“Failure!” – Tananbaum Gets Called Out by BM Director

Image: Beverly & Pack/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Image: Beverly & Pack/Flickr (Creative Commons)

A couple of days ago, BMOrg finally posted their response to the many concerns raised by our community after this year’s event. You can read our analysis here: BMOrg Hath Spoken.

Many Burners felt that this whitewash of the major issues didn’t go nearly far enough. The only real policy change was to stop their VIP Donation Tickets program. They completely ignored whether any of the 25 12 Commodification Camps were also offered invitation-only tickets in the Directed Group sale, and whether that might happen again in the future. “Commodification Camps will be held to the same standard as theme camps” – but that was already their policy. Stating what the rules already are is not the same as changing the rules.

Something that has particularly rankled many Burners was the involvement of one of the Burning Man Project’s Board of Directors this year in running the most notorious 50-sherpa Commodification Camp, Caravancicle – which was also ignored in BMOrg’s post.

It seems that at least one Burning Man founder felt the need to single Tananbaum out for his actions. Michael Mikel, who goes by the pseudonym “Danger Ranger”, took to his Facebook page with a late night rant sharing his personal views on the situation to his 1000 followers. As well as spreading a bunch of lies about myself and this site, which he had no interest in correcting before he blocked me, the knives were out for Jim Tananbaum.

Here are some excerpts from his lengthy diatribe.



The post-burn forensics of this internet-fuled drama of rumors on top of rumors has been challenging and time consuming…We are now at a point where there is enough information to answer some of the questions that have arisen. Larry, always the consummate lucubrationist, has posted to the Burning Man blog about this issue. I have also conducted my own personal investigation into this matter and have come up with answers that may be more specific than some of those presented thus far.

“Lucubrationist” means some who speaks pedantically or overly elaborately.

Why do there need to be “separate investigations” within BMOrg? This is an annual party that goes for a week, put on by Burners. It’s supposed to be all in good fun. If it is so hard to get to the truth that 3 months of “forensics” are required, shouldn’t the forensic investigation at least be co-ordinated? If these people can’t even trust each other, why should we trust them?


My conclusion is that Burning Man broke Caravansicle. I might add that the individual who profited from Caravansicle will not be allowed back into Burning Man.

Many Burners will be disappointed to learn that the individual he’s talking about is not Jim Tananbaum. He remains on the Board, and it looks like they are absolving him of any responsibility for commodifying Burning Man with a multi-million dollar for-profit camp – despite the requirement in their Bylaws that all Directors must uphold the Ten Principles.


When I was finally able to confront Mr Tananbaum face-to-face, my first words to him were; “You really stepped in some shit.” I believe that he truly regrets the wreckage in the wake of his camp. Mr Tananbaum started out with the best of intentions. Caravansicle was not intended to be commercial in nature. His goal was to fund and produce a large camp for friends and associates, much like the camps that he had done in the two previous years. But this year it was going to be grander and larger. His first mistake was to hire a professional camp producer from the commercial EDM world with no Burning Man experience. This is what brought in the sherpas and wristbands.

A camp with 120 guests and 50 employees that charged $17,000 per person was not intended to be commercial in nature? You really expect us to believe that?

The first time we saw public use of the word “sherpa” in relation to Burning Man was in a New York Times story before the Burn which had nothing to do with Caravancicle. They were far from the only camp or art car at Burning Man to have wristband-only VIP sections.


His second mistake was having a bar so big and so public that it ran out of liquor. Nothing is worse than a half-drunk lynch mob. 

This is the first account I’ve seen of Caravancicle having a large, public bar. It differs remarkably from what Burners have been reporting about Caravancicle. “A bar so big and so public that it ran out of liquor”? Where does Mr Mikel get his facts from? We are relying on whistleblowing testimony from one of the sherpas employed by the camp, as well as comments from other Burners who went there. Here’s what the sherpa said:

Popsicle camp advertised to customers and to Placement that they would build a lounge out on the street in front our walls that would be cooled to 45º and contain a bar inside where hot and dusty passers by could enter to cool down and indulge…The front of our camp was advertising that a second  iced tea/water lounge would be on the street and all of our customers would be there from 2-4pm every day passing out even more popsicles to people.

Neither of these structures had been built. There just happened to be more important priorities, which revolved around making sure that the paying customers never needed to use a porta potty.

The bar that was built did not run out of liquor to serve the public; rather, it was fully stocked, but wristband-only from the very beginning.

The sherpa:

We had a massive dome built that would be open for the public to enjoy. There were specialty drinks, music, dancers, couches, coffee tables with Alex Grey paintings, snacks, and much more. This we did have, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I only ended up bar tending one shift…While serving our guests, there were random visitors and the folks from the missing motel. I was told that only our members that had paid to camp there were allowed to have drinks. Considering that we had a visible full bar and a menu containing our specialty cocktails, you could imagine the embarrassment I felt when telling some people they can not have those advertised drinks, and telling others they can. Suddenly our public dome contained some VIP options. “Only those with the VIP wristbands can have a drink, can I offer you a peanut?”

MOOP #fail

MOOP #fail

Doesn’t sound like a large public bar with no booze in it to me.

Apparently, all the MOOP of the combined Caravancicle and Lost Hotel camps was the fault of the one scapegoat, and nothing to do with any other camp organizers, or Mr Tananbaum.


And I’m sure that the professional camp producer was surprised to discover no trash dumpsters at Burning Man. None-the-less, the camp producer took the money and ran.

Most of the MOOP at Caravancicle was actually left by the Lost Hotel. The Lost Hotel built 90% of the structure of Caravancicle, and seems to have profited by renting the rooms for Tananbaum’s camp to sub-let.

The sherpa:

The building crew for the neighboring camp was in collaboration with our camp. 90% of our camp had been built and designed  by the neighboring camp. Lets call this camp “the Missing Motel” The Leader of this camp is a brilliant visionary that seemed to be very passionate about inspiring creativity with his own art. The Missing Motel rented our camp these extremely unique and beautifully constructed canvas “rectangles” that would be homes to myself and guests included. Missing Motel Build lovingly crafted every single detail of  popsicle camp. Everything from our private bathrooms, our rectangles,  and every piece of furniture in it,  the lay out of the camp itself and a majority of the beautiful details

Photo: Lost Hotel/Facebook

Aerial Photo: Lost Hotel/Facebook

The Lost Hotel were experienced Burners, and were surely aware of the requirement to Leave No Trace. Mr Tananbaum as a Director of Burning Man, is required by their Bylaws to uphold the Ten Principles, so he could not have been unaware of this either. Mr Mikel says he had already put together 2 major camps at Burning Man before, so the idea that no-one there knew they had to pick their MOOP up is unlikely.


The truth is that Mr Tananbaum lost tens of thousands of dollars on this failed project. That is not to say that the captain does not carry ultimate responsibility for his ship. While he has been quite capable of amassing a fortune in the world of venture capital, it does call into question if he is ready and able to help navigate the Burning Man ship. Then again, there is nothing like failure to add to ones experience. I think that having an 18-person board of directors is good in that it allows a larger pool to maintain overall management and guidance, which is certainly an improvement over the past when there were only 6 board members.

Barking up the wrong tree. Image: Ralph Hightower/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Barking up the wrong tree. Image: Ralph Hightower/Flickr (Creative Commons)

There’s a difference between “lost tens of thousands” and “gifted tens of thousands”. The former implies a profit motive. So basically, he’s saying “hey, Tananbaum tried to profit from Burning Man, and didn’t succeed because the guy he hired to manage it ran off with all the money. No problem, maybe he learned something that could help us – carry on”.

The “Turnkey Camps” blog post said that none of the Commodification Camps tried to make a profit – which flies in the face of logic, as well as contradicting Danger Ranger’s statements based on personally confronting Jim Tananbaum. Mr Mikel’s forensic investigation seems to have shown that Mr Tananbaum only failed to make his intended profit because the funds were embezzled by one of his paid employees. The camp charged $17,000 per person, so if Tananbaum is only out of pocket by “tens of thousands”, how much did this un-named lackey actually steal? It seems like keeping the cash from only 2 of his 120 guests would’ve been enough for Tananbaum to break even.


Bmorg is instituting new procedures/policies next year, which will bring all non-infrastructure plug-and-play camps under the theme camp registration process and hold them to the same standards.

This is exactly what they said in 2012, about the same issue. In fact, their own post of just 2 days ago explaining the Commodification Camps said that they were already required to be held to the same standards. More on that below.


The transition of Burning Man from tontine to non-profit organization has taken more that six years. Thru all of this, no one in the organization is getting rich off of Burning Man. That will become apparent after the numbers for the non-profit are published. It’s been a very complex process with many moving pieces, some of them not quite in place.

Perhaps no-one in “the organization” is getting rich, but what about “the owners”? Our reader A Balanced Perspective has calculated their take via this Decommodification structure to be somewhere between $35 million-47 million dollars, and so far no-one has been able to provide any evidence or argument otherwise. We also exposed a million dollar plus discrepancy between what BMOrg were saying they were paying the BLM and what the BLM were saying they got paid, which on an annual basis could increase this take even further.

Here’s Danger Ranger’s “tipping tweet” of November 21, 2008, which he credits with starting this whole “non-profit transition”

danger tweet 2008 nov 21


Others might argue that Harley Dubois’ surprise resignation was actually the event that triggered the process of unravelling their corporate structure, more so than this tweet.

How much longer will all of this take, before we get to see what’s actually going on? 6 years, and nearly $8 million on lawyers and accountants over that time, isn’t enough to open the books to the public? We still don’t have the 2013 IRS filing numbers for the Burning Man Project, and it’s not looking like we’ll see any 2014 numbers until 2016.  What exactly are these “moving pieces” that are still left to work out before the community gets the transparency we’ve been promised for so long?

The sole purpose of Decommodification LLC is to protect the Burning Man name and I’ve programmed it to automatically dissolve after its mission is completed.

I believe he is talking about the “Dead Man’s Trigger” clause he boasted of inserting into Decommodification, LLC.

MM (in March 2014):

Larry has the last word on the Transition discussion. (But I am pleased to note that I am the one who programmed the deadman switch into Decommodification LLC.)

This clause apparently says that ownership of Decommodification, LLC will revert back to the Burning Man Project in 3 years, unless all 6 Directors vote to stop that. As far as I know, this clause is not tied to “completion of the mission” in any way, it’s time based. If Decommodification, LLC was bought by another entity (eg, Foresight Capital, or LiveNation), then different directors could be appointed and this wouldn’t happen. Or if the existing Directors decide they like the royalties that are pouring in to this private, secretive company, they might well vote in their own interests to keep them coming.

It’s hard to see what Decommodification, LLC specifically are doing to protect the Burning Man brand – especially when it seems like the Tin Principles are being chucked out the window now as “an ethos, not rules”. The lawsuit they have been pursuing in Canada lists the plaintiffs as “Decommodification LLC, Black Rock City LLC, and the Burning Man Project, doing business as Burning Man” – so what does Decommodification, LLC really add to the mix, that Black Rock City LLC and the Burning Man Project couldn’t have achieved on their own? Which of the three entities is footing the legal bills in this case?

As for the sole purpose of Decommodification LLC? Article 5, Clause 1 of the Bylaws about sharing of corporate profits prevents the Board of Directors of BMP from profiting from the event, except specifically through the Founders  ownership of the intellectual property which is via Decommodification, LLC:

bylaws article 5

If profiting from this arrangement was not part of their purpose, what is the need for this exemption?


Today Burning Man is an eight hundred thousand ton gorilla with many mouths to feed. It’s a network of departments and people, sometimes with competing interests. It’s still evolving. It has lost much of its agility, but there are some advantages to size. We are now having an impact on the world at large and we have the power to change that world for the better.

What are the competing interests here? Who’s competing for what? What impact is it that Burning Man is now having on the world at large? Marge tripping on acid and Maggie playing with a syringe on The Simpsons? An art car going into Zappo’s HQ? Grover Norquist and Denis Kucinich using it to appeal to new voting blocs?

Time will tell, and so far in 4 years the Burning Man Project seems to have not accomplished very much at all, let alone changed the world for the better.

BMOrg have admitted in their blog posts here and here that they were fully aware of the for-profit Commodification Camps, and gave them preferential placement, while refusing 58 Burner-operated Gifting-based theme camps.

Initially, in this post, they said that they had placed 25 Commodification Camps; by the time they had “listened to all the feedback”, this was whittled down to just 12.

On October 28 Answergirl said:

We define Turnkey camps as those that offer a public space and interactivity in addition to private spaces for larger groups and are typically built by a producer, rather than a traditional camp lead.

On December 3 BMOrg said:

The term “turnkey” has been used to describe camps with paid teams that set up infrastructure before other camp members arrive. This general definition could be applied to many camps, including many well-known, beloved and highly participatory theme camps…

On the other end of the spectrum are “plug and play” or “concierge camps” (A.K.A. hotel camps, resort camps, commodification camps), where vacation-type experiences are sold in package deals at exclusive prices, often with no expectation or commitment by campers to contribute to the larger community.

These camps have not been banned, or even censured.

petit ermitage

Petit Ermitage, a trendy boutique hotel from West Hollywood, are promoting the pop-up hotel they did at Burning Man with Cirque Gitane – who at least scored Green on the MOOP map, and by all accounts shared professional theatrical performances with the public.


BMOrg said:

These concierge or commodification camps undermine the social fabric of our community, which is unacceptable.

Commodification camps are not only in direct conflict with our culture, they are also not allowed by the terms of our permit…A commodification camp operating without a permit risks citations and fines from the BLM. The Burning Man organization is exploring ways of monitoring this more effectively in the future

Not “this won’t happen again”. Just “they need a permit and we’re investigating ways to monitor this more effectively”.

All camps that receive resources from the organization must demonstrate their contribution to the broader community. For 2015, all camps (other than infrastructure support camps) will be held to the same standards in order to receive placement, early arrival passes and access to the Directed Group Sale

Rather than “Commodification Camps won’t get early access passes and invite-only tickets”, this statement really says the exact opposite. In some sort of black box process without oversight, BMOrg will work out where to put them and how many tickets they can have.

What’s the bottom line? Tananbaum gets to stay, just with some public shaming from one of the founders. His employee is made the scapegoat, and accused of embezzlement. Commodification Camps have to go through the Placement team, just like they did in 2014, and the other years before that. All they need to do is say “we’ll have a bar”, and it’s business as usual. If the bar doesn’t materialize? Whoopsie-daisy. If they leave a bunch of MOOP? Naughty, naughty. All the owners have to say is “I didn’t make any money”, and they can continue as before. The VIP Donation tickets program will be discontinued, but the World’s Biggest Guest list  goes on, without any oversight. Transparency? 7 years isn’t enough, they need more time. “Coming soon”.


radical inclusion cult

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  5. Thank you for keeping us informed. A word to the wise….anyone who gets into the Burn with a staff bracelet and would like to continue to do so should refrain from posting any disparaging remarks about BMorg on any social media if it can be traced back to you. I posted a “disparaging lite” comment on eplaya, and within 24 hours I got a firm email from my manager to stand down or risk my position. My eplaya ID has no mention of my playa name or village. Somebody took the time to call up my email which gave them my connections. That directive came from a higher above her and a higher above him. Super scary big brother shit, but believe me, I got the message. I questioned whether I should even post this. You fuck with the Borg and they will fuck you.

    • I had a similar experience. I was told directly that, being an authorized credentialed volunteer, I could no longer speak my mind or my personal opinions EVEN IF I STATED BEFOREHAND THAT THEY WERE MY OPINIONS and I didn’t represent the BOrg . It shocked me, because I am a low woman on the totem pole, a nobody in the hierarchy. I resigned my position so that i could speak my mind. Still, if I was doxed here, I fear my camp and my organization would be punished, other people would suffer for my opinions.

    • Wow. Huge. Rest assured that any information shared at Burners.Me will remain totally confidential. We have proven that now in three years of operation and Burnileaks, we have an impeccable track record of preserving the anonymity of our sources.

  6. Hey, burnerxxx, you are doing good work here. Reportage that is backed with facts and math and links and eye witness reports…. They are desperate. I have been on the receiving end of a similar situation, doxxed and harassed at work for speaking the truth in another situation where I tried to call someone on their bullshit lies, unrelated to Burning Man. It is a scary situation when people will resort to destoying your life because you stand for the truth and transparency.

  7. This might sound tangential…but if you want to have clear evidence that something is up and awry in the structure and greed has crept in, all you have to do is look at the disaster at the gate. The gate infrastructure hasn’t changed in ten years…and now you have 8 hour lines at the gate and 5 hour lines at will-call (and this had nothing to do with the weather). Somewhere greed is playing into the equation because any other festival in the world could handle gate management better than BMORG – despite all dough flowing in to their coffers.

  8. Wow. It’s hot in here, emotions swirling around in a pool of misunderstanding, misinformation, projections, defenses…
    One word: EGO

  9. A comment, not in relation to the shit show yesterday by a few trolls, but, upon this post. Thank you, burnersxxx, for the independent press upon what Larry termed ‘our tasked government’, the BMOrg.

    In regards of ‘We also exposed a million dollar plus discrepancy between what BMOrg were saying they were paying the BLM and what the BLM were saying they got paid, which on an annual basis could increase this take even further.’ I included this million dollar discrepancy, within the estimate, as the licence levy upon the trademarks owned by Decommodification LLC, paid by BRC LLC to Decommodification LLC, in due of the afterburn ledger line stating ‘BLM and other usage fees’, and this false statement by the BMOrg, thus, the estimate will not increase in due of this.

    The BMOrg did have separate rules for the Commodification Camps, they were not required to follow the theme camp rules. I have not verified, but, I believe it was within the post on the Burning Man blog, by AnswerGirl, she stated, in detail, the separate rules for Commodification Camps. It is good all theme camps will have the same rules within 2015.

    Danger Ranger was numerous millions of dollars from truthful when he stated ‘The sole purpose of Decommodification LLC is to protect the Burning Man name’, but ‘I’ve programmed it to automatically dissolve after its mission is completed’ is separate from the dead man’s trigger, of the BRC LLC, or the Project, will purchase the trademarks, from Decommodification LLC, in two years time, except might all 6 prior BRC LLC owners vote no upon this in a unanimous manner. By his statement, Decommodification LLC will not exist after the trademarks are sold to the BRC LLC, or to the Project, which is good.

    Pondering his statement ‘The sole purpose of Decommodification LLC is to protect the Burning Man name’, of what manner is his statement within the law? He is a board member of a 501(c)3 that takes donations of cash, labour, and art, he might not have to state conflicts of interests to donors, and, he might not have to detail cash paid towards him prior to the law requiring so, but, in what manner is making false statements purposed towards hiding the cash directed, from the 501(c)3, towards his pockets, within the law?

    A prior commenter penned that good PR must get out in front of an issue. They should have penned this PR three months prior. In addendum, for good PR, might they not agree with any number or statement within the cashout post, they are welcome to state so in a comment below the post, to prove any number or statement to be incorrect.

  10. I would be curious to hear whether burnersxxx aka Mr. Steve Ottrim had any role in having Facebook remove the Danger Ranger account. As we all know, he has been using that name publicly for 20 years; indeed many don’t know his formal, legal name. So, Steve, any response? Please take as much time and space as you need to respond with “yes” or “no.”

    • No. I was on his thread for hours trying to correct his lies. There would be no point in me doing that if I just wanted to report him. Then he deleted my comments, according to others. At that stage I was blocked by him, which would make it impossible to report his account had I wanted to. I tried contacting him privately as well. Mr Mikel appears to have absolutely no interest in the truth.

        • I don’t know. What’s your point? Lies are lies, and truth is truth. Wouldn’t it be better to ask “how many lies have you told in all these threads”? The answer is: ZERO.

          • Readers, Tonto is posting from the same IP address as Jane. Maybe it’s two different people in cahoots, maybe it’s a troll.

            You don’t need a first-year college course in psychology to figure out that I’m trying to defend myself. That should be obvious to anyone.

            What would you have me do, Tonto? My reputation has been smeared across the Internet. A Director of Burning Man published multiple lies about me, and rather than correcting them, or providing any proof, went and repeated his false allegations to a wider audience. Should I just say “oh, that’s fine, call me a liar if you want, I don’t care?” That would be false, because I *do* care.

            At least I am providing evidence to substantiate the claims that I make, unlike Danger Ranger who has none. I can’t prove that I don’t own a plane – how could I? I can’t prove that I don’t own a spaceship either. I can prove I don’t have a fancy RV, which I have done with photographic evidence.

    • Tom, DR doxed burnersxxx which is a massive violation of Facebook’s TOS. I doubt it had anything to do with DR not using his real name on his account. You just don’t dox people unless you’re ready for the consequences. DR found this out.

  11. ~ Come on, citizens. Isn’t protecting our culture and experiment in community that we have worked so hard to establish and nurture worth fighting for a little harder? Isn’t making some difficult and potentially controversial policy changes now backed with stricter enforcement in the interests of the greater community better than kicking this concierge can down the road and hope for the best? Do not underestimate the power of commodification creep. We see its evil impact everyday in our default world.

  12. “rabble rabble rabble… lol… have fun with that angel.

    Dude, you must be doing some good, because you are pissing off all sorts of people and that is usually a sign that you are doing it correct and bringing change where “they” don’t want it. Without your voice, I wonder how much of the BMorg’s nonsense would see the light of day? or it the dark of the internet…. errr… the text of the page?… anyhow… You are doing some good, Don’t Stop.

  13. Thank you, burnersxxx, for providing an independent press reporting on Burning Man and the BMOrg, supported on numerous links to the relevant sources.

    I viewed part of the shit show today, with the numerous lies and doxing, Moderators must become involved, removing many posts and comments, or the groups must self censor. I have much respect for Danger Ranger, he is deserving of our gratitude, but, his post was below him.

      • You would think that after all that has gone down in the past few days, and presumably, presently going down behind the scenes, that they would give the standard Kool-Aid responses a rest.

        • Yeah, you’d think. But no. I’ve just been dealing with it again at new Burner site burn.life, where I’ve been accused of “doxxing” Danger Ranger by publishing his name “Michael Mikel” in my story – despite the fact that both are listed in their About page.


          Troll post to come in the next couple of days. Maybe in their Monday morning meeting the word will go out that their tactics aren’t working the way they’d hoped. They’re not going to make the world a better place with this stuff.

          • Thanks. I’m trying to do a long comment (thanks, but that’s all I wish to do) on your incredibly awesome response post, commenting as to brilliant, ethical, responsible people on the board making the very tough decisions necessary for the good of Burning Man going forward. December is a crucial month for the future of the Project, the event, and the community. I hope they are able to do so, to permit Burning Man to grow and blossom in the future.

    • Prior to Danger Ranger’s account being removed (I imagine for doxing), he was deleting posts by burnersxxx and other that weren’t supportive. Then the hammer dropped. Looks like Mr. Ranger… really stepped in some shit.

      • Great! Then why don’t you say something other than the standard Kool Aid crap that always comes from the legion of BMorg worshipers.

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