Insane in the Ukraine: J.Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before [UPDATES]

Part 2 – The Spin Begins Dec 2018

Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther? Oct 2019

Recognize this guy? Jason Goodman, CEO of Aerocine, the first company to fly a full-size RED EPIC camera on a “heavy payload” micro-hexacopter drone.

It’s almost like we’re watching an actor playing a different character. This one is confident and slick, walking with a military bearing.

Here’s the video that was chopped out of this clip.

It’s certainly spectacular footage. They won an award at the first ever New York Drone Film Awards.

So why does Jason Goodman never mention this?

There’s nothing in his demo reel about it:

His company 21st Century 3D’s “news” section hasn’t been updated since 2012. Being a CEO of an award-winning drone company is somehow not newsworthy, or relevant to the resumé of a film-maker?

Why have we never once seen a drone shot, in hundreds if not thousands of episodes of Crowdsource the Truth? Why didn’t this expertise come up when Jason was covering the Las Vegas massacre? Why did he trespass to see what the view was like from on top of a nearby gas station when he could have got a better shot perfectly legally with a drone? He explored the theory of guns being attached to helicopters, so why didn’t he ever touch the idea of guns being on drones? He was the CEO of a company that pioneered heavy lift drones and was one of the first companies in the US to get one of the FAA 333 flight exemptions for drones.

Jason Goodman’s IMDB page stops in 2014, with the Bryan Singer movie X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In 2014 Goodman registered the trademark “Aerocine”.

On February 21, 2014 Aerocine flew their drone through the Chernobyl site in Pripyat, Ukraine – less than 100 miles from the capital city Kiev.

Image: Google Maps

When I say “through” I mean that quite literally, as the video has many shots of the drone inside buildings and structures. The city of Pripyat is a ghost town, abandoned since the nuclear disaster in 1986. The whole area is in a military Exclusion Zone that is now administered by Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergency Services.

When you land in a new country with a brand new drone, to attempt something never done before in cinematography, do you:

a) get off the plane and go immediately to the remote film site from the airport and start filming

b) rest for a few days, show up at the remote site on the day of filming and hope everything works fine first time

c) get off the plane and go to a hotel. Sleep, test the drone around a major city where you can get parts and repairs, and then travel to the remote film site confident it works

It would be c) don’t you think?

So it would be reasonable to assume that the Aerocine team was in Ukraine with their drone a few days earlier than the filming date February 21, 2014 (UPDATE: the drone pilot has confirmed their team was in Ukraine when the massacre broke out, but the Feb 21 flight may have been in New Jersey. see Part 3 for more details).

On February 18 , 2014 the Ukrainian “Color Revolution” turned hot in Kiev. The biggest day of massacre was February 20, 2014.

Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? Jason Goodman is the CEO of a company which is operating the world’s most advanced commercial HD video drone in Ukraine at the exact time a Western-backed coup breaks out there. It’s almost as big a coincidence as Jason having his “Crowdsource the Truth” team member Joe Napoli in the crowd in Las Vegas when the worst lone gunman massacre in history breaks out there.

The founders of Aerocine (who attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts) traveled the world, and deployed their drone with 3-man teams: pilot, camera operator, and aircraft technician.

Aerocine co-founder Brian Streem, rocking the ruby slippers

One of the key features of the Maidan revolution were snipers, who turned out to be picking off people on both sides to foment chaos.


How would the snipers figure out the best positions to shoot from? Searching on Google Earth would leave footprints. Strolling the streets checking out rooftops and balconies might attract attention and get picked up on CCTV surveillance.

Hmmm, what about a convenient cover story of flying an experimental drone with high-definition video capability through a site with no economic or military value? If anyone asks, you can show them all the paperwork that must surely have been issued to them by the government to access a radiological disaster zone that has been abandoned for 30 years. “We needed to test it before filming”. Of course a drone can’t help but record the views and angles from rooftops and balconies.

The Daily Beast had an exclusive article claiming the snipers were from Ukraine SBU (the post-Soviet version of the KGB)’s elite counter-terrorism Alfa Team, and had been trained by Russian special forces.

Many at the time felt that the coup was a Soros/Clinton/Obama/CIA-backed revolution, aimed at weakening Russia and monopolizing the gas pipeline infrastructure that brings most of Europe’s natural gas supply in.

The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine

After this successful mission in 2014, the team took their drone to the United Arab Emirates; specifically, Dubai

Here’s the first test flight of their rig, which was made by assembling off-the-shelf equipment.

Who are these guys?


Did they get those trenchcoats at Spies-R-Us?

For some unknown reason, Aerocine changed their name to Aerial Robotics and conducted the first “legal” drone flight in New York City, working closely with the Federal Aviation Authority. This was a big deal!

They even made Stars and Stripes, the official magazine of the US military:

New-Age Weaponry

The RED 4k camera weighs 16 lbs (7.3 kg)

A fully loaded M4 (military) weighs 7.4 lbs (30 rounds)

A fully loaded AR15 (civilian) weighs 8 lbs (30 rounds)

The Israelis are leading the way in drone technology:

A defense company put a machine gun on a drone


Duke Robotics even boasts a Rothschild on the board.




Ukraine has been brought to the forefront of US political discussion recently due to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecution of lobbyists Paul Manafort, Tony Podesta and Rick Gates, who took millions from Ukraine. Manafort was formerly Roger Stone’s partner in Manafort-Stone, another lobbying firm.

Jason Goodman’s good friend and journalism mentor Lee Stranahan, whom he has known for 20+ years, is also an expert on Ukraine. He keeps claiming that Ukraine is the key to #SpyGate and meddling in the 2016 election, although no other journalists or publications are running with this story.

Jason frequently has Robyn Gritz on his show. She is quoted on the Wikipedia page for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. She was working for Robert Mueller and Andrew McCabe in the FBI when they recruited Deripaska as an agent who spent $25 million of his own money on a mission trying to rescue American CIA agent Robert Levison from Iran.

So Jason leaves his Hollywood career to fly drones. Their first mission is to Ukraine, where his team lands right before a CIA-backed coup breaks out. Was Jason with the team, boots on the ground? Or leading from the home office as CEO?

The video credits Oscar Ohlson as the drone pilot. Company co-founder Jeff Brink was definitely there, according to his Instagram:


Jason certainly wasn’t shy about basking in the glory of his company’s achievements. Here he is in Cannes, France:

What happened?

The next thing we know, Goodman is starting a YouTube channel. One of the debut episodes was 2 hours with Roger Stone:

Another early episode was dedicated to bashing President Trump, which is interesting given Goodman’s post-election 200+ Anti-Clinton shows with Charles Ortel.

What is Project TRUTH ENGINE? Who is it a project for? IARPADARPA? LARPers? All of the above?

Jason Goodman hit the big time when he linked up with George Webb, introduced by Lee Stranahan. Within a couple of weeks, he had introduced George Webb to Dr Jerome Corsi. Corsi fed George with steak, George fed Corsi with stories: that he was part of the WikiLeaks network, that he used to participate in thumb-drive drops in parks where he gave information to Mike Ratner (died 5/11/16) who passed it on to John Jones (died 8/16/16). Dead men can verify no tales. George also said that he met Julian Assange in Australia in 1984. At that time Julian would have been 12 and part of the Santiniketan Park Association MKULTRA cult.

Julian Assange was living in psychologist Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s cult where all the children had white hair and interchangeable names, when George Webb claims he met him at age 12

Self-described Zionist George Webb Sweigert must have passed the test of B’Nai B’rith Fund manager Corsi with flying colors, because a few days later both George and Jason met with Dr Corsi in his office.

The next day (or maybe it was two days) the Dynamic Duo are on InfoWars with Mike Cernovich. Their content came from Luke Rosiak‘s excellent reporting on the Awan Brothers protected Pakistani spy ring in Congress:

Two weeks after this, they used Jason’s YouTube channel and George’s fan base to shut down the 8th busiest port in the United States with a fake “dirty bomb” scare propagated through social media. Jason made sure he was texting back and forth with Jerome Corsi all the way through the event. George checked in with CIA case officer Robert David Steele before he provided the hashtags for the social media blast. In CryptoBeast #16 we heard from a former insider of this operation how an FBI contract informant with the code name “Deep Uranium” representing the shadowy “Hudson Intelligence Group” was feeding them the easily debunkable information that drove the operation.

They could have got some great shots of the container ship coming into port and the containers being examined with a drone.

It’s curious that none of this information appeared in Defango’s 2-hour doxx special on Jason Goodman.

[UPDATE: Defango claims that he covered all of this material before a year ago, just on his Merlin Defango backup channel where he deleted many [Manny] of the videos. He acknowledged that he did miss the Ukraine coup angle. I have updated the screenshot of Super-Goodman to credit that it came from Defango’s video.]

The drone company changed its name to Aerobo and took some investment from Valor Ventures who are expecting triple-digit revenue growth.

[Source: Crunchbase]

[Source: Pitchbook]

The company was profiled in Inc magazine’s 2017 “30 Under 30”, after Jason Goodman left. They exceeded $1 million in sales in their first year.

Started a company, got lots of Hollywood and (perhaps) intel contracts, made millions, raised millions…went back to being an electrician? The CEO went to begging for Patreon subs and George Webb sleeping on his couch?

It feels like there are parts of this story that we’re not being told.

Part 2 – The Spin Begins Dec 2018

Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther? Oct 2019

Image Source: Defango


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[Update 4/12/18 11:41am]

Less than 2 weeks after the cyber-attack targeting the container ship Maersk Memphis shut down the Port of Charleston for 8 hours, the Maersk shipping line experienced another, far more severe cyber-attack. A devastating ransomware virus called “NonPetya” cost more than $300 million.

Maersk has revealed that a devastating ransomware attack which struck businesses across Europe in 2017 required close to a “complete infrastructure” overhaul and the reinstallation of thousands of machines.

The Danish transport and logistics conglomerate fell prey to a campaign which used a modified version of the Petya ransomware, NonPetya, bringing down IT systems and operational controls across the board.

Maersk, a container ship and supply vessel operator, previously warned that the ransomware attack would cause losses of up to $300 million due to “serious business interruption.”

The firm, with offices in 130 countries and a workforce of close to 90,000, was one of the most high-profile victims of the Petya campaign, which spread rapidly by utilizing the leaked US National Security Agency (NSA) exploit EternalBlue, which targets Microsoft Windows systems.

The same exploit was used to spread WannaCry, ransomware which caused horrendous disruption to healthcare systems including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

In Maersk’s case, while no customer or business data is believed to have been exposed, the firm endured severe disruption and was forced to halt operations as the ransomware spread through core IT systems.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum this week, Møller-Maersk Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe shared further details on the attack, which resulted in a reinstall of “our entire infrastructure,” according to the executive.

In total, Maersk reinstalled 4,000 servers, 45,000 PCs, and 2,500 applications in what the chairman called a “heroic effort” over ten days, one in which the executive said may have usually taken up to six months to implement.

“Imagine a company where a ship with 10 to 20 thousand containers is entering a port every 15 minutes, and for 10 days, you have no IT,” Hagemann commented. “It’s almost impossible to even imagine.”

However, thanks to the efforts of staff, the company only experienced a 20 percent drop in volume, while the remaining 80 percent of operations were handled manually until systems were up and running once more.

Hagemann said the ransomware attack was a “very significant wake-up call for Maersk, and you could say, a very expensive one.”

The Petya attack originated in Ukraine and quickly spread worldwide.

Where did that cyber-attack originate from? Ukraine.

In fact, Ukraine itself seems to have been the target of this unprecedented in scale cyberattack which came on the eve of Ukraine’s national holiday. It shut down radiation monitoring systems at the Chernobyl Power Plant.

From Wikipedia:

Who do we know that was a virus sales guy, who used to work for McAfee where he was a colleague of Russian-born author of “Operation Shady RAT” Dmitri Alperovich (founder of Crowdstrike)?

Oh yes…George Webb.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Who else do we know that knows John McAfee, George Webb, and Jason Goodman?

Robert David Steele, John McAfee, Cynthia McKinney

[Update 4/12/18 4:29pm]

George Webb has made a rebuttal video to clarify some of his claims. I am interested in veracity, so if anyone else mentioned here would like to make a video response to clarify or dispute anything I will include it on this page.

George definitely doesn’t think Jason was in on any “Government Action”, then gaslights about the years he met Assange. Now he met him when he was 16 at seminars teaching kids about UNIX. He taught at Melbourne University, Monash and LaTrobe. It could have been one of those, he saw about 4 kids the same age with the same dyed hair. He’s not claiming that it was Julian Assange. “They did have this thing out in the Dandenongs which was like children of the corn”


[Update 4/12/18 9:48pm]

Here is what George Webb said on the Hagmann Report about WikiLeaks on 5/25/17. I have edited it down to the specific WikiLeaks comments for brevity, original source here

[Update 5/12/18 8:52am]

George Webb made another video about me. In typical style, he pretends to know a bunch of stuff which turns out to be incorrect.

Let me clarify:

  • It’s Urbanise not Urbanize
  • I am a co-founder of the company and helped set up their Dubai office in 2007 (when it was called Majitek)
  • I don’t own Urbanise, it is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2014 UBN.AX
  • I have not been a substantial shareholder in the company for many years
  • I’ve never owned a private jet
  • I’ve never met any members of the UAE royal family (but I follow a couple of them on Twitter, which I guess to “researchers” like George makes me besties with them)

You can read most of this on my LinkedIn or Wikipedia pages. I guess George had the skills to find those but not to convey the information from the Web to his YouTube channel with accuracy. Or perhaps he can’t help himself, and just has to distort and add his own narratives to any information he presents.

I also made a video about my story. George Webb supporters who think that if I question anything he says that’s proof my money must come from deep state ratlines, and since I’m from New Zealand I must be a spy because there’s a “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing agreement, should check it out:

[Update 5/12/18 11:30pm]

The Rothschilds sure seem interested in these drone companies! What are the mathematically probabilities that this story could connected to 2 different Rothschilds, one putting guns on drones, one putting HD cameras on them?

After Jason left Aero(Cine)bo for the greener pastures of Roger Stone, Dr Corsi and George Webb, his Tisch schoolmate Brian Streem teamed up with Rick Rothschild to film Ferraris, the Statue of Liberty and the London Eye with 6k RED EPIC drones.

Who better than one of the Rothschilds to run consult to projects putting “Eyes in the Skies”?


In 2015 Aerocine Aerobo teamed up with #MeToo disgraced newsman Matt Lauer, to film him cycling

[Update 6/12/118 9:20am]

The plot thickens. Here is George and Jason down in Roger Stone’s neck of the woods, meeting Jason’s ex-wife who is Ukrainian (and a former Trump employee, who praises him enthusiastically). Interestingly, both George and Jason speak Russian in this video. George sounds particularly fluent, although I don’t speak Russian myself. His intonation and pronunciation sounds smooth and practiced.

(note: original video deleted since publishing, this is a substitute)


Tatyana Petruk was groomed from an early age in the Soviet Union to be an international gymnast. According to her resumé at Jason’s company 21st Century 3D, she left the circus to join Donald Trump.

She has a very special set of skills, which include “glow sticks”

Now she provides high-end entertainers to exclusive elite events.

[Update 8/12/18 8:01pm]

Queen Tut found another clip of J.Go speaking Russian:


Burning Man Director Flaunts Flouting of Safety Rules

In theory, we live in a democratic society, based on a system of justice. There are rules, and if you break them you can be punished. If enough people don’t like the rules – or the rulers – they can be changed.

Off-Duty-Miami-Drone-CartoonUnfortunately, the Default world contains corruption. Someone wealthy, yet guilty, can break the rules and get away with it. Thus we see OJ Simpson beating a murder rap and walking free despite losing the civil trial, Michael Jackson beating a pedophilia rap and continuing to sleep in his bed with young children, Wall Street execs fleecing their shareholders and the government, banks laundering hundreds of billions for organized crime syndicates…and we see no-one jailed. We see government operations providing weapons to drug cartels that result in the death of their own agents, and nobody gets in trouble. Our political leaders get caught again and again in bold-faced lies, and nothing changes. Still, though, every 4 years, we get elections, we get a chance for something to be different.

Not so with Burning Man. It’s a corporate dictatorship, not a civil democracy. No matter that the entire economic value of the event is created by its citizens. We pay the money, we bring the spectacle which makes the event something they can charge $400 a ticket for. Because of the contributions of art and music and fashion and theatrics that Burners make, Commodification Camps can charge $17,000/head to jetsetting tourists. Don’t like it? Shut up and don’t go.

“There needs to be rules”, says BMOrg. “It’s not anarchy”.

Fair enough. But if the rules are enforced selectively, it’s no longer a free society. It’s tyranny. A system of rewarding czars and their cronies, while oppressing regular citizens. You think the Emir of Dubai has to obey speed limits? You think members of Congress can be prosecuted for insider trading? Do diplomats have to pay parking fines? Hell no, the rules that apply to everyone, don’t apply to the Special Ones who rule us.

Here is a recent example of this involving a Burning Man Project Director, who is using Playa footage to advertise one of his brands.

Chip Conley‘s Fest300 featured a drone video of Burning Man 2014. You may have seen it, since it’s been heavily promoted on the Interwebz:

2011 christopher olewnik chopper

Burners Baffled By Blackhawk. Photo: C Olewnik

The problem is, there are all sorts of rules for operating drones in Black Rock City. There was a permit limit of 200 civilian drones this year, as well as a range of different government spying technologies, that may have included aerial or space monitoring. Military aircraft were spotted overhead, as they are every year.

It seems that this drone, shooting footage for the Burning Man Director’s festival business, didn’t just break the rules, they went on to flaunt their disregard for them by promoting this video. Safety be damned! Leadership by example be damned! One of the bigwigs has a web site to promote!

What rules were broken? From what we can see, at least:

  • filming for commercial purposes (advertising Fest300 at both the start and end of the video)
  • hovering over people/camps  (eg 0:21, 1:24, 1:40, 2:06, 2:55)
  • altitude less than 400 ft (eg 0:21)
  • flying within 25 feet of people (eg 0:33, 0:51, 1:08, 1:19, 1:21, 1:38, 1:51, 2:06, 2:20, 2:28, 2:50)
  • flying within 100 feet of art (eg 0:09, 0:27, 0:48, 0:51, 1:19, 1:35, 1:51, 2:10)
  • flying within 100 feet of ground vehicles (1:05, 1:08, 2:28, 2:50, 3:08)
  • flying near the Temple (1:31)
  • flying within 100 feet of heavy equipment (1:47)
  • flying at The Man after pyrotechnic setup (1:57)

Now I’m no expert, but to my untrained eye that looks like 33 violations in a 3:33 video, plus the overall violation of it being used commercially to promote the Burning Man Project Director’s site.

doi have consent droneIt’s hard to say if the pilot was flying the drone by remote control, or First Person View. Many of the shots are cut just before evidence of a violation can be seen – like flying over the Esplanade or Center Camp. It is impossible to prove from the footage whether the drone kept going, or suddenly stopped in mid-air. Nor can we tell how long it hovered over the camps it was spying on. The impression I get is of avoiding rule violations in the editing, rather than the piloting.

The video was uploaded by Fest300, who strangely disabled comments on it. Did they suspect there might be some criticism of their blatant disregard for Burning Man’s drone rules? Perhaps they knew that the dangerous flying would be considered controversial by some.

It was also promoted by GoPro. They have since taken the video down, but there were some comments left. From Google+:

Firefly: please dont promote such inconsiderate flying. The pilot broke most of the AMA, FAA and RC rules of Burning Man as seen in this utube. Video examples of bad flying promote others to fly badly too. Do your part by not rewarding or praising such careless lawless flying. Be part of the solution, not the cause.

EasyMZM: Do not promote this extremely irresponsible video. The pilot is not only in violation of virtually every official rule for flying drones at Burning Man, but also appears to lack basic common sense and/or experience flying drones. Total disregard for the safety of others is not something you want to associate your brand with.

Matthew: When you come to realize that this could be the last drone video ever shot at this and other events like it, I suspect you’ll start giving a fuck. Perhaps it’ll take a drone blade to your face, or your family’s and friends face for you to realize your ignorance.

the pilot of the drone is breaking the law in ways that will have reverberations for future users. They’re essentially bragging about patent disregard of the rules, and when the BLM comes in to confiscate all the drones, this video will be case study number one why they’re overreacting. There were many drone pilots who followed the rules and got great footage, and they will be hurt because of this. Immaturity and disrespect….it goes a long way in the wrong direction.

People are uptight about innocent bystanders getting slashed in the face with assholes’ propellers. PLENTY of people followed these rules: but this jackass will ruin it for many others

Don: I think he broke most of those rules. But the results are spectacular. I wonder if this drone operator will get certification next time? 
Even with all due diligence accidents happen as in the lady burner who lost her life in an incident with a mutant vehicle. I do appreciate this goes beyond Black Rock city to the FAA and other authorities who could make things difficult for the Burningman organization if rules are flagrantly and publicly (as in in this vid ) broken. I hope it gets worked out as this is a new dimension to the documenting of this amazing event

Perhaps Chip Conley didn’t pilot the drone himself, members of his sherpa team flew the UAV, edited the footage, added the Fest300 advertising, and uploaded it to YouTube. Does relying on sherpas mean it’s fine to break the rules? Would Burning Man allow such a flagrant, in-your-face violation of Federal regulations by a regular Burner? Or does this guy get a pass because he’s on the Board of Directors?

Selective enforcement. We must follow the rules. Insiders get a pass.

Burners.Me commercials with iMax Playa footage…”coming soon”.

As a contrast, check out this video from Camp Shady Waffle. When you see people in this video, they are waving at the drone as it flies away from them, not cycling unaware as the drone swoops down on them from behind, fast and at low altitude. I saw a couple of possible rule violations, but it is not all the way through the video, in practically every shot, like the Fest300 promotional video is.

A great interview here with the Stanford student behind the Shady drone.

Mr Queso requested more drone videos, ask and ye shall receive:

from  (emphasis ours)

Burning Man’s 2014 Policy and Registration for
Remote Control Aircraft in and around Black Rock City (RCBRC)


The rising popularity of remote control (RC) aircraft including: fixed wing planes, helicopters, multicopters aka “drones” or unmanned aerial vehicles, presents many challenges at the Burning Man event. Black Rock City, LLC’s (BRC’s) mission is for RC activity to proceed in the safest manner possible, while also respecting the privacy rights of participants.

Like mutant vehicles, BRC regulates all RC aircraft and requires that they be operated responsibly, and subject to restricted fly zones and other rules of operation. BRC has an established RC community, which has stepped forward to collaborate on creating rules and recommendations based upon The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) safety code.

Restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Flying sufficient distance away from populated (city blocks, theme camps, etc.), low noise tolerance (the Temple!) or other sensitive areas (including Burns and the Man)
  2. Avoid flying near spectators until aircraft tested/flown previously.
  3. Flying no higher than 400 feet above ground.
  4. If within 5 miles of an airport: notification of the airport operator. (Registration satisfies this requirement.)
  5. Avoid flying in proximity of, and give right-of-way to, full-scale aircraft.

Rules of Operation

  1. Maximum altitude allowed per FAA is 400 feet above ground.
  2. Only visual line of sight flying per FAA, no long distance flying.
  3. No First Person View flying (flying based upon video stream not direct sight).
  4. Secure a safe place to take off, land, and emergency land.
  5. Fly when possible with a spotter to help control on-lookers, etc.
  6. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from all perimeter fences / trash fence.
  7. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from EMS, Police, Fire Department vehicles and their camp locations.
  8. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from all heavy equipment and work crews.
  9. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from all ground vehicles, artwork, sculptures, guidewires, kites, tethered aviation, etc.
  10. Avoid flying over or close to people, AMA recommendations are horizontal separation of 25 feet at least.
  11. Immediately land if skydivers are seen overhead.  You may resume flight after they have landed.
  12. No operating RC aircraft while intoxicated.  If you are deemed intoxicated to the point that you are “illegal to drive” you may not fly.
  13. No use of ham bands including 433, 600, 900 MHz and 1.3 GHz unless a current Technician, General, or Amateur Extra License is shown.
  14. No amplified systems, for example:  Dragonlink.
  15. If a pilot is acting in an unsafe manner either law enforcement or the Black Rock Rangers have the authority to confiscate the controller/transmitter and transfer it to Lost and Found and RCBRC notified.
  16. If a crashed craft is found it will be transferred to Lost and Found and RCBRC notified.
  17. Aircraft confiscated for flying unsafely, recklessly or in violation of rules will be held at Lost and Found until the end of the event or the participant/pilot permanently departs from the event.
  18. Unclaimed aircraft will be subject to ordinary Lost & Found procedures of Black Rock City via Playa Info. BRC is not responsible for unclaimed aircraft.

Flying Prohibited During The Following Conditions

  1. During strong winds
  2. During dust storms
  3. Inside of or from the top/side of any architecture/structures
  4. From a moving vehicle
  5. Hovering over people, personal living space (tents, RVs, shower stalls, fenced off camps, etc).
  6. Night flights must have adequate navigation lights per AMA rules.

Flying Prohibited At The Following Locations

  1. Entry and exit roads leading into BRC
  2. Center camp
  3. Esplanade
  4. Inside The Man safety ring
  5. The Man after it closes for pyrotechnical set-up
  6. Temple Burn
  7. Airport restrictions (see below)
  8. Incident Command (Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Area)

No Flying At Or Near BRC Municipal Airport (88NV)

  • No flying at 88NV including the 88NV camping area, terminal, ramp/tie-down, and runways unless direct face-to-face permission is given by the Air Commander, Airport Safety Officer, or Runway Manager during airport operation hours (dawn-twilight).
  • No flying from the last named street that surrounds BRC over walk-in campground to the trash fence/perimeter from the radials of 2:00 to 6:00 (dependent upon location of airport being at 5:00 or 5:30) during airport operation hours (dawn-twilight) unless direct face-to-face permission is given by the Air Commander, Airport Safety Officer, or Runway Manager.

Other Conditions

Please be aware that there are other rules and laws that may affect operations of an RC aircraft. For example, using an RC aircraft to photograph or videotape someone without their permission or for commercial purposes is not authorized under BRC’s Ticket Terms and Conditions. Intentionally or negligently injuring persons or property with an RC aircraft could lead to criminal assault and or battery charges. Interfering with airport operations is a federal crime. Be mindful of all laws, rules and regulations when operating an RC aircraft, and use common sense. If RC aircraft are operated unsafely then they will be subject to further regulation and restrictions in the future. Help make BRC a place where RC aircraft are a valued part of the community.