The Road to Burning Man: new film

The Road to Burning Man is a new “webisode” style film from Jason Mongue. Here’s the blurb:

I just released the first of a series of web episodes titled The Road to Burning Man. We all know people behind the art projects, art cars, and theme camps on the playa. They invest hundreds of hours and large sums of their own money building their art to take out to Burning Man for all to enjoy. And they largely do this without any hope or potential for financial gain. I’m personally fascinated to hear their stories and learn: Why do they do it?

Each episode will be told from the perspective of a burner behind a particular art project/car/camp. This first episode features music producer and long time burner David Starfire and attempts to answer the question- Why do musicians perform at Burning Man?
Future episodes will further explore the culture and experience of Burning Man past, present, and future, all told from the perspective of those who know it best: burners.

Episode 1 features music producer David Starfire, and some great on-stage footage.

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