The Digital Renaissance Faire: A New Burner Event Gets Off the Ground

by Whatsblem the Pro

DRF Logo by Corey 'Endeavor' Rosen

DRF Logo by Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen

The first annual Digital Renaissance Faire is coming up at the end of May in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It isn’t particularly digital, and it’s not a Renaissance Faire; Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen‘s brainchild is, in Rosen’s own words, “a B.Y.O.E. (Bring Your Own Everything) community-based educational collaborative art festival practicing decommodification and sacred economy within a festival community environment.”

In other words, it’s a big burner party!

The DRF will be taking place near South Lake Tahoe from May 23rd to the 27th, with some familiar names among the theme camp participants that will be attending; Barbie Death Camp, for instance, will be hosting one of the distinct ‘villages’ at the event (Air Village), with Digital Apex providing sound.

Corey 'Endeavor' Rosen - Photo by Yobi Bear

Corey ‘Endeavor’ Rosen – Photo by Yobi Bear

“We’ll also have InpsydouT and their incredible black-light art gallery,” Rosen reports, “and the Financial Liberation Institute will be hosting a village workshop space. Remixed Ink will be bringing a screen-printing SWAG theme camp. MAP (Music, Art, Poetry) is presenting a live music and performance theme camp. . . and the YUM Truck will be cooking up some amazing food for us to sample on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Sacred Spaces will be hosting Earth Village, with the Hookahdome as their village sound camp. EVOLVER will furnish some workshop space, and don’t miss Healing Sensations massage healing theme camp, even if you feel fine. SoulShine will balance your chakras with aromatherapy using scented candles, oils, soaps, and elixirs, which sounds like a pleasantly smellful time even if you’re ungroovy and don’t believe in chakras or care if they’re unbalanced.

FluxFire will be rapidly combining things with oxygen in order to threaten and enliven your very existence on this planet in Fire Village at the Digital Renaissance Faire, with soundtrack courtesy of The Othership. The folks from Leafy Green Gallery will be on hand with a sculpture gallery featuring live welding and glass-blowing demonstrations. Rainbow Heart will run a village workshop space while the Sensuality Salon will be hosting an activity theme camp designed to “connect your heart to your senses,” which is probably not as painful as it sounds. Our esteemed colleagues from Burn After Reading Magazine and Raised By Wolves will caffeinate you ’til you’re sore at their coffee bar, while PyroClastic Flow spins fire art.

Camp Happy Hour will host Water Village with a bar and art gallery, and sonic assistance from Sustainable Bass Collective. The Inversion Playground and outdoor workshop space will be available for your use courtesy of a coven of hawt adrenaline princesses known as the Tahoe Ciello Aerialists. There will be a photo booth run by Unique Exposures, and you might just find some stylin’ new (to you) duds at the Clothing Exchange.

The four traditional elements being insufficient for modern needs, there will also be an Aether Village, where the DRF Spirit Guides will man (or woman) an Information Booth, Ice Sales, and the Spirit Stage, a 24-hour open mic stage where YOU can be the star (or possibly jackass)! Rainbow Ranch will present a village workshop space, and Sk8&Create will welcome you into (out to?) their outdoor art gallery and mini skate park. 9Energies will be there, too, to determine which of the nine energies is your superpower.

The Auburn chapter of the Hip-Hop Congress is running the show in Youth Village, with ZeroDB‘s Silent Disco, and the Illumination Dissemination Theater, a movie theater providing educational documentaries and forward-thinking programs all weekend long.

It all promises to add up to an interesting event. Weather allowing, it should be a good time for everyone.

Even Cookie Monster. Photo by Tim Eliseo

Even Cookie Monster. Photo by Tim Eliseo

For More Information:

DRF Hotline: 916-WIRE-DRF
Event Website:
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Facebook Community Page:
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24 C.O.R.E. Projects Approved for Cargo Cult [update]

Burning Man has announced this year’s CORE sample: 24 projects, 16 from the US and 8 from other countries including Lithuania and the Netherlands.

According to Visual News:

The “Circle of Regional Effigies,” better known as C.O.R.E., is a collaborative exhibition of art installations built from regional burning man communities around the world. Whether in France, China or Idaho, groups of “burners” come together to design, build, and eventually burn their effigy. The structures cannot exceed 20 ft by 20 ft (6.1 m by 6.1m) and must consist of mostly wood material. Typically, the designs for C.O.R.E. have some inspiration from symbols of a particular region. Last year, there was a longhorn bull from Houston, trees and clouds from Seattle and a Cod from Boston.

The Huffington Post notes the ambition behind the creativity:

This year’s project lineup showcases hippies at their most ambitious, with projects completely self-funded and self-transported by creatives devoted to the Burning Man-ifesto

The projects are:

Temple of Times from Austin

Hand of Inspiration from Israel

The Year the Playa Stood Still from Minnesota

Meditation from China / Taiwan

Stairway to Heaven from France

Anti-Monument to DC Art Culture and Former President John Frum aka The DC Pyramid Scheme, from Washington DC

PyscheDelicate Arch from Salt Lake City

The Czech Oasis from the Czech Republic

Playa Queen from Sacramento

Starfish from San Diego

Dutch Windmill from the Netherlands

Marvin, The Vortexagon from Idaho

Other approved projects to consider exploring:

Altar of the Wetlands: Recreating Nature in a Post-Industrial Society from New Orleans

Artifactuary from Vancouver

The Cargo Mother from Houston

Flor de Muerto – Flower of the Dead from Victoria

The Good, the Bad and the Naughty from Reno

Inchanted Forest from Indiana

Lituanica birds from Lithuania

Ludum Et Refugium from Portland

Source Maui “Kavai Ahi” from Maui

South Bay CORE from the South Bay

Star of the City from New York

via 24 C.O.R.E. Projects Approved for Burning Man 2013.

[Update 3/27/13 00:20am, cheers to Burner Jack Trash for the heads up] – three of the proposed C.O.R.E. projects that got rejected by BMOrg, have teamed up to create their own rebel art group, N.O.D.E. – the Nexus of Declined Effigies:

The CORE project was too good for us. BMORG spurned us. BRC isn’t sure what to think of us. We are the NODE. BMORG didn’t know what they did when they declined out talents. Now, we’ll band together and affect BRC FOREVER!!!

node photo

Temple Burns: Not Just for Burning Man any more

At Burners.Me, we’re very supportive of Burner culture diffusing out into the wider world. We try to live Burning Man every day, not just pretend to be someone else for one week a year. Burning Man makes an impact that can affect your whole life, and I make a conscious effort to maintain and develop relationships that begin at Burning Man out in Meatspace as well.

We were recently honored to be invited by Che of the Space Cowboys, to a Temple Burn at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California. The Temple was built by Burning Man art supremo David Best, who is taking a break from this year’s Cargo Cult Temple, and instead building a more permanent structure in Sonoma County. Paradise Ridge is hosting “The Spirit of the Man“, an outdoor exhibition of sculpture art including a Spirit-logo-H-colornumber of pieces from Burning Man. The exhibition is dedicated to Che’s late father Al Voigt, and it showcases 38 major works by sculptors based in Sonoma County and throughout the US. Most of the sculptural works are available to purchase.

A visit is highly recommended, as the San Francisco Chronicle said “this place has the feel of an insider’s secret…it’s well worth the effort to find”. Actually not much effort required in these days of GPS, 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Dr Santa Rosa 95403 , (707) 528 9463.

Che observed that no-one needed instructions for the Temple:

“people just came up, and started writing messages on red and gold ribbons and tying them to the Temple. We didn’t have to say what it was, everyone just knew what to do”


IMG_3023 IMG_3024


Space Cowboys go back to the days when Distrikt was called the Deep End, and they are famous for their Unimog ATAVAV at Ghost Ship on Treasure Island and the Breakfast of Champions party.

The Space Cowboys are a San Francisco based collective that began its exploration of the cosmos over a decade ago, as a diverse group of talented individuals who came together in the pursuit of the creation of unique entertainment events, mechanical contraptions, and art projects. The group consists of members from all walks of life and vocations – engineers, doctors, programmers, massage therapists, designers, architects, nurses, video editors, producers, corporate executives, animators, and financial advisers. Mostly in their thirties, Cowboys reside not only in San Francisco, but Los Angeles, Sacramento, and even Laos. The collective serves as an outlet for the members and their friends and family to creatively and socially express themselves beyond their “day jobs”.

Our story begins with wrangling good times in the wild west of Black Rock City. As one of the first large scale dance camps at Burning Man, the group essentially constructed and ran a nightclub for a week each year on the playa, providing free beats and beverages to all nightly. As one of the oldest, continually existing Burning Man camps, the Cowboys have constructed a variety of other playa art projects as well. The collective is responsible for the creation of a mechanical horse, mechanical wagon train (the Beast) consisting of a chopped-down 1963 Valiant with a welded steel superstructure and 4 tow-able wagon cars, SCTV versions 0-3 (various forms of video art structures with the latest being a fifty-foot wide video wall comprised of five CRT projectors and 5 acrylic screens measuring eight feet square supported by over 2 tons of steel), and a range of other art cars including a duck, horseshoe, peapod, turtle and two ponies. In 2003, the Cowboys inherited Martha, a deconstructed Toyota minivan from their sister camp SpaceLounge (now defunct). Martha has since been fully rebuilt and dutifully serves as a transport for the troops and a mobile lounge on the playa and off.

Since 2001 the Space Cowboys are perhaps most well known for their UNIMOG All-Terrain Audio Visual Assault Vehicle (ATAVAV). Originally a 1973 Mercedes German Military vehicle, the Space Cowboy’s UNIMOG is the largest off-road sound system in the world, completely self-sufficient with lights, video projectors, screens, radio transmitters, on-board generators and wireless network. The UNIMOG has gone where no other sound system has gone, from the desert of Black Rock, to the snow covered slopes at Squaw Valley and the urban canyons of San Francisco as to the lead float in the city’s LoveParade since its inception.

To fund these activities the Space Cowboys produce a series of fundraisers throughout the year in San Francisco. The parties have become legendary events in their own right. Over the years the Space Cowboys have developed an international reputation for producing the finest underground events, including the annual Breakfast of Champions; a party beginning at 6am on New Years Day, it has even had a full-length album named after it.

No one but the greater community profits from the activities of the Space Cowboys. Each Cowboy pays yearly dues and any additional monies from fundraisers are used to create future art events and projects for the greater community. For us it not about the money, but rather creative expression, community, and something called a good time.

The world’s largest off-road sound system, and one of California’s largest sculpture gardens. Dope! The exhibit will run for another year. You can also catch the Space Cowboys on April 11 at Yuri’s Night at Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences – another highly recommended tour.

Entrance to Paradise Ridge

Entrance to Paradise Ridge

IMG_2985 IMG_2990 IMG_3007IMG_2959 IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2967 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2972 IMG_2979 IMG_3024 IMG_3003

a beautiful frame for a picture

a beautiful frame for a picture