Millie Freed & Cashed Up; Illuminati Recruiter Defango MAGA Coalition’s Biggest Donor [Updates]

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The ShadowGate controversy discussed in my last post has caused a ripple across the Internet. This seems to have been some sort of surprise attack on InfoWars. Was any new information actually released? Bergy’s stuff checks out from what I’ve seen so far, but there was a lot more in my August 2017 documentary Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – the Shadow History of Burners Part 7 – Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier.

Look at who’s being made to look good, who’s being made to look bad, who’s telling the truth and who is spreading easily disprovable lies. Who’s on what side, and who’s on no side but the truth? Follow the money.

Millie Weaver’s ShadowGate documentary, featuring Patrick Bergy and Tore Says, has already been pulled from YouTube, after hitting a couple of million views in its first day or two. It’s still at Bitchute.

Disabled veteran Patrick Bergy in this situation appears to be someone with very little to gain. He is sleeping in a tent and driving places on his Harley when he can afford the gas (Bikers for Trump).

Tore’s claim to have seen Hillary’s emails is a little Bad Volfy, if you know what I mean.

Anti-InfoWars conspiracy trending? Source: Trendsmap

Patrick may have been duped into blowing his Qui Tam whistleblower lawsuit by releasing this documentary, which seems mirrored on the earlier success of “Out of Shadows” propelled by “ex” CIA agent Kevin Shipp – where we see the same pattern: launched on Jason Goodman’s channel, then has a falling out with Goodman, gets “debunked” by Defango, etc.

Like so many “ex” intelligence people, Patrick Bergy got his alt-media start on Jason Goodman’s “Crowdsource the Truth” channel. Soon after he was interviewed by George Webb, and soon after that he filed his “qui tam” lawsuit – just like George’s brother Dave did in the 1990s against the CIA (legitimate documentation that he is on the side of truth and justice and not the clowns, in my opinion).

Out of Shadows, ShadowGate, ShadowNet, ShadowBox, Shadow Brokers…it’s a shadowy world of swampy LARPers.

Just how involved are the usual suspects in this latest parapolitical event?


Moms Who Meddle

There’s a rumor going round that Millie Weaver is related to Tracking the Leopard Meroz‘s Jacquelyn Weaver, which would be #BigIfTrue.

Alex Jones’ ex-wife came out to explain what she thinks was behind the situation:

The local paper cast this in the headline as something to do with InfoWars, while acknowledging in the story that it was a domestic dispute:

Her Mom explained the situation on YouTube, which looks to be fairly accurate (albeit trailer park-ish):

Source: Twitter

Millie has now been freed. Her answers to the crowd of supporters indicate the Mom story is probably plausible:

Coincidence Theory

In a bizarre twist of LARP fate, Millie’s cellmate while imprisoned was also in for the exact same crime of cellphone burglary and was also wrongly accused.

Coincidence Theorists will say that over any T period of time with X number of prisoners, Y number of crimes, and Z number of cells, it is just random chance and no big deal that two prisoners within population X who committed the same crime Y just happened to be in the same cell within population Z at the same time T…AND one of them ALSO PURELY BY COINCIDENCE had an explosive new documentary on Deep State use of information warfare tools to manipulate elections that they were uploading as they were arrested. #YMMV.

On this blog we count coincidences, and don’t worry, there are plenty more.

Once the coincidence coefficient exceeds the LARP threshold, we can say with a high degree of confidence that we are dealing with an engineered event.

It’s up to each reader to decide how many coincidences there can be before it exceeds their LARP threshold. For some it’s a hundred; mine is about 3. We’re already above that and the story’s just warming up.

The Sheriff had the warrant for 3 weeks before executing – although the incident happened in April. The date of the Secret Indictment was July 20 2020. The timing of the arrest seems perfectly synchronized with her documentary’s launch, PFC Bergy being in Austin, and also a different simultaneous attack on InfoWars from the journalist credited with de-platforming them previously – another coincidence that seems #HighlySuspicious.

I remind you, dear reader/Cryptobeast viewer, of my 20 Signs of a #govLARP:

We could play Bingo with this story.


Social Media Takes Sides

Mark Dice shared some further details:

Some of the LARPers seemed strangely muted:

Even the artist formerly known as Q was on the case:

Follow the Money

So far Millie has raised almost $175,000 dollars in about 3 days.

First there was Rebel Media mogul Ezra Levant’s highly publicized GoFundMe, with an initial goal set of $20,000:

Virgo Triad identified a number of other fundraising efforts:

We haven’t seen fundraising like this since Robyn Gritz ($53,742) bought a Passat or Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford paid off her Palo Alto house extensions ($647,610) or beefed up her security ($209,982) and Endowment ($34,400) and even got a Bonus Fund ($48,828). Let’s not forget Jerome Corsi’s legal expenses ($37,116) or his previous kind efforts ($25,000) to help a young gay man with an experimental treatment from an Israeli oncologist who allegedly treated Dr Corsi’s wife but appears not to exist.

Ezra Levant also recently promoted a fundraiser for alt-media journalist Cassandra Fairbanks, which raised $24,500 of their $10,000 goal:

Source: GoFundMe

Private First Class Bergy

PCF Bergy did a 2 hour interview with We’ve Read the Documents. He sounds pretty genuine to me, although perhaps not a deep thinker (an observation not meant as a criticism) he seems to be a patriot prepared to sacrifice his own wellbeing to do the right thing.

He speculated in this interview that if Alex Jones had seen the documentary before it had been uploaded, it may never have seen the light of day – and this was confirmed by the cops showing up and Alex’s reaction. The documentary mentions IW team-mate Roger Stone as well as his former business partner Paul Manafort connected to the shadowy world of information operations.

He went to Alex saying “I’ve come to the conclusion that ironically enough you’re like the one person in media I could trust”:

Bergy is not pleased with Steven Biss client Dan Bongino. Alex says that Bongino’s family were threatened.

Alex’s first reaction on hearing this news was to distance himself from Millie Weaver, which may have been a surprise to those behind this operation. Alex has good instincts after decades of being at the front lines of the Info Wars. They may have been setting her up to take him down, is my speculation:

Alex Jones responded to accusations that he engineered this as some sort of stunt. He thinks it was strange that Bergy was in Austin to see him but he couldn’t see the movie before the interview…and the documentary he funded is designed to cast Roger Stone as “some sort of kingpin”:

“It’s the weirdness of being crapped on and it then being rubbed in”.

It does seem that Roger Stone and Alex Jones may have been the targets of this attack, with Millie Weaver as collateral damage (or a conscious LARP participant, who was handsomely rewarded for charges that will almost certainly be pled down if not dropped entirely). It is certainly curious that so much of this stuff happens around Ohio (Wexner’s home base) and Florida (Epstein’s home base). MacDill AFB in Tampa is where Bergy was stationed, we know this to be home of the U.S. Cyber Command and the Center of Weaponized LARPing because this was mainstream media news in 2011.

Were George Webb and Robert David Steele involved? The whole episode seems to rhyme with their previous attacks on InfoWars in 2017.

Since leaving Austin PFC Bergy has done a complete 180 and is calling for a Boycott of Alex Jones – an interesting choice of words, when you consider who might be behind such organized LARP operations.

Millie has now been fired, so let’s see what the backlash is.

The Usual Suspects

Bergy has been attacked by all the usual gatekeepers, the same crew who have come after me, which is a further testament to his legitimacy.

Jason Goodman was the first to interview Bergy, and the first to turn on him:

Same deal with George Webb:

Kevin Marsden aka “Agent SERCO” asks some good questions:

Enter the DMT Gang

ShadowBoxer Defango has come out hard to attack the participants (never the information itself, always just character assassination and smears):

It seems ironic (#CoincidenceCounter) that Partick Bergy was part of the IT team for John McCain’s Presidential run in his home state of Arizona in 2008 while Defango was there volunteering for Obama For America at ASU. His boss at the time Brittany Kaiser was featured in Millie’s documentary (#CoincidenceCounter). She’s also in the Netflix documentary The Great Hack, related to how Steve Bannon and the Mercers company Cambridge Analytica obtained the Facebook social graph in a cunning “hack without hacking” and used advanced technology to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Defango has claimed to have been involved in this, just like he claimed to have been involved in the NGP-VAN database system related to the infamous “Seth Rich Files”.

#FakeNews From The Cohort

Defango’s DMT co-hosts also had words for the whistleblowing journalists:

As we have come to expect now from this crew, they are spreading disinformation yet again. The indictment came from a County Court, not Federal. It is a domestic dispute over a $50 cellphone, and the victim – Millie’s mother – has signed a notarized affidavit saying she doesn’t think any charges are warranted.

You really think the police waiting on the warrant for 4 weeks and arresting her the moment she is uploading a Deep State documentary is NOT related? That this is merely a legitimate burglary they are prosecuting through normal means, with just a strange number of coincidences attached?

Who Are These LARPers?

When given the chance to confirm, deny, or the Company’s standard policy of refusing to do either, Leppo chose “confirm” as his response. Defango chose “deny, and accuse your opponent of pedo stuff”:

“Who do you want dead? Some blogger in New Zealand?”

ShadowBroker’s Illuminati Party

Lestat found a very interesting clip proving even more connections between Defango and the Illuminati. The first clip here is Defango acknowledging his presence at an Illuminati party when he claims to have shared the idea for #QAnon with Jack Posobiec and others:

MAGACo Loves Illuminati

A Ninjet is the largest donation item you can give on dLive. MAGACo gave Defango one for talking about his Illuminati recruitment site (pictured below). His attempts to explain this away may have created some FEC issues for this PAC – which may have been his intention all along. Once upon a time MAGACo was going to sue #QAnon in multiple jurisdictions. Now it turns out Defango, who claims to be #QAnon’s creator, was also their biggest donor.

Only problem? None of his donations to or receipts from this FEC-registered PAC show up at Open Secrets.

Brendon O’Connell has his own take on this operation:

[Update Aug 19 2020 9:36pm]

Predictably, Defango has denied everything here and called it all lies, without giving any indication that he even bothered to read the whole post.

He said his donations to the MAGA Coalition PAC don’t count as anything required to be disclosed to the FEC because they were “after it became an LLC”.

I could only find one company called MAGA Coalition Incorporated in Florida, an Inc not an LLC. Adam Gingrich and Glenn Herman and Ginger McQueen are listed as Directors, all sharing the same address in Tampa.

Their Principal Address in Tampa is a serviced office practically next door to MacDill AFB:

This organization was created in Florida as a domestic non-profit in August 2017 and filed for voluntary dissolution on 29 January 2020. The MAGA Coalition Political Action Committee was officially dissolved by the FEC on 31 January 2020.

For some reason Glenn Herman issued a statement that he was leaving the MAGA Coalition many months after this dissolution, whining on April 26 2020 “I no longer felt my participation was valued nor was it wanted. I was being filibustered and talked over. I no longer felt relevant.” I guess he feels valued and wanted now over at the DMT Defamation Show.

The Illuminati show I posted screenshots of above, streamed Nov 9 2019 was just one of many in 2019 where Defango received large cryptocurrency donations from certain of the people around him. Here is the MAGA Coalition Inc. Termination Report filing from dated January 29 2020. It covers the entirety of 2019, every single transaction of the organization including things like $4.99 to GoDaddy:


Every receipt and disbursement in 2019 is listed. There is nothing at all for their largest donor Manuel Chavez III alias Defango alias the Illusiveman alias LARPWars alias Citizen Zone alias…etc.

Another Defango story that falls apart when we read the documents.


I note also that Defango’s “got a real job” tale doing tech support and breaking logging into people’s computers all day long has changed from Apple a couple of weeks ago when he did his “big reveal” to Microsoft today.

[Update 20 Aug 10:17am]

Lift the Veil has just released a very interesting segment on this story.

He revealed some bombshell information – that Tore Says aka Tore Maras-Lindeman received action from the Department on the Justice on the same day that Millie Weaver was arrested.

Turns out it was actually August 7. A default judgement against her was issued.

Source: Minot Daily News

The failed event Magic City Christmas 2017 was going to star Benghazi’s Chris “Tonto” Paronto, Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls member who called it a prostitution ring), Jason Crabb, “Political Cowboy” Chad Prather and Corey Feldman.

It seems 2 years ago Tore tried to run for Mayor in North Dakota. Part of her platform was criticizing alleged crimes of the Attorney General’s office – for which they tried to silence her in 2018.

It is interesting that Τερψιχορη Terpsichore P Maras alias Tore is of Greek descent, see my recent post #LARPWars Part 8 – The Trainwreck of the Tanya.

The #QAnon community seems to be against Tore, claiming her military service record does not check out.

Questions were being asked about her in February of this year:

This profile at Together We Served is highly decorated. Tore says she did not create it and it is not hers.

It seems strange that someone would be trying to set her up in 2010, when she was just beginning her trafficking research and had not launched publically as a whistleblower. The site was also updated in 2012.

A previous version of her resume listed her attending Columbia University, later changed to Harvard.

Here is another site with a completely different version of “Dr Lindeman”‘s resume:


Defango and others are suggesting that Barry Mervyn Lindeman of Minot, North Dakota is Tore’s husband; I haven’t been able to verify that yet, but her husband’s name is Barry.

Barry Lindeman confessed to sexually assaulting a 10 year old child (and possibly a second victim) and faces life in prison. It seems strange that the local media reporting on this case and Tore’s case would not connect the two together, if indeed they were husband and wife. If they’re not, then ask yourself why is disinformation about this being pushed?

Charges filed in child sexual assault investigation in Ward County

Comments from the local Facebook page of Minot Daily News at the time of Barry’s arrest suggest a connection:

Source: Facebook

North Dakota Highway Patrol and “dignitary protection services” were sent to Tore’s house in March 2019 after she made online comments to a Native American about children going missing:

Facebook screenshot
Source: HPR

Tore claims this was an accidental reply to the wrong comment and thus taken out of context. Here she explains KX4 News that she has been investigating child trafficking networks for 10 years and worked with Danny Fuller for 2 years investigating Native American trafficking before he was executed by the police.

She used to be a voice actor “soothing, sexy, professional and narrative”


#LARPWars Part 6 – Fox Sues Defango, Trevor, Thomas, Michael

Previous Coverage:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

#LARPWars in the News

We were the first to break this story in October 2019. Since then, ShadowBox Strategies has been in the news.

First Jimmys Llama did an exposé in January 2020:

Then notorious “QSlayer” Will Sommer of The Daily Beast wrote about it in February:

Source: Daily Beast

The tale was then picked up by Raw Story:

The story has also been covered at Dave Acton‘s blog

Latest Developments

Looks like this story’s not going anywhere.

#Coronavirus be damned; the Well Traveled Fox is suing her former partners.

Thanks to Lestat, aka Cheshire3301, for bringing this to my attention:

Ever the victim, Defango claims that he was sued on his birthday (March 21). In fact the suit was filed March 16 2020.

Defango is only on the hook for $499.19. He has threatened to counter-sue for either $75,000 or $1 million; on what basis remains unclear at this time.

It seems Fox is trying to claw back some of the money awarded to Trevor in his lawsuit against Jesslyn Radack (who Defango publicly accused of leaking the “Seth Rich” DNC files to Wikileaks).

Defango’s threats against Beth and her family have been included:

We even get a mention! Posting Fox’s own comments, with redactions at her request, is supposedly “false, derogatory, or threatening” to her in some unspecified way.

It’s interesting to note that the Twitter account mentioned in a) refers to PaxNomad, which is one of Fox’s sock puppet accounts. So she is blaming herself for defaming herself – the height of legal confusion.

Here is the full complaint:


Fox certainly picked an interesting Beverly Hills lawyer, check out some of his Yelp reviews:

Source: Yelp
Source: Yelp

As this story unfolds, we will continue to provide you with the most accurate coverage available on the Internet.

Additional Information

Tweet from Thomas Schoenberger
Source: Fitzgibbon v Radack, Counter-claim filed by Jesslynn Radack
Message from Trevor Fitzgibbon asking Shadowbox partner (allegedly, Fox) to “do the tick tick” against Jesslynn Radack
Message from Thomas Schoenberger to Well Traveled Fox and Defango about Shadowbox corporate structure, March 2018 (click to enlarge)
Introduction of Defango to Well Traveled Fox, May 25 2017. ChristWins aka Vetter is allegedly Thomas Schoenberger
“Nice to meet you” message from Thomas Schoenberger to Well Traveled Fox, Jun 25 2017
Message from Thomas Schoenberger to Fox suggesting they form a company with Trevor, July 9 2017
Message from Well Traveled Fox to Thomas Schoenberger “we started a business” Aug 21, 2017
Message from Michael Levine to Fox about corporate structure of ShadowBox strategies, Feb 2018
Message from Thomas Schoenberger to Fox and Michael Levine about corporate filing, February 2018
Message from Thomas Schoennerger to Manuel Chavez, equal shareholders
Message from Thomas Schoenberger to Manuel Chavez, creation of C corp

Other Videos

Defango’s “birthday lawsuit” stream:

Videos referenced by Fox in the lawsuit:


Thomas Schoenberger (allegedly) has responded to this article on Twitter:

Did Fox initiate this lawsuit out of coronavirus quarantine-induced boredom?

The #LARPwars sure create some strange bedfellows:

Meanwhile Defango’s landlady “Cheri CBD” is accusing Fox of using this lawsuit to stalk Defango and harass her elderly father. She is about to “sick 2 attorneys onto her”:

Conspiracy theories abound:

Nothing new for Cheri. She also accused Thomas Schoenberger and Dave Acton of doxxing her father:

The police visit she is referring to happened 5 days after Isaac Kappy’s mysterious death. It was allegedly called in by Tanya Cornwell, wife of Defango’s former attorney Steven Biss. Defango claims it can’t have been her because the phone number given on the police report was different from the cellphone number he has for her.

#LARPWars Part 5 – For Whom the Troll Tolls?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Lestat has dropped some of his Discord chat logs with Defango, a bombshell move which is sending ripples across the Net.


Perhaps predictably, Defango has claimed credit that he was the one who did this.

Maybe he’s right, but it’s beside the point. Who released the chat logs first does not change the contents of them, that’s the point of this story. Please provide a link to the more comprehensive Discord logs, we will check them out.

Defango has just been named a finalist for 2019 LARPer of the Year. The awards show will be streaming live on Saturday night from around 9pm EST on the Titus Frost channel. He is up against Mike Cernovich, Jerome Corsi and Steven Crowder for the title. A lot of time and audience participation went into determining the Final Four, congratulations to all who got nominated. There sure were some big contenders this year.

Cast your vote before 9pm EST Saturday 21st

Who is Defango? See previous coverage:

LARPWars series:

Part 1 – Proliferation of Lawfare,

Part 2 – Moving the Goalposts,

Part 3 – Shadowbox,

Part 4 – Was Fox (in Socks) Doxxed or Did Fox Doxx (in Socks)?

#QAnon series:

Part 1 – Blind Items Revealed – #All4aLARP?,

Part 2 – Aleksander Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy,

Part 3 – Defango Lies Again – Origin Myth #timephonehack

The Latest Antics

Earlier this year, Lestat took over the Abel Danger channel.

Now we are seeing some of the behind the scenes machinations around that move.

We see YouTubers colluding with others to troll, money changing hands and specific instructions being given on who to attack and even more significantly, who not to attack – in this case, Defango’s cashed up compatriots MAGA Coalition and An Open Secret.

A YouTuber named FknFreddy is also revealed as a collaborator with this gang. This is ironic because he and his crew frequently rail against “Multi-Channel Networks” on YouTube, yet here they are revealed to be colluding with multiple other channels to co-ordinate attacks on group targets.

We see plans being made to attack rival YouTubers on their birthday – something that happened to me this year from the Sawyers.

Lestat immediately weaponized the Abel Danger channel to attack Thomas Schoenberger, whom he and Defango had both previously worked with in at ShadowBox.

Lestat created logos for Shadow Box and titles for Defango Thomas:

[Update: Jan 8 2020 6:55am]

Lestat disagrees with the above characterization of these events. He is not part of any team and no-one is attacking Thomas Schoenberger. He didn’t take over the Abel Danger channel, he was given it; he didn’t weaponize this channel to attack TS, he hardly spoke about him, there were just a few videos there made by Bobby Sauerwald when he received the 66,000 subscriber channel as a gift; he designed logos for free and was never part of the ShadowBox organization. #YMMV.

Abel Danger was founded by David Squawkins and Field McConnell. They split and Squawkins ended up in partnership with Jason Goodman, Field ended up in jail, and Lestat ended up taking over the 66,000 subscriber YouTube channel Abel Danger – already down to 58,000 subs.

Field McConnell from Abel Danger has teamed up with Timothy Charles Holmseth, who has been publicly praised by Robert David Steele. See Tracking the Leopard Meroz’s great article on these characters:

Agent19 just did an excellent (and very disturbing) video on these men and their “Children’s Crusade”:

Holmseth, Steele, Defango, David Seaman and Devin Nunes have all been represented by attorney Steven Biss. Jason Goodman recently accused Biss and his wife Tanya Cornwell of all kinds of heinous activity in his lawsuit with Robert David Steele in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Here is a copy/paste of their Discord chat logs. Emphasis ours. At the end of the chat we will offer analysis and share some other information that has come to light as a result of this drop.

LEstat and Defango discord chat

LESTAT 05/27/2019

and let me know when i can call you

il1usiveman started a call that lasted 24 minutes.05/27/2019

May 28, 2019

LESTAT 05/28/2019

dude you gorgot le cash money yesterday

May 30, 2019

il1usiveman 05/30/2019


I need you to lay off thomas for a week

I have things working

I mean at least on twitter

keep dropping videos and stuff but try not to get into the new drama with AnOpenSecret and Magaco

I think if we lay off and let them fight, we can see where this is going better

we should talk on voice

il1usiveman 05/30/2019

on second thoughtFIRE ALL CANNONS

June 1, 2019

LESTAT 06/01/2019 Pt. 1 III

6-6-19 we gonna deliver a birthday present

LESTAT 06/01/2019

we gonna bust his ass inside out we gonna need to hype it up (his birthday) 6-6-19

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il1usiveman 06/01/2019

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June 6, 2019

il1usiveman 06/06/2019


June 11, 2019

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June 12, 2019

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LESTAT 06/13/2019

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il1usiveman 06/13/2019


LESTAT 06/13/2019

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LESTAT 06/13/2019

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il1usiveman 06/13/2019

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LESTAT 06/13/2019

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LESTAT 06/13/2019

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owww like the pixel style one i made for him

June 15, 2019

LESTAT 06/15/2019


il1usiveman 06/15/2019

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LESTAT 06/15/2019

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il1usiveman 06/15/2019

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You wanna make some troll vids

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LESTAT 06/15/2019

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il1usiveman 06/15/2019

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June 19, 2019

il1usiveman 06/19/2019


So you back to your old ways after taking 2k from me and not putting up any work

June 21, 2019

il1usiveman 06/21/2019

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il1usiveman 06/21/2019

Not sure why your like turning on me
that’s cool tho
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if they don’t come threw it’s just going to be a bummer
 OGNAFED still thanks for doing work and whatnot, the stuff you made was good and could have been useful.

June 22, 2019

il1usiveman 06/22/2019


Lestat (@Tafoyovsky)Defango and Thomas Schoenberger have one thing in common that really triggers me.MAKING THREATS TO WOMEN! 

#cicada3301#QAnon#hoggbelly#defango It´s not very smart to say you pay me to stop me from going after you, Why would you need to do that in the first place…


Lestat (@Tafoyovsky

)Thomas Injected the idea of me getting payed by defango, and Defango pushed the same narrative? Also instead of debunking what ever I’m showing just to confrim it, You never payed me Anthony did. you just help turn etherium to $


June 23, 2019

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

Im talking to Ant

The Directives where clear. You needed to not talk about the puzzle, Ant or me. 
We told you we would pay for exporting the videos. We still haven’t gotten them

You have been MIA for 2 weeks and now your posting stuff. On top of that your making up things again

LESTAT 06/23/2019

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

So register your coinbase and get paid by ant

il1usiveman 06/23/2019

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Right now your basically thr biggest pos in the world

Why im not talking about Thomas ya fucking idiot

June 24, 2019

il1usiveman 06/24/2019

I only want you to finish the videos and that’s it

Stop making shit up and attacking me.

June 27, 2019

il1usiveman 06/27/2019

so are you doing Those 2 viedos?

Please Please Please

July 18, 2019

LESTAT 07/18/2019

send via email what you need and ill do it ive already said this to you zyu and anthony

ive got no email and im already gonna start to work on other stuff


Pièce de Résistance

“Anthony” is believed to be Anthony Khamsei, CEO of Resistance. He’s a cyber-security expert running a company specializing in “complex online threats” – a Swedish version of ShadowBox? Mr Khamsei is one of those guys who’ll happily tell you how humble he is on his personal bio then brag about his MENSA membership:

Source: Publishizer

You will see from the Discord log that Defango was asking Lestat to target troll attacks on Ian Balina, an ICO influencer. This was a business relationship of Anthony’s that went sour:

Source: Medium

Note the irony of the last statement – to prevent toxic, shameless characters from giving blockchain a bad name, his plan is to hire said characters and employ them in said actions.

No-one in his team would ever manipulate social media in such a way. They’re not here to create ‘fake news’. Just troll videos:

Resistance CEO Anthony Khamsei, with one of his business partners from Huobi Middle East/Africa who claim to have processed more than $1 trillion of cryptocurrency transactions.

And The Rest…

Others have come forward to respond to the Lestat-Defango Discordian drop with further evidence of their own (some of it comes from earlier times and may have been posted before):

This screenshot was before Lestat took over the Abel Danger YouTube channel. The “huge responsibility” Lestat is referring to is the group’s mission to attack Thomas Schoenberger.

Note “Negative SEO”

We hope that others will be inspired to come forward with their own screenshots, chat logs, and other evidence of what has really been going on with these LARPwars.

Sounds like there may be even more to come, tune in to for updates

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6