year

Thanks to Burner RangerTom (ground control to Ranger Tom?)  for letting us know about this hilarious video.

I love the autographed picture of Burning Man ball hanger and Man destroyer Paul Addis.

If you ask me, that was $320 well spent on mirth. He managed to turn a precious Burning Man ticket into a gift that keeps on giving, which will still be creating happiness and merriment years after the Man burns.

“Destruction as art” is SO 20th Century. Sacrificing something old to create something even better that can keep giving to others again and again in the future….now that’s some 21st Century, Language of We shit right there.

Don’t worry about the loss to the Universe of the authentic 2012 Burning Man ticket – there’s still more for sale officially, and there’s a ton left on the after market with prices continuing to fall.

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