Persistence and Determination


Let me ask you a rhetorical question. What would you rather be: blindly following the 10 Principles and all the other rules of The Man as if you were a sheep? Or, this guy…

#nailedit! In this case, quite literally.

If I told you all the best quotes I know, you’d probably gain too much power. Since the purpose of my social engineering is to repress Burners and make it so that they can create nothing of value for themselves (only we the B.ME-Org can profit!), then I’m only going to share one morsel of a quote with you today. To succor you in, it’s a good one. [“</sarcasm>”] …although, gotta say…Be – More – G – I’m liking it!

My favorite quote, which I’ll gladly share with you for free, for the purposes of enriching everyone with enlightened wisdom…comes from one of your “Dead Presidents’…

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

– Calvin Coolidge

You think that’s the first time this monk ever threw that needle?

We’re not the BMOrg here, people. We represent for Burners, from our hood of BRC and beyond. We don’t make cyber-warfare ad-hominem attacks, on BMOrg or anyone else. We don’t have “talking points” that we use to tear others down on online forums. We just write this blog to share our opinions with you about Burning Man. Got your own opinions? Please come here and share them, comment. We welcome healthy debate. Got “talking points” from the BMOrg, that add nothing to the discussion, that you read on JRS or ePlayer?  Ummm, get fucked, go back there. Burning Man existed before BMOrg, and it will live LONG after BMOrg too. You think Black Rock City, LLC were the world’s first Burners? Yeah right. We were rocking it out in way more extreme conditions than that, before then. As were others. The Playa ain’t nothing on the Outback.

This has nothing to do with BMOrg, but everything to do with Burner culture.

Purity. Practice. Concentration and letting go. At the same time. Mastery. The mind of no mind.

If you can’t understand this post, don’t worry, you weren’t one of the ones meant to get it. If you’re confused, watch the video again. Keep watching, until you get it. Is he a monk, because of some gimmick with the needle? No, of course not. There’s magic out there. Just ask these sheep!

11 comments on “Persistence and Determination

  1. I agree that we all should be able to profit from Burning Man if there is profit to be made. I am involved with a small clothing company that caters to Burners and festival culture. As playa fashion is evolving there are many designers trying to capitalize on the need to look awesome while being awesome. Maybe could help us out by spreading the word and adding a fashion category to your links page. I’m sure both designers and burners would benefit from this.

  2. Thank you for doing As a BMan true believer, it has been painful to see the dark edges of my home, but you people are pointing in the right direction.

    I know what is the best thing about BMan and it is not the incredible art or the freedom or the Dionysian revel or the escape from consumer culture. No those are all great gifts but the best thing is the people, wonderful, beautiful and open hearted people. For me it really is home. On the Playa I can meet someone for the first time and within a few minutes be having a more intimate conversation than I am likely to have with people I have known for years.

    Burning Man is too important to be left entirely to even the most well meaning autocrats. So thanks.

    • Thanks Jack, your support is greatly appreciated. Burner culture is something magical that should be preserved, not absorbed into a massive corporate licensing entity

  3. yeah, I see the no mind thing is pretty appropriate to anything burner! LOL! do you crave the ’60 but just weren’t there? thats what burning effigy is for. when I was a kid we called it guy fawkes night!

    come on out and sit in the dirt for a week and watch the wealthy bourgeous-wahzee sit in their airconditioned vehicles and land in their copters!! yes, they too live so close to the earth–but they can fly in and out to shower–while the rest of the regular folk stay in the dirt…..

    I was there for the ’60s…..and I know this, what burning effigy is for sure, is one very silly thing. Simpin’

    PS, mind altering substances offer no guarantee–take at your own risk–there are consequences to your mental health–no matter what anyone says. those who were there know better. leary was naieve.

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