2014 Deadlines

paprework pileWe know Burning Man used to have the rule “no spectators”. Today, this has been subsumed into the 10 Principles as “radical self-expression”. If you want to participate rather than spectate, then you might be thinking about bringing an art car, or making an art installation, or having a theme camp at a particular location. All of this could be yours! That is, if you can fill out a bunch of electronic forms. Which aren’t ready yet. From BMOrg:

You must submit a BRC Participation Form for approval if you would like to:

  • Reserve a location for your placed camp at Black Rock City
  • Receive permission to bring a Mutant Vehicle into Black Rock City for inspection
  • Pre-register to bring a Disabled Vehicle to Black Rock City
  • Register an Art Installation for placement on the open playa
  • Apply as professional Media

review other important information on our BRC Participation Forms FAQ.

Applications open March 4. This was supposed to be February 20, but everything is being delayed later than usual this year. We still don’t know why. This year’s excuses include  “the BLM is still deciding on the 2014 permit“; “Larry quit smoking“; “we’ve changed ticket providers“; “there’s a new IT person; and, our favorite: “the new vehicle tax is to help the environment“. Well, now we can add “this is to help procrastinators” to that list:

Lucky day for you procrastinators … Participation Forms for BRC 2014 will now be available March 4 instead of February 20. bit.ly/1fwECqQ

Oh, happy day! Here are the deadlines:

2014 BRC Participation Forms

You will need to provide:

  • Placement: Final camp layout plan (single page PDF or JPG – 1 MB or less)
  • Art: Diagram or drawing of your project (up to 3 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file)
  • Mutant Vehicle: Photo or sketch of vehicle (up to 10 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file (a day and a night picture of already constructed vehicles is recommended))



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