#LARPWars Part 5 – For Whom the Troll Tolls?

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Lestat has dropped some of his Discord chat logs with Defango, a bombshell move which is sending ripples across the Net.





Perhaps predictably, Defango has claimed credit that he was the one who did this.

Maybe he’s right, but it’s beside the point. Who released the chat logs first does not change the contents of them, that’s the point of this story. Please provide a link to the more comprehensive Discord logs, we will check them out.

Defango has just been named a finalist for 2019 LARPer of the Year. The awards show will be streaming live on Saturday night from around 9pm EST on the Titus Frost channel. He is up against Mike Cernovich, Jerome Corsi and Steven Crowder for the title. A lot of time and audience participation went into determining the Final Four, congratulations to all who got nominated. There sure were some big contenders this year.

Cast your vote before 9pm EST Saturday 21st

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The Latest Antics

Earlier this year, Lestat took over the Abel Danger channel.

Now we are seeing some of the behind the scenes machinations around that move.

We see YouTubers colluding with others to troll, money changing hands and specific instructions being given on who to attack and even more significantly, who not to attack – in this case, Defango’s cashed up compatriots MAGA Coalition and An Open Secret.

A YouTuber named FknFreddy is also revealed as a collaborator with this gang. This is ironic because he and his crew frequently rail against “Multi-Channel Networks” on YouTube, yet here they are revealed to be colluding with multiple other channels to co-ordinate attacks on group targets.

We see plans being made to attack rival YouTubers on their birthday – something that happened to me this year from the Sawyers.

Lestat immediately weaponized the Abel Danger channel to attack Thomas Schoenberger, whom he and Defango had both previously worked with in at ShadowBox.

Lestat created logos for Shadow Box and titles for Defango Thomas:


[Update: Jan 8 2020 6:55am]

Lestat disagrees with the above characterization of these events. He is not part of any team and no-one is attacking Thomas Schoenberger. He didn’t take over the Abel Danger channel, he was given it; he didn’t weaponize this channel to attack TS, he hardly spoke about him, there were just a few videos there made by Bobby Sauerwald when he received the 66,000 subscriber channel as a gift; he designed logos for free and was never part of the ShadowBox organization. #YMMV.

Abel Danger was founded by David Squawkins and Field McConnell. They split and Squawkins ended up in partnership with Jason Goodman, Field ended up in jail, and Lestat ended up taking over the 66,000 subscriber YouTube channel Abel Danger – already down to 58,000 subs.

Field McConnell from Abel Danger has teamed up with Timothy Charles Holmseth, who has been publicly praised by Robert David Steele. See Tracking the Leopard Meroz’s great article on these characters:

Agent19 just did an excellent (and very disturbing) video on these men and their “Children’s Crusade”:

Holmseth, Steele, Defango, David Seaman and Devin Nunes have all been represented by attorney Steven Biss. Jason Goodman recently accused Biss and his wife Tanya Cornwell of all kinds of heinous activity in his lawsuit with Robert David Steele in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Here is a copy/paste of their Discord chat logs. Emphasis ours. At the end of the chat we will offer analysis and share some other information that has come to light as a result of this drop.

LEstat and Defango discord chat

LESTAT 05/27/2019


and let me know when i can call you

il1usiveman started a call that lasted 24 minutes.05/27/2019

May 28, 2019

LESTAT 05/28/2019

dude you gorgot le cash money yesterday

May 30, 2019

il1usiveman 05/30/2019


I need you to lay off thomas for a week

I have things working

I mean at least on twitter

keep dropping videos and stuff but try not to get into the new drama with AnOpenSecret and Magaco

I think if we lay off and let them fight, we can see where this is going better

we should talk on voice

il1usiveman 05/30/2019

on second thoughtFIRE ALL CANNONS

June 1, 2019

LESTAT 06/01/2019

https://youtu.be/gT-ylIvH79QYouTubeLestatUnirock Pt. 1

https://youtu.be/MkishTTcfNwYouTubeLestatUnirock III

6-6-19 we gonna deliver a birthday present

LESTAT 06/01/2019

we gonna bust his ass inside out we gonna need to hype it up (his birthday) 6-6-19

LESTAT 06/01/2019

https://youtu.be/L1fgc3I38Z8 YouTube The #hoggbelly Tutorials Vol. 1 See you in 1 hour in the backup channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGRsOOBAqqCzJcf_ZcKmsDg/#fakecicada3301

il1usiveman 06/01/2019

nice you have no idea lool

June 6, 2019

il1usiveman 06/06/2019


June 11, 2019

LESTAT 06/11/2019


heard you were looking for this


June 12, 2019

il1usiveman 06/12/2019

YotoYoyoI just woke upThanks for that

I need your help and any trolls that wanna make some money

June 13, 2019

LESTAT 06/13/2019

share a link to join man plzs

il1usiveman 06/13/2019

Thanks for coming on

LESTAT 06/13/2019


il1usiveman 06/13/2019

Sup? I got a 7 day on Twitter

LESTAT 06/13/2019

dude i hav e fkn freddy on hang outs he wants to takl to you and make peace so we can focus on thomas want to join?

il1usiveman 06/13/2019


LESTAT 06/13/2019

one sec bro

il1usiveman 06/13/2019


LESTAT 06/13/2019


LESTAT 06/13/2019

bro awesoma manthanks a lotfeel so proudn.nthis is what’s al aboutbro and thnks for the $$ will help a lots

il1usiveman 06/13/2019

Dont give away my address fuckerlol

il1usiveman 06/13/2019

I need a new bummer’bumper

LESTAT 06/13/2019

whats a bumper?bumper sticker?

il1usiveman 06/13/2019

Like a think unirock has in between segments

LESTAT 06/13/2019

what text do you want there?

owww like the pixel style one i made for him

June 15, 2019

LESTAT 06/15/2019


il1usiveman 06/15/2019

What up

LESTAT 06/15/2019

you told me to dm you


il1usiveman 06/15/2019

Oh right

You wanna make some troll vids

On lan balina

LESTAT 06/15/2019

what´s on lan balina????

il1usiveman 06/15/2019

He has a stolen rolex

June 19, 2019

il1usiveman 06/19/2019


So you back to your old ways after taking 2k from me and not putting up any work

June 21, 2019

il1usiveman 06/21/2019

so your just going to be not talking about meor to me again

il1usiveman 06/21/2019

Not sure why your like turning on me
that’s cool tho
We still expect the video files since we paid you
if they don’t come threw it’s just going to be a bummer
 OGNAFED still thanks for doing work and whatnot, the stuff you made was good and could have been useful.

June 22, 2019

il1usiveman 06/22/2019



Lestat (@Tafoyovsky)Defango and Thomas Schoenberger have one thing in common that really triggers me.MAKING THREATS TO WOMEN! 

#cicada3301#QAnon#hoggbelly#defango It´s not very smart to say you pay me to stop me from going after you, Why would you need to do that in the first place…


Lestat (@Tafoyovsky

)Thomas Injected the idea of me getting payed by defango, and Defango pushed the same narrative? Also instead of debunking what ever I’m showing just to confrim it, You never payed me Anthony did. you just help turn etherium to $


June 23, 2019

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

Im talking to Ant

The Directives where clear. You needed to not talk about the puzzle, Ant or me. 
We told you we would pay for exporting the videos. We still haven’t gotten them

You have been MIA for 2 weeks and now your posting stuff. On top of that your making up things again

LESTAT 06/23/2019

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

So register your coinbase and get paid by ant

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

I have no simpatico for you

Right now your basically thr biggest pos in the world

Why im not talking about Thomas ya fucking idiot

June 24, 2019

il1usiveman 06/24/2019

I only want you to finish the videos and that’s it

Stop making shit up and attacking me.

June 27, 2019

il1usiveman 06/27/2019

so are you doing Those 2 viedos?

Please Please Please

July 18, 2019

LESTAT 07/18/2019

send via email what you need and ill do it ive already said this to you zyu and anthony

ive got no email and im already gonna start to work on other stuff


Pièce de Résistance

“Anthony” is believed to be Anthony Khamsei, CEO of Resistance. He’s a cyber-security expert running a company specializing in “complex online threats” – a Swedish version of ShadowBox? Mr Khamsei is one of those guys who’ll happily tell you how humble he is on his personal bio then brag about his MENSA membership:

Source: Publishizer

You will see from the Discord log that Defango was asking Lestat to target troll attacks on Ian Balina, an ICO influencer. This was a business relationship of Anthony’s that went sour:

Source: Medium

Note the irony of the last statement – to prevent toxic, shameless characters from giving blockchain a bad name, his plan is to hire said characters and employ them in said actions.

No-one in his team would ever manipulate social media in such a way. They’re not here to create ‘fake news’. Just troll videos:

Resistance CEO Anthony Khamsei, with one of his business partners from Huobi Middle East/Africa who claim to have processed more than $1 trillion of cryptocurrency transactions.
Source: CoinScribble.com

And The Rest…

Others have come forward to respond to the Lestat-Defango Discordian drop with further evidence of their own (some of it comes from earlier times and may have been posted before):

This screenshot was before Lestat took over the Abel Danger YouTube channel. The “huge responsibility” Lestat is referring to is the group’s mission to attack Thomas Schoenberger.

Note “Negative SEO”

We hope that others will be inspired to come forward with their own screenshots, chat logs, and other evidence of what has really been going on with these LARPwars.

Sounds like there may be even more to come, tune in to SDNY.org for updates

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LARPWars Part 4 – Was Fox (in Socks) Doxxed, or did Fox Doxx (in Socks)?


LARPWars are the new Meme Wars.

Previous coverage:

Part 1 – Proliferation of Lawfare

Part 2 – Moving the Goalposts

Part 3 – ShadowBox

In Part 3 we talked about “Shadow Box”, a “reputation defense” firm created by Well Traveled Fox, Thomas Schoenberger, Defango and Trevor Fitzgibbon. In this post we delve more into the claims made by Fox.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Was Fox Doxxed?

How dare I say I believer her! So outrageous.

In their recent interview, Lestat asked Fox specifically about my claim to have interviewed her extensively, which she dismissed as untrue. She said “he doxxed me and then we exchanged a few DMs, he wanted to know about the Seth Rich files”.

This information is false, and I am forced to respond. Below is my complete interaction with Fox. You be the judge of if this was “just a few DMs” or if my characterization that “I interviewed her extensively” was correct. She is not the innocent and unwitting victim that she tries to portray on social media, far from it. This person connects many of the LARPs together. Is that by accident, coincidence…or design?

Watch what happens with this post – I predict I will be demonized for “attacking” Fox, when all I am doing is sharing her own words that prove that she has been deliberately misleading people about our interactions.

First of all, I never doxxed her. I did not publish any private information that she had not already put in the public domain herself.

When I wrote about Q I didn’t know who this woman was, to me she was just part of the Cicada 3301 crew who were creating ARG puzzles with Thomas Schoenberger and certified IARPA contributor Manuel Chavez III aka Defango aka LARPWars aka MC Dummy Dumb aka Il1usiveMan. Thomas was only somebody I knew because he was doxxed by Defango, who used to work for him.

Fox’s name was brought up by Thomas in his explanation of connections between QAnon and Cicada 3301. I quoted in my story what Thomas told me were some of the Cicada 3301 elements that played into the origins of Q. He listed a bunch of people who were part of his team doing Cicada puzzles. If he was naming people who must not be named, then that’s on him.

You shouldn’t expect the messenger to divine all the subtle nuances and implications of each message. In this case Fox’s claim that nobody knew her identity before I interviewed Thomas is completely false. Here’s the evidence.

When Fox contacted me to object to her first name being in my January 2019 story, I immediately redacted it. I never published her address, phone number, or any other personal information. Her full name and connection to Cicada 3301 has been public since May 2018, as a quick Google search for “Cicada 3301 trademark” reveals.

Note the date of the second one: Dec 4 2018

If it’s fine for her to put her name with Cicada 3301 for official public documents that come up on page 1 of a search, why would I think that she only wants to be known by an alias? Why not use a pseudonym or LLC to file the trademark if secrecy was so important? Still, out of courtesy, I didn’t link to the trademark in that story in order to protect her privacy.

Defango had doxxed Fox in the previous year (2018) with her full name and threatened to ruin the life of her, her husband and her family, all over the Cicada trademark:

Why is Fox more upset with me quoting TS using her first name than with Defango making violent threats to her and her family? That’s a legitimate question to ask, right? Well I’ve asked it, so have others…her response was deleting her Twitter account for the umpteenth time.


For reference, here is the original Q post I wrote in January 2019 featuring these characters:

There is a whole crew of people clustered around Defango who hate Thomas Schoenberger. Some of them now hate Defango too. If you’re on Twitter or YouTube it’s easy to find them. Just like or comment on one of Thomas’s posts and then they will start targeting you too!

I knew when I interviewed Thomas that it would be controversial, and I fully expected attacks as a result of including his version of the narrative. However I never in a million years could have imagined the response that happened. Constant, round the clock attacks every day. Lawsuits. All kinds of character assassination attacks, smears without evidence to the reputation I’ve built over a lifetime. Attacks on my family. Accusations of murder, money laundering, pedophilia. I maybe expected that sort of thing going up against the Burning Man Organization, and indeed experienced a great deal of such lesser black magick warfare. It was nothing compared to what has happened to me merely for sharing Thomas’ side of the story.

I’ve never even met Thomas Schoenberger, yet these people who lived with him, worked with him, financed him, even loved him accuse me of being his “associate, lackey, minion, agent, handler, employer, enabler, colleague”.

The more these people attack me (and many others) for what they define as an “association” with Thomas , the more their true character is on display for the world to see – and showing them to be just as TS described. Even though many of them seem to be vile, spiteful people – literal trolls, many of them ex-cons – there is surely nobody on earth who is consumed with that much malice and misery. There is more going on here. As emotional as many of the attackers are, emotion itself is not their overarching motive. Do you really care about who people you’ve never met are friends with on social media? Whose posts they like? Me neither! So what’s up with these cats?

It is interesting that Defango pushed the same narrative as Fox in response to my first ever Q post: that I doxxed him. He filed a dozen false copyright strikes for clips I edited to show what he said in his own words (so there could be no argument that I was misquoting him). He put his home address on the complaint form to Vimeo, and they sent me an email with that information just as I was publishing the post. I didn’t read the letter far enough to see his details in it, I just copy-pasted it. When he objected, I immediately redacted the address – just as I did with Fox’s name in this post. Technically Vimeo doxxed him, but he freely volunteered the information to them himself and agreed to their terms that it would be shared.

In Fox’s case, I never published her full name, likeness, phone number, address, LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, photographs, family details, or any other personally identifiable information. Just the name “B[REDACTED]” as a quote from Thomas.

In almost 2000 posts on this blog, many of them on controversial topics, many people being upset to have their actions discussed in a critical manner, I’ve never run into this problem before. Just these two people from this one post – which happens to be the first one I’ve ever done on Q. #All4aLARP ?

Here’s the original comment with Fox’s name from her former lover Thomas Schoenberger, sharing his story about the origins of Q.

In the original post instead of [NAME REDACTED] it said “Beth”. That’s doxxing, really?

The argument that merely stating Fox’s first name is doxxing is thrown out by the behavior of Lestat’s mods, who were happy to use her name in the chat of his interview with no reprimand. You can clearly see the double standard: if I say the name they accuse me of doxxing, but when Lestat’s mods Esteban (CIA/DEA), Monkey Savant (known troll), Vinny (Temple of Set) and Diane say it? Everything’s kosher.

Fox Speaks

The following is presented to prove:

  • I’m not making up a claim that Fox put $50,000+ into ShadowBox, that’s what she told me and I verified it – more than once.
  • I interviewed her extensively as I said, not “never” like Lestat claims or “a couple of DMs” like Fox claims.
  • I’ve represented what she told me accurately and never misrepresented any of it.
  • I respected her request to be left alone after someone – maybe Thomas, more likely an enemy of Thomas – attacked her husband’s LinkedIn page by snitching on their love affair.

People need to learn that they can’t lie about me forever without any repercussions. Just because I let them run their mouth off for a while, doesn’t mean I will never respond. I always post evidence, which puts me in a stronger position should any lawsuits arise. Of course, everyone else is invited to post their own evidence – in the comments here, or post it somewhere else and share the link here. I’m happy to be proven wrong, so far in nearly 8 years of writing this blog that hasn’t really happened, despite what you might hear from trolls like Jason Goodman, Jan Irvin, or their psyop sidekick Douglas Dietrich. Is Fox another one of those low-lifes?

As you can see, Fox contacted me specifically in relation to the research I am publishing at this blog. Extensive? Just a couple of DMs? We report, you decide…

She is tired of people making her a character for their narrative. And yet she goes on Lestat’s show to portray me falsely as a fictional villain in his narrative.

I have shared all Fox’s information without editing. I hope you will agree that “interviewed her extensively” was an appropriate characterization.

Fox With Socks Doxxes Socks

As it turns out, Fox was the one working with doxxers:

Bobby “The Lone Cicada” and “Farkness Thee Failmon” above are the same people. This guy brags about his penis size and his fetlife profile, which is perhaps acceptable behavior within the LGBTQI+/BDSM community but not acceptable when speaking to someone who they know is a minor. He is saying that the doxxing information about Mind Inspired and Snow White that he published came from (and was paid for) by Fox.

Thomas’s story has been confirmed to me by both the victims who were doxxed. One is a single mother of young children with an abusive ex. There may have been an emotional motivation behind it:

Both Thomas and Mindy deny any kind of intimate relationship, so this seems like jealousy – which is further confirmation of TS’s claims that he and Fox had an extra-marital affair. Why else would she consider TS’s relationships with others “cheating”? Fox wonders why I consider her a bad person, I’m not sure what her wedding vows were so I’m in no position to judge. Perhaps this was the typical behavior of a good person. I used to live in San Francisco, where more than once a wife introduced me to her husband’s boyfriend or girlfriend. People have open relationships, it’s very European. To each their own. Every Fox has its henhouse.

Thomas has also shared evidence of another minor being targeted by people in this group. A disturbing pattern given that Defango was one of the main people scoffing that #PizzaGate as a LARP and has now teamed up with others who also push that narrative.

Here Defango appears to be stalking a female police officer:

Long after everyone in ShadowBox went their separate ways – on the surface, at least – Fox was still in touch with TS, and seemingly confused:

Manuel Chavez III

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