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Are you ready for the dust? Can you handle the blow?

Even if you think you’ve got it covered, these goggle and respirator sets look pretty Burning Man-friendly. Maybe Burning Man will get all upset that people are selling equipment to help Burners survive their event – and send law suits towards Wal-Mart, North Face, Camelbak, El Monte Rv Rentals, Chevron, the City of San Francisco, and all the other suppliers.

Or, just maybe – they’ll help promote this cool contest too! Yep, Existential Ella and Jaded Minx (with the help of Burners.Me) are gifting one lucky Burner with a free respirator and goggles. Not Google goggles. Dust-proof, wind-proof, laser-resistant, goo-proof goggles. Great for riding around on bikes and art cars. Click HERE to Enter, or here if you want to just buy this anyway – it’s sixty bucks.

One lucky Existential Ella reader will win a respirator & matching pair of goggles!! This is an absolute must-have for surviving the desert winds of Burning Man, clubbing til the suns comes up, or convincing your roommates aliens really do exist in the middle of the night.

Jaded Minx is offering one winner a respirator/goggle set from those pictured below. The winner will choose from 3 colors – silver, black, or distressed gold.

Here’s how to enter:

Be sure to indicate which items you have completed

in the comments section of this blog post.

This contest is open to residents of the United States only.


 1) “Like” Jaded Minx’s Facebook  AND share this post on YOUR Facebook page!

2) “Like” Existential Ella on Facebook

Multiple entries are ENCOURAGED! For extra entries into this contest:

1) Leave a note for Jaded Minx on their Facebook

2) Follow Jaded Minx on Twitter

3) Tweet this giveaway! Include hashtags #BurningMan2013 #JadedMinx

3) Pin this post to your Pinterest

4) Favorite Jaded Minx on Etsy

5) For 2 extra entries – make a blog post about this giveaway!

That’s 9 possible entries into this giveaway!!  


The Jaded Minx Giveaway

ends Sunday, August 11th at 11:59 EST! 

Be sure to get your entries in before Midnight!

Good luck!

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10 comments on “Burning Man GIVEAWAY – Win a Goggle & Respirator Set from JADED MINX | Existential Ella

  1. Hi I competed the facebook portion of this contest, and I am thankful for the chance to be part of it. If I won this contest it would elevate my Burning Man experience and would feel blessed to win this amazing set of gear, it will be my first time at the Man and I can’t wait, thank you very much for this opprotunity!

      • Don’t make it too hard sweetie. We’re Burners, not rocket scientists. The name of the site that’s helping you here is called Burners.Me – don’t be blowing up our comments, telling people not to comment here. And if you have to, at least get the name right.
        You might want to rethink your marketing campaign too. Presumably you’re trying to promote Jade Minx and their cool Burner mask? And no-one’s making money, because it’s a free giveaway, right? This is something important to Burners.
        I’m not sure how many people read existentialella every day, but it’s probably not as many as we get visiting us here. You’re ranked about 24 million on the Internet, we’re 414,000. Almost in the top 50,000 web sites in the US. Check out alexa.com maybe you should just copy and paste everyone’s comments from here into your blog, or give them a bonus chance if they comment here too.

      • Hi burnersxxx,
        You are welcome to remove the contest from your site. I don’t want to monitor multiple sites for the entries. I am only asking the people log their entries on my site, so I can count them accurately when the giveaway ends. I asked for you to post a little note about the giveaway so your readers would have an opportunity to get a free mask and goggles set. If you do not want them to enter this giveaway on my blog, then by all means remove this post.

      • wow, not even “sorry I couldn’t even get the name of your site right”? Just straight to “I’ll post whatever comments I want, take the post down if you don’t like it”.
        I’m leaving it up because I want Burners to win free stuff, and I want to promote artists who make things for the Burner community.

  2. I have done all of the entries in this list except for the twitter and pinterest ones, because I do not have accounts with those social media sites. I would LOVE to win this awesome steam punk goggle/respirator package! Last year I got a horrribleeee case of playa lung, which really impeded on my ability to have the time of my life by about day 5. This kick ass respirator would be awesome for this years burn and I would love to rep your company!! Plus, Im the first one to comment and complete entries hehehe )'( *Dusty Hugs* )'(

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