A fascinating new documentary created for the BBC iPlayer video platform features some great footage of a young John Perry Barlow. It traces the last 40 years of history through a counter-cultural lens.

“You were so much a part of the system that it was impossible to see beyond it…the fakeness was hypernormal”

New Way To Get Face Value or Free Tickets

Burner Map is a tool that lets you indicate where you’re camping, so that your Facebook and other friends can find you. So far 48, 476 people have used it (over several years).

Now they have announced a new innovation, to help Burners who need tickets.

burnermapHelp Friends. Screw Scalping.

BurnerMap now matches up burners in need with friends who have extras.

There is no charge for this nifty service. (But if it turns you on, slip a bill into our fishnets!)

Just please gift tickets or sell at face value because scalping is worse than shirtcocking.

Even though this tool helps you find friends to make exchanges with, you should still be aware of possible scams.

step to heavenGet it here.

Screw STEP, there are still Burners waiting in the queue who were told they got tickets in June but haven’t received them yet. Burner Jennifer wrote:

We got word on June 23rd that we got tickets through the STEP program and it’s now August 9th and we still don’t have tickets and are literally leaving for early arrival build in 10 days…..Please tell us what we can do. Will someone from either TicketFly or the Burning Man organization respond to this thread? Or tell me who I can reach out to about this?

In other Ticket news, we hear that BMOrg fucked up the early access passes by sending camp organizers a single PDF file containing all the passes. Unless the camp all live together off the Playa as well, this becomes a distribution challenge – you can’t just print them out and give them to people. Each organizer now has to waste their time splitting this into separate files and re-scanning. If you’re in this position and using a Mac, you can select View | Thumbnails in Preview to make the chore faster.

Burning Man is well aware of the problem with the way in which TicketFly sent out our EA passes! They are working hard and fast to see if there is ANYTHING they can do to fix it. If they can they will let us know. Likely hood is they will need to address it with Ticketfly for next year.

Please do not email placement about it. Most likely we will have to be radically self reliant and come up with our own solutions.

For me: I printed them, wrote names on them, took pics on my phone and will email them out to my team.

BMOrg: well aware of the problem that they created.

Burners: must be radically self reliant, no big deal, just another problem to deal with, suck it up.

Burner Kindles Fire

Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is surely one of the smartest people on the planet. He is also a Burner – one worth $30 billion, who made a lazy $128.5 million today.

Burning Man obviously made a big impact on Burner Bezos, because he now seems to have a bit of an obsession with flamage.

jeff_bezos_fire_phone_amazon-100313670-largeFirst he introduced the Kindle. Then, the Kindle Fire and Fire TV. And now, simply, Fire. Which contains a new Augmented Reality technology, called Firefly.

Bezos has some big cojones, going up against smartphone giants Apple and Samsung, and rival Billionaire Burners Google with their open source Android platform. The new phone connects to an artificial intelligence server, which can identify 100 million different objects through the phone’s camera – and help you purchase the same from Amazon.com, natch.

apple kindle fireVentureBeat has raised some privacy concerns with the Fire. Look out for them trying to make sense of all the bizarre objects on the Playa this year. Last year we had 8 iPhone Apps to Survive Burning Man, now perhaps Amazon’s cloud can accumulate an amazing array of unique objects and footage from its Fire users at Burning Man. How BMorg will monetize or impede that, remains to be seen. Google certainly cleans up with all the revenues from YouTube footage taken at Burning Man, some of which has millions of views. It is unknown whether Google pays BMOrg a royalty for this.

From VentureBeat:

Amazon is a fascinating company, and the Amazon Fire Phone is a fascinating machine for connecting you with stuff to buy. It’s probably also the biggest single invasion of your privacy for commercial purposes ever.

And no one seems to have noticed.

fire engineThere’s a lot of gee-whiz gadgetry in the new Fire Phone: a 3-D screen, head sensors, dynamic perspective shifts as you move, and real-time identification of over 100 million objects. That last part, the real-time identification, is the new Firefly function.

Firefly is a seriously impressive combination of hardware, software, and massive cloud chops that delivers an Apple-like simplicity to identify objects like books, movies, games, and more, just by pointing your Fire Phone’s camera at them and tapping the Firefly button.

Lest you noticed a common denominator to those items and get the crazy idea that Firefly is only for stuff you can buy at Amazon, it also recognizes songs (oh, you can buy those on Amazon too) and TV shows (ditto) as well as phone numbers, printed information, and QR codes.


How do you think it recognizes those things, including text on images, for which Amazon says it will offer language translation features later this year?

Well, the Firefly button and the camera button are one and the same. Meaning that whenever you’re using Firefly, you’re using the camera…All of those pictures require processing, analysis, and matching, presumably at a level — if they can identify 100 million objects — that can only be done in the cloud, and not on a small handheld device with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of on-board storage.

Fortunately for you, dear consumer, Amazon has kindly consented to store all your photos, forever, in its vast cloudy server farms. How gracious Amazon is, providing that massive service for free! How lucky are you, getting all that for free!

falcon 900ex bezos

Bezos operates his Falcon 900EX through a Star Trek themed company

Probably not as lucky as Amazon. By storing all the photos you’ll ever take with Firefly, along with GPS location data, ambient audio, and more metadata than you can shake a stick at in Amazon Web Services, Amazon will get unprecedented insight into who you are, what you own, where you go, what you do, who’s important in your life, what you like, and, probably, what you might be most likely to buy…Big data? This is gargantuan data…the NSA’s wet dream.

Firefly is “instant gratification,” says TechCrunch. Fire Phone is an “amazing piece of hardware,” saysWired. Amazon’s Fire Phone APIs are a dream for developers, [VentureBeat] said. Firefly lets you “easily price-check items,” says GigaOm. Firefly is the phone’s “sexiest feature,” [VentureBeat] said.

It also might just make you Amazon’s bitch.

“We care about consumers’ privacy,” the Amazon press release announcing Fire Phone does not say.

Bezos recently (and reluctantly) bought the Washington Post, from Facebook founder and Billionaire Burner Mark “grilled cheese” Zuckerberg’s mentor Don Graham. The Post has long been linked to the intelligence community, and around the same time Amazon announced a $600 million deal with the CIA – called “a recipe for Big Brother Hell” by privacy activists.

CollectiveCartoon animal farm kindle apple


Fire into the clouds, Burners!