A fascinating new documentary created for the BBC iPlayer video platform features some great footage of a young John Perry Barlow. It traces the last 40 years of history through a counter-cultural lens.

“You were so much a part of the system that it was impossible to see beyond it…the fakeness was hypernormal”

One comment on “Hypernormalisation

  1. I couldn’t bear to listen to the narrator. I spot checked, and every place I lighted upon I caught a lie.. “Art expresses counter – culture” ?

    Right.” “Art” expressed criticism of society” ? As if that whole scene was not a mind – control and money laundering gambit. He’s putting lipstick on the pig.


    “Those in control seem unable to deal with the situation” implying that the situation[s] are not engineered.

    That was just spot – checking since I’m not being lulled by 2.5 hours of this mind control.

    Then I caught it. So BBC?
    That explains it.

    BBC company / 9/11 Perp Cover – up Criminals and they exasperate me. As if.

    They are the problem and they are the lens most people unfortunately can not see through. People trust them because to recognize the betrayal on so vast a scale is unfathomably for most.

    Comments seen before I signed in to YouTube did not match comments afterward. 100% Propaganda, BS “Hang – out” / cover-up. Have to try to counter the “conspiracy theorists” on – line with SOMETHING, since the mainstream news is getting so bad even the sheep are stupefied.


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